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He got there too late. Those jerks were probably far away by that time, Armin’s tears had already dried, only his abrupt breathing and puffy eyes suggested what had happened. Eren crouched beside his friend. “So stupid, so stubborn, so annoyingly… brave”. Not a single word was said, all they could hear was each other’s breath and irregular heart beat. The silence meant so much more at this moment. One last push forward and…


hello hello i dont think i’ve ever shown my face on here (even though i only ever post that on ig haha)

So i wanted the first time yall do see my face to be something… interesting…? So have some crappy makeup thingies !!!

Also I know i look like im like nine years old but i can assure you im not

just that weird asian baby fat thing that makes ya look kinda like a bobblehead sometimes yknow

Aaaanywho, hope the first one looks okay! The other two were kinda just done as a fun little jokey thing… And I actually am male, believe it or not. I just like the female characters too! haha…

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Starish and Quartet Night play Cards Against Humanity

Based on this: By @utanoprimagines

I’m going to try and keep them in character but I probably failed. Be prepared for crappy writing. Enjoy Princes Against Humanity

Otoya, Cecil, and Natsuki just bought Cards Against Humanity while they were at the store and was excited to play it with their friends. No one knows why they bought it, they just did. They also bought the expansions too just to make it more interesting and fun. Again, no one knows why they bought it.

As they made their way back, Otoya was holding the boxes in a dramatic manner when he stormed into the room.

“Who wants to play!?!?” He yelled. 

Quartet Night and the other members of Starish ignored them, minus Reiji, Syo, and Ren.

Reiji looked at their way and instantly raised his hand.


Syo walked over to Otoya and looked at the box. “Cards Aga- DO YOU GUYS EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT GAME IS ABOUT!?”

Otoya and Natsuki nodded, much to Syo’s surprise. Cecil shook his head though.

“They said its a fun game so I’m gonna try it out.”

“I’m just surprised that the two of them know the game,” Ren said as he walked towards them. “Though I guess it would be fun to play.”

The six of them walked away from the door and sat on the floor. Natsuki called out to Masato and Tokiya who were at the couch.

“Hey! Come play!” Tokiya and Masato looked at each other, stood up, and walked over. Natsuki gave them a huge grin. “YAY!”

“We figured we’re going to get dragged along one way or another.” Masato said to them.

Reiji looked over to his umm friends I guess and yelled to them.

“Come on!!”

“No” was a reply they all said in unison.

“Ai-Ai! Ran-Ran! Myu-chan! Come on!”

Camus grunted then stood up. Then it was Ai and Ranmaru.

“We might as well, he’s not going to shut up if we refused.” Ai said.

The members of Starish made space for them and they started the game.

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