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Okay guys, for writing/general reference, a bit about what a ‘blacksmith’ is and isn’t:

A blacksmith is a generalist, a person who uses tools and fire to work iron.  Some blacksmiths work more specifically, so you get, say, an architectural blacksmith, who focuses more or less exclusively on things like gates, rails, fences, or an artist blacksmith, who makes wacky sculptures or what have you.  These days, though, that’s a pretty blurry line.  ‘Blacksmith’ is a pretty damn broad term, but it’s nowhere near broad enough to cover everything encompassed in ‘metalworker’, which is how I often see it used.  There are a LOT of different skills for working metal, and no one knows them all.  Some other terms:

A farrier shoes horses.  They may make the shoes, or they may buy them and then size them, but they actually do the shoeing.  Unless the blacksmith is also a farrier, they don’t know shit about horses’ hooves and are not qualified to deal with them and probably don’t want to.

A blacksmith works IRON (or steel), usually almost exclusively.  They might work with bronze or do a bit of brazing, but those are really separate skillsets.  If you work, say, tin and/or pewter, you are in fact a whitesmith.  You could also be a silversmith or a coppersmith, and so on.

Knifemakers and swordsmiths have their own highly specialized and fairly complex specialties, and usually a blacksmith wouldn’t mess with that unless they want to pick up a new skillset or if they’re really the only game going for a long way around.  By the same token, a swordsmith might never have learned the more general blacksmithing skills.  They’re not the same thing is what I’m trying to say here.  Likewise armorers.  There’s overlap but it’s not the same thing.

If you make metal items via molds and casting, you work at a foundry and are a foundryman.

Look, when metalworkers and individual shops and masters were the height of industry, this shit got REALLY specific.  There were people who spent their whole lives making pins.  Just pins.  Foundries specialized and made only bells, only cannon, only cauldrons, etc.  This is scratching the surface, I just wanted to make the point that ‘blacksmith’ is not the same thing as ‘magical muscly person who knows how to do everything related to metal’.

Hot Potato

This is for everyone in the awesome Sterek writing group 4. And especially to @seanconneraille  whose initial prompt: Potato, led to this ridiculousness. Seriously. There were tons of awesome prompts, but the heart wants what it wants.  Also a special shout out to @artemis69 who said they should plant the potato. I wrote this in about half an hour and it’s completely unbetaed. So all mistakes are mine. A cleaned up version is now on AO3

They’ve been together about three years now, living together for one, and Stiles thinks they’re  okay. He has a job as a freelance programmer, which involves a little bit of travelling, and a lot of working from home in his underpants, only putting a shirt on for skype calls. Derek is a history teacher at Beacon Hills High School, which should not be as hot as it is. Fortunately it turns out that Stiles finds 28yr old teacher!Derek with sweater vests and  blazers with elbow patches even more attractive than the leather wearing Alpha!werewolf badass that first caught his eye in the preserve all those years ago.

The thing is, Derek doesn’t need to be a badass anymore, at least, not in the way he used to. The Nemeton has been dealt with, and the pack is flourishing, Beacon Hills is no longer a hell hole and so now he’s a badass in other, more subtle ways. He’s a badass gardner, who has lovingly nurtured a little plot of fruits and vegetables in their backyard. Then there are his badass knitting skills, (he made Stiles a kickass pair of mittens last winter) and don’t get Stiles started on the cooking, okay? No. Really. Don’t get him started. The cooking isn’t actually that great, Stiles does all the cooking, but Derek can mix a mean cocktail, which means their powers combined result in some truly awesome, if slightly blurry, mealtime memories.

Anyway, it isn’t often that Stiles is forced to work the weekend, but today the shit has hit the fan, and he doesn’t have any other choice. When Derek gets home on Friday evening, wearing the blue sweater vest that brings out his eyes and the charcoal blazer with the elbow patches, Stiles can only stare up at him from his desk tragically and mourn the loss of what could have been.

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Joker Imagine - Griggs abuses you

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Your P.O.V.

Where am I? What the fuck was going on?

Questions were racing through my mind and they didn’t leave me alone. There was a big on my head and I was tied tightly onto a chair. My heart was beating hard because this situation scared me. The last thing I remembered was being with Joker. We were just driving around Gotham city until Batman started chasing us. We thought we got rid of him and then everything went black. Now I was here.

I heard a few footsteps coming closer. If I listened closely I could hear someone loading a gun. Then the bag was torn off my head and a bright light welcomed me. I narrowed my eyes and looked around. I was surrounded by at least 20 heavily armed people. Instead of letting them know how scared I was, I put on an act.

‘’Oh hi’’ I laughed and leaned against the back of the chair. They looked very grumpy and even scared. Was I so scary? Then I faced the guy who took the bag off. He had brown eyes, a brown beard that was still quite short and even brown hair. His skin was tanned but still a little on the paler side. He was smiling.

‘’Well if it isn’t Joker’s girlfriend’’ He broke the silence. He sounded awfully familiar. ‘’The one and only’’ I answered him as calmly as I could. I swear if my arms and legs were free I would have knocked them down one by one already.  I tried to yank my arms free but the man didn’t like that. ‘’Oh Y/N you’re not home anymore. We’re in Belle Reve. You’re going to play by our rules now’’ The man warned me and made me stop yanking myself.

Ok he could hurt me if he wanted to. I looked around once more and saw that this place looked like a prison. Everything was metallic. ‘’I play by no one’s rules sir’’ I cleared things up. His smile faded and he kneeled in front of me. ‘’It’s Griggs. Also I think you should be careful around here’’ He thought out loud. I just rolled my eyes. That wasn’t good for him.

Griggs slapped me so hard that I grunted in pain. My left cheek started stinging like fuck and it caused my eyes to water but I wasn’t crying. I just started laughing. My laugh echoed in this weird place and I knew it scared these people. Griggs slapped me again but I forced myself to laugh no matter how much it hurt.

Ha ha ha

‘’Get the special stuff boys’’ Griggs demanded some people. Then I saw how half of the group walked away swiftly. ‘’What stuff?’’ I asked him curiously. Yes I seemed okay now but if I was free I’d kill Griggs. Where was J? Was he free? Would he come for me?

‘’You don’t want to know hottie’’ He shrugged strangely. I cringed once he called me hottie but I didn’t show that. ‘’My J won’t be happy about this’’ I warned him. His men came back with black suitcases. One of them was holding a gag ball and other weird looking things.

‘’I don’t care about him’’ Griggs admitted without thinking. It made my blood boil. How could he just say that into my face? Griggs opened a suitcase and I saw bottles full of chemicals. Although they were sealed, a very toxic smell filled up my nostrils. Someone else strapped the gag ball around my head and put it in my mouth. Just as the man did that, I bit him. Griggs noticed and wrapped his arms around my neck. ‘’Don’t you dare to do that again’’ He growled as his man walked away.

I couldn’t answer him because of the damn ball. Griggs groaned and then took his hands off of me. His grip hurt. I’m sure only that would leave marks. I just watched as he grabbed a tube that had two branches. I tried to shake my head as he put it closer to my face. I wouldn’t let that shit near me!

I screamed once another guy held my head and someone strapped it against the chair. Then Griggs put the tube in my nose and attached the other end to one of the bottles. My heart started beating faster. This was kinda terrifying. Suddenly a stinging smell made my breathing harder.My vision got blurry and I couldn’t control my body well. I just focused on that disgusting smell.


A lot of days passed. I didn’t know exactly how many but it felt like weeks. I was all alone in this rotten place. There was this cage that they kept me in and sometimes I got shocked if I touched the poles. Griggs and his men had tortured me with the weirdest things and I felt weak. I hated this place. Although i wanted to rather die than be here, I didn’t show that to them. I was in some kind of a prison suit. I had torn the sleeves off to make it look prettier.

‘’Well well well’’ I heard Grigg’s disgusting voice as he walked inside to the big area where my cage was. I smiled and hurried to the end of the cage. ‘’Hi Griggsy’’ I purred and flashed him my teeth. He just shook his head and looked away. ‘’What’s the matter?’’ I asked him with a fake pout.Damn the second I was out of here with my J again, I’d make sure Griggs would pay.

‘’You’re hot. If you weren’t so crazy I’d do something about it’’ He told me and it made me feel disgusting. The only one who could touch me like that was J. No one else. Just then something weird happened.

 A loud bang caused everyone to flinch. I screamed and covered my head with my arms. Griggs and his men started shooting but it was too late. Some people dressed in black suits were quicker and they started shooting Griggs men. I was astonished. I just stood in the corner of my cage and stared at the unbelievable situation. I didn’t want to get shot!

In the middle of the shooting and all the smoke I saw Griggs held down by two masked men. Grigg’s gun was gone and he was yelling ‘sorry!’ and stuff like that. Suddenly someone near me made me snap back to my own surroundings. The cage had been broken and one of the men dressed in the SWAT suits stood in front of me. As I looked closer I saw JKR on his chest. Hope lit inside of me.

The man took off his mask and then I saw him. Those blue eyes, red lips, green hair, everything was there. It was Joker! I wanted to cry but the first thing I did was different. I ran into his arms and I got as close to him as possible. His strong arms wrapped around my body and finally I felt like I was home.

‘’You came for me’’ I breathed out. I was in shock. But at the same time I was so happy. Joker ran his hand through my hair and then he sighed. ‘’Of course kitten. It took a while to find the way here’’ He explained with his raspy voice. Even his voice made me so happy. Tears rolled down my face now. I never wanted to let go of him. 

‘’We’re going to go home and get revenge. Then we can take a long warm bath and enjoy the fireplace with champagne. Okay?’’ he tried to make a plan with me. Oh god that sounded just perfect. I nodded and bit my lips together. We were going home.

the most unrealistic part of asoue is that in The End the kids are like “our parents never mentioned a lemony” and i’m supposed to just sit there and believe that? that in over 14 years the baudelaire parents never once made a joke about lemony snicket in front of their children. daniel handler expects me to just ACCEPT the overwhelming improbability of neither of them ever responding to some particular wordy overly descriptive speech from the other with “wow, okay, LEMONY”?????? no exchange of “i thought that play was good but there weren’t enough swords or lesbians” / “ - lemony snicket, the daily punctilio, 1996” ???!????? they never looked through photos they just had developed and bertrand’s face was entirely blurry in one and beatrice said “wow i guess i did marry lemony after all”???!!!!?!!!!!?!! i call BULLSHIT, handler

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I cant wait for Stiles to return home to his wife Lydia and their son Mason.

ok but like. can we discuss a stydia/mason friendship trio?? because it’s kind of everything i’ve ever wanted and i’m sad that we’re not actually getting it. consider

  • mason originally hangs around them because he wants to help figure things out, and stiles and lydia are The Ones that always do
  • their late night detective sessions end up in fast food runs and long talks in the car and they learn mason is actually just a smaller version of them and they’re like. okay. yeah. we’re adopting this one.
  • they pick mason up from school sometimes and grab coffee in an attempt to be Normal and they have a strict “no supernatural talk” rule
  • mason and lydia being super nerds together discussing physics and wild mathematical theories while stiles sips his sugary frappucino in content confusion
  • just mason and lydia being nerd companions in general. when stiles isn’t at her house (and sometimes when he is) mason is there, doing homework or talking to lydia about the latest Nerd News or just chilling and watching tv and eating her food because that’s what friends are for
  • mason gets super comfortable with them and feels like he can confide in them, and they really are like cool, young parents that don’t give him a curfew or tell him to clean his room (well, lydia does sometimes, but she can’t punish him so it doesn’t count)
  • Stiles is constantly cracking jokes about him being their son. his immediate response to mostly everything mason does is “that’s my boy”
  • when stiles and lydia eventually move go to college, all 3 of them have skype sessions at least once a week (separate from the weekly Pack Skype Call they all vowed to make time for) 
  • stiles and mason totally have an ongoing star wars marathon over that they come back to whenever they’re both free 
  • their groupchat is full of the most random shit ever. they genuinely check up on each other, but there’s also memes galore, links to weird youtube videos, song recommendations, rants about their roommates/people at school, cheesy inspirational quotes (sent ironically, but they all look for ones that they know the others lowkey need to hear), blurry annoyed face selfies. only they truly understand what is ever going on in there
  • just lydia/mason/stiles being! best! pals! a little family! i’m emo! we could’ve had it all!

Modern!Jooster AU
— Jeeves is known for his fashion and art blog, while Bertie is known for his surprisingly popular piano covers of songs in the charts. They both pretend to dislike each other, but everyone knows they’re dating.

HxH Instagram Headcanons

So tonight’s been a bad night for me. To brighten up my day and others, I will bless you all with @thekillua and I’s headcanons for the gang.

Leorio: Group photos of his best friends, he loves taking them and being in them. If you refuse to take one with him, he’ll just fucking photobomb you and insist he be tagged.

Kurapika: They rarely post but when they do, it’s really ambiguous shit. No one has any idea half the time what the picture is of. “a guitar strap? Is that a goddamn plant?” They manage to get several dozen likes anyway

Kurapika 2.0: A separate account entirely dedicated to the most blurry and unflattering pictures of Leorio with the captions “LOCAL CRYPTID SPOTTED!”

Meruem & Komugi: They share a single Instagram like the lame ass couple they are. With tons of selfies. Meruem posts pictures of Komugi with hashtags like #bae, #beautiful #lookatmyqueen. Sometimes Meruem will forget to post and Komugi will remind him when they go out to dinner. “Hey babe, you gonna Instagram that?”

Alluka: Hands down, the most aesthetically pleasing Instagram you will ever find. She knows the right filters, the right coloring and angles. She’s damn Instagram famous.

Gon: A straight up mess. He has no idea what he’s doing, someone help this boy. Anything he’s excited about. A small aquarium in a restaurant? Blurry photo of the fish. He see’s a cute dog on a leash in the park? A picture of the dog’s butt cause Gon is chasing it and it’s running away. He posts videos of cool plants he finds, some he eats. The other half is of Killua. Killua waking up with a scowl on his face, Killua yelling and throwing up his hand to block the picture he knows Gon is about to take, a picture of Gon’s hand in Killua’s hair but we don’t see his face.

Killua: He isn’t even in charge of his Instagram, Alluka made it because Gon posted so much of Killua but was unable to tag him in said photos. So Gon and Alluka take turns logging into Killua’s Instagram to post pictures. Alluka’s posts are of the siblings posing together with cheesy smiles, pictures of the sights they travel the world to see. Gon’s posts are just selfies. That’s it. Straight up selfies of himself with the captions “look at my hot boyfriend. Gon is so wonderful, etc etc..” It’s a perfect mess of Killua’s friends, Alluka and Gon.

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'Ghost in the Shell': 4 Japanese Actresses Dissect the Movie and Its Whitewashing Twist
THR invited the women to join a no-holds-barred conversation about cultural authenticity and why Japanese nationals fail to understand the race controversy: "People in Japan worship white people."

After the first image of Scarlett Johansson in character sparked whitewashingbacklash last spring, Paramount quickly announced the casting of Rila Fukushima. I saw her name in the opening credits, but I didn’t see her.

Kato-Kiriyama: She was in this movie?

Agena: Is she possibly — there’s the original Motoko that gets dragged out. It’s all blurry, but she passes by Scarlett Johansson…

Yoshihara: Holy shit…

There were only two young Japanese women who weren’t robots in the movie. One was human Motoko, and the other was when Batou gets his X-ray eyes and he briefly X-rays in on the Japanese secretary. Maybe that was her? [Editor’s note: According to this behind-the-scenes video at special effects studio Weta Workshop, Fukushima was the face model for the geisha robots.]

Agena: Oh my God. This is terrible! This was newsworthy? They announced this and we could not find her?

Kato-Kiriyama: That deserves major critique. If they’re gonna bring that up …

Yoshihara: “Hey look, we casted a Japanese actress.”

Kato-Kiriyama: Who by the way is fantastic, and I can totally see her as Major. I kept placing other people in that role throughout the movie. “That could be Maggie Q.” I’m curious, what is it going to tell the producers, if it doesn’t do as well on opening weekend, what are the risks that can maybe be taken in the future?

[Editor’s note: Ghost in the Shell came in third place and made $19 million in its opening weekend in the U.S.]

Okatsuka: These films keep tanking.

Kato-Kiriyama: If it was just about economics, they would cast Michelle Yeoh or Zhang Ziyi and just try to sell it to China. So I don’t ever buy it when people say it’s just money or economics. It’s more than that. You’re matching a certain desire as a white producer and director to this desire to please your shareholders and your investors.

Idol Couple with Taehyung

And it is time for my love, my bby, my itty bitty ball of squish whose legs are longer than a bad movie, Kim Taehyung aka V aka tae tae

  • Backstory time bc backstories are cute as fuck
  • You two meet when you two are MCs together
  • You know how he did that lil show with Sujeong where it was just them and they went over like the top music videos/songs or something like that
  • That’s the type of show you two do together
  • It’s just you two (and the crew of course) and a lil tiny puppy off in the corner that you both spend about an hour cooing over
  • Both of you are already fans of the other's group  
  • You’re already nervous bc MC but then you learn that tae’s gonna be your partner and it’s just well shit
  • You don’t know this part but he’s just as !!!!
  • Bc he’s got a lil crush on you, from seeing you perform and in interviews and backstage
  • He has his moments of being shy and you bring those moments out of him when you two are MCing together
  • He’s all good until you look at him and then his mind kinda just focuses in on the fact that you’re looking at him
  • Does he look okay is his hair messed up is there something on his face or are you just being polite and looking at him while he talks
  • You know how sometimes when he gets shy, he smiles but he bites his lip to hide it and sometimes he does this shy lil laugh
  • That’s him off camera
  • Bc he has no idea how to flirt or how to be subtle about it
  • Plus he’s trying to figure out if you think of this as just a business thing where you both just happened to be together or do you think of it as friendly too
  • He can still talk to you bc even shy tae is pretty outgoing?? like there are lil pauses here and there where he kinda needs a second to chill but then it’s all good
  • On camera though, the V side of him kicks in and he’s able to be all outgoing and his usual puppy self
  • You find it endearing that he gets a bit shy when you talk to him
  • As the day goes on, he loosens up a ton and can actually talk to you without turning !!! 
  • You two get along really well and it’s pretty obvious that both of you aren’t thinking of this as just business anymore
  • When everything is being wrapped up, he asks for your number to keep talking and maybe hang out soon
  • Things just go from there
  • The daily texts turn from kinda flirty ?? is it flirting or is he just being friendly?? to oh okay this is actual flirting I’m down
  • Texts turn into calls, calls turn into late night meet ups at small cafés
  • The platonic affection turns into romantic affection, holding hands, kissing cheeks, hugs that last too long to be strictly platonic
  • It all happens really naturally and effortlessly and the next thing you know, he’s your boyfriend
  • Okay but tae would honestly be s u c h a good boyfriend
  • He just wants cuddles and love and laughter 
  • Cuddles you every single time he sees you
  • He has to have his hello hug maybe a kiss, it can be quick if you’re busy but he needs it
  • It isn’t rare for you two to sneak off backstage, away from the cameras so you can have a lil cuddle session
  • Maybe talk about your days, what the other missed while they were gone etc.
  • Maybe just simply hold each other and whisper quiet lil “good luck, you’ll do amazing”
  • Lil signals for when you two are both on stage and can’t talk but still wanna communicate
  • Still interacting even though you’re supposed to be lowkey
  • But tae can kinda get away with it since he’s pretty friendly but you do have to limit it
  • You both get so excited when the other wins something
  • The second it’s announced bts has won, tae just looks over at you and smiles bc holy shit did you hear that his group won is this real life
  • Late night ice cream dates
  • All the blurry selfies you can handle
  • They’re never uploaded (until after the relationship is public) but he has hundreds on his phone and so do you
  • Similar to Jimin, literally no one is surprised when the relationship is announced
  • Everyone knows and has known since the MC thing happened bc he was giving you that look you get when you see your crush and you were lowkey doing the same thing
  • Tae would probably require the least amount of time to go public bc he seems like a really open person and I don’t feel like he’d like to keep such a huge thing hidden
  • Bc when he’s in love, he is in l o v e, he seems like someone who falls really hard and it’s hard to hide that
  • Especially when he just wants to squeeze you and kiss you and cuddle you and tell everyone that you’re his lil bby teddy bear
  • You both post pictures to announce it since that’s a pretty easy way to go
  • Side note, after it’s all public, you two are constantly seen together
  • You know those lil twitter videos they do, you’re in those all the time
  • It could be something super cute like him filming the two of you walking along bc he thinks it’s really fucking adorable that your feet are in sync with his
  • But it could also be just him kissing your cheek, maybe just showing the outfits you two are wearing that happen to match or maybe he tries to subtly show off the fact that you’re wearing his jacket it’s all up to him and how he feels that day
  • And whenever he misses you, he posts a video of him cuddling the small teddy bear you got for him
  • “Missing my actual teddy bear but this one will do”

Pairing: George x Reader

Request: HELLO PERSON!!!! I HAS A REQUEST FOR YOUS!!! So what if George dating this hufflepuff girl who is half human half mermaid. Like her dad is a merman and her mom’s a human witch or whatever. What do you think!? Your amazing stay beautiful!!! 💋

A/N: HELLO FRIEND!! I love the thought of this imagine, i think about the story all the time! I don’t know how true some of the facts are, but yeah I’M SO HAPPY YOU REQUESTED THIS! also sorry for not posting in a while

Squicks: Bitta swearing, bitta blood

For today’s lesson in Care for Magical Creatures, Hagrid had asked the class to meet by the Black Lake. No one knew what strange and terrifying creature Hagrid would introduce you all to today, but it was never really good.

You, Harry, Ron and Hermione were apprehensive on Hagrid’s classes, but because it was Hagrid, you tried to always show as much enthusiasm as possible, which was sometimes hard…

“Right, now…” Hagrid began as he walked towards the crowd of students, “Who can ‘ave a guess at what we’re going ter be doing today?”

Everyone looked out into the lake, thinking that surely there can’t be anything too dangerous in there, since the lake was in the school,

“Hagrid…” Hermione started, looking at him with a wary expression, “we aren’t studying merpeople, are we?”

A shiver went through your body hearing the word. Oh God.

Right you are, Hermione!” Hagrid confirmed happily, “today, we’re goin’ ter be studyin’ merpeople”.

“Now, obviously we can’t see ‘em, nor go into the lake ter see ‘em, but this is where they be alrigh’”.

Hagrid began to explain about merpeople and all the facts that we would need to know for your upcoming essay on them,

“Now, merpeople ‘ave greyish skin and long, wild, dark green hair. Their eyes are yellow, jus’ like their broken teeth, and they wear thick ropes of pebbles around their necks.“ Hagrid explained,

“Not all of them,” you say before you could stop yourself.

Everyone turned to look at you, waiting for you to continue,

“Er, half-breed merpeople take on the appearance as regular humans,” you say nervously, everyone looking at you with bewilderment, Hagrid looking asthough he wanted you to continue, “Well… when they touch water, their legs bind together to form a tail and gills form on the side of their necks, and they only transform back to their human form once they’re completely dry,”

“How did yer know all that?” Hagrid asked, looking wildly impressed, “Yer ain’t supposed ter learn all that ’til Year 5,”

“Just enthusiastic, I guess,” you say with a smile, trying to not look so nervous,

“Well nonetheless, well done Y/n, 20 points to Gryffindor!”

You smiled a thank-you to Hagrid, and looked back out over the lake while he continued to teach the class about merpeople.

“For yer homework, I want each o’ yer ter write six inches of parchment on merpeople,” a few of the students groaned, “Write as much as yer know on merpeople, even if it is higher than O.W.L level” he said, looking at you.

—— Next Class ——

Here’s Y/n’s essay here if you were interested on my half-breed merpeople canons

Once again, your class met on the dock at the edge of the Black Lake. Before class started, everyone handed up their rolls of parchment to Hagrid.

I should’ve mentioned this before… You were smitten over George Weasley. Since you were two years younger than him, you didn’t really get to spend much time with him or his twin brother Fred. Today, however, it seems as though his class has joined yours for some strange reason.

“Now, as yer may ‘ave noticed,” Hagrid said, getting everyone’s attention, “we ‘ave the year 5 class joining us today,” the students from each class looked at the others, George giving you a smile and a wink, giving you butterflies,

“Now, they’re ‘ere because a certain someone” Hagrid said looking directly at you with a big smile, “…is top of the class not only in her own, but in the year 5 class as well!” he continued with a beaming proud smile on his face. You blushed at all the eyes staring at you, God I hope no one suspects anything…

“Now, year 3s, I’ll have you get out yer Monster Book of Monsters, year 5’s, yer Fantastic Beasts”.

While everyone was rummaging through their bags, Draco Malfoy strode over to you,

“I bet Hermione must be cut,” he said with a mean looking smile, “Someone’s finally out-nerded the Mudblood in class!” Crabe and Goyle both laugh as if Draco had told the best joke ever, with Hermione looking hurt yet disgusted.

“Shove off, Malfoy,” you say menacingly, getting up from your bag,

He laughs at you, looking at Crabe and Goyle with a satisfied smirk on his face,

“How is it you know so much about those stupid fish people, hm?” he asks you, as you clenched your fists by your sides.

“They weren’t in any of the textbooks we have, and we all know you’re not smart enough to have known all that shit anyway,” the Slytherin’s all laugh, getting the attention of the other students, including the twins, George keeping a close eye.

Malfoy steps closer to you, his face inches from yours, “there’s only one reason i can think of…”

and before you could say anything, Malfoy pushes you as hard as he can, sending you stumbling backwards. You scream as you slip on the edge of the dock and suddenly you’re submerged in the dark waters of the Black Lake.

You can hear people calling out to you, and you can see the blurry shapes of people leaning over the dock, looking into the water.

You look down and see your legs beginning to shimmer a blue-green colour. You feel the skin of the side of your neck tear and the cool water rushing in and out, enabling you to breathe. Now your legs had binded together, forming a shimmering tail.

You turn around, but before you can swim away out of embarrassment, you’re face-to-face with four angry looking merpeople, all of them wielding tridents. You try to swim back to the dock but they grab hold of your tail, pulling you back towards you, where they start to slash at you.

“George, what are you doing?” Fred asks his brother, as George begins taking his shirt off,

“Someone’s got to go and get her, don’t they!” George shouted, looking at Draco and sending him a death glare,

“Non one’s goin’ in!” Hagrid shouts, causing everyone to face him, “it’s too dangerous, the merpeople are extremely vicious this time o’ year,”

“Hagrid, she’s been down there for too long, she could drown!” George says as if it’s obvious that he has to save you,

“She can’t drown” Hermione says.

“What do you mean she can’t drown?! She’s been underwater for about two minutes! She can’t—“ George begins, but is cut off by Hermione,

“Draco’s right,” she says, also glaring at Draco angrily.

The whole class looks at Hermione puzzled,

“She is a mermaid”.

The class gasps and whispers to one another. Fred and George both exchange looks, before looking over the edge of the dock into the dark waters. Just then, there’s a loud splash and you’re flung out of the water, landing on the peer. Your body lands with a loud thud, but you don’t move.

“Errybody get back!” Hagrid shouts, causing everyone to step back and form a circle around you, watching with wide eyes. George doesn’t move. He can’t help but stare at you, scared of what might happen.

“What’s happened?” a kid from the back of the crowd shouts,

“She’s been attacked by the other merpeople,” Hagrid confirms.

George drops to his knees next to you and checks to see if you’re okay. Now that you were out of the water, the blood had started to show on your skin from all the cuts on your body.

“She’s starting to dry!” Hermione says, observing your tail slowly starting to split in two.

Instinctively, George wraps his shirt around you, ensuring that you’re mostly covered, when suddenly you wake up with a series of coughing and gasps.

The class sighs with relief with a round of “thank God”s being said among everyone.

You open your eyes to see that you’re in George’s arms, him looking down at you,

“George…” you begin to say, when Draco butts in from the front of the crowd,

“Lookie here, Fishy’s finally woken up!” the Slytherin’s all laugh loudly, calling you ‘Fishy’ as they do so, the name apparently catching on quickly.

“You fucking bastard!” you scream, making to stand up, when your legs give way and you’re back in George’s arms. Your legs hadn’t quite gone back to normal, so you couldn’t stand up yet, and Draco and his gang of shits all laugh even harder.

“Class dismissed, get back in the castle the lot o’ yer!” Hagrid bellows, looking directly at Draco, causing him to show a look of fear for a brief moment, “don’t you think for a moment that Professor Dumbledore won’ be hearin’ ‘bout this!”

The class all leave, except for you and the twins.

“Y/n are you alright?” George asks sincerely, cupping your cheek with his hand, looking at all the small cuts on your face.

You nod, not daring say anything in case you begin to cry, not from the pain, but from embarrassment. You had kept this secret from all your life, and now everyone’s found out that you’re some sort of half-breed freak.

George must’ve been able to see the sadness on your face, simply saying ‘come on’ before putting his arm around your back and his other behind your knees, standing up with you in his arms bridal-style, “let’s get you inside so you don’t freeze to death”.

You give him a small nod before he starts to walk up to the castle, Fred in front of the two of you leading the way.

Walking through the castle, Fred is quick to hex anyone who dares laugh or even utter the word “Fishy”, and before too long you were in the common room.

George takes you up to his dorm, since he can’t take you into yours. He sets you down on his bed gently and with a smile, before retrieving some warm clothes from his trunk. You thank him before he turns around and leaves the room to give you some privacy.

You look around the boys’ dormitory, taking in your surroundings. The room was a lot different from yours, with clothes all over the floor. Next to George’s bed and supposedly Fred’s were a small pile of cardboard boxes with an orange W, assumingly for their joke shop.

Before long, George comes back in, cautiously peering around the door to make sure you were dressed.

“How are you feeling now?” He asks, walking towards you and setting himself next to you on the bed,

“Mortified… Warmer, but just as mortified,” you say with a small nervous laugh, before you remember everything that had happen and start to feel sad again.

George scoots closer and wraps an arm around you, pulling you into his chest, rubbing your back as you cry into him.

What felt like hours passes and you’ve finally stopped crying.

“You don’t need to be upset, Y/n,” George says soothingly. You look up at him, wanting him to try and explain why on earth you shouldn’t be upset,

“It’s who you are, you shouldn’t have to try and hide that,” he says, “also, being able to turn into a mermaid is pretty cool,” he says with a cheeky grin, causing you to laugh.

“Thank you, George,” you say, staring into his eyes, inching your face a little closer,

“No need to thank me,” he says quietly as he, too, leans closer to you, and your faces are barely inches away from each other. You thought that this was finally the moment you had been waiting for, when suddenly the door bangs open, causing the two of you to jump and snap your heads towards Fred,

“How’s everything— oh… oh!” he says, seeing how close the two of you were, and you both instinctively shuffle back away from each other awkwardly.

“Oh no no no Y/n don’t worry, he likes you too,” Fred says cheekily, causing both you and George’s eyes to widen, “He’s liked you since you first came to Hogwarts, I remember he was worried you’d fancy Ron more than him, but as it turns out—“

“Fred that’s enough,” George warns, his cheeks probably just as red as yours,

“Ah right, right, I’m ruining the mood,” Fred nods, “Anyway, Georgie fancies Y/n, I’ve been told that Y/n fancies Georgie, so have fun kids,” Fred says with a wink before shutting the door behind him.

George brings his hand to his forehead looking embarrassed, when it dawns on you that the only reason Fred even came in was to embarrass his brother.

You place your hand on George’s jaw and nudge his head to face you, and you lean in and connect your lips with him, him instantly kissing you back.

SHE’S KISSED HIM!” Fred calls from outside the door, apparently he hadn’t closed it fully, and now the entire common room was cheering, causing both you and Fred to smile into the kiss.

“Watch out Y/n, Georgie doesn’t have much experience with girls so he’s probably a really wet kisser, so try not to sprout a tail on us!” Fred calls out, causing everyone (including yourself) to laugh.

George suddenly breaks away from the kiss abruptly, shouts “fuck off” as loud as he can, before bringing his face to yours and starts kissing you just as you were before.

Highly Suspect // Asks Pt. 2
  • "Fuck everyone else."
  • "Get up off your knees girl/boy."
  • "I came down from the stars."
  • "I'm ready for love and I'm ready for war."
  • "I know that nobody's ever been this fucking ready before."
  • "Stand face to face with your god."
  • "Sit down, shut up and let me buy you a drink."
  • "Just have another one and try not to die."
  • "I don't care about what other people think."
  • "You're still afraid to die."
  • "You think you're better than everyone. Well, you're fucking not."
  • "They don't know shit and neither do I."
  • "Hey, Little One."
  • "I hope you know that you were worth it all along."
  • "I'm tired, you're angry and everything is blurry."
  • "I love you. I'm leaving. So long."
  • "I'm so scared of what this could've been."
  • "I know that today I lost my only friend."
  • "The places I took you, they seem so fucking empty."
  • "So pass out, black out drunk in another bathroom stall."
  • "It's raining, it's sunny, it doesn't make a difference."
  • "We always knew that you were the wild one."
  • "You flew too close to the burning sun."
  • "It still feels like yesterday. I'll love you always."
  • "You said that you had nothing to lose."
  • "I should've listen up, but I fucked up."
  • "I promise I'll see you on the other side."
  • "I wish that everyone I knew was dead."
  • "I just want to be naked and masturbate all day at home."
  • "My heart just started screaming."
  • "I think I wanna be alive."
  • "I'm afraid of you."
  • "Half in and half out of the light."
  • "I'm not that good of a person, but I might be enough for you."
  • "Life is incredible."
  • "Wake up. Try not to suck."
  • "Why you gotta act so tough?"
  • "Do you believe in love?"
  • "It's hard to be lucky in love."
  • "Send me an angel."
  • "Why am I fucking up so bad?"
  • "Baby, I met you in downtown Chicago."
  • "I flew your pretty ass to New York City."
  • "Was it love or my fantasy?"
  • "Remember one night getting too fucked up in the Hamptons?"
  • "I'm burying my pain into somebody else."
  • "Was it real?"
  • "It's a good time for a timeless song."
  • "I was born to rock and now I've gotta roll."
  • "Baby I love you, but the moon is blue."

hey yall I’m Isabella or Bella/Issy/Isa and some people call me peach! Honestly whatever is fine. I only take blurry photos and I’m from New York andddd I have a pup named Decker. T.V shows I’m really into is Stranger Things, Law and Order SVU, and pretty much anything cartoony. I really love music a shit ton, TFB being my all time fav band!

I’m excited to meet/talk to yall andd here are my handles and other stufffffff
Insta: lameaholic Twitter: peachyqueer
Pm me on one of those if you want my snapchat!

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What are some of your fav zolu headcannons? Yours or from someone you heard from.

mmmMM OH BOY let’s see what special brand of suffering i can come up with today

  • zoro doesn’t give a shit about what anyone else thinks with the sole exception of his captain. if luffy wants to braid flowers in his hair, fuck what nami (she’ll giggle) and the cook (he’ll tease) and the rest of them say. if luffy laughs at the fact that his head looks like a wild field with the bright petals mixed in, that’s all that matters. (and he’ll never admit that he likes the feeling of luffy’s fingers in his hair)
  • zoro is the only one luffy will actively share his food with then they go exploring on new islands, and zoro knows it. he’ll go anywhere his captain asks, but sometimes he needs a little bit of a nudge, so luffy will offer to share his food along the way because that’s the equivalent of “this isn’t a captain’s order but i really want you to come please please please” and zoro drags his feet and huffs but he’s all warm inside (thriller bark is neither the first nor the last time this has happened, definitely)
  • zoro refuses to play with luffy and chopper and usopp on the deck, adamantly refuses, but every once in a while luffy will get right up in his face and smack the side of his head and say tag, you’re it! with the most devilish grin on his face, intentionally provoking zoro to play with them. and it always works. (usopp and chopper end up screaming, running for their lives from big scary zoro, but luffy always laughs the loudest when zoro plays with them)
  • for several days after a particularly long journey or a heavy battle, luffy is just the tiniest bit lethargic–not slow enough for anyone but zoro, who’s always watching him, to notice–and sometimes when luffy’s worn out from trying to act like he’s perfectly okay zoro, who is sort-of-but-not-really napping on deck, will yank him down by the back of his shirt and pin luffy in his lap without a word. luffy whines and struggles, but after a few moments in zoro’s (warm, comfortable, protective) iron grip, he always falls asleep.
  • zoro isn’t always asleep when he “naps” on deck, sometimes he watches luffy, or at least listens to his captains laughs and shrieks with his eyes closed. even when he is sleeping, he’s never really asleep–he’s in that weird in-between state where he’s half-aware of what’s going on, just sort of dozing. luffy knows this, and sometimes when he knows zoro didn’t sleep well the night before (because he was on watch or because of other things, unpleasent things) he’ll demand that he, chopper, and usopp fish instead of run around, or organize a raid on the kitchen so they’re out of zoro’s hair for a while.
  • zoro doesn’t mind that luffy steals his food during mealtimes, and luffy knows it so he always takes the most from zoro, and sometimes zoro will steal luffy’s food back because fuck off captain, i need to eat too, and it becomes a kind of game. everything they do turns into a challenge, especially eating. (and even after a long battle when he knows zoro needs the food, needs the nutrition, he’ll still take the most. because if he didn’t, zoro might take it as pity, like some unspoken declaration that he’s weak, and he would hate that.)
  • zoro only gets three hours of sleep a night (oda mentioned that in an sbs once) so when zoro is training in the observation deck well after dark, up late because he can’t sleep or won’t let himself sleep, luffy will sit with him (because after the summit war he can’t sleep well, either).
  • zoro gets caught up in his own head sometimes, trapped in an endless cycle of self-doubt because he’s a warrior–that’s all he’s ever been an all he ever will be–but at saobondy he failed, and he wasn’t there during the summit war, and he’d lost over and over and over again on kuraigana island. he can’t help but compare himself to his invincible captain, this rock, this incredible young man who’s only half his size but could scare death away with a single look, and luffy knows it. so sometimes, when zoro is trying too hard late at night–when he’s lifting weights beyond his limits and wheezing and pushing himself too far, too far–luffy will tell him stilted stories of growing up on dawn island and of the war. he’ll reiterate what he’d said at arlong park (that he needs his crew because he’s not strong enough on his own) over and over, trying to convince zoro that he doesn’t have to follow his back–he can stand next to him, it’s okay, i’m not good enough either, but there’s a difference between getting stronger and slowly killing yourself
  • sometimes luffy will bring booze, too–strong liquor he steals from the kitchen, the only time he’ll sneak in quietly and not in a whirlwind (because when he goes in for meat, he goes in for the excitement of riling sanji up and causing a fuss, not for the food itself). he’ll bring it because he knows zoro needs it, sometimes, in those dark moments, even though he knows alcohol can’t fix his perception of self–only make it worse, maybe–but when his nerves are frayed liquor and the soft chatter of luffy mumbling about nothing in particular can help, even just a little

And some bonus (happy, modern AU) headcanons from @charoum:

  • luffy and zoro send each other pictures of dogs over snapchat. every dog they see. every single fucking dog. luffy’s are always blurry (because he can’t stand still long enough to take a decent picture because holy shit zoro it’s a dog look at this dog oh my god) and they’re always captioned in all caps with way too many exclamation points. zoro always gets at least six pictures of the same dog. when zoro sends dog pics to luffy, it’s one clear picture with no caption, but it’s always of the dog “smiling” or wagging its tail or being petted.
  • sanji teases the FUCK out of zoro for sending dog pics back and luffy is just like “????? is it bad?????” and zoro doesn’t care what snaj thinks anyway, just that luffy likes the dog pics.
  • luffy has shit spelling and grammar in texts, and uses random acronyms he comes up with on the spot. half the time zoro can understand what he’s saying (which is more than almost everyone else), and when he can’t, robin translates
  • luffy sends zoro all of the green emojis. all of them.





I MEAN???????



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I honestly have problems even understanding WHY he is so cagey about Davekat but shows other pairings fine. Yes both are shy and not into PDA but come on at least show something that confirms 100% that they're together. I would have been happy with even little things, like I almost puked rainbows only from Dave carrying Karkat. I'm SO happy about the other ships but this feels like a slap in the face kind of? Where are my cute Davekat solo shots & someone sneeking up on them to take a picture.

like this is pure conjecture on my part with absolutely no evidence so don’t take it too seriously but my actual personal take on it is literally that they don’t want to alienate the shitty side of the fanbase so much as a pure business decision, like. the dudebro side of fandom fucking HATES davekat, the vitriol is ASTOUNDING, and i think this is the result of trying to please both sides and like not truly making either happy but not outright slamming the door in anyone’s face either. like everyone is annoyed at this current state of limbo but because no one’s perspective is totally debunked everyone can continue just grumbling in their own corners on opposite sides of the trenches? and hopefully they’ll all continue to buy merchandise or w/e? lol. 

that’s the only thing that makes sense to me at this point. again Im completely just making this up based on my own narrative cribbed together from a basket full of spite tainted by my own personal biases and ill informed opinion I have no idea what anyone on the business or creative end of hs actually thinks

I agree w you though like im trying to keep this blog a more positive space because we can’t change what we’ve got and there was actually a lot in there to be happy about, and UNLIKE act 7 where I honestly just fucking hated… the entire thing…. I actually LOVED that video. It was all about the characters interacting, there were little bits of actual dialogue (not much but some, it’s ridiculous how fucking happy I am at the like fucking FOUR WORDS the Striders exchanged?????????) but it was all CHARACTER focused. Like the characters I love doing things and being together and new CRs being forged (I am NOT OVER Karkat and Jake actually being friends like holy shit I wanted that so bad and never thought we’d REALLY get explicit abraxas children bonding but there it was) and like… idk. 

It’s hard for me to hold onto the salt the way I did for months after act 7 because this video is actually pretty close to what I wanted, I still would prefer pesterlogs but this is VERY close, it’s just……….. missing like one fucking frame of dave and karkat being affectionate at each other. And like, they ARE affectionate in their own standoffish very fucking on-brand way, but the point is that I think we all just wanted something that spoke to us in a way that felt like it was from the creators saying “we hear you, we hear that you’re tired of being faced with heteronormative discourse and biphobia and homophobia and people mad about dave talking about toxic masculinity, we hear you and we’re on your side” and we haven’t gotten that at all from anything actually in canon. 

and i guess wanting that is a form of entitlement but i dont feel its a super unreasonable one when you have them literally advertising their merchandise to davekat shippers and asking us to spend money on their stuff only to turn around and kinda… disrespect us, like here we go it’s another six months minimum on the discourse train I’m so excited for six months of absolute garbage being heaped on the community and not being able to clap back or say shit without being accused of misogyny or not being happy enough for other characters/pairings or yeah entitlement or whatever. lol. 

I was talking to people this morning and my feelings on it are summed up by what I said there which was “I can’t believe the goalposts have been moved again I guess now my life is waiting for 4/13/17 where maybe if we’re all very good and nice and polite and patient perhaps we will get one blurry pixel of dave and karkat smiling at each other after the masterpiece” 

and even knowing that I’m still here riding the train because as long as I know there’s more content coming I can’t fucking help but hope?? lmao I’m a disaster

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YAAAAAY! Can I request a Yoongi/Suga scenario. Something fluff. Where we are idols and we meet in a tv show or smth and both developed feelings for each other and the time passes and he ask me to be his girlfriend. OMG, SO LAME ROFLMAO. Thank you! ❤

Love at first spotlight - Yoongi/ Suga OS

FIRST : sorry for the lame title … the really really lame title … it’s some kind of a joke between Admin Nageoire and I when I was writing the one shot.

Characters : Suga X Reader

Rated : F for fluff 

Breath in … breath out … Breath in … Breath out.

It was the necessary step before you get on any kind of stage. Even after a month of promotion, even after several comebacks, everytime you had to become public, shoot and showed to the world you had that knot of nerves stuck in your stomach.

You’ve been an idole since the beginning of the year and you’re already experiencing your second comeback since your debuts. You’re a part of a quite famous now girlband and found in these four girls who share the stage with you, the best friends in this world. Yes, you know you’re lucky, for being an idole, for being able to do what you love everyday and earn money with it and for finding a peaceful place in your band while you know in others, some members are bullied by the others.

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#welcome to the gun show

Mixers… yall being doing THE most for something that’s not that serious. Yeah the girls worked really hard on this song and it sucks that some harmonica is leaking clips over some petty shit, but no ones career is being ruined over a few 6 second audio clips and a few blurry pics of the set and outfits. Leaks help build up anticipation for the single/new album and general and hype is what Little Mix really needs right now since its been so long since they’ve done anything and they’ve lost a lot of the traction they’ve gained since Salute.

Unclench and use all of this energy into promo and other stuff that’s more important than this. 😪