the other one saved so slow wtf

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I'm dying playing the new Story of Seasons game! For the past Harvest Moon games and the Story of Seasons game before this one, I only ever really connected with one or two of the bachelors, so I've never had an issue with there being only two save files. But then this damn game comes out and decides to make EVERY DAMN BACHELOR beautiful pure beings who have stolen my heart!!!! Help me, Fafar, my poor heart can't handle this!

DUDE SAME!!! i mean sure i enjoyed the first sos but like. i couldnt be bothered to trigger the other bachelors events lmao then again all my attention went to klaus

BUT since im playing it slow and triggering all the boys predating events and i just…wtf why this game has 2 files this is blasphemy and unfair to the society and by society i mean me and my thirsty self

WE GOT WAYNE WHO IS A LITERAL SWEETHEART AND SUNSHINE and ngl i already have hcanons of my own about his feelings for my farmer and it aint happy lmao

AND THEN FORD….a person who i thought would be like klaus but nope. turns out he became my Dream Come True 2017 i CANT WAIT to see his dating events

ngl luduss big brother figure is mckilling me i wanna see the realization when he fell of fuyumi hard

YUZUKI IS JUST….hes super sweet n surprisingly strongwilled he may look frail but i know he can lift

HINATA IS REALLY NICE AND JUST!! hes a proper gentleman and also a fiesty sweet puppy n its p obvious and cute hw his crush for fuyumi makes him flustered im shook

even the sos farmer is adorable and just…so lovable. the new game kinda reminds my exp with playing rf4 n thats a Big Compliment hoho