the other one was cropped ok


゚・:,。★·͙⁺˚*•̩̩͙✩Captain America: The Mock Poster Project✩•̩̩͙*˚⁺‧͙★,。・:・゚
                                 THE WINTER SOLDIER

I don’t think I properly introduced this project, but here’s me, recreating famous (romantic) movie posters with the Captain America characters. The hope is to create one for each movie of the trilogy.   as opposed to 6 billions for the Winter Soldier and none for Civil War because SO MANY CHARACTER
Each poster is gonna feature the most iconic Stucky line of each movie (”Not Without You”, “I’m With You Till The end of The Line”, and possibly “Your Bucky”), and credits as similar as possible to the *actual* Captain America poster.
Today’s choice was Titanic (1997) by James Cameron.
It was my first pick, and I never wavered (even if I *might*, if time allows, work on my second and third pick, too). And the more I think about it, the better it fits. The sinking ship. The lovers separated by catastrophe. 

*Here you can find my tumblr post and art for Captain America: THE FIRST AVENGER based on Gone with the Wind (1939)

You can find the art on my Society6 shop here. I decided to post here a version cropped to look as similar as possible to the Titanic poster I used as base. Buuuuuuuut S6 requires square canvas for several gadgets, so the shop contains both this version and also a second, bigger one showing more of the art (the whole helicarrier, the whole shield and other such details.)

things from my 4th and final trip to Great Comet

(8/27 Matinee, I sat in the stage right sunken tavern, which were amazing seats)

-Alex Gibson talked to us before show! He actually talked to me my first time at Comet too so we’ve come full circle
-Denée looked at me so much during the show I love her sm
-I started crying right at “there’s a war going on” whoops!
-Lucas came up to us in Prologue and I winked at him because I had to make the last visit count and he smiled so now I can die happy
-I LOVE how Hélène conducts the women in “he is charming, he has no sex” line
-Marya is so rude to Sonya she’s always pushing her out of the way and rolling her eyes at her
-Grace sang “read to me while I knit” to me
-the guy Mary chose to be her suitor was eating M & M’s so he had one in his hand while Bolkonsky was screaming at him and he slowly put the M & M in his mouth as he sat down
-Brad and Andrew during The Opera were like…cuddling and fondling each others’ beards it was cute
-No One Else cleared my skin, improved my grades, and watered my crops. Denée is an angel
-Hélène is sprawled out on the stairs during Natasha and Anatole and looking at them like “yea my brother’s getting it”
-Lauren and Courtney were snorting coke nearby and told the person at the table they could have the rest
-Ok So. Grace and Lucas. are right next to me during The Duel and Lucas fucking spanks Grace with the riding crop while Grace is looking right at me and Grace then proceeded to kneel in front of him while he was about to UNBUTTON his PANTS and then the lights went up and this happened about a foot away from my face
-Alex went “shit!” when Dolokhov got shot
-Scott’s Dust and Ashes was fucking beautiful. He played much more of a Sad/Wrecked Pierre rather than an Angry or Angsty Pierre and was so emotionally charged the whole time
-in Sunday Morning, Sonya and Marya are sitting w candles and after a moment, Marya looks at Sonya, rolls her eyes, and gets up
-listen I know I talk about how much I love Amber Gray a lot but Charming? Iconic. Beautiful. Legendary. She really did that™
-tHE BALL. The wine glasses thing was so fucking cool and when Denée said “but I love you!”, Lucas got this look like “wait what” -I made very heavy eye contact w Heath during “Letters”
-I GOT A LOVE LETTER FROM AMBER -Lucas held out the “just say yes” so long
-when Denée sings “it seems to me I’ve loved him a hundred years”, Brittain threw up her hands and went “ugh!”
-Sonya Alone….I love Brittain so much she was CRYING at the end
-Preparations aka I love nick choksi
-I had an empty egg shaker basket next to me and Reed flipped it on my head and said. “now you have a new hat!”
-Chaos was just so fun and amazing what an iconic moment
-Nicholas Belton has such a unique voice and take on Andrey he’s gr8
-Hélène cries through the last 3 songs and it’s not what she deserves!!!!
-Denée and Scott are HEARTBREAKING in Pierre & Natasha. Scott’s speech was so well done
-Scott was so gorgeous in the finale he really captured the character perfectly. I cried a lot
-I’m an emotional wreck and I love this musical

“Deckhand Hook”

Pastel on black paper.

Responsible Me to @thesschesthair​: stop making fabulous B&W edits. I can’t draw them all. I have things to do.

Devil Me: Yea, OK. Hold my beer.

(Here are the other B&W pastel drawings she made me do I did: Number one, Number two.)

Please don’t crop or Tweet, and please reblog instead of reposting. Thank you! You can find more of my art under the “ellie art” tag here on my blog. This and other original artwork for sale in my Etsy shop.

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Hello all!! 

Finances have been extremely tight lately, I’ve just moved apartments and hours at work are dwindling, I’m looking for a second job right now but in the mean time I need to be able to make rent!! I’m opening commissions again with a new and updated post, and I have one slot filled right now but I can take up to 10!

for the palette busts you can send me a palette of your choosing or I can choose one myself if you prefer, and I’m comfortable drawing pretty much anything except complicated mechs and fursonas, any personal squicks are few and far between and can be discussed should something crop up! NSFW ok, gore ok, (almost) anything goes! 

my Art Tag is here to see the examples above in full as well as other examples, and I’m also opening Fic Commissions! 

For fic commissions I’ll be charging 15$ per thousand words, with a max of 5k per commission! Feel free to commission two separate fics as companions or in the same verse tho! Here is my Ao3 to get a feel for writing, I’ll do fluff, comedy, smut, angst, horror, you name it! For fic I’m only really comfy writing kylux/techienician/clyde logan/sw stuff at the moment and I do apologize for that, but the option is there! 

If you can’t swing one at the moment PLEASE give this a reblog, I appreciate all the help!! Thank you!! <3

exmagicianwannabe  asked:

Am I the only one who wants to hear Jughead call Betty "Elizabeth" (maybe in a cute and emotional scene) and Betty call Jughead "Forsythe"? And maybe the full name too "Forsythe Pendelton Jones the Third where do you think you're going?" (in a kind of funny bossy moment?)

Ok I have some opinions on this. I feel like this is becoming a burgeoning trend, especially because I see it cropping up in fics more and more. I’m kind of torn because on the one hand the full name thing can be kinda hot, or a show of sincerity. I could maybe see Jughead calling Betty “Elizabeth” when he’s very emotional or trying to reassure her. But I thought it was very interesting that when they said I love you they called each other Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones and that was easily the most vulnerable moment of the season, apart from the diner scene.

The one person who calls Betty “Elizabeth” the most is Alice. “Elizabeth” is her perfect stepford daughter with top grades and a slew of extra curriculars. “Elizabeth” is not Betty, not completely, and I think Jughead knows that and would feel like he was trying to put her back in that box that she’s tried to claw her way out of.

“Forsythe Pendleton Jones”, along with the fact that we know Jughead has always hated the name, is exactly his dads name, apart from ‘the third". It holds a legacy that, no matter how much he will always love his dad, he doesn’t want to fall into. Again, I think Betty would be a lot less likely to call him Forsythe (more so than him call her Elizabeth) because it makes him uncomfortable for more reasons than one.

That said, we have a whole season and hopefully more of development to get through. I think if we got to see Betty and Jughead peeling back each other’s insecurities even further, proving to each other that their rawest form of identity is nothing to be ashamed of, then this little quirk could become something that I could see happening and fully support.

In this gif pack you will find #262 gifs of the beautiful Brec Bassinger in School of Rock. Every single one of these gifs were made by me from scratch, and are sized 245x145. Please take note, Brec was 17 during the filming of most of these scenes which makes her a minor in them — please do not use these for smut purposes or in any other inappropriate way. Do not remove my watermark or crop these in anyway without permission, I worked really hard on them. If you use these gifs a like or a reblog would be amazing. Please do not repost these gifs or claim them as your own!


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your bonnie and clyde au cleared my skin, watered my crops, and put plagues on my enemies houses. do you have any more hcs for it if you dont mind sharing??


Ok so since they’re dressed like super well all the time and in 1930′s, they try to out-do each other in the way they dress just to get the other one turned on. So like Uma may wear a bit too short of a shirt sometimes or Harry may wear like a really nice suit jacket to accentuate his muscles.

There’s a specific HC I really liked and that’s when a man in a bar or something recognizes them and he goes to like pick up the phone to call for police, and without even looking at him Harry throws a knife and catches the man’s wrist against the wall and not even seconds later the man is shot through the head by one of Uma’s guns. Like that’s how well they work as a team together.

They really just play a lot of games with each other to make their robbing and killing more fun.

Uma shoots the gun in the air first because it’s “More fun when they run” and Harry sits back and smokes while watching her or Harry likes to carve their initials somewhere while Uma gets the money. 

He’s always in the driver’s seat of the get away car and she’s always in the passenger seat. After every job she leans over and gives him a kiss on the cheek, her red lipstick making a distinct stain.

I’M SO GLAD YOU LIKE IT. We have so much fun with these you guys don’t even know afalsdfhasj @harryohook }

gif tutorial

requested by anonymous

for some reason, someone asked me how i make my gifs, so this is me trying to explain it. please note that english is not my native language and that i hate explaining things. so if you didn’t understand something, you’re free to ask me anything.

  • i use kmplayer and photoshop cc
  • this is the load files into stack method
  • and my photoshop version has timeline

(there’s a lot of screencaps in this tutorial, js)

okay let’s turn this:

into this:

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You're Mine, Ok? (Jack Barakat Smut)

When you have time could you do a Jack Barakat smut where you hang out with Vic or Austin and he gets really jealous cause they are touching you and trying to sleep with you and he yanks you in the car and is pissed and dominant smut please and them he tells you he loves you are you’re his. Thanks(:

A/N: I didn’t know how you wanted Austin so I made it very mild… I also made it Austin touching you because Idk, I already have two Vic smuts, I thought I would take a break from Vic. (btw their at a party so uh yeah) SORRY THIS IS SO SHORT.. I HAVE OTHER SMUTS I REALLY WANNA GET FINISHEDOutfitYour Mine, Ok? (Jack Barakat Smut) I sat alone on the couch, frowning at Jack. He was dancing with another girl, a slutty one at that. She grinded up against him, Jack’s hands on either sides of her hips. She was gorgeous, large breasts, long blonde hair and legs. I looked plain in comparison with her, my black hair and short legs.  I looked down at what I was wearing, a cropped tee with shorts and heels, not looking nearly as sexy as her. She was wearing a bright pink dress with black heels, she was nearly taller than Jack. I glared at the pair, but they paid no attention to me, she was too busy whispering in his ear. I felt the couch lean as a drunk Austin sat next to me, his arms wrapping tightly around my waist. “What’s a pretty girl like you doing all alone?” He whispered huskily in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. “Being ditched my her boyfriend by some slut.” I replied to him, keeping my eyes focused on Jack. “Jack and her? Nah, forgot about them, pay more attention to me.” Austin said, using two of his finger to make me look at him. His hand rested on my upper thigh, he rubbed up and down. I shuddered and closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling of another person. “Yeah, you like that, don’t you? Come back to my place with me and I can show you a good time.” Austin whispered against my neck. I felt my cheeks turn a red colour as Austin kissed up neck and nibbled lightly on my ear.  “Austin… I have a boyfriend..” I muttered to him as he used his free hand to stroke up and down on my stomach. “Yeah, One who obviously isn’t paying attention to you..” he said, continuing to rub me. “Y/N? What the fuck is going on here?” I heard an angry voice in front of me. I opened my eyes to see Jack standing there, pulling Austin off of me. Austin walked off in a “whatever” kind of way and stumbled across the room. Before I could say anything, Jack pulled me out of the party and pushed me into his car. We drove home in a extremely quite state, I swear I was going to melt from nervousness.  I walked in the door, Jack close behind me. I started to go up the stairs, but his hand caught my grip. He flung me around so I was facing him. I squeaked, shocked by his sudden actions. “I’m going to be upstairs in about 5 minutes. You better be wearing no clothes and ready to fuck all night as a punishment.” I smirked walking up the stairs, letting him take the view of my ass as I closed the door to our bedroom. I wiggled out of my clothes and was only in my thong as he walked in.  He circled me a few times then stopped close behind me, breathing down my neck and sending shivers down my spine. “I said, everything off!” He raised his voice as he yanked my thong off. I yelped at the sudden movements and he roughly rubbed my breast in one hand, then clit in the other. I moaned and flung my head back, loving the feeling of another person. “Fucking slut… You think you could just hit on another guy?” He asked me, his fingers teasing my wet slit. I closed my eyes and flung my head back, making me moan loudly. “It wasn’t only me hitting on someone else… I saw you and that girl.” I whispered in his ear. He smirked at me, then slowly sucked on my neck. “I guess were both guilty then.” He said. He pulled his shirt off over his head, spinning me around so I was facing him. He kissed me hard on the lips, sticking his tongue into my mouth. My hands fumbled for his belt as we backed up against the wall.  I pulled his boxers down, his long erect member touching my stomach. Through the kiss, Jack cupped my ass and I rubbed his dick. He groaned, and started to suck on my neck. I moved down onto my knees and took his length into my mouth, sucking my cheeks in and bobbing my head up and down. Jack groaned, using his hands to shove his cock deeper into my mouth. He thrusted forward, making his length hit the back of my throat. Before I could gag, he released his hot seed into my mouth. I opened my mouth to show him, then swallowed.  “Your so hot, Y/N.” He muttered as he pulled me up. His hands reached for my ass as he lifted me up to push my back against the wall. He entered me slowly at first, then faster as he kept a fast pace. “Fuck, Jack…” I moaned, holding onto his back tightly. He thrusted deeper and quicker into me, making me moan louder and louder. He hit my g-spot, making a knot in my stomach tie as I drew blood on his shoulder blades. “Jack… I’m close.” I moaned into his ear. He grinned at me, taking one hand to rub at my clit. “Not yet, Y/N…” He whispered huskily into my ear. I groaned, trying to hold my orgasm in. I was already soaking wet, making it harder and harder to keep it in. He left kisses and love bites all over my neck, giving me a hickey on my sweet spot. I groaned. “Jack, please..” I whined. He smirked against my skin, leaving more hickeys along my neck. He thrusted deeper into me, his hand still rubbing at my clit making me moan even louder. “Ok, fine.” He finally agreed. I screamed as I released, my walls clenching around him. I felt the knot in my stomach disappear and I kissed Jack passionately on the lips. He let me down and onto the bed as he leaned over me, entering me again. Again? Well, he did say all night. He pumped deeply into me, hitting my g-spot repeatedly. I moaned into the bed, holding onto the sheets tightly. He thrusted quickly, then slowly, never once missing my g-spot. “Fuck, Y/N..” He groaned into my hair. I let out a loud moan as he released into me, triggering my second orgasm of the night. Jack rolled off of me, laying next to me as we both panted. “You’re mine, ok?” He said, turning to look at me. “I know.” I replied. ~ I heard a knock at the door as an extremely hung over Austin stood in front of me. He leaned against the wood on the door, his hand on his head.  “Shit, are you all right?” I asked him, helping him inside. I helped him onto the couch as Jack stumbled out of the bedroom, hair ruffled and messy. “What are you doing here?” Jack asked, a worried look on his face. “I heard what I said and did at the party last night, and I wanted to come and say that I am so sorry, Y/N.” He groaned into his hands. “The party? Oh, you mean hitting on Y/N.” Jack said sarcastically. “I just wanted to say, I would never do that to Y/N behind your back, Jack. I was drunk, I didn’t know what I was doing, I was just-” He kept going but Jack cut him off. “You talk too much. It’s fine, Austin. We forgive you. Y/N knows what'll happen if anything like that happens again though.” He said, slapping my ass. I yelped as Austin and Jack chuckled to each other.

anonymous asked:

I'm going shopping tomorrow and I really need some new clothes for fall/winter what could I buy and where? like basics and what is trending?

yay ok ill organise this by clothing item and put some store suggestions or where i got my stuff (that’ll probably be the first one) these are mostly basic but they’re based on trends and also necessity sooooO


  • cropped jumpers (topshop, american apparel, vervegirl, asos, needsupply)
  • cable knits (american apparel, thrift shops, topshop, apc, holts, boYS)
  • basic black turleneck (mine is a really thin club monaco sweater but american apparel has good cotton ones)
  • sleeveless/short sleeved knits (banana republic, club monaco, topshop, american apparel)
  • high neck tops/tanks (american apparel, asos)
  • oversized turtlenecks n other big fun knits (apc, zara, club monaco)
  • fuzzy sweater (topshop, american apparel)
  • ribbed knits (american apparel, zara, verve girl, asos)
  • grey!!!!! everythiggn!! (topshop, american apparel, zara)
  • dark striped tees (american apparel, club monaco, topshop, urban, brandy)
  • plain white/black/grey/navy tees (cos, j coleman, needsupply, boyfriends and boys who are friends, american apparel, allsaints, topman)
  • grid print tops (topshop, cos, american apparel)
  • nude cashmere turtleneck (holts, sonia rykiel, your dad, club monaco)


  • babydoll dress (american apparel, ilovelilya, topshop)
  • t-shirt dress (cos, zara, aritzia)


  • black skinny jeans (fit is really important so do your thing but i usually get j brand, joe’s, cheap monday, allsaints, american apparel, rag & bone) and those are great if you look like a stick insect thanks
  • busted knee black jeans (american apparel, zara, j brand)
  • comfy jeans like mom jeans if that’s your tyhing to just laze around in but also wear (american apparel, rag & bone)
  • plaid/navy/black pleated skirts (american apparel, uniform supply shops, cos, topshop)
  • black high waisted midi skirt (asos, zara, whitepepper)
  • cigarette pants in black or pattern (zara, cos, topshop)
  • slim skirts in your fav colours/non-colours if you’re me (american apparel, asos, topshop, submarine)


  • thin gold chain + pendant (thrift shops, american apparel)
  • basic gold or silver rings (needsupply, margiela, h&m)
  • leather messenger bag (zara, american apparel, asos, aritzia)
  • leather backpack (american apparel, needsupply, kara store
  • tote (american apparel, country road, acne)
  • wool socks (american apparel, roots, mec)
  • grey/cream cashmere (or wool idk who you are) scarf (burberry, aritzia, zara probably, american apparel if material means nothing to you, holts)
  • mittens :) (aritzia, american apparel)


  • grey/ neutral/pink wool coat (apc, zara, needsupply, max mara)
  • chelsea boots yOU NEED HTESE (zara, church’s, romwe, topshop, american apparel, rag & bone)
  • sneakers (converse, nike, new balance)
  • loafers (tod’s, zara, topshop, h&m)

other thangs:

  • notebooks (pastel, chapters, notebook & co, rifle paper co, moleskine, field notes, needsupply)
  • a short + sweet fluffy novel (chapters, bmv)
  • a new type of tea (david’s tea, teavana, kusmi)
  • a pretty mug for the tea (indigo, william ashley, anthropologie)
  • a bath bomb yay (lush)

hello just bc ur chubby doesnt mean u have to feel like u cant wear shorts or crop tops or whatever other clothing ur told u shouldnt wear!! i havent reached my goal weight yet but that doesnt mean i gotta make myself feel bad about my appearance at the moment so @ all my cute chubby people wear whatever u want, ur allowed to wear clothes that make u happy and make u feel pretty 💖💘🌸💕🔥

OK!! here is the obligatory theory post for Rokka no Yuusha

The main mystery within this anime is that there is one treacherous fiend hiding amongst the seven people who claim to be one of the Six Braves of the Six Flowers.

I’ll first discuss the three most obvious characters that are under suspicion of being the fiend. which I hope will mean that they are not actually the fiend - so that there is actual shock when it is revealed. And then the other three non-suspicious braves, which I’m hoping the fiend will turn out to be.

Adlet Mayer, as the protagonist, is of course disqualified from suspicion. Although it would be pretty fucking sweet if he did turn out to be the fiend. im always a slut for twists and unreliable narrators.

Alright lets start with the absolutely most obvious choice: Hans Humpty

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Well, I was planning to cover my face but then the context of some of the photos would be lost so heck, here’s my fugly mug! This is just a small token of appreciation for the SPN fandom on tumblr for getting me hooked on Supernatural and introducing me to JIBCon. It’s because of y'all that I got this amazing experience.

All I ask is that you keep these strictly on tumblr and in this post. Do NOT edit/manip/copy these and post elsewhere please. Thanks!

I was actually supposed to have a Jared solo (planned pose was to put our hands together and compare them coz he reportedly has HUGE hands) and a J2 (planned for the standard sandwich) but due to Jared being unable to attend, I switched my Jared POs for the Rich/Rob double, Tahmoh, and Mark. I was planning to buy them anyway so somehow it worked out ok, even though we all missed Jared terribly.

And now some notes:

Mark - He was very intimidating (umm… King of Hell?) and I almost didn’t ask for the pose but I gathered some courage and asked him if he could cover my eyes in a “Guess who?” pose. He agreed and had already settled behind me, hands over my eyes, while I awkwardly stood there. And again, with some last minute courage, I put my hands up on his and made an “o” with my mouth. And can I just say, I unexpectedly LOVE this pic the most!

Felicia - she was so adorable and so WHITE! I swear I am not that dark/tan! But yeah, I asked her for a selfie pose (but stupidly I didn’t actually take a selfie. Sigh) and she loved it! After the shot she goes “I love it! That’s so meta! I want to see the result!” So later when I go for my autograph with her, I showed her the photo and she again said she loved it. 😄 And then we chatted real quick about books (I gave them a ribbon bookmark each) and how we both prefer old fashioned hard copy versus e-books.

Tahmoh - He was so TALL! I didn’t really have a pose in mind for him, so when I walked up and we greeted each other and he just opened up his arms wide, looking at me expectantly… Well, heck, who was I to protest the big hug??? He was chewing gum so he smelled minty fresh. 😊

Rich/Rob - They were kinda chatting and greeted me warmly when I walked up. I didn’t have a pose in mind for this too so when Rich put his arm around me, I just went with it and slid mine around their waists. I regret not going for hugs! Coz I heard Rob gives the best hugs. And I totally regret not buying a Rob solo PO. I fell in love with this adorable man-child during the con. Sigh… Next year, I’m gonna squish the fuck out of him. 😅

Jensen/Misha - I showed them the photo I saved on my phone, with essentially the same pose but instead of smiles, I asked them to look really intimidating instead. My headcanon is that they are extremely clingy, over-protective big brothers, out to intimidate the shit out of my date. Lol. I still cannot get over this!! Oh, and I think I cropped it out but Misha’s butt was totally way out there, since he was trying to avoid pressing his crotch to Jensen’s hands on my waist. 😂

Jensen singles - One was supposed to be the J2 double but I got 2 singles instead. Jensen was such a dear, all of them were, because they all took on more photos and autographs to accommodate Jared’s absence. But I get the feeling Jensen took most of it on.

Anyway, I did both photos one after the other. I went for the “bully” pose first, showed him the concept shot and he goes “Ok, yeah, I can do that.” And before I even got my phone stashed away in my back pocket, I feel this incredibly heavy weight on top of my head. The stupidly hot dork had already started on the pose! So I cross my arms and roll my eyes in a long-suffering way for the shot.

The next one was just an improvised pose, luckily I had my FBI Sam with me coz I asked someone from the US to buy it for me at Hot Topic and she gave it to me at JIB. I just asked Jensen to kind of comfort me since Jared wasn’t there. So he grabs my head and presses it to his chest while I hold FBI Sam and pout. I was so flustered by Jensen’s presence that I totally forgot to look into his gorgeous eyes! Ugh. Next year for sure….

Misha - Well, what can I say. We all know Misha can’t keep his tongue to himself so I just went with what came naturally for him and asked him to pretend lick my face. He grinned at me and said, in no uncertain terms, a decisive “YES!” while clasping his hands together. So when I hesitantly take a step towards him, he drapes himself over me and sticks his tongue close to my face. Of course, I pretend to back away but really, if he had decided to lick me for real, I would not wash my face forever! The photographer took a long time for some reason, so I kinda had Misha wrapped around me for a while. Not complaining.

Richard - He’s just such a lovely man! There was a bit of trouble with the camera so it took a while to get the session started. But we got there and when I showed him the concept shot saying “I’d like to do this to you, if you’re ok with that.” He takes a look and goes “You got it!” He then proceeds to squat down in front of me and let me smoosh his cheeks. I just adore him! And then afterwards, I thanked him and went in for a hug, which he happily gave along with a parting squeeze.

Osric - My last PO for JIB. I was super exhausted by this time that the pose I had in mind for him sort of flew out the window and when I went up to him, all I could say was “I just want a hug.” He smiled and basically crushed me to his torso. And I’m not sure what happened, he didn’t let go for a long time so I kind of was awkwardly hugging him and he started a series of really loud burps. 😅 After that he looks at the photographer and asks “We got it?” To which the photographer says yes and gives a thumbs up. He finally lets go of me and I instinctively pat him on the chest asking “Are you ok?” He smiled down at me and says “Yes, thanks, I just burped.” Lol. I grabbed my bag, and only later, when I got out of the photo op room did I realize that HOLY SHIT!!! I actually touched Osric’s rock hard abs and I didn’t even realize it!! Those are some solid bumps that my palm came in contact with. 😄

And there it is! Sharing my JIB photo op experience with y'all!

2+1 Pilots

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Could you pretty please write a Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph threesome and they’re really dominant and bite you thank you so much 💕

Could you do a smut about Josh and Tyler threesome where you guys have all been best friends but you were dressing up a little too revealing and they come on to you and you are confused and they punish you?? love your blog !!!


I was at my apartment with Josh and Tyler. We were talking and watching Netflix.

“Hey we should go out tonight.” says Tyler

“Yeah! But where?” Asks Josh

“Oh there’s that one bar right down the street.” I explain.

“I love that place lets go.” Tyler says as he stands up.

“Ok just let me get dressed.”

I get up and walk into my room. I change into a white crop top and black high waisted shorts. I walk back out and see both of them staring me out and down. 

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Elle UK

Bait and Switch

“Would Zayn Malik give Drake a lap dance?… Naturally, I wonder… Would Zayn go there?” 

“‘I wouldn’t be able to,’ he says with a shy smile. ‘I’m just not that great of a dancer. Maybe I’ll get a stunt double.’”

I guess that one bit must be the justification for why Zayn has a cover alongside Amandla Stenberg, Kristen Stewart, and Hari Nef.  I love Zayn- the real Zayn, not #realmusic Zayn- but the content of this story just makes no sense in the context of these covers.

Recording Again

“Next door his producer Malay (the man responsible for Frank Ocean’s album Channel Orange) is waiting to record with him for the first time since the debut record.”

I say once again, wasn’t he retiring?  Oh yeah, that’s probably also when the interview was conducted if the interviewer’s comments are true.

Exclusive Timing

How laughably convenient that The Sun reports the exclusive about Zayn and the band TV show just before the Elle UK article- the interview for which was done around 2 months ago according to the interviewer- which also mentions it, is released.

Fact Checking?

“as he then tweeted, ‘a normal 22-year-old… out of the spotlight’.”  

Wrong? Pretty sure without checking that was only through the One Direction Facebook account and checking reveals that he was silent on Twitter from March 17th to April 17th just as I remember.  I sound just like my dad when he complains now, but I fact check my posts better than most press fact check their stories anymore.

Can We Get Through Just One Interview Without the Interviewer Having Designs on Their Subject?

“a stare of such skin-tingling intensity that you’ll recognise it if you’re one of the 554 million people who watched the PiLlOwTAlK video.

With me, sadly, he largely avoids such direct eye contact”

Politics and Religion

“But Zayn doesn’t want to join me in slagging off Trump, nor talk about politics or religion at all. On these issues, as with others that might prove controversial, he skillfully swats away questions, the result, perhaps, of years of media training under Cowell’s reign. To be fair to him, on the occasions he has let his guard slip it hasn’t gone well. When he tweeted #FreePalestine in 2014 he was bombarded with Islamophobic hate and death threats.”

They’re pushing this in every single interview to the point where it really makes me curious.  I could see this being Zayn’s actual feelings maybe, but the point is always elaborated on so much that it feels more like official narrative BS.  My best guess is that they want to take advantage of Zayn’s background, but don’t want to get too into the serious issues for fear it would mess up whatever they’re using his bizarre solo image for.  It’s certainly not being used to help his music career anyway.


“Zayn travels with a Mariah Carey-sized entourage: one publicist, two stylists, a tailor, a groomer, an assistant, another assistant, and managers one, two and three. Each team member is dressed primarily in black. He hangs with this LA crew out-of-hours and, judging by the high-fives and the lad banter, it’s clear they’re close. Recently the set have started karaoke competitions”

Sentence 1: excessive, Sentence 2: WTF????, Sentence 3: emphasis on LA, Sentence 4: thank you (not really) for intentionally reminding everyone of that racism fuckery (and no, not originating from Zayn)

“I ask if he still has mates back home? He shakes his head. ‘I haven’t been in touch with my friends from Bradford for a long time. I’m too busy. I work too much.’”

It might just be me, but I feel like the hanging out with the LA crew and having karaoke competitions is meant to contrast with the question about his Bradford friends to make him look bad.  He has time to mess around with everyone in LA, but he doesn’t even have time to call and text (even if he can’t visit) with his friends from before he was famous.  That’s just the implication I felt they were trying to make everyone believe by how the flow was set up.

Zigi isn’t painfully contrived, not at all.

“The pair met recording the video for his debut track PiLlOwTAlK last November”  

Oh, is that the story?  I hadn’t noticed if they’ve said that before. They probably have and I missed it.  Anyway, we can conveniently explain away how Gigi being in Zayn’s video isn’t at all related to her being in her former “boyfriends’” music videos.

Necessary Edit

“When I ask Zayn about marriage and kids he says, ‘maybe one day’, but shoots me a look to suggest I am crazy if I think for a moment he is about to waste his days as a millionaire pop star in his early twenties on something as banal as that.”

Seriously?  Can I rewrite this?  Normally I try not to be too obnoxious, but this one is begging for it.  Isn’t it just that the interviewer misinterpreted that look that Zayn shot?

“When I ask Zayn about marriage and kids he says, ‘maybe one day’, but shoots me a look to suggest I am crazy if I think for a moment he isn’t already excrutiatingly happily married to Liam Payne and greatly looking forward to the day he can adopt children with him.”


“‘When I was in the band my appetite went a bit funny from the travelling, so now I’m getting in shape,’ he explains.”

Possibly one of the only true things in the article.

Photo Books Are the Epitome of Realness

“He’s also working on a photo book for his fans: ‘As much as social networking is a big thing now, there’s something to be said about having something real,’” 

How is a photo book real in comparison to social media and phones?  In the fact that it’s a material item used to make money from fans?  Just ask 1DHQ and Louis (and any of the other boys really).

I mean, you can make an argument against social media and constant texting, but why are photo books used as a contrast?  We know why, I guess.  Either that or someone copy and pasted a quote into the completely wrong part of the interview.

Cancellation Sabotage

“I’m due to see Zayn again a few weeks later at his first UK solo performance at Capital FM’s Summertime Ball at Wembley Arena: 90,000 adoring fans (and I) wait, waving banners and cheering his name in anticipation. But 15 minutes after Zayn is due on stage, an announcement is made that he won’t be coming out. Devastated kids slump in their chairs, and the crowd quickly exits the stadium on a low.”

Thank you for bringing up the cancellation.  Actually, especially thank you for bringing up the adoring fans who waved banners and cheered in anticipation only to be devastated, slump in their chairs, and exit the stadium on a low because of Zayn not being able to make it.  By “thank you” I mean, well, not “thank you”.

Whether you believe he has anxiety or that it’s a story being told to cover his team deliberately sabotaging his career, it’s hard to argue all that build up and let down imagery was necessary.  Chalk that up to the second time his team’s sabotage and/or injurious incompetence was brought up in this article.

Can someone (the author?, Zayn’s team?, Simon Cowell?) please make a decision about whether Zayn is a pretentious, diva fuckboy, or a sensitive, insecure introvert? 

sensitive, fame-shunning introvert:

  • “he says with a shy smile”
  • “almost bolted”
  • “I just don’t have it in me to feel fully secure in anything I do”
  • “I’m just stressed out trying to control how I’m perceived"
  • “I think about things a lot”
  • “avoids such direct eye contact, hiding behind a pair of eyelashes”
  • “consistently looked uncomfortable”
  • “his voice is soft”
  • “if someone told me Zayn was still 17, I wouldn’t doubt them”
  • “awkward hug”
  • “seems vulnerable and cautious”
  • “which is both endearing… and also a tiny bit heartbreaking”
  • “apparently living the dream, and yet he doesn’t seem entirely sure about it”
  • “it was a sheltered upbringing”
  • “being quiet, polite and entirely un-divaish”
  • “his uncompromising and unknowingly earnest way”
  • “one day I’d like to move to the countryside in the UK, have a farm, away from the fame”
  • “his crippling anxiety”

bad boy fuckboy: 

  • “despite the rebellion”
  • “ultimate contrarian move”
  • “a furrowed brow that radiates moody machismo”
  • “a stare of such skin-tingling intensity”
  • “I wonder how Gigi, the ultimate Californian girl, understands a single word. Perhaps a relationship like theirs doesn’t need much dialogue”
  • “the high-fives and the lad banter”
  • “break-ups and make-ups, it’s part of being young”
  • “when I ask Zayn about marriage and kids … [he] shoots me a look to suggest I am crazy if I think for a moment he is about to waste his days as a millionaire pop star in his early twenties on something as banal as that”
  • “his willingness to take risks”
  • “it takes someone with Zayn’s confidence and self belief to make it happen”
  • “would like to bulk up a bit”
  • “started dating fashion’s most in-demand supermodel” 

pretentious diva: 

  • “moved to Hollywood”
  • “all the characteristics of an archetypal hipster”
  • “travels with a Mariah Carey-sized entourage”
  • “each team member is dressed primarily in black”
  • “authenticity is the key to being a successful artist, and to being iconic”
  • “I haven’t been in touch with my friends from Bradford for a long time. I’m too busy. I work too much”
  • “a relationship documented by black and white Instagrams, red-carpet appearances, paparazzi shots and millions of column inches”
  • “if I had a choice I would take the camera off everyone’s iPhone and make sure we didn’t have Twitter or Facebook. It affects art forms” 

attempt at reconciliation: 

  • “I wonder to myself if Zayn might indeed have been happier as an English graduate living somewhere quiet, tending animals and growing crops. I quickly remember the Versace dressing gowns, the supermodel waiting in his bed, that 13-person entourage and realise that’s unlikely: yes, he is torn, global megastar on one side, introverted artist on the other.”

Ok, writer-person, sure.  I’ll buy that the warring images you used to the point of causing whiplash in that article are because of Zayn’s split desires.  Oh, wait, sorry, I won’t.  

If it were a bit more subtle, then maybe, but his entourage all wear black? WTF is that even?  Are they beatniks or does Zayn not like anyone but himself to wear color or maybe that’s supposed to show how cool and bad they are?

OK already.  Enough with rewriting history about how miserable Zayn was during his years in One Direction.  

I guess it’s necessary to repeat it ad nauseam to really pound it into people’s heads when you’re lying through your teeth.  Yes, being under 1DHQ was (is) oppressive and creatively stifling, but Zayn appreciated the good bits as much as any of the boys and he certainly isn’t free right now.  His own clothing choices indeed.

  • “five hesitant years as part of the world’s most mercenary, chino-wearing pop group”
  • “throughout this meteoric ascent, Zayn consistently looked uncomfortable”
  • “he left behind guaranteed success, certain fortune and millions of adoring teen groupies to become, as he then tweeted, ‘a normal 22-year-old… out of the spotlight’”
  • “the album is a build up of six years and never being able to express what I wanted to say. I had something to get off my chest”
  • “he was breaking out from his past with One Direction, and truly representing himself as an artist”
  • “the result, perhaps, of years of media training under Cowell’s reign”
  • “authenticity is the key to being a successful artist”
  • “If you’re not going to be honest with people”
  • “since leaving One Direction I’ve been given the freedom to wear whatever I want and that’s made it more interesting. More creative”
  • “I started acting when I was in school with theatre studies and then music came after. It completely stopped when I joined the band but I’d definitely be interested if I was given the right role.”
  • “But for now Zayn Malik is living the life he wants, finally, on his own terms.” 

Alright already.  #realmusic.  We get it.  Zayn’s pathetic excuse for a team can go back to singing karaoke and planning their fashion careers now.