the other immediately becoming so restless when he feels his once best friend's presence again for the first time in so long


Rolling over and waking from a restless sleep, your shocked to find the bed next to you empty. Well, not really shocked seeing as Michael would never come to bed until everything was off his mind. It was something you both loved and hated about your new husband; his ambition; his drive. It’s what drew you to him when he first showed up at the offices as Polly’s newfound son. You had a bet with John he wouldn’t last a week; it safe to say you were more than upset when you had to buy John drinks at the pub. Noting it was coming on two in the morning, you forced yourself out of the warmth comforts of your bed, roaming the empty halls of your big house. You weren’t surprised to see the light in his study still on. You slid the huge doors open, Michael’s head popping up when the abrupt scrapping sound pulled him from his deep concentration. He sighed when he saw you standing there in you’re billowing robe, the light illuminating you like the angel he saw you to be.

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