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On the topic of philosophy in Eva, I really enjoy how Evangelion uses the AT Field in the original show. You honestly think that with a name like AT Field, that its use is similar to (if not the same) as force fields in science fiction. The AT Field is a huge metaphor for boundaries, how people utilize said boundaries, + gives us insight to who the characters are in Evangelion.

The AT Field also goes under the Hedgehog’s Dilemma, if you think about it.

(More metaphorical nerding out under the cut)

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Evangelion Rebuild-Kaworu timeline theory-Mark 06/3.0

The following is my response to an eva discussion.

It contains spoilers of the 2.0 and 3.0 Rebuild movies.

Made before “Until you come to me” and the final movie.

There’s a lot of things that can be assumed happening in-between the 14 years that link to 3.0 …So , I will only suggest ideas about Mark 06 and Kaworu.

In the 2.0 ending Kaworu pilots Mark 06 and seems to have achieved freezing Near Third Impact by piercing Shinji with a Cassius spear (the spear that Kaworu Q thought was inside the Dogma along with Longinus).

He then allegedly appears in the fake 3.0 teaser trailer descending inside the dogma with Mark 06.

What happened ? It’s possible that after he stopped Shinji with one spear he descended to Dogma, entered Heavens Gate where Lilith is (like in NGE) and triggered her animation , perhaps accidentally (repeating a mistake like Q did?) Then the Near Third Impact restarts momentarily causing the Fails of Infinity and other chaos to ensue.

In 3.0 , Mark 06 is attached to the Lilith corpse in a similar way that in the NGE Rei is swallowed inside of  Lilith when becoming one.

Mark 06 is then seen in the 3.0 movie to having  pierced itself…

But that’s not what Kaworu Q tells Shinji ,nor does he mention that at some point he was the pilot of Mark 06.

Instead , he says Mark 06 used to be piloted by Lilins (something he’s not) and then made autonomous (no pilot needed!)

    So here is something to keep in mind ,Rei and Kaworu in NGE are similar. And It can be assumed that NGE Kaworu had clones much like Rei did (dummy system in Mpe Eva series say hello Asuka)

In 3.0, we have this hinted by Kaworu’s repetitive lines ‘born to meet you’ and speaking as if he knows Shinji when he hasn’t met him or his father in the known Rebuild verse yet.Coming out from a coffin on the moon ,where there are other ones who seem to have been used up already.

And like Rei Q ,Kaworu’s soul may not be all there,he may not remember all past events or why he couldn’t fix things before.

With this in mind, regarding Kaworu Q’s knowledge and failure to save the world with Shinji…

…could he have been misinformed about who piloted Mark 06 ?

   Kaworu 3.0 may have thought that the spears where there in the Dogma due to past experiences or memories. Being proved wrong when finding different ones from the ones he expects could mean that he was out for some length of time (dead). Gendo could have replaced the real spears (like the imitations the mpe Eva’s hold onto in EoE) or fooled him from the start .

And since Cassius was used in 2.0 for Unit 01 ,shouldn’t Kaworu know that?…

Unit 01 is said to be the core of WUNDER in 3.0..could it be the reason for Shinji’s assumed inability to sync with it be due to the Cassius remaining implanted on Unit 1?

Could this be the reason that Asuka and Mari know that the ‘saving the world with the Cassius and Longinus’ was a lie ? Since Unit 01 still has Cassius impaling it??

Maybe , this was part of Gendo’s agenda to trick Kaworu with both the spears and his knowledge of who is in Mark 06? Kaworu 2.0 pilots it in the end of 2 after all.

So then, in 3.0 how could it be a whole other angel coming out of Mark 06’s decapitated head?or is it 2.0 berserk angel Kaworu’s power?

When the spears get removed in 3.0

Mark 06 Activates once the spear is removed.The spear he used in the first place to assumably stop himself.(Mari i think says something about the NI3 continuing because of it.)

Lilith’s head then explodes because even though she was dead her decomposure was postponed due to the lance.Lances immobilize gods like in NGE or kill angels.

And Liliths head was in a different place.Decapitated.Could it have been all Mark 06’s doing?Kaworu kuns doing?(the head exploding was how Gendo knew things where going his way after all )

Thus , if i make it into a linear line this is how it could happen:

Adam’s soul is salvaged,the first Kaworu is made,Dss chokers are made for him and Rei, Kaworu meets Shinji,Nge events occur , Shinji kills him ,The world resets like in EoE ,Seele has prepared for Gendo’s betrayal by leaving other Kaworu’s on the moon, Kaworu’s soul is implanted into a new clone like Rei,Kaworu wakes up in Coffin on the moon.Mark 06 is already under construction process,he speaks of meeting Shinji,Meets Gendo on the moon,Descends to earth, stops Shinji with Cassius ,Goes down into Dogma ,Picks the Longinus spear from Lilith, something happens ,Near 3rd Impact from different causes is almost resumed, Kaworu inside the Mark 06 is almost fused with Lilith ,He decapitates her, that doesn’t stop her , he uses a lance on himself (and her) to immobilize Impact.

Kaworu Q out of coffin his soul may be partly in 2.0’s immobilized body, Kaworu Q remembers Shinji and wants happiness for him,Kaworu Q convinces Shinji to practise with him,KaworuQ takes on the sins,Kaworu Q ‘dies’ promising to meet again,Kaworu 4.0 wakes from coffin(2.0 Kaworu may be 4.0 Kaworu),Repeat till we find happiness.

“They plan to initiate Third Impact using the Eva series instead of the Angels. Fifteen years ago, Second Impact was intentionally Engineered by mankind, because it was the only way to minimise the potential damage, they had to reduce Adam to an embryonic state before the other Angels awoke. You see Shinji. Mankind was spawned from a Being called Lilith, just like Adam was. We are the 18th Angel, the other Angels are just different possibilities, what we could have become, they’re humans who rejected our human form, sadly we cannot coexist together, even though we are fundamentally the same creatures”


Just The Eva Essays, Please

My personal Eva Meta tag, “Neon Genesis Evangelion” is starting to grow kind of large, so I’m making a masterpost of my Evangelion Essays in one post. Other essays from other analysts will be done later. If there is something that I have missed that may have been proven or disproved, in source material (in interviews or scripts), please tell me so and I will gladly change whatever. If you are giving me a link to the source material, I ask that you please offer a safe link.

These posts have been tagged accordingly, (Asushin posts tagged with Asushin, Kawoshin tagged, Kawoshin, etc. if regarding a pairing).

Specified Character-Centric Essays

Beyond Characters: Among Other Things


Evangelion Merchandise Examples

Evangelion Pachinko: Bridal Scene



-(anything bold) just added

If the Eva-Pilots and a few others had Tumblr-Blogs.
  • Shinji: makes depressed posts, rebloggs gay porn pictures and likes all cooking recipes he get on his dashboard.
  • Asuka: Followed Shinji and Rei just because she want to tease them. Posts lots of selfies to get attention. Likes all the pictures of Mari.
  • Rei: Hasn't blogged that much because she doesn't get the order for it.
  • Mari: Makes lots of selfies with her Eva Unit and tells about every angelattack and how she wins the fights all the time. Likes all the pictures of Asuka.
  • Kaworu: Rebloggs all the gay porn pictures of Shinji, tells all the time how much he loves Shinji and makes lots of philosophical textposts.
  • Toji: Rebloggs pictures of food and selfies with Kensuke and Shinji and likes the videos of Kensuke.
  • Kensuke: Posts all his videos he makes during angelattacks and trips with the Eva Pilots and rebloggs the selfies from Toji.
  • Misato: Makes lots of selfies, too and posts pictures of her evening at work or at a bar with Kaji and Ritsuko.
  • Ritsuko: Posts lots of pictures of her cats and rebloggs the selfies of Kaji, Misato and her. Likes all pictures about science and cats.
  • Kaji: Just rebloggs selfies of Ritsuko and Misato.
  • Gendo: Doesn't have a tumblr, instead has a facebook and makes posts in which he tags Kozo in.
  • Kozo: Doesn't have a tumblr either, instead a facebook, too but doesn't understands it.

If you’re active in the Evangelion fandom, chances are you’ve encountered people saying things like “Kaworu was evil!” or “Kaworu didn’t really care about Shinji!  He was just lying in order to manipulate him!”  Many folks will be quick to say that homophobia is the reason for this, and while I certainly think that is true in some cases (it was even worse during the earlier years of the fandom), I’ve also seen plenty of instances where people are simply misunderstanding what Kaworu was doing.  Let’s face it, there are aspects of episode 24 that can be a tad confusing at first – and they somehow managed to make it even more confusing for the Directors’ Cut version! – plus The End of Evangelion isn’t exactly the easiest movie to comprehend right away, either.  With so much information overload and trippy imagery, is it really surprising that misconceptions could arise?

Today I will be trying to clear up a few things about Kaworu from the original Evangelion TV series and The End of Evangelion by examining some details from the anime, and also using a bit of info from the official book The Essential Evangelion Chronicle: Side B (The above image is a scan from the book, and as you can see from the two screenshots of Kaworu talking to Seele, it includes the Directors’ Cut.  The End of Evangelion is included in this book as well).  If you’ve ever struggled with trying to explain to others why Kaworu isn’t evil, or if you are a bit confused about Kaworu and are seeking some explanations, I hope this helps.  Keep reading for more information, plus a few more pictures!

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Evangelion Mario Kart headcanons!!:

Asuka: picks princess daisy on the mach bike because she looked up that she’s the fastest character. gets pissed whenever mari picks princess daisy (usually just to make her angry). teams up with mari.

Mari: switches between toadette and baby daisy, usually picks bikes. sometimes picks princess daisy just to anger asuka. teams up with asuka.

Rei: was originally Mario on the original kart because she figured that was the easiest and most used option. after asuka unlocked rosalina, shinji told rei that she would be a pretty cute rosalina. asuka argues that she should be rosalina but eventually mari persuades her to let rei be rosalina. teams up with shinji and kaworu.

Shinji: almost always plays as yoshi..teams up with kaworu. uses karts only.

Kaworu: plays as king boo when shinjis not around but plays as birdie when he plays with the other Eva kids because birdie is similar to yoshi, and he wants to be a pair with shinji. they also team up. uses bikes.

Toji: always plays as donkey kong. always. uses those heavy karts to knock people away. teams up with kensuke and almost always loses and fights with asuka afterwards.

Kensuke: plays as diddy kong when he’s teamed up with toji. sometimes plays as dry bones. uses the first weak bike. inks everyone when in last place.

I had a dream today .I was Kaworu and I had the most sickening feeling in my stomach.It was very lonely and Rei and I had permanent quantum status unlike in the End of Eva were it is momentary omnipotence and omnipresence.

I drew this gif so I can remember it.I found it interesting how we were just both expected to watch the world reset over and over and just stay there until we were needed again for a short moment only.

After the events of the gif I barely recall the rest, what I do remember is that there was another me, a Kaworu in the city and Shinji and other humans were trying to get to refuge before some planned instrumentality happened.The city felt asphyxiating.


As you may have noticed, I haven’t had time to post more Evangelion book reviews lately, because real life has been keeping me busy.  I will get back to doing reviews eventually, though!  To apologize for the wait, here are a few quick photos of my small collection of Evangelion plushies.  (Be sure to click on the pictures to see them in a larger size and read the captions!)  Enjoy.  ^_^

For my forty-third Evangelion book review, here is Newtype Film Book: Neon Genesis Evangelion #9, published by Kadokawa Shoten.  It is part of a series of books devoted to recapping the Evangelion story by using full color images from the anime, accompanied by some text… there’s dialogue from the scenes being shown, and sometimes little descriptions or explanations are also provided.  I’m more interested in collecting new artwork of the Eva characters rather than small screenshots from the anime, so I only bought the ninth volume, which starts with episode 23 and goes all the way to the end of the TV series (this book uses the original versions of episodes 23 and 24, not the Directors’ Cut versions).  Oh, and this book also comes with a removable dust jacket, although the artwork hidden underneath is simply a gray version of the cover art.

This book is not available in English or French, but there are plenty of pictures, and if you’re familiar with the Evangelion TV series then you already know the dialogue anyway.  However, if you can read Japanese, you’ll find that the additional descriptions have a few interesting tidbits.  For example, were you wondering what Misato was really offering when she tried to touch Shinji in episode 23?  Or were you wondering how Shinji’s heart was reacting to Kaworu’s words in episode 24?  I will get into that later in this review!  But first, to give you an idea of what this book is like, here’s a page from the episode 23 section:

Keep reading for the rest of the book review, plus a few more pictures!

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enrique-eeee  asked:

Why rei appears to shinji in ep. 1?

Such a simple question, yet so difficult to answer!  I’ll try my best though.

The scene in question is the moment when Shinji catches a glimpse of a ghostly Rei Ayanami upon his arrival to Tokyo III.  It’s one of the first striking moments of the show; from a distance, you can see a bit if an aura around her.  Also, Rei draws Shinji’s full attention for a brief moment, and then she mysteriously vanishes.  It happens so fast we tend to forget about it until much later in the series.  The conundrum, of course, is the fact that at the time Shinji has this vision, Rei is recovering in the hospital.  She can’t be in two places at once, much less without any of her injuries.  Shinji’s never seen her before, so for him to hallucinate a real person seems highly unlikely.  As a result, the evidence strongly suggests that the ghostly figure is Rei.  But how?

I’m going to draw heavily on this theory to explain her appearance from a plot perspective.  Essentially, after merging with Lilith and Adam, Rei-3 attains god-like powers and starts doing the heavy lifting of Instrumentality; namely, breaking down everyone’s egos and collecting their souls.  She’s never shown traveling from one person to another, she simply appears by their side.  Additionally, Rei is collecting all of these souls simultaneously.  Based on these facts and some clues found in the room where Rei was born relating to quarks, one can theorize that the transcended Rei-3 has some sort of quantum interaction, like a quark, allowing her to be everywhere at once.  Additionally, quarks are unaffected by the concept of time.  When we add all of this up, we can make the following claim: the godlike Rei-3 essentially steps outside of time so that she can appear before Shinji in Episode 1.  Any other ghostly appearances of this Rei-3 can also be attributed to this (such as when Rei appears before Misato before the latter’s death as if she is collecting her soul, but before Instrumentality has begun).

If we know anything about Evangelion by now, it’s that awesome plot devices (such as a quantum god Rei) aren’t included just for the cool factor; they always serve some other purpose.  As we see Rei in Episode 1, so too do we see her at the end of EoE, out in the distance over the Sea of Red.  Evangelion has always had this running theme of repetition.  Anno has said it himself: “Eva is a story that repeats.”  Kaworu alludes to it in Rebuild 3.0: “…So the beginning and the end are the same…”.  Whenever Shinji wakes up in the hospital, we see that ceiling shot over and over again.  You can see where I’m going with this.  Evangelion consistently reiterates this idea of repetition in its art, its themes, and its story.  

So to answer you, I believe that the appearance of the ghostly Rei in Episode 1, and consequently at the end of EoE, serves to reinforce this theme of repetition, and the idea that “the beginning and the end are the same”.

anonymous asked:

dude. dududdee. i'm back @ it again w the normal teenage eva kids. like the whole crew (shinji, kaworu, asuka, rei, mari, toji, kensuke) all go to the mall or something and just kinda dick around and toji snickers whenever they pass victoria's secret. but the whole time like everywhere they go kaworu n shinji r holding hands constantly in order to not lose each other in the hoard of teenagers. after they leave the mall it's raining so all of them laugh in the rain while running to (1)

shinji’s apartment and it’s pretty late at night as they run through dark streets and they run up the stairs and into the small apt, misato looks up from her phone to see a bunch of drenched teens taking their shoes off and giggling. she’s rlly glad shinj has friends so she doesn’t rlly say anything. shinji mouths “sorry” to her as they all head to his room and she just waves him off cause they’re all having fun and she knows she’s not gonna sleep very well tonight but yknow what can u do (2)

once in shinji’s cramped room, they end up playing spoons which gets up riled up but a good kind while asuka and toji start arm wrestling and misato brings them chips n snacks. eventually they end up playing mario kart and after shinji (sadly) loses the game he rests his head in kaworu’s lap and watches his friends play. they all get sleepy and sprawl out on the floor but shinji and kaworu r all snuggled up and happy bc THEY HAVE FRIENDS and everything is good and nice yes (3)

BRO these are my favorite please keep them coming aaa

also write a fanfic about this oh my gOD