the other one all had really hard videos to work with


[Ruby Rose from RWBY] “D Y S T O P I A” by B.A.P

So I listened “DYSTOPIA” by B.A.P (from the 6th single album “ROSE”), and I had one wonderful idea for the next AMV/Picture Movie! I was thinking about Ruby Rose’s theme song that you had realized on the first 4 volumes even you don’t know about Kpop or anything.

I’ve tried working hard guys to support my other videos but as a result it was really underrated and you guys didn’t know about them. Like some RWBY fans don’t know B.A.P and some BABYz don’t know RWBY at all so it’s saddens me a lot because there is a slim change that some of those people know about both B.A.P and RWBY at the same time.

Please understand that it was the ONLY video that I made that is so simple that I could only use Windows Movie Maker! I don’t want to be a burden and I don’t like only a few of them watching it. Plus, I just wanna support B.A.P for their “ROSE” Comeback! -_-

If you don’t know about them, then fine!

RWBY is the animated series of Rooster Teeth and B.A.P is the South Korean boy band! Are you happy now??

I’ve had enough ranting for a while. For now, give this video some likes and comments (NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS PLEASE!). And don’t forget to subscribe!



First, let me say, if seeing fat on a person bothers you, makes you squeamish or fills you with the need to send anon hate, you need to keep scrolling now.

If you’re still with me:

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One Year Of Magcon

• Cash vining together

• Matts relatable but also adorable vines

• Carter did ‘you nows’ every week

• Jacks & Jacks vines, just by looking at it you could tell they worked really hard on it

• Shawn’s covers on YouTube

• “Tips from Nash Grier”

• The boys having under a million views

• Hayes was a normal 14 year old

• There was no Madison drama

• Taylor outgoing personality and not having half of the fandom hating on him

• When they all talked to each other

• Carter was still single

• When everyone was happy

• When we never saw Matt cry

• When they weren’t pressured to do things

• Regular YouTube videos

• When they didn’t have photo shoots all the time

• When they took their own photos – Not Bryant

• They all lived at their home town

•The boys had under 100k followers on Twitter

• When Aaron and Carter did ‘you nows’ all the time

• When Nash had brown hair

•YouTube didn’t sponsor their videos

• Jack And Jack were singing to their phones and not millions of girls

• When they were all happy

• When Carter did vines with his mom

• Shawn wasn’t so big

• I miss our little secret

• I miss everything…..

I hate the media.

All these people complaing about Jordan don’t realise that he started with nothing. Before his channel started he had high plans for education but dropped out from depression and other personal reasons.

He worked hard at his channel and has always tried to make himself a good role model. The media always focuses on the money of the situation - not the struggle beforehand. Most YouTubers didn’t expect to get money, their just sharing what they love doing most, which is playing video games.
Like, are we not going to talk about KSI?? He bought a mason at the top a skyscraper, and is having a swimming pool AIR LIFTED BY HELICOPTER onto his open terrace.
Pewdiepie? Everyone complains about how much money he earns - he gives most of it to charity because he almost feels bad for having so much money he doesn’t really need.
Same for Markiplier.

No one gives media attention to the dark side. In Korea, players are literally farmed like battery chickens to be a great e-sports players for League of Legends. One man jumps off a 20-something story building when he realised the truth. Thank heavens something broke his fall and he lived..only just though.

Jordan is living his dream, but he worked his ass off for it. Everyone complaing they work their asses off too but can’t by 4.3millon mansion. Well neither could he 3 years ago!

Take it as a fucking message. Don’t take it the wrong way and sob in jealousy - take it as an insperation and keep working hard, because you will get there too some day. Perseverance will get you anywhere.