the other one needed a bookend

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hey! You probably get this a lot but where are those carry on bookends from? They are so lovely!!

Thank you!!!  I made them, and they look way more impressive than they are. Here’s what I did:

Step 1: Cut out two pieces of craft foam in the right shapes and glue their heads together (I enlarged the book image on my computer and printed it out as a template). Repeat for the other bookend 

Step 2: Find some bookends lying around (these Portal ones were already the right colors, this probably used up my one bit of luck for the entire year honestly)

Step 3: Slip your craft foam pieces over the existing bookend decoration (or tape them from the back to the bookend, if you don’t have something else to stick them to)

That’s it!  I really wasn’t kidding when I said they were ‘terrible’ boyfriends bookends.  One day I want to make them out of wood or something sturdier, but I’d had this idea in my head for like a year and needed to make it happen.  

Thanks for the ask, and I’m sorry it took me so long to answer! <3


Hello, my friends!

I had requests that my Billy bookcases be narrowed to fit one tile, since they were a bit difficult to place. Got around to it today. They are now all exactly (more or less) one tile wide. The narrow version you may still may need “bb.moveobjects on” to place, but it is half a tile wide.

These are new meshes (or mesh edits) so they are independent files. You can have the wider version and the one-tile versions together in your game or one or the other. Up to you! I should mention that you can find the original Billy set, Billy Bookends, here.

Hope you get some use out of these!

Enjoy and Happy Simming!!!


So I kind of want to discuss my take of how Sasuke and Sakura began travelling together, based off of whether Sasuke took Sakura on his journey with him or if they just went on a honeymoon thing together. My funtastic take on it is that after a couple years (probably sometime after the last….maybe directly after sakura hiden), Sasuke comes back briefly, though he’s not done his trip. I mean, what did this redemption trip entail exactly? Kishi said he went out to investigate Kaguya and all, and we know he did this for a long time up until the boruto movie. I don’t find it too likely that he put that on hold and took Sakura with him on strictly a honeymoon type trip. And I know a lot of people are adamant about Sasuke absolutely not bringing Sakura with him until he felt redeemed, but I’m more than sure those few years by himself gave him a sort of clarity he didn’t have before.

I also assume that Sasuke did more than just investigation, like help smaller villages (didn’t Shikamru mention Sasuke doing that in chapter 2 of gaiden, or was that strictly a ruse for the main mission he was on? or was it a mistranslation?). It feels more natural to me that they would go out travelling together with the intent on being productive rather then this being a honeymoon deal, at least at first. The timeline also just kind of screws everything up. If they got married before they went on their travels, it would had to have been right after he got back, since they had to have been out of the village quickly enough to have Sarada roughly the same time as everyone had their own kids. Which for one sounds way too fast for two people who haven’t had the time to really be around each other by themselves.

Personally I think it flows the best if Sasuke only came back as a pit stop, feeling a lot more secure about his place in the world and that he’s made up for a lot of the things he’s done, but he still had questions about Kaguya that needed answering. So while he made his intentions about going back out known, I think it makes a nice sort of bookend to their relationship if Sakura asked to come with him, and Sasuke said yes that time around. Third time’s the charm and all that. And while they weren’t exactly together at the start of the trip, Sasuke obviously knew how Sakura felt, and Sakura knew how important she was to Sasuke ala head poke of epic love. I think just that time alone would have been great for them to really feel each other out, and marriage and a kid just kind of came naturally some point along the way.

Like I’d be all for them marrying in the village before hand if A. there was more time spent there and B. Sasuke’s whole investigation was over. But I just don’t see it playing out that way. You could ague that Kishi isn’t the type to make them go out and essentially elope, but I’m sure we all thought Kishi would never be the type to make them have a secret baby outside of the village, but there you have it. 

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I've got an offer for Cambridge to study next year. Any tips on decorating your room to make it feel more personal?


When I was preparing for university, I think I searched way too hard for a certain ‘look’ or theme to have in my first university room. I went all out with a red & green floral theme, where everything just had to match- at the time I thought it was lovely, and I still look back with fondness at my determination to create a very coherent space visually. But I’ve realised that as my time here has gone on, I have accumulated a plethora of mismatched ‘stuff’ that I would never be able to fit into a certain ‘theme,’ so aiming for a certain colour scheme or look in my university room just didn’t matter anymore. Instead, I now bring up things that I find really matter to me: photographs, gifts from people, personal items that I feel define me. And I actually prefer this look to any coherent ‘scheme’ I have aimed for in the past! 

As a student, you will have a pinboard. Some students use this for work purposes (such as their timetable, etc…), but I specifically use mine just to display all my photographs, postcards and mementos (…plus my Van Gogh calendar). I have enough planners/journals to remind myself of my academic timetable, so I use my pinboard as another wall to express my self on. 

I would also suggest getting some fairy lights to create a nice atmosphere in your room. I put mine above my bed, and in the evening often only have these and a lamp on as the only light sources in my room to make it feel more cosy (the overhead light in my room is a bright white which can be clinical). I would also recommend getting posters to decorate any bare walls! I have decorated my wall with a world map, a Wuthering Heights poster which was a 21st birthday gift from my best friends, and some of my own life drawings (I also have an Arctic Monkeys poster in my room on the opposite wall, and plan to invest in a Frank Ocean one soon). To make your bed look cosy, try to get some throws/cushions in different patterns/textures. I couldn’t find a second throw for my bed that I really liked, so after winter passed I recycled my massive winter checked scarf from Zara, and now use it as a throw! 

Finally: bring any items you love/random things that you feel have sentimental value to you. You could also maybe choose your folders in lovely colours/patterns to brighten up the space! I have some of my favourite books, books that I need for my course, some nice jazzy mugs for coffee/tea, and I usually have my polaroid camera on display. On my shelf, I also have an owl-shaped bookend (it looks like an owl soft toy). My mother still has the other book-end to the pair at home, and it feels like one of the small connections I have with her while I’m here. Every time I look at it I think of home. So don’t forget to bring these kind of things to uni! They make your room really feel like your own. 

I hope this helps!

-Sarah xoxo 

Multigenerational Mirrors

First off, let me say that I’m writing this because I have been having Harry Potter post-Battle of Hogwarts feels recently and because I just caught up on the Naruto manga today. One thing that is done really well in both of them and that can sometimes work really well is this idea of a multigenerational mirror.

This is a little bit simpler in Harry Potter, where there are two generations that you see. The first generation is that of the original Order of the Phoenix and—even before that—the Marauders. James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Sirius Black are the first set, with Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley being their second-generation mirror images. I’ve seen the argument that Neville Longbottom is the second-generation mirror image of Peter Pettigrew, or would have been, had his character been slightly different. Beyond that, the first generation is the original Order of the Phoenix, and the second-generation mirror image is Dumbledore’s Army or, debatably, the new Order of the Phoenix.

It’s a bit more blatant in Naruto, especially when they show the images actually transitioning into each other. It’s more multi-generational in Naruto. The clearest set starts at generation one with the team run by Hiruzen (third Hokage) and contains Orochimaru, Jiraiya, and Tsunade. Generation two has the team run by Jiraiya and contains Minato (fourth Hokage) and two other unnamed people (one male and one female). Generation three has the team run by Minato and contains Kakashi, Obito, and Rin. Generation four has the team run by Kakashi and contains Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura. Long story short, each team (possibly other than the gen 2 team) contains a male with innate ability, a clumsy male who works hard and wants to impress the female. In two of the four generations, the male with innate ability defects.

Long story short, the generations mirror each other, but with different results each time.

If you’re going to do this, it can be great, or it can be terrible. In one way, it’s like bookends to a story—you end the same way you started, but with some difference, something that makes it clear what has changed between the beginning and the end. It’s a time-honored tool to end stories, poems, and everything else. If you do it badly, though, it just looks like laziness.

The first thing to remember is that you need two (or more) generations. This may sound really obvious, but you need to actually have both ends of the bookend.

Second thing is that there needs to be a connection between the two generations. In Harry Potter, the connection is a war. Depending on how you look at it, it was either one war or two, given that there was one enemy both times, but it’s easier to look at it as two wars for the sake of this. The first generation fought in the war and then it ended when they thought they won. The next generation starts in some ways at the same place that the first generation did—before a war. The difference is that the second generation comes out of the ashes of one war and as a result they are just different enough for the end result to be different.

It’s a lot more complicated in Naruto, in large part because Naruto is hugely complicated (and just released chapter 692), but one of the more superficial similarities is that a member of each generation taught the next generation. There are wars that tie the generations to each other, but that would literally take 692 chapters to explain fully, so I’m not going to try here.

Wars or some other sort of traumatic event, especially ones that can/are repeated, are often the best sort of connection. Especially if the first one ends in a loss or only partial win, you can show the second generation winning because the first generation lost, rising up out of the ashes as a slightly changed phoenix. (The pun was accidental).

Next, you need the mirror. It’s one thing to say that one generation works after the other one and succeeds where the previous one failed. That’s not what we’re looking for. Instead, the idea is that the generations reflect each other, that the second generation looks like the first generation, but there are differences, enough warps and cracks and flaws in the mirror that it’s just different enough to win when the previous generation lost. Orphans are a clear way to do this. One major difference between James Potter and Harry Potter: James grew up with a loving family while Harry did not. The Peter/Neville mirror is an interesting one to look at, too. It could be argued that Neville is different than Peter directly because of the first war against Voldemort; he knew his parents were heroes, and that was why he was so loyal. Especially if you’re coming out of a war, there should be orphans, and children with broken parents and broken families, and children whose parents might have been on the wrong side of the war.

The biggest thing to avoid is making the mirror too obvious. Naruto does this a bit, but try to make sure that you don’t spend all of your time talking about how similar character from gen. 2 is to character form gen. 1. Make it as subtle as you can without making it so it’ll go over everyone’s head. Lupin and Hermione are both bookworms who are from backgrounds that led to discrimination, but Rowling doesn’t spend her time writing Lupin=Hermione. If you follow the mirror logic, though, that is exactly how it works.


So I met Chris Colfer yesterday!!!

Here is the full story!

I spent about two weeks time in total over the drawing I made of Red (my fav babe) from TLOS3. I have been giving Chris fan art for, now, the past 3 signings I have gone to. Each time I still get very nervous to give him something that really means a lot to me. I have such self-confidence issues especially with drawings and art. So the whole day I was worried about how he would react and such.

Anyway, I took a bus up from Virginia to PA to stay with my friend Heather for a few days until the signing. (I go home today unfortunately D: ) I had sent the drawing via mail (since it was too big to bring on the bus) about two weeks before hand. Anyway the day of the signing we picked up Heather’s other friend Melissa who is a big sweetie, and I drove them to the store since I was more familiar with the area. We get there in the afternoon, get our books and the waiting begins.

Myself and Melissa are sitting in chair outside while Heather is in her car and it started to DOWN POUR on us. Literally cats and dogs are falling from the sky! I was thinking it would have been hilariously ironic if one of us got struck by lightning! (*insert drum ba boom tsh noise here*)

So after about 20 minutes of raining the store let us inside as thunderstorms were rolling in to wait downstairs in the signing area. So Heather, Mel and I are all downstairs for a few hours, chatting up these very kind people in line and so forth and meeting up with friends from past signing.

Finally, the time rolls around. Everyone stand up knowing Chris was bound to come in at any moment. My heart starts to pound in my chest with nerves as I hold this stupid drawing I slaved over. Then an eruption of cheers as Chris arrived. I went quiet in awe, trying to see him but I couldn’t (for I am super short) and figured I’d wait until the line went up. The line started to move so quick, too quick for my liking, I feel like I’m having heart palpitations I’m so nervous!

Melissa goes up first and then before I knew it, his assistant takes my look to pass to Chris and there he is, looking at me. He says hello and I greet him back but my voice is so high from nerves like ah! I gave him my drawing and his jaw DROPPED open. Here’s the dialoge:


“U-Um Hi Chris!”

“How are you?”

“G-Good. So I don’t know if you remember me but I always draw you something and I made another piece for you.”

I give him the drawing and his jaw drops -

“This is for me!?”

“Y-Yes, I hope you like it.”

“Oh wow! This is amazing! I can’t believe it  …”

I wrote my twiter name @LiamKorncake at the bottom and he sees it -

“Oh Liam! Is that your name?”

“Oh hi Liam! This is so amazing, thank you so much I love it!”

Then I started to cry a little bit, or try to not cry really because I’m so awestruck and I finally managed to say what I’ve wanted to say since the first book signing I went to so long ago.

“Chris, I just w-wanted to say” and I started really crying because I got really emotional and I’m so embarrassed I cried in front of him, “You have been such a positive influence in my life and, you have helped me through a lot of dark times. I always looked to you for inspiration to keep going and I just wanted to thank you so much. You’re my hero.”

He saw me crying and grabbed my hand and told me not to cry and he thanked me and just it meant so much to me. I was at emotional over load so I was done and stepped aside so Heather could see him and then we would leave o go upstairs and tell each other our experience and meet up with other friends.

Later outside, Heather told me that as soon as I walked away Heather told Chris I was her friend and how I had come up from VA and how much of an ‘artist’ and how amazing she thought I was and apparently both Chris and his assistant all agreed. I started to cry again because to hear that literally meant to much to me I can’t even describe it.

A few minutes later a mom and her two younger girls came out and approached me. They asked if I drew the 'Vote Red’ drawing and I said yes. They complimented it and I thanked them (all while I was still happy crying) and then they told me that Alla (did I spell her name right?) hung it up behind Chris and it hung there proudly behind him and my other friends in line came up and told me to and took pictures and like literally, my heart almost fell out of my butt. They even recorded my reaction to it while we were getting coffee!

It was just an amazing day. I have been going through a lot lately and struggling with so much and this was exactly what I needed. Chris is truly my hero for more than one reason and his books grant me an escape from even myself sometimes which I really need. So thank you Bookends, thank you to all my friends and thank you Christopher Paul Colfer!

The Horror Section is Haunted

Original Imagine: Imagine Dean kissing you to keep you quiet when you start panicking while hiding during the middle of a hunt

Word Count:1844

Warnings: A kiss, it was only a kiss

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Working in Bookends, while highly enjoyable (thank you, employee discount), is still work. There are boxes of books to sort, books to shelve, shelves to organize and all the cleaning to keep up- and that doesn’t even touch on the customer service side of the job. Regardless, you’ve put your all into it. You’ve become friends with your coworkers, you take on extra tasks to help out when you can and you even willingly deal with Sheila, an elderly customer that drives you around the bend (and that’s just on her good days).

You had been sure that you were in fairly good standing with your managers.

At least, you thought so, until Dean St. Hubbins and Sam Smalls strode into Bookends while you were the only employee on the closing shift.

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