the other lips

my fave bit of the old hp ffs on were the moments where lily would be angry, go by the great lake and see a beautiful deer that she stroked and talked to about ‘stupid toerag potter’ 

Connected (Ch. 4)

Summary: How does Mandy react when she finds Ian and Mickey together?

Word Count: 1153

Notes: Gonna start Ch. 5 soon :)

It’s been a few weeks since Ian and Mickey had first came out to each other and hooked up, and though it may be crazy to say, their relationship had grown closer than ever. For anyone who thought they were close before, now knows how inseparable they really are. Luckily, neither of them come across as gay to anyone around them— they just come off as really, really good friends.

The closeted couple were currently at the Milkovich house. Terry took Iggy, Colin, and Jamie on a run, and Mandy was with some guy, probably fucking, so they finally had a house to themselves.

Atop of Mickey’s bed, the dark haired boy was straddled on top of the redhead. They were sloppily making out— twisting their tongues together and biting at each other’s lips. The only time their mouths would unlatch was so they could get some air.

Mickey started to fumble with Ian’s belt buckle. Just on que, the ginger lifted his hips so that his pants could be pulled down. Once his bottom half was bare, he took off his shirt and watched Mickey strip down. Both of their hearts fluttered as they took in the beautiful sight in front of their eyes.

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I Love You [ALEXANDER x READER] (drabble)

PAIRING: alexander hamilton X reader

SUMMARY: a short little drabble where you don’t want to get up

WORDS: 433

A/N: I was having really bad writers block so I decided to do the ten minute challenge. Basically you set a ten minute timer and write something with out planning it out first.. Hope you enjoy!!

There was nothing more serene than spending your entire day laying bed with the love of your life. Well maybe there is but for you this is all you would ever need- just him and you together. Feet tangled together, fingers tracing over the curves of each others bodies. Lips delicately pressed against foreheads and hair in your mouth as you giggled at seemingly nothing.

You could only watch as he closed his eyes again humming softly as you ran your hands through his hair and then down his spine. You repeated this motion over and over again until light snores made their way from his unconscious body. It was a rare occurrence for both of you to have the day off but when you did you made sure you were both relaxed. Some days that meant getting in the car and driving for hours on ends, others it was cleaning the house while listening to your favourites song. And then some days like today it was nothing.

It was just the two you of and the sunlight that streamed through the cracks of your blinds. Just the two of you and the sound of you feet playfully kicking each other under the sheets. Just the two of you and the love that burst out of your heart surrounding the room. You really wish everyday could be spent like this. But you were also glad. If everyday was like this they wouldn’t be as special.

“Y/N?” he mumbled eyes still closed. You couldn’t help but smile at his adorable face while he tried to go back to sleep. You hummed in response making him crack open an eye.

“You’re staring” he whispers and you blush before leaning forwards and placing a kiss on his forehead.

“You know I can’t resist. I just want this moment to be burned into my mind forever” You whisper back and let out a squeal when he wrapped an arm around you body, flipping himself onto hs back and you to rest on his lap.

“We should get up” He mumbles tiredly nuzzling his face into your bare shoulder, making you let out a laugh as you tried to push him away.

“Let’s just stay in bed,” you say his head in you hands. You two held eye contact for a couple of seconds before you spoke up again. “Please Alexander”. Alexander let out a small moan as you used his full name before pulling you onto his chest.

“Anything for you love” there was a pause in his speech, “I love you”

“I love you too”

if i had the time, energy, and confidence to pull it off every day, my signature makeup look would be a natural face (but with no undereye concealer cause thats my aesthetic), and then black lipliner in a thin line around my lips with no other lip colour. it would be slightly tacky but also butch, minimalist and ethereal all at once


you know Jughead would eventually give in to Betty anyways….xD those intense eye contact tho….