the other he's chugging down his starbucks like he's been thirsty for weeks

Work Out - William Nylander

“i made a lot of mistakes / crash collide into space / who’s to blame, tell me who’s to blame”

requested: yes | no

word count: 2100

warnings: cursing, struggles with body image and weight-related insults

lyrics source/what i listened to while writing this: hypocrite by cage the elephant

a/n: not gonna lie, i felt very uncomfortable writing this as someone who has struggled with body weight/image but in a different way. i hope it’s alright but if anyone has any problems with it, please let me know.

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your cheeks were burning from embarrassment and anger. people talked about you behind your back all the time; they all believed that william nylander should be with a girl who fit the typical wag mold, and not you. but this? this was fucking ridiculous.

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