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bts fic rec! (just 24 fics)

Hi. I’m alive, apparently.

Gay* fic rec.

I’ve been having these marathons every week where I just collect as much fanfics as I can. The result? Folders full of bookmarks. Like, not the AO3 bookmarks, but I made actual Chrome folders with bookmarks and… you get the point.

This is unnecessary, but if you’re a beginner in the bts-fanfic-world, I think this list might help you?

These are strongly recommended fics from me. Various ships. All gay, obviously… all on AO3. Most of these, you probably know.

I don’t own any of them! I just think they’re wonderful…

If any of you need more fic recs (I take any ship, I haven’t done all ships but I have some for underrated ships, so), just go on and send me an ask, I guess. And if you’ve read all of these, go send me an ask if you’d like. (I got tons of Namjin) 

I also rec sin, though my folder for sin isn’t very organized so it’ll take a while.

If you want a small (very small) list of sad fics, just ask.

Okay, here it is!

[M] Beta Tau Sigma by bazooka
pairing: namjin (college/university au, frat au)
summary: A collection of events occurring within (and without) the walls of the Beta Tau Sigma fraternity house. At Beta Tau Sigma, there are only a few rules:
1) have a declared major in the College of Music;
2) keep your GPA above a 3.4;
3) don’t let Taehyung into the liquor cabinet;
4) don’t fuck up with Kim Seokjin.
The rest is all fine print.
me: i cried when it finished. need i say more? fucking amazing. love it. cry with me.

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Boys in Plaid || Peter Parker x Reader

i have no excuse for this drabble other than the fact that i love peter parker too much.

this isn’t a sequel to {{beloved season}} since I feel pretty torn about it. on one hand, i feel like it’s gr8 on its own, but on the other hand–

i wanna give peter the happy ending he deserves 。゚(TヮT)゚。

i’ll think about making a sequel later. Maybe it’ll happen sometime in the future but idk bc the original requester never really spoke about wanting it to be a two parter so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

so to make it up for making any of you readers cry with {{beloved season}}, have a fluffy drabble with peter (●♡∀♡)

**I apologize for any grammatical errors since this was all written on my phone. When it’s posted then I’ll make sure to edit it a few more times just in case!**

**dont repost/plagiarize this story. Reblogs are fine!!



[key: =reader’s text

=peter’s text]

boys in plaid are so cute.

really? you think so?

petey, i don’t just think so. I KNOW SO.

so are you saying that you’d date any guy, as long as he wore plaid??

welllll, i do have standards tho. not any guy can date me just from wearing plaids alone.

then what do you look for…in a boyfriend?

hhhhh i can’t believe im telling my best friend this (/ω\) okay what i look for in a bf is that he has to be super sweet with a genuine personality. like, he’s not a lowkey asshole when im alone with him and only a sweetheart in public, you feel???

he has to be like SUPPPEEERR SMART and he has to be willing to spoil me with cuddles and nights spent watching cheesy 80s movies (/ω\)

also boys who wear plaid with jeans and converses are my absolute weakness (/ω\) ♡ ♡

i see…


Peter Parker couldn’t help the wide grin that showed on his face after reading the series of texts between him and [Name]. He could practically feel his confidence skyrocketing to the roof because he finally had proof that he had a chance with her.

Setting his phone to the side, he stands and searches through his closet, picking out all of the plaid shirts that he could find before setting them aside.

Despite how foolish Peter felt about doing this, he knew that it would all be worth it in the end if he managed to have [Name] in his arms.


You go into Midtown the next day with a sluggish walk that usually came with Monday mornings. Internally groaning at having to deal with chemistry and lab first thing in the morning, you unlock your locker and pulled out a thick textbook, your lab workbook, and binder. The weight of each book was becoming uncomfortable against your arms, and you were struggling with closing your locker when you felt someone take away your stack of books from the side.

“Here, let me help you [Nickname].” Recognizing Peter’s voice, you face him, about to thank him when you felt your words die against your throat.

Holy shit, had Peter always been this fucking cute?! The boy was standing next to you, looking positively delectable as he wore a black and red patterned plaid shirt coupled along with a pair of jeans and his signature converses. The fact that he wasn’t covering the plaid shirt with his usual Midtown High hoodie made you see his physique as a whole in a totally different light.

As you stared at him, you were loving how broad his chest was as his left arm seemed to bulge a bit as he carried your books in one hand, making you nearly drool at how his veins were shown on his wrist.

“Oh my god, you’re so cute-” you catch yourself at the very last minute, feeling a deep blush paint your skin when you cover your mouth with your hand. You had just told Peter that he was cute!!! And that was the one thing you were absolutely terrified of admitting.

When you had texted Peter last night about your love for boys in plaid, you had unconsciously (and automatically) described Peter Benjamin Parker in near perfect detail. Only after you had sent those texts did you realize the error of your ways- however, you were confident that Peter was too nerdy to understand your (un)intentional description of him.

But the fact that he was in front of you, (dressed to absolute perfection in your favorite aesthetic) was making your knees weak as you shivered at his proximity. You should have known better, dammit. Peter had been your friend for years now, and there really wasn’t much you could hide from him.

Peter seemed pleased at your embarrassment as he shifted all of your books beneath his left arm. Using his right hand, he gently runs a finger down your face, stopping at your lips before lingering against them, “I’m so nervous right now, and I want nothing more than for you to finally put me out of my misery and be my girlfriend. If the fact that I literally spent some time the night before picking out this exact outfit in a pathetic attempt to get you to notice me isn’t enough proof that I’m already madly in love with you, then I don’t know what is.”

You close your eyes and lean into the palm of his hand when he begins to caress your cheek, “Yeah? Well if the fact that I described you in perfect detail the night before isn’t proof that I’m madly in love with you, then I don’t know what is.”

Peter laughs, the sound making your heart flutter when he leans down to place a quick kiss against your lips, “How about we both put each other out of our miseries right now and become that gross couple who hold hands and kiss all the time?”

You cutely scrunch up your nose before nuzzling Peter with it, laughing while staring into his sweet brown eyes, “I think I’d like that.”


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hi there! i was the one who requested prince!wonwoo on your other blog but you redirected me here. so can i request a prince!wonwoo au where the reader is a girl? you can play with the plot. i don't mind anything thank you so much! - princess anon

hi there too princess anon~~ i’m glad you got here lol anywayyy here it is~ enjoy! hope to not disappoint so much. i didn’t check for errors tho

  • known as “the cold prince”
  • just because of his appearance tho lets be real he’s a soft mallow inside
  • and also because he’s so quiet
  • always has a book with him
  • his room always has a small pile of books on the floor beside his bed
  • and he loves reading in the palace library and in his bedroom with his glasses on but when he reads outside even on the garden he doesn’t wear them idk why
  • his cousin mingyu says wonwoo’s trying to look cool cause him in glasses is so cute he doesn’t like a cute image
  • but tbh he’s just trying to protect everyone cause their hearts will be snatched if they saw him in glasses just kidding
  • the queen thought he was undergoing emo phase when he was in early teens but she now understands that it’s just the way he is
  • the king believes wonwoo is gonna be a great king cause he’s so smart from reading lots of books
  • and he beats the king everytime they play chess so he knows how to make a good strategy and plans
  • he excels in archery and horse riding
  • he’s also good with a sword but mingyu’s better lol wonwoo beat him twice tho
  • …out of ten matches
  • he’s also learning dance and music
  • he’s just perfect
  • but he sucks in learning foreign languages
  • every girl in the kingdom swoons at his visual slayage but they’re afraid of him really
  • he just looks scary when he’s serious but they saw him smile once or twice and everyone just aaAHhh what a handsome prince we have he looks so soft awww
  • he cares a lot about his people and everyone knows that he’s such a lovable prince
  • there are so many girls wanting to be with such perfection but he always reserves himself for the one arranged to be his wife
  • you
  • he never met you he never saw you even your name is a mystery and that was also your situation towards him
  • he just knows he’s promised to this certain princess in this certain kingdom
  • his parents met you a good amount of times tho
  • the queen is so selective on people and doesn’t like people instantly or so much but she likes you really really well
  • so wonwoo thinks you’re such an angel if she talks about you to him a lot
  • the queen always tell wonwoo that you’re really pretty and that you are really nice and smart
  • and wonwoo is like oh a typical description of a princess
  • but no you are far from typical
  • you are great in stitching as much as you are great in sword fighting you’re even better than wonwoo lmao
  • you love books but not addicted to them like him
  • but you love painting whether it’s oil or watercolour or whatever medium you love arts
  • you are also great in taming wild animals and have a vast knowledge about poisons 😂 it just fascinated you
  • you also have a stepmother she’s not a witch or anything of the sort but your older stepsister might be
  • she just hates you to the guts
  • she’s so easily annoyed and irritated she has this permanent frown on her face
  • and wonwoo thought you were her when your family went to his kingdom to plan the wedding
  • his mind is like how can my mom like this girl so much such a brat she orders everyone around like they’re just slaves and with that frown not pretty at all
  • is my mom blind or what
  • lol
  • you arrived one day late cause you were kinda sick when they left and you promised to follow in about five days maximum you just need to rest
  • but it only took a day of recovery such a strong body
  • and when you got there they told you you’ll meet your future husband at dinner so you sneaked out of your room to roam the palace freely cause its still ten in the morning
  • but while trying to look around, you saw a figure walk out from what your stepmom told you is the prince’s room when she help you get to your room earlier
  • it was mingyu tho but you thought it was the prince you’ll marry and you’re like oh that’s him seems decent he’s okay really handsome too so lucky of me lol
  • and then you got to the stables and on the way there you tripped so your clothes are dirty and tattered thankfully your skin is still flawless
  • you were trying to be friendly with the horses but then someone approached you
  • you looked at the guy with dirtied clothes as well with a horse with him it was wonwoo (with seokmin you get it? lol just kidding)
  • and you think wow so handsome is everyone in this kingdom good looking?
  • then he spoke to you “who are you?”
  • his voice is so deep wow this guy is so hot but so disrespectful doesn’t he know i’m a princess?
  • but you realize you look far from a princess right now and you just arrived in this kingdom
  • wait he can’t know i’m a princess if i looked like this and i shouldn’t flaunt myself i might be in danger or whatever trust no stranger
  • “i’m a daughter of a kitchen staff in the palace, forgive me for alarming you, i just wanted to see the horses”
  • he was kind of taken aback “you ride horses?”
  • “yes, it’s what i do in my past time back home outside the palace, like a hobby”
  • his mind is like wow a girl who likes horses and she’s really pretty too “how come i only saw you today?”
  • “oh, i came today to replace my mother since she’s sick… forgive me for asking but… who are you?” you’re such a smooth liar it’s part of your princess training
  • he thought you were really suspicious and how come you don’t know him? you might be a spy or something he should be careful “i’m a stable boy”
  • “really? oh wow, these horses, do they have names?”
  • and so you bonded over horses lol 😂
  • then mingyu came and was like “his highness the king is looking for you-”
  • “okay” wonwoo cut him off before saying his respect
  • recognizing mingyu, you tried to hide from him
  • you turned to wonwoo “oh you need to go”
  • “yeah”
  • “i guess i’ll see you around?”
  • “yeah, see you around… goodbye”
  • “goodbye”
  • and while walking away mingyu is all smiley with this little glint in his eyes “who was that pretty girl? you having a secret affair while your bride is here?”
  • “no, mingyu, i just met her”
  • “you two were talking~”
  • “exactly we were just talking”
  • “you and i both know you don’t talk a lot with anyone except me”
  • “shut up”
  • and that ‘see you around’ you two said came so soon at 5 in the palace
  • his mother sent him to give a dress to his bride so he was about to knock on your door when it opened and there you are trying to go out again after showering and changing into clean princess clothes
  • and you were surprised to see him too all clean and formal like you
  • you two were both surprised and frozen until you broke the silence smirking at him
  • “oh what are you doing here? i thought stable boys are supposed to be in the stables not inside the palace… and certainly not wearing these kind of clothes”
  • and he was like “i thought kitchen staffs are supposed to be in the kitchen too not from the important guest room… and certainly not wearing these kind of clothes”
  • you looked at each other with narrow eyes… and laughed “fine~ i’m not a kitchen staff”
  • he smiled “and i’m not a stable boy”
  • you swoon by his adorable smile with his nose scrunched up and teeth so white this boy is so perfect
  • you two just have a nice feeling around each other even though you just met
  • “you are?”
  • “i’m wonwoo, right hand of the prince”
  • “i’m y/n, handmaid to the princess”
  • “oh” he says but his mind is like i just wish you’re my bride you’re far better than that stuck up princess- what in hell did i just think of?
  • “why did you lie tho?”
  • and he blushes and sheepishly smiling, was like “…you were suspicious… and may i ask why did you lie also?”
  • you laugh and he thinks its the prettiest laugh he saw and it made him smile more “cause i knew i was suspicious” and you were like “oh why are you here?”
  • he motions to the big box he was carrying “i need to give this to the princess”
  • your eyes widen “oh i’ll take it from here, i’ll give it to the princess”
  • you take the box from him and he gave you a little smile and says “tell the princess to wear it for dinner”
  • “okay… goodbye”
  • “goodbye see you around?”
  • “see you around”
  • and at the 7 o'clock dinner the ‘see you around’ happened again
  • you two were both surpised again to see each other and more surpised when they introduced the two of you
  • “this is the crown prince wonwoo, he’s the one you’ll be marrying”
  • “and wonwoo, this the crown princess y/n”
  • aside from surprised you two were confused
  • “you?!”
  • “you two knew each other?”
  • “we met each other earlier your highness”
  • “oh that’s good then”
  • “y/n, this is mingyu, wonwoo’s cousin and his right hand”
  • and you remembered mistaking him for the prince so you blushed a bit and wonwoo notices this
  • did you like mingyu?
  • and you notice him looking at your sister too
  • so when dinner is over, the two of you were forced to “spend time together” at the garden
  • you both turned to each other “do you like my cousin?”/“do you like my stepsister?”
  • “no!”/“no!”
  • “but you were looking at him!”/“but you were looking at her!”
  • you stare for a while until you feel your cheeks warm up so you look away “…i just thought he was the crown prince so i kinda feel embarrassed”
  • he rubs his nape in awkwardness, “i thought she was my bride too”
  • you blush at the word ‘bride’ cause YOU are his bride
  • you suddenly remembered your earlier encounter “wait– you lied to me again earlier”
  • he eyed you “don’t blame me you did too”
  • “it was because i don’t want you to be suddenly formal and stiff towards me”
  • “well… same”
  • “oh” you suddenly grew quiet
  • but he gave you a small smile, “you look good in the dress tho, it suits you, you’re so beautiful”
  • how can he just say these things so casually like he didn’t just make you blush
  • but with just moonlight you notice his ears getting red and it took you so much control you learned from various princess lessons you took to not just squeal in his cuteness or faint from feeling like you’re floating with the clouds
  • and it took you so much confidence to say something back “you look good too… really handsome- i mean, yeah, you look so great- good, you look good”
  • and the two of you are just a blushing mess smiling at each other thinking “well, they aren’t so bad”
It's like suddenly the SW community doesn't know what a routine script-doctoring looks like

And that literally every script goes through it.

EDIT: Rian did not doctor the script but Jack Thorne is being brought on to help rewrite. THIS IS STILL NORMAL! It’s not out of the ordinary guys. Calm down. This is how script writing works most of the time. Any other movie, and this would not be news. Media is taking advantage of the hype.

(end EDIT)

Chill the dick out. Carrie script doctored ESB and TLJ. Wasn’t ESB one of the most amazing films in cinema history? Isn’t TLJ looking like it’s gonna measure up to that legacy?

This is par for the course in script writing and making films. Rian went through Ep9’s script likely to help make sure there were no continuity errors as he’s finished up TLJ.

This is likely a neutral/good thing. Not a bad thing.

Calm. The. Dick. Down.

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Just a random anon, but I had a design question! In the Error!Sans comics, I think every single "errored" character has a visible "Error" or two floating around them. US!Sans even had one begin to flash around him when he was in the Anti-Void. Considering Fatal_Error!Sans is significantly more glitched than US!Sans, is the choice to not have those a design one?

It’s a bit of a design choice, but it’s more that Fatal_Error isn’t quite an ‘error’ like Error/other errored characters are. So, I didn’t want to incorporate such a strong visual component of an errored character - the 'ERROR’ floaty text - into his design. :)

A Heart Half Open (1/1)

request by anon: you have a tattoo of what your soulmate is most passionate about. prompt from here

title: A Heart Half Open 
words: ~1600
rating T for language
pairings: nalu & gajevy

“I don’t even know what this means still,” Lucy complained, prodding at her shoulder where a strangely shaped red marking stood. “Do you think we should ask someone else?” The last person she asked about the tattoo had laughed themselves silly when she told them it randomly appeared one morning, but Lucy was fast running out of ideas.

She couldn’t quite figure out what it was, not even when Levy had snapped a myriad of pictures for them to research. It had led to a whole lot of zilch. Notta. Error. In other words, every book they picked up mentioned nothing about random tattoos appearing in the middle of the night except for two. One thought it was an elaborate prank by a friend and the other suggested something absurd. Something that still made Lucy scoff days later.

Magic existing was as likely as poisoned water causing it or, or, or the Heartfilia’s somehow losing all their collective money. It was ridiculous, inconceivable – impossible – to even consider her new tattoo to have magical beginnings.

Levy didn’t respond, fiddling with the water bottle in her hand. Lucy fixed the strap of her shirt lest she flash a passing stranger on accident. That would only improve of her father’s mood, which had been irritable ever since he found the tattoo. He certainly hadn’t thought it was magic and even though she was twenty-one, she still cowered before her father’s disapproval.

“Levy?” She prodded after a few minutes of silence. Levy’s soft face was unusually solemn and contemplative; it was almost unheard of to see her bookish friend ignore a challenging research subject. The moment Lucy hesitantly told Levy what happened, she had tied up her blue hair and traded her plaid pajamas for jean shorts, demanding Lucy to recap her entire day as they hurried to the library. As their days of research came up more and more empty, Levy’s excitement had only increased to outrageous levels, but Lucy wondered if the lack of answers had finally dried Levy’s well. “Are you okay?”

“Lu, do you think there’s such thing as magic?”

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cuteshirokuma  asked:

I need the full story of how that happened

Core Frisk: here, you guys kinda qualify as people I need to rescue, so have this little segment of the omega timeline to stay in (leaves)

Nightmare: it’s so empty… so boring…

Error: (internally freaking out because it reminds him of the anti-void)

Kevin: cluck





Error: isn’t that illegal?


Cross: but really don’t worry there are plenty of abandoned houses in all the AUs, no one will notice.

And so they went to an inexplicably abandoned neighborhood in a random AU. And not only did they take a random house, but they scavenged through all the other houses and took other things.

Cross: heck yehhhhhh

Nightmare: this is literally amazing

Error: something seems wrong about this

They also stole a chicken house from somewhere at some point.

Secrets - Peter Parker Imagine

A/N: First Peter Parker fic (and first fic on this account). I tried to keep it gender neutral. I hope you enjoy this, it took me three days and it’s my first fic on this account and my first Peter fic. I’m sorry for any errors there might be. Please let me know what you think.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warning: Curse words. I’m sorry, I curse a lot irl and it kinda translates into my writing. 

Words: 2177

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Don’t Blink

A blink can smooth over her hardened expression

A blink can remove you from her line of question

Don’t blink now, you’ll miss her blue daggers of steel

Don’t blink, how she unfolds her mind while you kneel

You’re paralyzed, frozen, alone on the floor

She stomps and inflates, shaking you to the core

Like wreckage will command our eyes in their terror

You can’t move your eyes, she commands without error

Don’t miss her smile across the small room

Don’t miss the bile that boiled in the womb

Can’t blink, you don’t have that small power

Won’t blink with the fear you could crush a small flower

You’ve no more a reason to scream than the other

The only one here, no more room for your brother

Alone with her there, the white floor is pink

A sunny bright smile, poison in your drink

Now blink. 

Y'all..come on.

I went back and noticed lots of spelling/grammar errors in my recent posts. Why aren’t you guys calling me out and correcting me for them?! Now, don’t get me wrong.. a lot of them are stupid autocorrects that I’m not realizing..but still…
You guys are push overs. You call someone out and put a little star correcting my crap next time. Don’t let me just leave it there and look like a fool for others to see later lol

PS: I’m not proof reading this one either bc I don’t have time. So I’m sure there are a couple in here. haha

Impossible: Chapter 1

A/N: I really hope you guys like this chapter and love the others ones coming your way very soon.

Warning: this is a mpreg story! Which is male pregnancy so DO NOT READ IF NOT COMFORTABLE.

***sorry for any spelling errors or mistakes!***

Chapter 1: beach day and a party

He didn’t expect it. Why the fuck would he? He was a man. This didnt happen to men. Women yes. But not to men.

Men couldn’t get pregnant.

But Dan looked down at the pregnancy stick in his hand and stared at the result.

Dan was in fact pregnant.

The doctor wasn’t batshit crazy. He was actually pregnant.

Let’s go back to the very beginning. The beginning of summer. T. God that seemed so long ago.

It started with the weekend his girlfriend broke up with him and you know, kissed someone else not even a hour later.

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what do u even think u r??? like u only ben here a month and ppl appreciate u more than othr ppl?? u don't deserve those followers and u should start appreciating blogs who've been here for a while mk??? like u fuckass haven't even done anything saying thank u to those followers u have?? what about a speciel?? nope none of that so go fuck urself

Who do you even think you are? You’ve only been here a month and people appreciate you more than others. You don’t deserve those followers, and should start appreciating other blogs that have been here longer. You haven’t even said thank you to the followers you have. What about a special? You don’t have one.

^^ I corrected all of your grammatical errors for you! So glad to be of help, nonnie 😊

[ Imagine #31 ] I’m her boyfriend ~ Newt AU (Part 2)

Fandom: The Maze Runner

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Word Count: 1750 words (longer than i thought it would be tbh)

Warnings: it’s almost 2 am here and i’m tired as heck so there mit be some Errors +  idk if this counts as a warning, but spoiler for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phönix (but if you still don’t know what happens you either lived under a rock for the last twenty years or you’ re just not interested lol so i guess this warning is unnessecary) 

Request: I was thinking maybe you could do one where they’re go to join the others and everyone decides to watch a movie but there isn’t enough sitting space so Newt pulls her down on his lap so that she’s sitting sideways on his lap to which everyone reacts teasingly but they ignore it and after the movie and all the cuddling someone asks Newt when he realised he loves Y/N and he says that he has loved her since 8th grade? And later she asks him if it was true so he replies yes and she confesses too? Just a lot of fluff and PDA if you may  ~ by @coconcovers

A/N: I hope this is what you wanted:) Enjoy reading everyone<3

Part I / Part III



You turned around and tried to open the door, but Newt laid his hand on your shoulder. “One last thing.”

You looked at him. “What?”

He quickly gave you another rather passionate kiss. “Now we can go.

He opened the door and let you step through, following close behind and grabbing your hand in the process, intertwining your fingers with his.

Your friends were engrossed in an animated discussion, but everyone stopped talking the moment you two entered the room and turned their heads simultaneously in your direction.

You shifted uncomfortably under their gaze, but Newt squeezed your hand in a soothing manner and led you to the couch.

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Disorderly Conduct - One


A/N: wow hey nice to see y’all i haven’t written in so long goodness meeeeee but HERE WE GOOOOO @reiding-and-writing ‘s TROPE CHALLENGE omg im very excited to see how y’all like this, PLEASE don’t hesitate to warn me of any grammatical errors cuz i bet there’s plenty….. please like/reblog/give me feedback because i need constant reassurance haha also its gonna take a LONG TIME to make this idk why i picked such a long tropeeeeee

TROPE: “Enemies, to friends, to lovers.”

WARNING: murders mentioned not described in depth tho (mention of stabbing), no other ones i think :)

@dontshootmespence hope this was what you were excited for lol!

Margaret awoke to the soft buzzing coming from her phone. With a sigh, she turned over and reached out to see her screen displaying an alarm. She groggily sat up and attempted to rub the sleep out of her eyes. A shiver ran up her spine as her feet made contact with the cold floor while walking to the bathroom.

The bright light above the sink shone onto Margaret’s sunken features, highlighting hollow cheeks and worry lines. Her skin felt like it could scream with joy as it was splashed with cold water, an immediate revitalization of a cold body.

Filled with a newfound energy, she traveled into the kitchen, awaiting the scent of fresh coffee beans as she prepared her first cup of the day. The sweet aroma wafted up to Margaret and spread throughout the whole apartment, invoking a sense of peace within the lone woman.

Twenty minutes later and Margaret was walking towards her car, bag resting on her shoulder while her hands pulled back her blond hair and fastened it tightly. Her hands rested on the steering wheel, a small smile on her face in excitement for a new day.

The smile quickly faded, however, when her eyes wandered from her hands up her bare arms, taking in the marks and scars that stained her skin. Seeing each wound ripped Margaret apart, filling her with memories of days past, memories of hurt, memories of violence.

Memories of love.

She didn’t even realize she had begun to reminiscence yet again.

A tear fell from her eye, shaking Margaret from her thoughts and reminding her of the task at hand. She pressed her foot against the gas pedal and took off for the Washington D.C. Police Department.

She walked in the door of the department without a minute to spare, hearing the chief ordering the force into the conference room. Rushing to pin her badge to her uniform, Margaret was one of the last officers in the cramped room, her small frame stuck behind her towering coworkers.

Her eyes scanned what she could see of the conference room, thoughts racing as to why the whole department was cramped into a space that was rarely ever used. Her thoughts stopped as she heard the bellowing voice of Chief Thorne.

“Officers, although some of you have only just arrived this morning,” he hesitated. “I’m afraid I’ve got to give you some bad- no, terrible, news. In our jurisdiction, six bodies have been discovered within the set of two neighboring, residential blocks within the last four hours.”

A hush fell over the room, a dead silence overtaking all of its occupants. Margaret took a deep breath in, prepared for what was yet to come.

Sure enough, Thorne continued. “All of them brutally stabbed to death.”

Everyone in the room reacted. Officers whispered left and right, only silenced by the gruff yell of their boss. Margaret stood on her tip-toes to try to view him at the front of the room and failed. She let out a huff and resorted to listening.

“This is an occurrence some of you have never seen before, I certainly haven’t seen this in years.” Margaret could sense his attention turn away from the officers. “To assist us in the investigation, commencing immediately,  we are lucky enough to be assisted by Quantico’s FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit.”

A surge of adrenaline rushed through Margaret, the shock of such tragic murders inflating her wishes to catch the cruel human being who committed them. She analyzed the facts of murders in her head, ignoring the introductions of the FBI team.


Margaret stood straight up right away, thoughts dissipating as Thorne called her name. She peered over the shoulders of fellow officers, waving so he knew she was listening.

“Bolman, bring the team to the first dump site, in the side alley on Nelm through Fairmont. Take a squad car and park it so it blocks off the street, we don’t want the civilians worried. Got that?”

Margaret quickly responded, yelling over the crowd, “Got it, sir!”, too focused on making sure her voice was heard to notice the slight gasp that came from the front of the room.

As Margaret led the charge of agents out to the line of squad cars, she spoke to the Unit Chief with her back to him, mainly worried about figuring which car matched her set of keys.

“Fairmont’s not too far from the station, it’s in one of the nearest residential blocks. The trip won’t be long, or complicated, for that matter,” She let out a soft chuckle. “Just follow me and you’ll be fine.

She heard him let out a quiet thanks, before she found the car. Margaret opened the door and looked at the agents for a fraction of a second, barely catching a glimpse of their faces. “I’ll see you in a few!”

She abruptly took a seat, anxious to get to the crime scene and get the murderer in prison as soon as possible. Adjusting the seat, she started the car and checked to see that the black SUVs was ready to follow her. The scrawny, brown haired man- (Wait, boy? No, definitely an agent, Margaret thought to herself) gave a quick thumbs-up as the three cars pulled out from the station.

Approaching the scene, Margaret pulled over to the side of the busy street, waiting for the SUVs to pass so that she could cut off the street from outside traffic. She rolled down her window and waved her hand out, inaudibly signaling the agents to continue. The first SUV passed, the agents waving back.

As Margaret turned to see the next SUV pass, she froze. A collection of a few seconds slowed to an eternity, letting her eyes glaze over the features of the agent that caught her attention.

Her eyes received all the information at once.

Black hair.

Defined nose.

Long eyelashes.

Beautiful eyes.

Margaret couldn’t help but notice these eyes were filled with nothing but scorn.

Internet friends eddsworld AU Ref post?


So me and my sister wee talking abt characters that meet each other trough the internet.
So we did an au
They are all in 9-10th grade
BTW its tordedd and tomatt

Matt: is an tumblr blogger, Wright’s abt himself and his life/opinions abt stuff that’s going on in the world. Is really shy and has probably only 2 photos is him on the blog (really old ones) is really good at editing, a lot of astethic, never shows face in videos, isn’t good with memes and doesn’t really understand meme humor - is kinda popular.

Tom: is the King of the meme culture, is one of the ppl that wright on the meme wiki and likes to find out abt its history - basicly the meme professor - makes a lot of bad jokes and gets offended easily wen it comes to his ability of memes. Is a frequent 4chan user - already drink alcohol.

Edd: has an DA account. Is a really furry and even has a fur suit. Sells art - is starting to learn animation and likes to help everyone. Plays a lot of games and even drew a lot of sprites for independent games. Is Matt’s neighbour -know his memes and is kinda famous.

Tord: has an DA account, wanted to do art for a living but his parents didn’t agree and want him to go to the military and now only does it has a on of his hobbies. Already smokes - lives is Norway.

Tom meets matt trough 4chan- ppl in a forum are making fun of Matt’s blog and attacking him.
Tom decides to see what the blog was all abt - starts to like it and now is defending matt - after the hole drama ends tom and Matt start to talk and quickly start to become fronds (and tom has a thing for matt obviously) even trough matt doesn’t understand memes they are good friends (tom sends messages wen he is drunk say that he loves matt (but really bad written) and making matt worried.

Tord wants art tips and is starting to become a furry (HAHAH I know it!) He finds edd and starts to ‘talk’ to him buying a commission we edd is done and give it to him (ya know) they start to talk after that mostly abt furry until they start thanking abt life problems making them friends- edd even helps Tord with depression. (Tord has a thing for edd)

Matt and edd are neighbours they start talking abt internet on normal day (matt Normally goes to Edd’s house to play games n stuff) matt introduces tom to edd and after a wile edd introduces Tord and they all become a little group.

I don’t have more but they eventually they will meet In real life

Sorry this is so messy

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The reason why I ask is because I saw something I don't know if it's true are not that said shojobeat confirm that Ren is a boy if that is true that would mean zeki would've have him alot of dacades late since Ren body still look like a teenager and zero as a teenager at that age was quite tall to me Ren is a girl that look more like a hunters child yes she is tall so are the woman hunters even though I didn't see her face zero mother looked tall to me

Shojobeat’s translations sometimes do contain mistakes (they’ve already had to correct an error from VKM 1′s online version in the print version). But, if that’s what’s worrying you, they did a follow up post here confirming they don’t know Ren’s gender and the word “brother” will be corrected to the gender neutral “sibling” with the reprint of the volume. Basically, no one knows Ren’s gender, and Hino hasn’t said one way or the other yet. 

If you colored Ren’s hair in, she’d look exactly like Yuuki after she chopped her hair off at the end of the original series, other than her more masculine mouth. I think Hino’s trying to be purposely gender ambiguous with Ren, for purposes I’m sure we’ll discover in the future. =)

Anyway, fear not, no one knows what Ren’s gender is, not even Lala. ;D

Writing Challenge #2 - Something You Feel Strongly About

Some things I feel strongly about and try to apply to my everyday life:

- In all things that you do or say be: Reasonable, Responsible and Realistic.

- Forgive others. Forgive yourself. Don’t wait for apologies. Forgiveness is key to emotional freedom.

- There is always more to a situation than you know. Don’t be quick to judge.

-  Leave room for error. In all things and especially finances.

-  Eliminate drama, gossip and negativity from social circles.

- Make time for loved ones, friends and family. It’s important. 

- Live and let live.

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Controversial is good

I agree completely.

Also, in response to the other anon who stated they wouldn’t read ‘cannibalism’:

One of the best works of fanfiction literature I have ever read was a lengthy Joshler piece which involved cannibalism, not in relation to ‘zombies’ whatsoever. Just normal people with a heavy kink for causing their partner harm and consuming human flesh. It was written quite well with phenomenal imagery and very few grammatical errors. 

My advice to those of you who refuse to read things that sound ‘out of the ordinary’; don’t disregard it until you read a portion. You may be surprised

Okay here’s the deal. I’m going to lay it all out there. Some people have their entire future planned out right down the the second, others don’t even know what they’re having for breakfast tomorrow. I sure as hell don’t know where I’ll be in a year, let alone five or ten or twenty. Those people who know what they’re doing, the ones who leave no room for error, they don’t really have it all. Hell, sure I stress and I stress over what career I’ll have or who I’m going to marry, but at least I’m not stuck on a linear line of my life, bound to only go in one direction. I could move half a world away tomorrow and it wouldn’t screw up any of my plans. I could quit my job or fly to Paris or meet someone tomorrow or in a month and my life would still continue on as “planned”. It’s okay to not have everything figured out. Leave room for adventure. For fun. For freedom. Don’t be stuck.

I’m not going to be on for the rest of the day

I was having such s good positive day and I was so excited I was just about the purchase a 2005 furby baby the cheapest one on ebay and I got an error that is apparently a problem with eBay’s programming that can’t be fixed and made it so I can’t purchase the items even with enough money in my PayPal

The only other one one eBay is even more and is also international seller so who’s to say it will even let me purchase that one

I’m heatbroke after spending so much time getting the needed money for it and ended up crying after it happened that I just can’t mentally function right now I’m completely upset by this

I’m going to end up resenting cami
I can’t stand having him ask where furby baby is and feeling terrible when I can’t do anything about it now