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Persona 5 Localization Error: 10/28 Cafe Scene

Short post this time, but, there’s a pretty blatant error in this scene that messes up some foreshadowing. The English dialogue is as follows:

“Because of sickening human beings…

Yes. My contempt for such people drives my sense of justice.

It isn’t for some grand reason like society’s sake or some lofty ideal.

It’s simply an absurd grudge. And extremely personal.”

And a rough translation of the Japanese dialogue, done by @redwhiteandgold

“The very worst adult.

Yes. My spirit to rebel against him is the very root of my own justice.

It’s not for society, or for idealism’s sake. The reason’s nothing lofty like that.

It’s extremely personal… just a worthless sense of resentment” *

The problem here is that he was talking about a singular person, which you later find out to be Shido. It was a big clue at his actual motivations, and the English dialogue almost loses that foreshadowing to the point where it could be misinterpreted as him talking about the crimes Shido was making him commit rather than Shido himself.

* Is also the same word used here:

“Hate” should’ve been translated as “resentment” here. Since it was talking about what Loki represents, there was a bit of foreshadowing missed here.

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Work Relationship  (Teacher!AU, Fluff)


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First Aid (Gang!AU, Fluff)


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Office (Office/Work!AU, Fluff)


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Study Date (College!AU, Fluff)


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Tease (Doctor!AU, Fluff)

                                                       Mafia AU


Stories I’m revamping and will bring back differently: 

To Hell and Back(Demon!BTS): Pt 1. / Pt. 2

Bite Me (Vamp!Tae): Pt.1 

(Edited: April 27, 2017) (Added Yoongi Story, Old Version of Demon!AU and Vamp!AU)

A Grave Situation

Summary: In which Dan is dead, cold, and sick and tired or no one being able to see him - until someone can.

Word Count: 4.7k

Genre: angstyish fluff? just read it man

this is a birthday present for @haleykinz ! i won’t have time to upload it tomorrow morning so i thought i would do it now. ily haley :]

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Faux Cuffs and Collar Tutorial

Hello everyone!

This is a tutorial to make a detached collar and (faux) French cuffs. I intended this to be for Playboy Bunny-style costumes, and that’s a good use for them, but I can see people wanting to make these for fashion purposes or other costumes, as well. 

The collar is functional and buttons at the neck, and the cuffs are functional but use a snap on the inside and decorative buttons sewn to the outside to imitate the look of cufflinks. This makes them easier to deal with during a con day and makes it easier to either make custom “cufflinks” or to use what you have in your sewing stash rather than buying or attempting to make actual cufflinks.

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Divine - A Sirius Black Imagine

A/N: So…this is another one of those ‘cathartic’ pieces. It’s not very well done plot-wise and it feels a little disconnected, but at the same time, I really needed to get this off my chest. PLEASE be careful if you choose to read. Especially if you are triggered by self-hatred. I don’t want to upset anyone else. 

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Music from the common room vibrated through the dorm. Though it was still relatively early in the evening, students had already begun filtering in through the portrait hole. With exams looming, everyone had been eager for a chance to let off some steam and Gryffindor’s common room seemed as good a background as any. 

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The Wedding Dress

Title: The Wedding Dress

Author: @jensen-jarpad

Characters: Jensen x Reader, Gen, Brianna and Kim

Word Count: 526 - sorry :(

Warnings: None

A/N: This was written for Ash and Jill’s Birthday Challenge ( @eyes-of-a-disney-princess and @sis-tafics ). My prompt was “The one with all the wedding dresses”. I hope you guys enjoy it!

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I’ve been a little blue lately, so I felt like drawing some Tintin fluff to cheer me up. Also a certain someone mentioned on my one ‘tintin reading’ gif, that they could see haddock reading to him too, and yessss its adorable. Also I love it when he gets all close and protective of Snowy, that’s pretty dang cute too. But yeh. tintin fluff.


New Disney store limited edition Beauty and the Beast dolls.

Belle: 129,95 US/ 159,95 CAN (5.500 pieces worldwide)

Belle and the Prince: 749,95 US/ 1005,95 CAN


I still feel like they have something strange.
The newest Belle doll with the golden dress anyway is much prettier than the other one! The dollset… I feel like all the forehead that Emma’s doll had before left her and went on Dan Stevens’ doll 

the bathroom floor lets me
melt upon its tiles,
as i clench my phone straight
scrolling to find your name

my vision is distorted
along with my thoughts
i’m searching the keyboard
to press the letter
i’m wiping my blackened tears
blending the rest of my lipstick
onto my forearm
gripping my hair back
out of my face
my legs are smeared across the surface
begging me to get up
they stumble
at the attempt to stand
but the volcano inside my stomach
is not allowing me
it’s bubbling vomit
that is ready to erupt

the mirror reflects a shaken image
there are two of me
one prettier than the other
both staring back into my eyes

this room is shrinking
consuming me
with its heat
and lack of air
i open the door
i stagger down the wooden stairs
that are filled with kids
in the same state of mind
they try to talk to me
but their intoxicated voices are muffled
by the music that is hammering my head

and then i see you
across this brimming room
skimming the back of your hand
against hers

—   drunk texts (351 out of 365)

20/2/16 Here’s a mind map for Biology that I finally got around to finishing. My studying method for Bio is to go through and write out all the syllabus notes and basically go through the whole textbook, then I condense everything from each chapter into a mind map like this. That way, I can use the mind map to remember basic things from the chapter and go back and look through my notes if I need any extra info.

(This is the first mind map I finished for Bio, so I’m working on making the other ones a lil prettier 😁)

A Lone Wolf Part 2

Summary: After finding your mate, Mark, he insists on you meeting the rest of the pack. You end up meeting someone a little unexpected, too.

Length: 2279


You paced back and forth in your kitchen, feeling completely anxious. Today out of all days Mark wanted you to meet the rest of his pack. You had managed to put it off for a few weeks by telling Mark that you wanted to wait until mating season was over, because you knew your scent was stronger during that time. Mark had only agreed because he didn’t want anyone else looking at you, not that he thought the rest of his pack would ever do such a thing. But now you couldn’t put it off any longer.

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Stealing Hearts (Robb Stark Imagine)

“Why does he keep looking over here?” I whisper to Jon.

“Who?” He asks as he takes his focus off Robb’s sparring and scans the yard.

“The prince. Joffrey has been leering over here for quite a while and it’s not the first time either.”

“Maybe he has been mesmerized by your beauty and can’t take his eyes off you (y/n)?” Theon cheekily interjects as he loads his quiver. I shoot him a glare that he chuckles at. “I’m joking, the king already said the prince is to marry Sansa. Why go for the likes of you when he can have a Stark?” He voices as he leaves us to go shooting.

“Ignore him (y/n), he is probably just jealous that he can’t marry Sansa. You can do much better than that prince anyways.” Jon states, leaning his shoulder into mine. I glance up at him and he gives me a soft encouraging smile.

“What are you two whispering about?” Someone asks, sounding a little out of breath. I look away from Jon and see Robb making his way toward us. “I just saw Theon looking rather smug and now Jon is smiling, did I miss something?”

“We just noticed the golden prince sizing you up. We were wagering who would get their ass knocked into the snow next time you spar.” What? Where did that come from?

“Let him watch. A little spying isn’t going to keep me from winning just like last time.” He peers over his shoulder at the young stag whose eyes quickly whip away. “See? He is a craven, nothing to worry about. More importantly let’s get you back inside.” His eyes now on me. “Your face is redder than mine and only one of us has been training.” He offers an arm.

Jon hooks his arm around mine first. “You’re covered in sweat Robb. What would your mother do if you bumped into (y/n) and ruined her dress. I’ll take her in; you go wash up.” Robb doesn’t even try to hide how offended he is as his jaw drops a little. He locked his blue eyes with mine as his brother begins leading me away.

I giggle and shrug. I offer a weak smile but continue to follow Jon. “That wasn’t very nice.” I peek over at him and he gives me a smirk. “Neither was lying to him. We both know there is no way for the prince to take Robb in a fight. Why would you try to rile him up like that?”

“No reason.”


“Why are you so worked up about this (y/n)?”

“Don’t try and change the subject. Just tell me…” I am shushed before I can finish countering. He puts a finger to his lips. As I stop and listen I can hear a couple voices in a nearby room.

“Mother I don’t want the Stark girl. I want the other one. She is far prettier and she even likes fighting. She would be a far more supportive wife; in watching my melees and appreciating my future battle strategies. That wolf girl just sews and eats lemon cakes.” Joffery? Is he talking about me?!

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The Slytherin And The Hufflepuff - Avengers Hogwarts AU


SUMMARY; You and Buck go on your first date, a day trip to Diagon Alley.

WARNINGS; Swearing (Probably), make out session/kissing, thats it I think? 

A/N - Have you guys tried Butterbeer???, It’s literal heaven on earth and a blessing to this planet.

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A Hufflepuff goes on a date with a Slytherin.

It sounds like the start of a bad joke, but here you still were, in that exact situation.

Bucky was absolutely adorable. He’d come to your Hufflepuff dormitories to meet you and walk you out of Hogwarts. It was the weekend and neither of you had any classes till Monday so you both changed from your designated cloak to casual clothes. Bucky swapped his black and green uniform for a leather jacket and dark navy jeans and you yourself had swapped your usual back and yellow uniform for a skirt, boots and a sweater.

Diagon Alley was usually busy at the weekends and this sunny Saturday was no exception. You passed by some fellow students and even saw Professor Fury going into Gringotts Bank, your teacher of defence against the dark arts.

You and Buck made it to Quality Quidditch supplies and stepped into the pretty and warm building, you both looked around in awe of all the brooms that lined the walls. You spotted a shelf full of customised quaffles and looked up at the tall ceiling to see four snitches whizzing around the space above you.

You suddenly heard Bucky’s voice from across the room “Hey Y/N! Look at this”

Your eyes fell from the ceiling where you watched the golden snitches hover to where Bucky was stood with his back to you looking at the shelved wall, you waltzed up behind him and right before you came and stood beside Bucky you slipped your hand in his. His head snapped in your direction at the contact, he blushed quickly then turned his attention back to what he was looking at “It’s the Nimbus 2000”

You moved your gaze from Bucky’s face to the wall where the broomstick was hung “Holy shit” you breathed and raised your hand that was previously holding his to brush your fingers across the broom’s bristles “It’s beautiful”

Bucky wiggled his eyebrows at you “And it’s half price”

You sighed, remembering that Alby, your Owl that delivered your mail, had yet to deliver your monthly allowance that your mother usually sent. That meant you had only brought the allowance that you’d saved from last month.

Bucky’s giggling faltered “Alby still not come?” he asked.

“No” you told him “But it’s alright, I’ll try and get the Nimbus 2000 next month”

“Not gonna happen” Bucky retaliated, you looked confused at him while he just looked suspiciously smug “I’m buying it for you”

You looked back at Bucky, shocked and partially speechless, it was never you to be the one stuttering and getting flushed cheeks but this time around you were “W-what? No Buck. Y-you don’t need to-to do that”

“I know” He smiled “I want to”

“No Buck” You said “I won’t let you”

“Come on Y/N” He chuckled and bumped his shoulder with yours “Just let me-”

“No” you interrupted, still with some amusement in your voice. God you could kiss Bucky right now, he’s the sweetest.

“Fine” Bucky huffed in defeat, still smiling at you “I’ll buy it and you can pay me back”

“I don-”

“With a kiss” Bucky continued as if you never interrupted. That made your train of thought stop, he rarely came out with something so confident so you basked in it while you could. You basked a little too long though causing Bucky to panic. He started violently blushing again and was back to stuttering “I-I mean, you don’t, um, I-I’m sorry I didn’t-”

You shut Bucky’s rambling up with exactly what he asked for, a kiss to the lips. It began as a chaste peck but Bucky made quick work of reattaching your mouths and biting lightly on your lower lip, you felt his hand slip down your forearm and he tangled his fingers in your own. For such an awkward Slytherin Bucky was a mighty fine kisser. You both kept at it like that for a minute straight, that was until you both came to your senses and realised you were stood in Quality Quidditch supplies during its busiest hour.


After Bucky bought the Nimbus 2000 (with you still complaining in the background) you both strolled over to The Leaky Cauldron and still interlocking hands while you did. Going through the old wooden doors you were both welcomed with warmth and the loud voices of people having a good afternoon. Bucky lead you toward a free table in the back corner of the pub and you took a seat opposite one and other. He looked even prettier in the dim candle lights and his hair had somehow lost its neatness, now shorter parts were falling in front of his eyes meaning he had to brush the stray hairs behind his ear, something you were now eager to do for him.

The bar maiden named Helen Cho had eventually noticed that the two of you had just arrived and came over to take your orders, she pulled the small notebook from her pocket and held her pen, ready to write “What can I get ya’?”

Bucky spoke for you both “Two Butterbeers, please. And some Pumpkin pasties”

Helen Cho nodded, smiled, wrote down the order then turned to walk back to the bar.

Bucky made you laugh more times than you could count while you waited, you loved it. His usual awkward nature was slowly dissipating as he grew more comfortable.

“This is really fun, Y/N” He stated.

“I agree”

“We should, do it again, maybe”

You looked across at him and for the second time you lent forward and rested your elbows on the table, putting your chin on your hands “Are you asking me on a second date, Barnes?”

“You could say that” He responded and let a smile slip.

“And where would you me taking me this time?”

“The Three Broomsticks?” He suggested “Hogsmeade? The Hogs Head?”

“We’ll brainstorm during potions class” You told him “When you’re not blowing yourself up, that is”

It was all laughs and good times like this with Buck until your conversation was briefly cut by Helen returning to your table and placing two glasses and a bowl of Pumpkin pasties down in front of you both. You could physically see the warm steam rising from the Pasties and the Butterbeer jugs were full to the brim with cool condensation dripping down the glass. Your mouth was watering at the sight and you thanked Helen before picking up your drink and bringing it to your lips.

The sweet, thickness of the froth hit your tongue first and then the even sweeter cool, slightly fizzy liquid, you watched Bucky over your glass as he took a large swig of his own Butterbeer. You both placed your glasses down and looked over at each other.

There was a short moment of silence before you both burst into laughter at the sight of the other, Bucky had an obvious line of froth across his upper lip and even a small spot of it on the tip of his nose. He was laughing at the moustache of cream that sat just beneath your own nose. Your giggling died down and Bucky stuck his tounge out in an attempt to rid his mouth of excess Butterbeer. He managed to get it all off and then you were bringing out your own tongue to try and clear your own face of Butterbeer.

Bucky was giggling and sighing “You missed a spot”

“Where?” You asked and he pointed to a place of your face near your mouth.

You tried to reach the spot of foam but were unsuccessful judging by Bucky’s amused smile “No, there” He pointed again.

You carried out your second attempt but still couldn’t reach the point he was gesturing at. Bucky shook his head in mock disappointment “Let me get it for you”

You watched him pull up his hand and bring it to your face, he rested his palm on your now heated cheek and brushed his thumb across the space millimeters from the side of your mouth.

“What the-?!” Came a loud voice from beside your table, Bucky’s hand instantly retracted and both of your heads snapped in the direction of the voice. Clint bloody Barton was stood there, staring in shock at the two of you.

You rolled your eyes at your fellow Hufflepuff house-mate “Hello Clint”

He just ignored your greeting and switched his gaze between you and Bucky, all the while he held a surprised grin on his face “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you we’re on a date with a Slytherin”

You laughed at your friend as he continued sizing up Bucky “That would be true, Clint”

“Woah!” He giggled like a schoolboy saying the word ‘boobs’ for the first time “Is there not a bit of rivalry between you two?”

“Rivalry?” You and Bucky asked simultaneously.

Clint just looked at you smugly and raised his brows “The quidditch game?”

You both still looked at him confused making him huff out and throw his arms up in annoyance.

“Hufflepuff…” He nodded to you “…Versus Slytherin” He nodded to Bucky.

You’d expected Bucky to laugh at the realisation or maybe even act shocked by it but he did neither. Instead he turned to you with a relaxed look on his face, he waited until you were looking back at him to say “I think I’ve figured out where I’m taking you for date number two”