the other one was ugly


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It starts from an early age. I have a job where I work with kids, and you’d think that the new generation of kids are changing in that it’s becoming less of a problem, but the kids of color I work with, insult each other based on their skin tone, making it a game of whoever has the darkest skin tones is the ugliest. They call each other ugly, the darker ones are “nappy headed” even if lighter kids have that same texture.


“oh damn I wish that I were dead, absolutely nonexistent, gone away from here, from everything, but how would I do it? There is always bridges- the Brooklyn Bridge but I love that bridge everything is beautiful from there and the air is so clean. walking it seems peaceful even with all those cars going crazy underneath. so it would have to be some other bridge, an ugly one in with no view.. except I like in particular all bridges. there’s something about them and besides I’ve never seen an ugly bridge”

“Stones on the walk
every color there is
I stare down at you
like a horizon-
the space/air is between us beckoning
and I am many stories up
my feet frightened
as I grasp towards you”

“Only parts of us will ever
touch parts of others-
that really- one’s own truth
we can only share the
part that is within another’s knowing acceptable
so one is for the most part alone.
As it is meant to be in
evidently in nature- at best perhaps it could make our understanding seek
another’s loneliness out.”

“I can’t really stand human beings sometimes- I know they all have their problems as I have mine- but I’m really too tired for it. Trying to understand, making allowances, seeing certain things that just weary me.”

“Alone!!!!! I am alone I am always alone no matter what.”

“What do I believe in
what is truth
I believe in myself
even my most delicate intangible feelings
in the end everything is intangible
my most precious liquid must never spill
life force
they are all my feelings no matter what.”

“Please don’t make me a joke. End the interview with what I believe. I don’t mind making jokes, but I don’t want to look like one… I want to be an artist, an actress with integrity… If fame goes by, so long, I’ve had you, fame. If it goes by, I’ve always known it was fickle. So at least it’s something I experienced, but that’s not where I live.”

Poems, Notes, and Quotes all by Marilyn Monroe.

In Loving Memory Norma Jeane Baker 1926-Forever

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Bitch u ugly. And I don't mean the superficial shit, your soul is ugly. Here, have a dollar 💵

🤔 but am I the one going on anon to call other people ugly like I ain’t got no life? 🤔 sending you positive vibes, peace, and love because you sure need it 😌😘

I’ve watched two episodes of 91 days and so far this is the most authentic Italian mafia anime I’ve seen. Among other things, I laughed when one of the characters introduced had a ugly wide Italian nose like mine.

some naruhina fans in the tags are acting so ugly. like shut up let them compare the two because they do have SOME similarities, believe it or not. 

and those saying “well one had more development than the other” are just as ugly. you guys remind me of SS and NH fans who won’t stfu about which ship is better. they’re all canon calm down lol.

Here have a pic of all the fish characters I know of in Undertale. Shyren isn’t included because I consider her a different species from these guys.

I have a few Headcanons involving fish monsters, but I won’t go into detail here. I guess I can mention my one of Undyne kinda being a runt compared to the other fish. (and the orange one too I guess.)

And imagine if the ugly guy in Grillby’s is Undyne dad? That would be funny.

Stitch Me Up || Sang & Zico

Occasionally when Detective Woo is off duty and Dokkaebi Zico has free time he will go around doing Dokkaebi things. Pull some pranks on mortals, punishing wrong doers and rewarding the good. And occasionally he will cross paths with other spirits, some vengeful and willing to attack. “Man, you are one ugly Gwisin.” Zico smirked thinking that this one would be easy.

His fingers gently wrap around his club. The “magical wand” Dokkaebi carry around. The cross that hung around his neck that was the club grew from two inches to two feet of solid oak. Polished in black lacquer. Small chips of the wood showing its age and use but still very solid and heavy. Zico’s human mask went up in smoke to show his true colors of the goblin face a Dokkaebi wore throwing off the Gwisin for a second. “Bring it on macho man!”

Zico was a little cocky when it came to fights with almost six hundred years of hand to hand combat behind him. The ghost charged forward going invisible and materializing to go straight through Zico’s body his own weapon of choice slicing through Zico’s arm before disappearing. He Amosa dropped his cub, letting it shrink back and hang around his neck. His mask appeared again as he took a bandana to wrap around his arm.

This wasn’t a normal wound he could get fixed at any clinic or hospital. This was caused by a spirit, with a spirit’s weapon, inflicted on another spirit. With only one place to go Zico started walking, his arm limp by his side.