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Thor and Steve were ready to ask you out as soon as those elevator doors opened and you stepped out. they had been fighting for over an hour on which one was better for you and which would be able to ask you out first, but had ended up just deciding to both do it at once and make you choose.

but when the elevator doors opened, instead of seeing you, they saw something completely unexpected.

you and Bucky pulled away from each other quickly, both fixing your clothes and blushing. Steve’s jaw dropped and Thor choked a little on his beer, case settled.

EXO REACTION : you fangirl over another group

Xiumin: When Xiumin came home from practice, he would be so confused to see you jumping up and down while watching GOT7′s new comeback. He would sit down on the couch and watch the performance with you but soon realized your dancing and fangirling was more entertaining.

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Lay: This cutie would be genuinely confused. He would wonder what other band gets you out of your seat besides EXO? He would watch the performance and when he heard you scream how handsome one of the members were he would turn sad. You would have to reassure him that you love him and not the handsome guy from the TV.

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Suho: This man would find it adorable. He loved to see your enthusiasm for things you really liked, and today it just happened to be a new boy band! He wouldn’t get jealous only if you promise to cheer 2x louder for EXO.

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Baekhyun: This guy would discreetly be jealous, Hearing you talk about hot another guy was would not fly with him. He would stare at you with a smirk waiting for you to notice him and let’s just say he will remind you who you belong to.

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Chanyeol: He would be mad. Why doesn’t he ever see you fangirl for him like that? He would walk into your bedroom and start pouting and sulking extra loud so he could get your attention. You would definitely have to reassure him that you only love him so he can go back to his happy giant self.

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Chen: This jokester would turn into a major baby. He would be sulking the whole day and would do his infamous “WAEEEEEE”. You would tell him to chill out because his is your ultimate bias but you just really love this bands music and he will be okay with it as long as you tell him that he is your favorite.

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Kyungsoo: When he walked in your home to hear cute screams, he would be smiling thinking it was your excitement for him coming home, but when he saw you cheering on the TV, he was shocked. He thought it was so pure and cute that he promised to talk to that band so you could get an autograph from your bias of the group. What a perfect man!

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Kai: Kai has been trying to get your attention ALL afternoon, but you were too focused on your favorite band’s performance. He would wave his hand in front of the TV and would giggle when you push his hand out of the way. He thought it was adorable and let you fangirl in peace.

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Sehun: This man would criticize EVERYTHING about your favorite group. He would name all their faults and then give reasons on why you should be fangirling over him instead. You would look at him in utter shock, was your boyfriend always this attention-needy? You would start laughing and give him a hug while Sehun tells you that you made the right choice of picking him instead of your bias from the other group.

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Jason Todd seeing you as a younger sibling
  • At first you would kind of being a lil intimidated of him 
  • Since he is huge!!!!! 
  • And he looks angry like 110% of the time 
  • You’ve seen him be angry and you don’t want to be the one he’s yelling at ever
  • Eventually after a while of him helping you sneak out at night or anything 
  • You get closer
  • End up being closer than anyone else
  • Soon you guys can muck around a lot and tease each other 
  • Jason ignores all the snide comments your brothers make 
  • “Jason actually has a heart!”
  • “Piss off Tim” 
  • Only one to see him very upset or even cry 
  • He wants to be strong for you but his little brother/sister needs a good role model 
  • You admire him because he’s still going strong even after all the pain and suffering he’s been through
  • Jason carries your photo around with him for sure there’s no doubt about it
  • Cosiders it to be his lucky charm
  • He believes this because the one time he forgot it on patrol he was nearly killed a number of times and came back barely together
  • Since he doesn’t spend much time at the manor you get upset if you don’t see him often
  • Leads to sleepovers at one of his many safehouses
  • Will never admit it but adores all the time he gets with you 
  • It’s not until he see you asleep, using his thigh as a pillow does he softly say “I love you” 
  • Recommends his favourite books if your a reader
  • Will teach you how to use a gun even against Bruce’s wishes and self defence if you don’t already know it

Please? Part 40

1776 words

Please? Masterlist

You were in and out of it a lot. Rosita made sure you were taken care of, sitting you up in bed and feeding you, reading to you when you were just barely there. People came by and saw you, though sometimes you couldn’t remember faces. It took you a few tries to figure out who Maggie was and when Abe visited, he nearly broke down seeing you in the bed.

Every day you got better, though still no sign of Daryl or Aaron, and you heard about Rick having some kind of trial that must have ended with him off the hook, other than rushing into the infirmary as soon as you woke up from one of your naps.

You waited on Noah to come see you, and he never did. You never mentioned it, not until one day after Eugene left. He brought you a cookie and told you how sorry he was, how he wished it were him instead of you. When you asked, Tara stepped up to the plate and told you what had happened, tears rolling down her face. After that, you asked everyone but Rosita to leave you alone for a little while.

Daryl busts into the room, sweat dripping down his dirty face. Rosita had been helping you eat a bowl of soup, telling you a story she read the night before, while you were asleep. The shock of Noah was still settling in, though you know you have to move on. You’ve lost people before, it just never gets easier.

“Shh!” Rosita hisses and sets the bowl of soup down. She sees it’s Daryl and she calms down a bit. “She’s still resting.”

“What happen?” Daryl flies across the room, standing beside the bed and scanning you over, checking your body for any bandages or cuts. “Tell me!” He growls at Rosita.

“Daryl…” You reach your hand up and stroke his forearm. “Sweetheart, calm down. Rosita’s helping me…” Your voice is weak and failing you.

Daryl slips his hand through yours, squeezing it tight. He ran. You start to wonder who told him and how long he was here before they did. You picture Eugene trying to find the courage to approach him and tell him that you were with Eugene and the others when it happened.

“She’s doing better, but she should stay here for a little while, until she feels better.” Rosita says gently, knowing that with saying the wrong thing, Daryl will throw a fit. “I’ll leave you alone.” She picks up the bowl of soup, sets it down on the sink, and walks out of the building.

Neither you nor Daryl say anything for a minute. He stands there very still, very quiet, watching you as your eyes flutter closed. It was hard to keep them open for long periods of time. Whatever small bit of medication they could spare to give you, it makes you sleepy and sometimes numb.

You feel Daryl shift and the chair scoot across the floor. He sits down and leans on the bed, pressing his weight on the mattress. He’s gentle as he starts to rub his thumb over your knuckles. He presses tiny kisses over the palm of your hand, something that catches you off guard.

Nobody else comes in. Daryl doesn’t leave. Darkness feels the room and Daryl turns on a lamp to give you two some light. Wordlessly, he walks over to the kitchen and fixes you another bowl of soup, warming it up just a little, so you don’t get burned.

“You don’t have to.” You finally open your lids, looking up at the man as he sits on the edge of the bed and blows in the spoon. “Rosita can do it.”

“I wanna.” Daryl states. “You always take care of me. Let me take care of you.”

“Did you and Aaron find what you needed?” You ask as Daryl continues to cool your food.

“Nah.” He shrugs his shoulders. “Nuthin’ worth it.”

“I don’ want you out there.” Daryl rubs the back of his neck and bites down on his lip. “You’re barely recovered from the blast!”

“I’m well enough. I want to help, please.” You beg, sitting on the edge of your bed. Rosita let you go, back to your own house. “It’s not your choice!”

“It is!” Daryl drops his hands and looks down at you, peering at you with those baby blues. “I gotta take care of you!”

Daryl has been super clingy since the return home. He insists on helping you do everything, even feeding you himself. It makes you think back to that time whenever Daryl was injured by his own arrow, and how you took care of him by feeding him, holding him, changing his bandaging. Poor thing, you would think. He needs someone to care for him. And now you need someone to care for you.

It’s been a long few days, what with Rick and the others planning some elaborate plan to stop walkers from coming anywhere near Alexandria. Daryl would disappear to meetings every now and then, only to return with a fresh plate of whatever Carol happened to make. It wasn’t until today, though, did you realize they were planning to do this without you.

You know you need your rest, but you also know what dangers await out there, and the team could benefit using you. You’re small, you’re fast, you’ve toughened up since the prison, you could do things now that you couldn’t do before the walkers.

Daryl paces around the bedroom, his thick, rough fingers stroking his beard as he thought. He was trying to think of a way to keep you here, to keep you in bed.

“I can do this.” You say gently, not wanting to anger him.

Daryl sighs and rubs the back of his neck, stopping in front of the window that he nailed a sheet over to keep the sun out—or to keep his privacy, you didn’t know for sure. “Stay ‘ere. Please.” He mumbles, staring at the sheet. “Please don’t make me take you.”

“Caught a man with a gun poin’ed at Eugene.” Daryl mumbles. He’s sitting on the steps, sharpening his knife and watching Carl walk down the street, holding a laughing Judith. “This is why I don’t want ya out there.”

It’s been a few days since the plan has been in motion, though no one has really talked to you about it. You know they all fear that you’ll argue, want to help if you know too much. Rosita has taken you back in, watching over you when Daryl leaves. She fusses about it, too.

You hug your knees tighter to your chest, rocking your body so that the swing still swayed. “You took care of it, right?”

“Mm-mm.” Daryl grumbles. “Don’t mean it won’t hap’en again.” He sticks the knife through his belt and stands up, spitting over the railing. He pulls that thumb between his teeth and nibbles against his skin.

“I’m stronger than Eugene.” You watch the man, watch how he stands tall with that thumb in his mouth, tearing off bits of skin and spitting them out into the grass below. He may be older than you, but in moments like these, he reminds you of a scared little kid. “I could have handled it.”

“And if you can’t?” Daryl turns toward you, placing his hands on his hips. “These people can’t all be trusted.”

You go to open your mouth to comment back, but Rosita walks up the steps, stopping on the very last one, and looks between the two of you. She looks like a school teacher today, or she does most days, just particularly today.  She’s supporting a light pink cardigan with a floral pattern under it, a pair of loose dress pants, and her hair in a bun.

“What?” She asks, noticing the tension.

“Nuthin’.” Daryl picks up his crossbow and plants a sweet kiss on your forehead. “Be back before dark.” He calls over his shoulder as he races down the steps, pushing Rosita aside, and rushing down the street, never looking back as he may on a good day.

“Someone needs a hug.” Rosita walks over and takes her seat on the faded white lawn chair. She crosses her legs and folds her hands in her lap. “How are things with him?”

Rosita cares about you, perhaps in a sisterly kind of way, at least you like to think. She always asks you how things with Daryl are going, how you’re holding up, how Daryl’s holding up. This could be part of her taking over this new nurse role, or perhaps she really does care.

You shrug your shoulders and look out into Alexandria. The kids are now playing, running back and forth, possibly playing tag. You hear one of them call out that something isn’t fair as Carl and Enid bust out laughing.

“Yesterday was our good day.” You say, sighing as you throw your legs down, using them to rock yourself slowly, leaning back into the swing and closing your eyes. “Apocalypse relationships are so hard.”

Rosita nods her head. “Daryl doesn’t really seem like a relationship kind of guy.”

“He isn’t.” You look at her.

Rosita tilts her head to the side and raises an eyebrow. “Yet you two…”

“We’ve never called it much… Things just sort of happened and now we’re… whatever this is.” You motion between you and the direction Daryl ran in. “It’s been years and the man can still barely kiss me. But I deal with it because he needs it.”

“He needs it or you need it?” Rosita asks.

“Both.” You admit.

A slight breeze picks up, softly blowing your hair to the side, sticking bits to your wet lips. It’s been a hot day. This little breeze feels good against your skin, even if it only lasts for thirty seconds before dying down again.

“Whatever helps.” She shrugs her shoulders. “For me, that would sort of feel like you weren’t in a relationship.”

“I care about him, a lot. It does feel strange sometimes, not knowing when he’s in a mood to kiss or hold hands. I’m pretty sure, if the world never went to shit, if it never ended, we would never be together, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love him. It’s brought us together and it’s nice having someone who can protect me.”

Rosita smiles and nods. “You two are perfect for each other.”

“No one is perfect.” You turn your gaze down to the wood below your feet. “But we make it work.”  

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do you think that the same yoshimura failed to be eto's father and she didnt forgive him (and probably wont) we will see one of the Qs *cough*mutsuki*cough* not forgiving kaneki at the bc of his abandonement? i mean, many people have already been abandoned by him (hide, anteiku crew, touka, hinami, tsukiyama, ccg friends, the qs) but the most of the time they just wait for him to comeback *couh*:re*cough* and forget all so it would be nice to have one person/group to just...let him go

Well, I definitely think that’s a plausible direction for the story to go in. I do expect them to reach some kind of peace with each other (like what might happen between Eto and Yoshimura if Eto is still alive), but peace isn’t the same thing as reconciliation.

Mutsuki’s obsession with Sensei will hopefully break soon, with waking up to discover Dragonekizillapede terrorizing Tokyo obsessing over one person (whom he does nobly love, so it’s not the exact same thing and please don’t think I’m suggesting that it is, but there is still a loose parallel that might strike Mutsuki and he might realize oh shit maybe I should turn from this path). Mutsuki does want a family and a place to belong and a romantic partner, but he has potential for all of those things in the Quinx. He doesn’t need Kaneki to fulfill these things, and considering how unhealthy his obsession is, I doubt Kaneki will be a part of fulfilling these longings of Mutsuki’s.

And yeah, one of the things I’ve appreciated about Mutsuki this past arc (even as most of it has me screaming NO STOP WTF at him) is that he is the only person who has said no to Kaneki, who told him what he did wasn’t okay. He cried here in this panel:

And then asks Kaneki why he’s chosen ghouls over them, asks if they ever meant anything.

And Kaneki couldn’t even manage to say so, even though we know he dearly loves the Quinx (he just sucks at showing it). Basically Mutsuki and Tsukiyama are the only ones so far who have made attempts to hold Kaneki accountable this arc, and Mutsuki’s the only one who’s done more than just talk. That being said, what Mutsuki has been doing to Kaneki and to poor Touka is horrible and disturbed, and Touka’s ultimately the candidate I’m placing my hopes in for holding Kaneki accountable in a constructive way. 

Yes, I think a lot of what’s coming in :re will involve learning to let people go. Ui may have to let Hairu go a second time (because I still think she will be revived), though since he’s already done that in the most recent chapter and we’re hearing talk of mystical Dragon creating life dare I hope lol. The Quinx will have to let Shirazu go if he’s revived though, that I feel pretty certain of. Tsukiyama too will have to move on from Kaneki, though he can still be there for him I think. Hinami, too, will have to let go of her ideal image of Kaneki to move forward as a character. And Mutsuki will have to let go of his idealized version of Sasaki, and possibly paralleling how Yoshimura’s relationship turned out with Eto after he abandoned her, he may choose to let Kaneki go off with Touka to live a quiet life, while he makes his own life somewhere else, with his family. That’s assuming they all survive of course, and really, who knows, but I can see something like that happening. 

Thank you for the ask!

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hiii jake x mc please for the hugs prompt😌 😊 Thank you

  1. Who runs up to the other and hugs them after a long day?
    Both. Whichever one is home first will greet the other with a hug pretty much as soon as they walk in the door. 
  2. Who hugs the other person from behind when they cook?
    Neither one of them. It’s more little touches as they cook together. 
  3. Who picks the other up when they are hugging them?
    Jake, he’ll lift Stephanie off her feet. 
  4. Who pulls the other into a hug when they are out with friends?
    Both. They are very, touchy-feely. 
  5. Who wraps their arms around the other when they are sleeping side by side?
    Jake. He likes to know Stephanie is safe and that she’s right beside him. 
  6. Who gives super tight hugs?
    Stephanie. She’ll hug Jake with everything she has in her. She’ll never be able to get the image of him dying in her arms out of her head and sometimes she just has to hug him tight. 
  7. Who gives bear hugs?
    Neither one, really. 
  8. Can they feel each others heart racing when they hug?
    Sometimes, especially on the island. 
  9. Who runs up to their partner so fast for a hug they knock them over by accident?
    Both. When they were reunited on La Huerta they almost fell to the ground, they were so desperate to be in each other’s arms. 
  10. Who asks if they can have a hug?
    Stephanie. Jake always complies. He’s not as comfortable asking, but that’s ok because Stephanie hugs him pretty much every chance she gets. 
  11. Who twirls their partner around when they hug?
  12. Who gives their partner a forehead kiss when they hug?
  13. What do they like most about being in each other’s arms?
    Knowing that the other one is safe. 
  14. What does one another smell like? Do they like the smell?
    There is an almost spicy sent to Jake, along with traces of whiskey. Stephanie loves the scent. Stephanie smells like her floral bath wash, clean and fresh and perky and Jake loves it. 
  15. When they hug, who snuggles their nose against their partner’s neck?

Thanks for the ask @raventear

when people say taylor is never the first one to let go of a hug, it’s true. as soon as i walked into the room her eyes lit up and she skipped over to me and crashed into the tightest hug i’ve ever had in my life and she stayed like that until i was ready to let go and speak to her. even the other two times we hugged goodbye, she still didn’t let go until i did and that’s really fucking special.

milo was up before 5 am this morning. why?

My mother turned on the porch light, that shines right into our room, then went inside, to the room right next to ours, and started loudly doing shit. So my child is going to be the devil soon. Some other fun things shes done lately:

-introduced the idea of “buttered noodles” to children who happily ate red sauce. Its one thing if you just want your kid to eat and they wont to be like hey want this starch with some dairy so you aren’t hungry? But another to be like, oh hey lets just remove veggies from this equation when i dont have to.

-keeps listing the drinks in the fridge when the kids ask for a drink and I distinctly and on purpose say they can have water. We live in Arizona. juice is a treat. shut the fuck up.

-just like everything. you arent their mother fucking stop.

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Not a cs shipper hater of the s7 here, do you think Hook and Tiana are going to be a couple? Personally I feel it’s too soon and annoying that he HAS to have a love interest right away, I was curious to see Killian as a solo character without being seen as the other half of a ship but it seems to me based on all the flirty banter (me likes it) that something it’s going to happen.... bummer

Yeah, I’m with you on this one. I want him to be single and flirtatious with everybody for awhile before they hook him up with any one person. So I’m hoping they don’t hook him up with Tiana. It’s way too soon for that. Comes off as “went with the first woman he saw” to me. I don’t like it.

Not to mention that I like Naveen and I’d like to see him join the show and if she gets with Hook that means either no Naveen or they’re going to turn him into a jerk or kill him off or something to explain his absence. No thank you.

You know what I want? I want cursed Hooked Queen followed by super awkward “Wow, this one’s gonna be hard to explain to the folks back home…” situations when the curse breaks XD And Henry’s “WTF, I mean, he’s cool, but did BOTH my moms have to marry this guy? Was that really necessary?!” would be priceless. It’s not gonna happen, I know, but fuck it - This is what I want.


So because I’m the worst, instead of working on either of the chapters, I worked on the story banners for my upcoming ficlets (either 2 or 3 chapters each) for both the Princess Bride AU and the Hogwarts AU.

I will get to finishing the other chapters soon (and I will definitely be waiting a bit before posting these ones; I might just wait until I write it all before posting) but with my brain being mush and me feeling like crap, it was nice to just fiddle in photoshop for a bit.

I’m particularly proud of the first one. Hogwarts AU…not so much. That will probably be fixed before the story goes up. Oh well.

Yuuri wandered the market with wide, cautious eyes. Everyone on board had been itching to spend some of their newly acquired loot, so Victor had directed them to a friendly port.

At first, Yuuri had clung to Victor’s side, as skiddish as a cat. But then the stalls of fruits and fabrics drew out his fascination, and Victor had a hard time keeping up.

Victor had wanted to purchase clothes for Yuuri, as his siren’s robes would attract too much attention outside of their ship. Yuuri was far more interested in little trinkets and admiring hand-crafted instruments. He happily listened to the beckons of shop keepers, particularly those who flashed anything that caught the light of the sun or held out small slices of exotic fruits for him to try.
Victor’s coin purse was left significantly lighter. However he also noticed that people simply gave things to Yuuri. He had new bracelets on his wrists which caught the juices spilling from the orange flesh of the fruit he ate, licking his fingertips clean with a smile stretched clear across his face. Victor had purchased neither yet no angry salesman chased after them.

Yuuri seemed delighted, pleased to explore something entirely new to him, and pouted heavily when Victor finally started to tug him away. He followed only after repeated promises that they could return soon and the reminder that Yuuri could always fly there on his own, if he so wished.

They had nearly left the market when Yuuri froze, grabbing onto Victor’s wrist. Victor heard the squawks before he saw the brightly colored feathers of the parrots perched along a stall. Yuuri was there in an instant.

The birds flocked to him, one jumping into his hands as soon as he held them out. The other two shuffled as close as the leather ties around their feet permitted. Yuuri cooed to them and they chattered back, flapping and ruffling their feathers at him. Victor saw the clipped wings when they spread, saw Yuuri’s smile slip as the birds continued to chirp at him.

The look on Yuuri’s face was pure distress when he snatched up Victor’s hand, hastily tracing letters into his palm so quickly Victor barely caught the words. He did not need them to guess what Yuuri wanted, not with the way that Yuuri bristled when grisly-looking man appeared, laugh rough as he asked Yuuri if he liked his birds.

The line of Yuuri’s shoulders went rigid. He took one step forward, dark eyes flashing with the red of his siren temper. Victor had been about to unstring his coin purse, ready to toss the whole thing in exchange when Yuuri’s lips parted.


The word hit Victor’s chest like a cannonball and in that moment he would give Yuuri everything. The clothes off his back, the pistols off his sash, the gold off his fingers. His entire ship and his life, placed neatly into Yuuri’s hands. But the command wasn’t directed at him.

The daze of Yuuri’s voice did not fade. Victor watched as the ties restraining the birds were hastily cut, their owner stumbling away from Yuuri under the power of his glare the moment they were relinquished. 

They left the market with three parrots nestling gleefully up against the siren, and Yuuri never having looked prouder.


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A definitive timeline of Seventeen’s AL1 story

Don’t know why I’m starting this past 9pm when I have school tomorrow but due to an anxious bout (which has lasted for about two months) I’ve learnt that when inspiration hits, I just got to run with it, or should I say bat with it, amirite? (we’ll get to that later on)  LETS BEGIN.

Originally posted by yunchanpai

Firstly we have to understand the vague points of time the music videos have taken place in. At first I thought that from Adore U to Boom Boom, all of the comebacks were on an alternate timeline to don’t wanna cry, however seventeen has stated that we are in fact wrong and that this all in the same timeline.

Adore U’ (is a funky pop song-) shows a crush a boy has on someone, but is inexperienced and marks it down to adoration rather than affection, as to not confront their own feelings. In this we can see an innocent fear of not knowing what to really say to someone and knowing the right words to express what you’re feeling. ‘Mansae’ is a bit different, although the schoolboy concept would have fit the song adore u, the lyrics are a bit different. It’s almost as if the boy has accepted the crush as what it is , liking someone, however instead of confessing they act immature (like schoolboys) and are jealous instead. ‘Pretty U’ is a bit different and shows some development. It has a musical theatre style and shows some development, they’ve actually confessed their feelings. Here’s when things get a bit rocky. ‘Very Nice’ is probably one of the most impactful songs ‘I’ve heard from seventeen. Although the lyrics describe a first date, the music video is a bit different. Whenever one of the boys starts to feel something for the girl, their heart explodes. It’s almost as though they can’t actually handle it . This is later reinforced in ‘Boom Boom’ where they claim that everything is because of the love interest . Up until this point the songs seem pretty normal, light hearted and tells the story of someone’s first romance. Although it seems unrequited and unresponsive, the main character seems happy, even with the the one-sidedness of it all.

You see, this is what makes me suspicious. Back in their seventeen project days, they said quite a few times how they didn’t want to be regular idols and they wanted to be artists instead, ones who worked very closely with the production of the songs and choreography. This is what makes everything seem off to me. We’ll come back to this later on.

After Boom Boom is when I think things get really weird. At this point in time is where Seventeen as a group itself gains momentum and popularity, being put to such a high standard of even getting to be put in ‘EBS’ with Exo and Bts. This almost seems to pressure them even more. It was hard enough coming from a company which didn’t have a lot of money, but now that they were quite popular, it was even harder being able to maintain that. This is when I think chapter 0.5 happens, just before don’t wanna cry. As we’ve seen in the unit songs, this is a side of seventeen we’ve never seen before. 

Although change up is upbeat and catchy, the lyrics seem quite desperate. It’s almost as though the leaders are trying to prove themselves, saying that others wouldn’t understand what they had been doing and how had it is. Change up actually means a pitch in baseball, where the pitcher moves fast but the ball is significantly slower to confuse the batter.Furthermore, in ‘trauma’ the hip hop unit all speak about the mental blocks they’ve had, all one individual room only to realise they’re all facing it together. Lilli Yabbay could actually be symbolic of death as it’s used in funerals for many cultures. In the music video, we can see how the music had brought them to life, but as soon as it ended they were on the floor, much like everyone around.This could refer to people sleeping on the performance unit, or more logically, the fear of having people be dissatisfied or not being able to truly express what they want to say before their fans part with them. 


I feel like this entire time we’ve though about this boy falls in love story as a basic romance and nothing more. The closer you look, maybe it could refer to their dream. Back when they looked adoringly at their favourite singers up on that stage. Back in their school days, holding a trainee title but no guarantees. Pretty U could be when they realised that they knew debut was the only option for them . Aju Nice is their debut, a point of excitement, we can see their change from mansae in the use of their female leads. Before they would get discouraged with the lack of response from the girl (which could be the lack of attention from the public) but when in very nice we can see how they continue to work for her attention and to see some emotion, running towards her at the end even after their metaphorical downfalls. Boom Boom is when they realise that hard work does pay off, but their B-side Fast Pace shows us how they miss the freedom they had before people really knew who they were.

Gonna continue this when I catch wind of the vocal unit. This took me an hour and 11 minutes, gosh I’m slow. Goodnight 

Part One | Part Two coming soon

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can i get uhhhhhhhh HC of the losers at a sleepover at mike's house (stan talks in his sleep, eddie has a pajama set, mike's grandpa is excited he has friends)

Anon! This is THE CUTEST THING! I hope this is what you had in mind :) x

  • The Losers had been friends for years and often had sleepovers at Bill’s on a Friday night
  • But then one week Bill’s parents say they’re celebrating their anniversary so the gang can’t come over
  • Instead of cancelling, Mike says that the barn is always free
  • So they all go to Mike’s house for the first time ever 
  • because his grandparents are very busy and also not really able to look after 7 children? but they’re older now so they don’t really need supervision
  • Mike tells them they can come inside his house first to get stuff sorted and whatnot
  • Mike’s granddad knocks on the door as he normally does
  • and sees his grandson with not 1 but 6 friends!!
  • he always was told he’s ‘staying at Bill’s tonight, pa!’ but he wasn’t expecting 5 others!!
  • and he’s so happy because Mike’s always been a bit distant from others his age since his parents died
  • So he’s trying to act like its normal but as he turns to leave he beams at Mike and winks
  • And Mike’s also really happy that he’s made his granddad happy
  • Mike’s Grandma bakes like a PRO - boy had to learn the skills from somewhere
  • So she makes them all cookies and it’s really sweet
  • They set up the old barn with candles and all their blankets, so it’s all homely but really cute
  • Eddie and Richie snuggle under a double sized duvet and Richie keeps telling everyone to ‘Mind their goddamn business!’ every time they look over at the two
  • Stan rests his head on Bill’s chest because he’s sort of freaking out that ‘they’re laying where animals used to’
  • Mike assures him that they’ve scrubbed the barn clean
  • Ben and Bev sit close but Ben’s too scared to make a move
  • When Bev rests her head on his shoulder he goes bright red
  • They bring a stereo into the barn and play dance hits, sad songs and everything in between 
  • Africa comes on and Richie n Eddie look at each other like they built the Earth for the other
  • Eddie has a matching pyjama set consisting of short shorts and a long sleeved shirt
  • It’s pastel green
  • And Richie is literally SHOCKED
  • like .. his boy? looks so good?
  • His boy who, he’d like to point out, usually wears one of Richie’s shirts to bed
  • And both are good but
  • ThosE SHORTS!!!!!!
  • Stan falls asleep first as he always does when he’s snuggled to Bill
  • And he starts to make noises in his sleep at first
  • But then it turns into fully blown sentences
  • And some are cute and make sense like ‘I love you, Billy’
  • But others are like ‘Richie don’t touch my ear’ 
  • And Bill is so in love with his curly haired boy
  • They all fall asleep soon after
  • But Mike stays up and just thanks every God there is that it happened at his house for once
  • They wake up in the morning to a breakfast made by Mike’s Grandma and go on to have a fun Saturday without any killer clowns!
Bruised (Richie/Eddie) 11/12

Summary: It’s 1993 and the summer from many years ago is dead and gone. Many have drifted apart from the Losers club and its at the point where there is no club at all. The atmosphere is cold just like the winter months and the only blushes to be found are the ones that are caused from the piercing spikes of cold that heat skin up. Being a teenage boy is hard; especially for the two boys that now count each other as strangers. In which both boys make a plan, but both disrupt each others.

Warning(s): Sensitive topics ahead, a few characters are ooc, acts of violence

A/N: 1 part left ! aLSO credit to @nonbinaryreddie aka QUEN for helping me out throughout this series with lil bits im stuck on, i love you! sorry for any mistakes i-

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12(Soon) |

Everything was hazed, Richie felt distant as ever; almost as if his own soul was lingering outside of his skin. His skin was pricked by cold sensations, with his heart beat flickering in his ears.

Where was he?

His eyes almost felt as if someone was holding them shut, everything aching all over his body and he felt his blood strike though his veins icily. Something was terribly wrong, not to mention the sense of dread that pierced his core.

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Inspired by Harry Styles’ song ‘Kiwi’. Just an one shot without any connections to other stories I’ve written. Hope you enjoy!

Warning: Smut

She’s driving me crazy, but I’m into it, but I’m into it
I’m kinda into it
It’s getting crazy, I think I’m losing it, I think I’m losing it

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Saying Things

Peter Parker x Reader

So this is for the precious, most adorable person @dej-okay because she deserves only good things.

Summary: You’d lost count of how many times you’d thought of kissing him. You had never let yourself imagine that maybe, he thought of it, too.

“Or how badly I’ve wanted you like this,” and he didn’t have to explain what he meant…”

Warnings: None. Just A LOT OF FLUFF AND CHEDDAR CHEESE. Words: 3.6k

“Parker,” you cautioned as he not-so-gingerly picked up the beaker that was mostly full of blue liquid that resembled and even smelt a little like Windex, shaky hands bringing it over to your side of the lab table, mixture sloshing around the insides, goggles beginning to steam up around his eyes from how heavily he was breathing, tiny rogue hairs from fallen waves at his forehead fluttering as warm puffs of air escaped from the spaces between funny eye wear.

It had taken the two of you nearly half an hour to mix the contents in said beaker just right, waiting for the telltale appearance of that crystal blue to color the glass and signal the correct chemical change.

You’d both laughed excitedly as you’d watched with anxious eyes, two pairs of goggles level with the table; forgetting that you were still holding glass tubes and going in for a high five, catching yourself with a sheepish expression just in time. He’d offered an air five instead.

“Peter, carefully,” you urged when the clumsy boy caught a sneakered foot on the corner of the table, neon blue peeking at the edge of its container as it swayed inside, nearly raining down on top of the shiny black below it.

“I know, I know, I’ve got this,” a tiny smirk following his words, and you found yourself believing him despite the sound of glass clanking together as he began pouring that blue liquid into the compound you’d just finished mixing up. The puffs of air fogging up both of your goggles stopped as blue hit green and you held your breaths, the whole feel of him changing when that red precipitate formed in uneven clumps at the bottom of the beaker. Bubbly laughter spilled from his lips in a rush of air as the tension released from his lungs and the smile that lit up the whole of his face kept you from doing the same, kept you from breathing, and you weren’t sure if you would ever be able to bring yourself to draw air into tingling lungs again if he were going to smile like that around you, at you.

Because he was looking at you with the sun in his eyes and happiness making up the whole of his features in a way that warmed your heart entirely and made your body feel sluggish and uneven like the mess of chemicals in that beaker. The longer you looked, the more aware you became of how the color of your cheeks must match the color of that clump, and oh, but his eyes were glowing, and you were glowing, and his lips were pink and stretched prettily across white, mostly-even teeth in that charming way that only his lips could.

And that was the first time you realized that Peter Parker was someone that you could kiss. Peter Parker was someone you wanted to be kissing.

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Bucky Barnes x Reader 

Request: Could I request a bucky smut where bucky and reader have had an argument and are ignoring each other but the next day they are full on screaming at each other and buckys like fuck it and throws reader against the wall and leads to angry make up smut and later the rest of the team are just like “guess they made up then”

Word Count: 1380

Warning: Smut and profanity.

Y/n was breathing heavily as she walked towards her room, she could hear Bucky’s heavy footsteps quickly following behind her. Coming to an abrupt stop, she turned around quickly causing her hair to swing around her face.

“What the hell do you want Bucky?” She seethed out.

Glaring at her, “You need to start training more often.”

Y/n scoffed, “I don’t need training, how many times do I have to tell you?!” Her voice began to rise in volume.

“After what just happened out there?!” Bucky shook his head as he stepped closer to her, she didn’t back down as he did so, only putting her hands on her hips, “You might want to rethink your technique because last time I checked, you shouldn’t need someone to cover your ass every moment of a mission.”

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Bruised (Richie/Eddie) 9/12

Summary: It’s 1993 and the summer from many years ago is dead and gone. Many have drifted apart from the Losers club and its at the point where there is no club at all. The atmosphere is cold just like the winter months and the only blushes to be found are the ones that are caused from the piercing spikes of cold that heat skin up. Being a teenage boy is hard; especially for the two boys that now count each other as strangers. In which both boys make a plan, but both disrupt each others.

Warning(s): Intimate make-out session, hickeys, parental abuse, angst

A/N: Sorry for the delay on this chapter, I hope it was worth the wait- if not then i’d be so disappointed sksk but hey ho, here’s an extra long chapter!

PART 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 (Soon) | …

Eddie continued to tend Richie’s wounds throughout the night, with the windows steaming up from the heat inside the room in contrast to the freezing air outside. After Richie’s warming words, Eddie barely formed words for an hour or so and solely focused upon fixing Richie up despite Richie’s protests to his cuts stinging and how he was being covered in superman bandages, but Eddie just rolled his eyes and chose to ignore the boy and his ways.

Richie had his head against the wall as he sat on the perfectly white carpet beneath him, he stared directly at his fingertips with a warm feeling in his stomach.

“So, you’re staying here, right?” Eddie asked, his legs folded upon his neat bed after cleaning away the first aid kit.

Richie drifted his gaze to Eddie, “I don’t have too, I just had no where to go.”

“You can stay!” Eddie quickly spoke, his words overflowing, “It’s just that I was wondering and, well, my Mom would flip shit if she saw you- so.. so I’ll have to hide you. We also only have my Dad’s old clothes, my clothes won’t fit.”

Richie managed to form a lop sided grin, listening to each melodic sound that came from Eddie Kaspbrak. Everything about the boy was phenomenal, overall outstanding. From his neat hair, to his messy mindset. From his soft brown eyes, to the crevice of his lips. Richie was in awe of what standards this boy had to even look in Richie Tozier’s way, never mind welcome him with open arms into his living space.

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