the other has horns because why not


Digimon OTP Week: day 3 - fantasy au

dragonhuman!taichi magicalgirl!sora werewolf!yamato and succubus!mimi

plot: Sora and Taichi are agents of the association of licensed magical users in this universe, their main task is to investigate cases and arrest wayward/out of control magic users/magic creatures in different dimensions. Sora was a student from a magical girl academy affiliated with the association while Taichi and his little sister were taken in as children because they were accused of being “cursed” by their human community. Sora and Taichi met when they were 8, have been best friends since then and became official partners on the job when they were 17.

Yamato is one of the many werewolf children born into their respective wolfpack, his father being the leader/alphawolf. as a child, he was considered not one of the strongest, but also not one of the weakest. his many brothers frequently overshadows his presence in the family. this changes when he wanders in a random forest and gets into a fight with a girl over a grapefruit, they eventually become friends and spend the season together. he finds out that Mimi may be the last surviving succubus. however, the wolf pack needs to migrate and Mimi and yamato ultimately separate. they reunite again after several years, Yamato being the one chosen by his then dead father to inherit the status of alpha wolf. he asks her to be his fiancée, urging her to abandon her lonesome lifestyle.

Yamato reveals to Mimi that he wants to know who murdered his parents and why his little brother closest to him is missing (he couldn’t care less for his other siblings though). Their current lead are the vampires, though not much are known about them because they haven’t been active in roughly a decade, their investigation coincides with one of Taichi and Sora’s missions, that’s how they meet the first time.


  • Taichi and Yamato both have full beast versions, aka a full dragon and a full wolf mode.
  • Mimi also has a human mode, when her ears would change and her wings and horns would disappear, but she prefers not to do it.
  • Koushiro is a pixie who works in the research department.
  • Taichi’s seals (silver bands on his neck and wrists) prevent him from going haywire. red eyes indicate bloodlust and little willpower, however blood-related, Hikari doesn’t need seals.
  • Sora considers Yamato to be one of the few people Who are eye-to-eye with Taichi in terms of strength. this is based on a brawl they once had when Taichi’s seals accidentally cracked. Yamato barely kept up though.
  • Sora made Taichi’s red scarf as a commemoratory present for being appointed together as a unit/team. she said dull colors didn’t fit him, and even if Taichi never gets cold, he always wants to wear it
  • while Taichi is a fire elemental dragonhuman, Hikari is one who can heal and restore energy, at the early chapters of the story, she only works indoors of the association.
  • In the early chapters, Sora has a crush on Jyou, a merman who works in the health department. their families also know each other.
  • Sora’s magical girl outfit and wand change depending on how much strength she applies in battle.
  • Mimi’s outfit changed once she became Yamato’s fiancée.
  • there are rumors about the werewolves being a critical aspect of how the succubi were wiped out.
  • since succubi are born through a seed planted in soil, Mimi has the ability to manipulate soil and plants.
  • no one currently knows the full extent of Mimi’s strength, though it’s known that when her hair turns pink, it indicates that she’s really really mad
  • a succubus falling in love with any creature will increase the latter’s physical capabilities, whilst returning the feelings will also increase the former’s
  • Ken is a mysterious vampire who applied for a job in the association. He and Hikari often spend time together in the libraries, though not knowing much about each other
Eurovision in Valoran

 DEMACIA: Extremely patriotic songs, usually about the glory of Demacia and its people. Always dedicated to the ruling family and the army. The tune’s almost always a military march, unless Sona Buvelle headlines. Her inclusion as a Demacian singer has led to protests from Ionia as well as petitions for her to not be allowed to use the etwahl as magical music supposedly gives her a unfair advantage.

NOXUS: Demacia sings about glory, Noxus sings about conquest. Their music is actually very similar to Demacia which has occasionally led to fist fights and accusations of plagiarism. Their stage shows usually feature fight-dancing, extremely bloody special effects (real blood was banned after Vladimir got carried away and drenched the judges) and have loud, metal-rock anthems.

BILGEWATER: They run the betting books on who’ll win Valoravision. They also always predictably perform rollicking drinking songs that get the audience singing along or boisterous piratical songs. Far too often, the performers show up already drunk and stumble through their dance routine but their enthusiasm is contagious and wins the audience over.

IONIA: Their songs have a verse in each dialect/language in Ionia and their dancers meld together different styles. Their music is usually very harmonious and smooth. Cherry blossoms and little candles are considered trademarks of the Ionian performances.

PILTOVER: They have incredibly flashy stage shows with lots of pyrotechnics and fireworks. They also have very stringent security because of how often Jinx tries to show up and crash the performances. The romantic ballad performed by the debonair trio of Vi, Ezreal and Jayce was one of Eurovision’s biggest hits ever.

ZAUN: Their stage shows are as flashy as Piltover’s but their music is far more futuristic and techno-styled. Their performers frequently show up wearing masks. They’re more likely to sing love songs to technological advances than each other and there’s been debate about whether augmented/enhanced singers should be allowed to perform.

FRELJORD: Freljord music is very loud, possibly because they all have to shout during practice to be heard over the howling winds. Their music emphasizes the use of horns. They also occasionally bring animals onto stage to perform with them.

SHURIMA: The one time that they did not have bellydancers in their act, there was nearly a riot. Everyone expects Shurima to have the best dancers and the most skin on display. They have been banned from lighting incense during shows, however, and nobody talks about why.  

VOID: The Void invented screamo. Or shrieko. Nobody has any idea if they’re singing or screaming and everyone claps when they’re done just because they don’t want to be eaten. They don’t so much dance as prowl around, stalking each other. It’s a very uncomfortable experience. 

SHADOW ISLES: Mordekaiser and Yorick can shred hard but the rest of the Shadow Isles inhabitants just wail as background music, barring a few that use music to lure their prey to them. Karthus is currently banned from competing until it’s determined whether or not his music leads to increased rates of suicide. 

BANDLE CITY: They might be a little high-pitched but they have the biggest singing groups and harmonize beautifully. Their songs all have cheerful, upbeat melodies and complex melodies that they frequently sing in rounds. They’re so popular with children that they usually go first so that the kids won’t have to stay up late to watch them.

Demacia never votes for Noxus, Noxus never votes for Demacia. Piltover and Ionia both always vote for Demacia and Noxus and Zaun vote for each other. 

It’s not a real Valoravision contest unless at least one judge gets killed.

First Born Unicorn

Summary: Something mysterious has returned to the preserve, but for once it’s not dangerous.

Notes: A long time ago, someone said something about Derek Hale and unicorns, and I just couldn’t resist. Written for day three of Sterek Week 2016: Myths and Fairytales. (On AO3)

They pull up to an abandoned trailhead at the edge of the preserve and hop out of the jeep, waiting. Sure enough, it’s not long before the Camaro comes rumbling up, pulling alongside them.

Derek climbs out, frowns at them both. “What’s going on?” he says.

“There’s something new in the woods,” Scott says seriously, striding forward. “Something big, something powerful. I wanted you help us do some recon, figure out what it is.”

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I honestly believe that the hug when Star and Marco were reunited in Battle for Mewni has to be the strongest and love filled one to date. They seriously believed that they would never see each other again, they must have been so overjoyed getting back together

Yes, it’s a beautiful moment with a beautiful music. Why does Marco’s words die in his mouth? Why are they whispering. No one knows. Because they’re dorks, probably. And very very happy to have met eachother again. 

Is Marco’s initial reaction to the hug just due to the horns, or there’s some lingering awkwardness from the confession? 

We can’t know (at least yet), but it doesn’t matter, because after a moment he melts into the hug as well, and as it often happens he’s not even the first one to break it! Star might be the more touchy feely one of the two, but when it comes to hugs it looks like Marco surpassed the master (he even usually is the one to initiate the hug!)

So yeah, a 10 outta 10 hug that fits both their usual relationship, and the recent changes and events they went through, without wandering off the situation at hand: they could have talked about Star’s confession, sure, as it was an emotional moment of reunion after the bomb was dropped, but it’d have been out of place, in-universe, and it would have disrupted the flow of the episode, narratively. Hug things out first, talk them out later.

RIGHT, so as I know it, there’s a rather incorrect view of who Robin Hood was and what Robin Hood did. Which is nobody’s fault, because if you spend the last century (aye, century) pushing the Merry Good Bandit in kids’ media, of course perception of the man will change. Which is amazing, because now I get to tell you, with my usual extreme pleasure and joy, some stuff about Robin Hood: The Original Mythos. So strap up, get comfy, and get ready to hear today’s tale about how Robin Hood makes friends just like in the shonen animes of the 80s and early 90s: Fighting them to the death riverside.

We already discussed how Robin Hood became an outlaw because he killed half of Nottingham in a failed stealth section after getting denied some cash he won in a bet. We are going to skip the parts were he starts building his murderous mass of Merry Men, not forgetting to mention that they live in a mansion (”give to the poor” my ASS) in a forest and that Robin Hood cannot whistle so he has a big curved horn with him at all times, which, if blown 3 times, signals the “OH SHIT LADS” alarm and all bandits go help him. We are going directly to how he met and made allies with his famous friend, Little John.

OK SO, one time, Robin Hood had nothing to do. Roads were empty, the lads were still hung over from last night, no commotion was happening in Nottingham, it was a lazy Sunday. The problem with this is that Robin DOES NOT LIKE LAZY SUNDAYS and also that he’s a PSYCHOPATH-SLASH-OUTLAW, so his boredom puts us all at peril. Robin gets all up in a fuss and yells “THIS SUCKS I AM BORED I AM GOING TO LOOK FOR TROUBLE”, which he does, and what do you know, it’s not three damn steps out of his Murder Mansion when he runs into trouble, because if there’s something Robin’s really good at, aside from shooting sharpened death stick out of that catapult he calls a bow, is getting himself knee deep into shit by circumstance. Luck: E-

There’s this river, see, and the only thing that leads to the other side is a log. Robin wants to Get There, so he starts walking on the log, when he suddenly bumps into a wall. A wall of muscle and fear, I mean, because right in front of him, midways through, stood a giant of a man, 7 feet of hospital-filling brawn, which calls Robin’s archer eyes into question, because how do you NOT SEE a 7 feet tall monster truck made into a person in a thin fucking log. How does he even land his arrows. I retract my previous statement, he has Luck: EX.

So they are at an IMPASSE because neither can cross now. “HEY THERE fella” asked Robin. “D’you mind stepping back to the other end so I can cross?”. “I most definitely do mind, as a matter of fact” replied the beefmountain, speaking in Muscle dialect, which is when you flex your pecs and biceps in just the right way to make comprehensible English words. “Why, that’s just wonderful!” declared an ecstatic Robin. “I get to shoot you now, thanks!” because, please remember, Robin Hood is a psychopath.

But before Hoodie could nock an arrow, a big BZZZZZZZT horn stopped him. “WOAH WOAH woah man, really? Bow and arrow? Under THESE circumstances? I am in a THIN LOG and you are going to give me the Porcupine Experience with a longbow from like 4 steps away? Sounds like… And don’t take this the wrong way… Like a PUSSY thing to do, my dude.”

So Robin, who is mostly a brutish outlaw but not that dumb, realizes that if he shoots the guy here, his reputation will go to hell. You can’t have that, since PR is pretty important when you are ambiguously good. Or maybe he just didn’t like getting called a pussy. Probably the latter, the thing is, Robin says “FINE MOM” and puts the bow down, head back to his side of the log bridge, outright jumps in the shrubbery, and produces this big ass stick, since oak was aplenty in that forest and, if you have had a full and colorful childhood like me, you know oak branches hurt like a fornicators of female parental figures when used as bludgeoning utensils. The huge man, whose name was John Little, headed back to his own side of the bridge and also produced a big ass stick of his own.

Now, I want to make a very important pause here: Robin headed back. His whole purpose of prodding this giant’s ribs was because he didn’t want to head back. But he did. To accomplish his purpose of not heading back, he headed back. To fulfill his mission, he failed the mission. Do you see what I am trying to say here? MYTHOLOGY. Now, John had the perfect opportunity to, y’know, cross while Robin was playing Twister with the bushes to find his stick. John, instead, went and fetched his own stick. Why? Because John sure as hell won’t pass the luxurious opportunity to beat a tiny man to death with a club. Bottomline: Everyone in 1400s England was a dangerous psychopath.

So they are READY to play American Gladiators on nature’s own tightrope, and the showdown BEGINS. And by “BEGINS” I mean “ENDS IMMEDIATELY” because it takes John “The Undertaker” Little like 4 seconds to straight up fracture Robin Hood’s skull with his 7 feet tall muscles and send him right into the river and almost the afterlife. So John’s feeling pretty good about himself when Robin resurfaces, smiling. “What the wtf are you laughing about, mate, I CRACKED YOUR SKULL open, that’s usually not very funny for the recipient” and Robin is just like slapping his knee with childlike glee, looking up at the man. “Aw man, see, you just bashed my skull in, so there’s sixty-odd VERY PISSED outlaws in that forest right there just waiting for me to give the signal to eradicate you from this world to the atomic level by sheer number of arrows that are about to hit every part of your existence.”

John’s no longer too pleased about himself.

One of the Murderous Merry Men shouted at that point. “HEY BRO SO DO WE ATOMIZE HIM NOW OR WHEN HE STARTS RUNNING”. But Robin, see, part of Robin’s romance is that he is an unpredictable swashbuckler. “NEITHER, MY FRIEND” he yells back, and faces the uncomfortable Huge Little. 

“Hey man, I love men that can give me concussions. I’m Robin Hood, those are my bandits, we get drunk and then we rob people on the roads, wanna come and beat the crap out of people with me?”


So Robin, the creative psychopath, looked at him and christened John Little as Little John, reborn as a concussion-making machine, outlaw, and friend. Afterwards, it turns out John is also ridiculously good with the bow and arrow, around Robin’s level. Thus a beautiful bromance (and I kid not when I say there’s tons of subtext) is born.

The real moral of this story is to remind us of how human nature works: If someone can fracture your skull, you probably want them on your side. See: Gilgamesh and Enkidu, Robin Hood and Little John, Gawain and Lancelot, Goku and Piccolo, etc.

thewisekitsune  asked:

Does this mean Liliana typically has zombies intrude on the other gatewatch members? Is that why Jace is so frustrated? Because Liliana sends a mood killer zombie to ruin his fun time with Ral?

Ral and Jace are off somewhere, talking about plans for nothing in particular when a random zombie shuffles in, a blaring air horn clutched in its rigimortous grip

Ravenclaw Student: Type B

School: Can achieve if they want to but would rather focus on the things that interest them, teachers call them slackers, can get A’s without trying, reads the entire book in one night instead of spacing out the chapters for a project (then forgets about the project), asks teachers if they can turn in a short story instead of an essay (turns it in anyway, even if professor says no)

Internet: Definitely has a Tumblr but only sporadically goes on it, loves useless (but hilarious) websites, hates using a wireless mouse because they keep misplacing it

Dislikes: When somebody moves their stuff or organizes it because “now they can’t find anything because it was messy, but it was messy organized”, prefers hot chocolate to coffee, being called a Hufflepuff just bc they’re nice to everybody, being overheated, drama

Friends: Everybody (except that one Gryffindor who they inexplicably hate with a burning passion, nobody knows why)

Enjoys: Occasionally writing with a typewriter (non-enchanted) and listening to the clickity-clack, putting a lot of work into their outfit but making it look effortless, eating with a spork because it’s creative and more efficient, finger painting, being barefoot

SurprisingTraits: Actually has a lot of pressure put on them to succeed, sometimes has absolutely 0 chill even though that’s their “thing”, has crazy lucid dreams that all the other students love hearing about

Audrey Horne is a fascinating character in Twin Peaks because unlike Cooper and Truman, she has no legal obligation to find out who killed Laura. Unlike Donna and James, she has no emotional obligation to find out who killed Laura. (It’s implied Audrey and Laura were always a bit catty and cold towards each other. ) When it’s clear, in the classroom scene that Laura is dead, Audrey looks blank and indifferent and, eh, slightly smug.

So why is Audrey conducting her own investigation? Why turn into Nancy Drew? Why care this much?

Director on the DVD commentary: “I think Audrey just looks for excitement.”

[Photo: a white trans man wearing a headband with a unicorn horn and ears, with added fluffy rainbow cat ears.]

Hello! I’m Cy, a 29-year-old queer trans man. I was diagnosed almost exactly a year ago with “attention and concentration deficit” - which I think basically amounts to ADHD-PI. I’m currently on Concerta and Prozac, which has done wonders for my concentration and mood.

I’m telling my story here because I think it’s a great example of why ADHD awareness and acceptance is sorely needed. I was a hyper, forgetful, impulsive little kid - I was almost constantly in trouble for something or other, and being grounded was a regular part of my childhood. I wasn’t necessarily a “bad” kid, it was just that I did a lot of things without thinking. But I was an okay kid in school - I didn’t leave my seat, I could be quiet, I could at least pretend like I was following directions… I’d forget my homework a lot, though, and I was often up late trying to finish things, or scrambling to get assignments done the day they were due. But I was smart! Smart enough that I could get by with missing assignments or forgetting about a test I needed to study for, because the things I did remember and could concentrate on, I did well on. To be fair, I didn’t exactly have the best motivation to correct any of this - not only could I get by doing what I was doing, but I was aware that constantly doing well would raise people’s expectations, and that just wasn’t something I wanted to deal with. The things I did well on were things that were easy for me, and I learned to simply avoid the things I had problems concentrating on; procrastination became a defense mechanism to avoid the utter frustration of subjects I just could not grasp.

I was teased a lot as a kid, too. I looked funny, I’d say the wrong things, I’d mix up my words, I’d cry at the drop of a hat… I was an easy target. When I was 14…I snapped. At the beginning of 8th grade, I’d sort of made friends with this one girl, but a few weeks in, she’d ditched me for the Cool Kids. It wasn’t the first time something like that had happened to me, but these Cool Kids were a group that bullied easy targets like myself, so she joined in. I ended up smacking her with my sweatshirt and running off to the end of the blacktop. That incident put me into anger management, which was the first place that the possibility of ADHD got brought up.

The therapist there gave me like a 10-question screening test, and I knew it was for ADHD. But the thing is, my understanding of ADHD was that it was what you called boys who couldn’t sit down and shut up. It was a “bad kid” disorder, and I didn’t want to be a “bad kid,” so I downplayed a lot of my struggles. Of course I have trouble finishing assignments and paying attention in class - I’m an athlete! I have swim practice every night! It wears me out! Oh yes, I’m doing fine in school - when I struggle, it’s because I just don’t want to pay attention. It’s all my own fault, really! I could do better! I’d internalized a lot of ableist rhetoric that blamed my struggles on voluntary behavior, and I’d found plenty of other reasons to excuse my inability to do what I was supposed to.

The therapist still found that I was “borderline ADD.”

After that, I used it as a joke, a coping mechanism. But it started becoming less and less of a joke as I started becoming more and more aware of my inability to manage things that seemed so easy for everyone else. By the time I was 20 or so, I was seeing a counselor at the community college I attended. I’d learned a bit more about ADHD and realized how much it resonated with me. I brought up the possibility to the counselor.

“I’m not going to give you the diagnosis,” she said, “because you’re too smart.”

Too smart. Me, who got a passing grade in pre-calc out of pity, who tried to go off to college only to be forced to drop out two months in because I’d lose my sports scholarship due to my poor grades, who kept having to drop at least half my classes every semester at community college because I just couldn’t keep up, who had almost nothing else to do but school and still ended up writing 3-page papers mere hours before they were due… Yeah, I managed to get by, but it was such a difficult, frustrating, exhausting existence… It devastated me, to be honest. By then, I knew she was wrong. I knew this was a part of me, a part of my struggles, but I felt like I couldn’t claim it because I wasn’t struggling enough - I was “too smart,” so I should be able to think my way out of this. I obviously just need more self-discipline, a better diet, better sleep…

I tried everything I could think of to manage my symptoms, but I couldn’t stick to a routine, and I had little to no motivation to do what I needed to do. It was too easy to make excuses for myself.

With my partner’s help, I did manage to actually complete my BA at the age of 27. I majored in psych, and for my final class, I did my paper on ADHD. I talked about the neurobiological components, the expression of symptoms across types, age groups, and genders, and the strides that have been made in understanding it from various perspectives.

Several months later, I had an appointment with a psychologist - somebody who was actually my age, who had the same modern understanding of it as I did. I told her of my struggles, of the “maybe, but no"s I’d gotten, of my understanding… I wasn’t even in school anymore, but even with a part-time job, I couldn’t get my butt in gear to do what I needed to. I’d spend hours playing sudoku or scrolling through tumblr, knowing full well I could be doing things I needed to do (like hunt for jobs…) or even other things I wanted to do (like write or draw or…literally anything else). I felt like a mess.

And she listened. She got me scheduled for a proper assessment and came back with the results, and that was it. A few months later, I was on Concerta (I got lucky that the first thing they tried worked beautifully for me) and I finally felt like I was in control of myself.

I’m still trying to get the right dosage, but I’m so much better now than I was. At this point, I know I wouldn’t be who I am without the struggles I went through, and as much as it frustrates me that it wasn’t treated sooner, I actually wouldn’t change the course of it. But I still don’t think it’s right that I had to go through that, and I don’t think it’s right that anybody else has to go through that. Nobody should be made to feel like their struggles aren’t real, like all their misery and frustration is self-inflicted. Nobody should have to fight tooth and nail to meet “okay” when they know they have the potential to be so much greater.

So for ADHD Awareness Month, I’d like to say: your struggles are real and valid, no matter your age, grades, or gender.

Meet my newest mermare, Fata Morgana. She’s named after a very bright type of sea mirage which I think is pretty fitting seeing how shiny she is.

Anyway she is a curious mermare and likes to explore just about everything. Her favorite thing to do is turn herself into a land pony ( I’ll be drawing that tomorrow) and watch storms on the sea from her beach. Though she also enjoys watching the ships go out to sea and sunsets, too. Although she is rather talkative with her own kind she fears land ponies and tends to run away from those who try to speak with her (back into the ocean if she can do so without said ponies seeing her flee).

Like her name sake (the Morgana part anyway) she has powerful, transformative magic. Not only can she change herself into a land pony but others as well and has the power to manipulate objects to create new things. One of her favorite things to make is jewelry out of the coins she finds in shipwrecks - perhaps a trifling use of her powers but she believes it’s worthwhile. 

 I made her middle forehead gem shaped like a horn. Why? Because I like the aesthetic of crystal horns. At least it’s shaped like a kind of shell.  


So I was searching up Poros, and reading stuff on the wiki and just… this information: 

A group of Poros is called a fluft.

Poros are equal parts truth, valor, and innocence.

Poros have a heart-shaped underbelly because they’re made of love.

A poro’s horns perk up when it’s excited and droop down when it’s scared.

Poros paddle through deep snow with their front paws.

Poros stick their tongue out because they are incredibly warm (hot, in fact). This is why they can survive the harsh cold environment of the Howling Abyss.

Vel'Koz has noted that the intelligence of people drops in the presence of these creatures.

Also there’s this story of how the poros came to be creatively: 

“While wrapping up the Howling Abyss, the entire team was on the lookout for something to balance out the Abyss’ cold, serious atmosphere. Unlike our other maps, the Howling Abyss had a very structural, linear cadence–it was literally a bridge without any fantasy elements, which didn’t feel very League. To counter this, the whole team brainstormed about cute and fun things we could add that would remain true to League and not take away from the map’s epicness. It was sort of tricky because whatever we added had to be noticeable without being too distracting–we didn’t want players confusing our little critter for a minion or monster they should kill! We wanted to create something furry that looked like it could survive through harsh weather, so RiotEarp looked to mountain goats, reindeer, and polar bears for inspiration. He sketched the initial poro concept art based on a cuter version of all of those things and we ran with it! Howling Abyss is the coldest and harshest place in all of Runeterra, so you can think of poros as the manifestation of whatever warmth, happiness, and love that still exists.

After RiotOtown modeled and textured the very first poro, he and RiotCaptainLx decided to add a super huge tongue because the little guy reminded them of a puppy. Then, during the animation phase, RiotCaptainLx took it a step further and had the poro lick its whole face in one shot! With the tongue mechanic in place, he also animated the poro to run around panting with its tongue hanging out. We totally agreed that poros should pant just like that–they radiate with love, so they’re extremely hot despite the Abyss’ bone-chilling temperatures”!

In conclusion, poros radiate love, they’re equal parts truth, valor, and innocence…

And a gathering of poros is called a fluft. A. Fluft. A FLUFT. 

I want ten flufts of poros please. 

anonymous asked:

angel? why angel?

Because in the exile part they mentioned dragons,demons and angels beside Fenghuangs. 

They said beside Huang Hua’s people that the others were extinct.

But now we got a demon.

So we could get one of the other two.

And while dragon seems cool, what she does with the crystal is more like an angel thing.

The Oracle also has features of a dragon,demon and angel. It feels like a big hint.

Granted, I am ignoring the fact Leiftan tells Vy to call him an angel. He is no angel with those horns. He’s in denial.

paintbrushcollector  asked:

!!! you read cucumber quest too?? ahh so glad to find another reader :-)

*fingerguns* I actually have a theory on it I’m rather proud of, though certain recent developments (“Steve” referring not only to NK but a separate entity) make it more interesting.

Additions I would make to the linked theory considering the revelation of Steve:

  • Steve was apparently in Besty’s “home”. When they emerge from the drain, Steve clarifies they’re now in Dreamside. This supports the idea that NK, Steve, and the Dream Oracle are not from Dreamside, but from this other world.

  • Said other world is “not much to remember”, suggesting it was utterly destroyed. And Steve wants revenge- he was also, seemingly, inside of a casket when Besty found him. Suggesting, entirely outside of the Dream Oracle’s sealing NK, something else took Steve out.

  • Steve just from what we’ve seen, seems pretty hard to anger. If he’s looking for revenge- and Besty, who’s an absolute sweetheart and generally “wouldn’t hurt a fly” disposition, not only doesn’t blame him but cheerfully and knowingly wants to help him- it suggests he has a dang good reason. I think “home dimension utterly destroyed/rendered into an empty void” would suggest that.

  • And now we have our studio version of NK, which… okay I have to linger on the fact that Pumice-verse NK has both our NK’s horns and Steve’s horns- the short angular ones and the wider swoopy ones, one on top of the other. He also seems to have both eyes and a mouth (though the eyes are kind of. under sunglasses (??))

  • We very likely have a smoking gun on why NK doesn’t remember his childhood, if I’m right and he does have amnesia: because the original, let’s call him Nightmare Steve- pretty much got hacked in half somehow and we’ve only been dealing with half of the “Real” nightmare knight. It’s also quite possible that NK is unaware of Steve- but Steve is aware of NK, so he might be the half that got all the prior memories.

  • Conversely, NK is the one with all the power. Steve is also powered by fear, but Besty suggests Steve is weak, reinforced by the fact that Steve seems locked around Carrot’s size, compared to NK who can at a whim be the size of a building. 

  • This would suggest entirely outside of Glitchmaster’s Disaster Master rebellion, NK is in serious trouble- because he might not even remember GSE exists, but they’re very likely to be out to get him, and Steve, who is aware, doesn’t have the power to do anything. |

  • It raises a question of if DO was also bifurcated and there’s a different version of her running around. If that is the case, I would expect DO is the “Steve” of the pair- all the memories, but none of the power. However, it does seem like DO is quite strong- Mezzo is huge, and it takes a rather beefed up NK to blast a hole in him, and he’s still just fine afterwards. Just because we haven’t seen DO exert herself much doesn’t mean she’s powerless, especially when the Dream Sword appears to be her creation and she was able to entomb NK and the “new” Disaster Masters in the stones.

  • …Throwaway bonus thought here, but I wonder, if NK’s abilities are powered by fear, are DO’s powered by belief? If she’s been holding back against NK and potentially, manipulating or undermining her own heroes- that would even suggest she’s weakening herself as time goes on, which might explain why even when she’s genuinely concerned (as she was when the Noise Blaster fired) she doesn’t intervene- she might have lost a lot of power, and the attitude she keeps up to stop people from questioning her might be making it worse, especially the more she seems to “not care enough to intervene”. 

Also I have a vague idea for a fic or a comic? I don’t know if I’m capable of doing a comic at this point but it would be Nightbeat getting curious and borrowing Nautica’s wrench again, and turning the beam that cancels out attention-deflectors on Rung at Swerve’s, wondering if he might be some sort of natural attention deflector.

The results are spectacular.

At first Rung is confused, wondering why everybody is staring. Then somebody points out that he has five eyes. And horns. And he’s even more confused, until he looks at his hand, sees claws, and starts screaming because OH GOD WHAT? WHAT????!!!!

I like the idea of Rung being a secret eldritch thing without even knowing it. When the beam’s off him all the weird stuff disappears again, like, it literally stops existing and can’t be touched. Some sort of quantum bullslag, Nautica explains- it’s only physical while it’s being observed.

This probably has other consequences but for now just a fun monster!Rung idea.

I’ll try to draw more of this later.

okay, so the reason the “french horn” emoji is

1. with all the mail emojis and not with the other instruments

and 2. doesn’t look exactly like a modern-day horn

is because it is meant to be a postal horn

which was used (mostly) in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to signal the arrival or departure of a post rider or mail coach, hence it’s place with all the mail emojis

this has been an emoji PSA, from a horn player who is tired of people asking why the french horn emoji “has legs”

thank you.

Not too hot on everyone trying to make a one-to-one connection between the Hogwarts and Ilvermorny houses.

As far as I can tell they refer to different parts of the human experience- they ask about a different part of what makes you, you.

Like; Hogwarts has a high focus on traits- whether you’re loyal or brave or cunning or wise. It’s how you come across to other people and how you want other people to see you. Hogwarts houses are more of an adjective than a noun. And it makes sense- that’s how it was formed. The four founders chose their house expectations based on what traits they wanted to nurture in young witches and wizards.

But Ilvermorny is different. Their houses ask more of what you are than who you are. The Ilvermorny houses want to get down to what kind of person you are at your core, they pinpoint how you act. In a way it’s a more solid association with your identity, it gives instant insight to your character in a completely different way than Hogwarts houses do. It’s more of a noun than an adjective. In the founding Islot and James and Webster and Chadwick chose their favorite beast- one that they see themselves in, in one way or another. The houses nurture the behaviors of witches and wizard.

There is a strong sense of self for Ilvermorny- and more importantly choosing who and what you are for yourself. The sorting ceremony allows for a student to possibly be accepted into all four houses, but the decision of what kind of witch/wizard they want to be is ultimately up to them. Whether a healer or a warrior, an adventurer or a scholar.

It’s easy to see the differences when you really look at what houses you are in. It’s like- your Ilvermorny house is how you act and your Hogwarts house is why you act that way. I personally am a ravenclaw and a pukwudgie- so it could be said that my actions are healing and driven by my heart because of my wits and the desire to understand and learn from other people. Or maybe you’re a gryffindor and a horned serpent- it could be said that you pour over your research and endlessly seek controversial knowledge because you know that someone has to do it and you’re brave enough to face possible social and political repercussions if it means your work could one day save lives. Let’s do one more- a hufflepuff and a wampus- it could be said that you fight against the evils of the world (or perhaps are in constant battle with your own mind) because you value your relationships and strive to form more lasting bonds and keep the promises that your loyalty describes.

Instead of comparing Ilvermorny to Hogwarts how about we all talk how wonderful they work together to further describe and define the human experience.

Houses and Their Correlations


A Slytherin amplifies their ambition by:
WAMPUS- thinking about how they will get to their goal, the feeling of accomplishment, and the battle to get there.
HORNED SERPENT- what tactics they use to achieve their ultimate goal. they think about their theories and test them in ways others haven’t, which will carry them to their destination.
THUNDERBIRD- thinking about who inspires them and makes their ambition more powerful. they think about the dreams of others and why they fuel ambition. the consideration of the souls of others makes the thunderbird and the ambition kept deep in their hearts makes them a slytherin
PUKWUDGIE- thinking about what has hurt them in the past or the backstory to what they’re trying to achieve. basically, they think about WHY this is happening and put their whole heart into their ambition.
A Gryffindor amplifies their bravery and determination by:
WAMPUS- thinking about their past actions and how they have gotten to other places in the past, which gives them courage and hope.
HORNED SERPENT- what tests they can run to take their philosophies and turn them into the courage and determination they desire to succeed.
THUNDERBIRD- they base their bravery on mistakes and things they’ve learned. they are brave because you know the consequences, but go for it anyway. that’s what makes them a true gryffindor. they learn from people around them and use that to apply to the things they feel feel in their soul. that makes them a true thunderbird.
PUKWUDGIE- a gryffindor and pukwudgie mix evaluates what the feelings are behind their bravery. their heart and feelings that create wants and needs are what makes them a true pukwudgie, and their pursuit of bravery makes them a true gryffindor
A Hufflepuff amplifies their patience and loyalty by:
WAMPUS- the fight to show their loyalty through patience and dedication.
HORNED SERPENT- how their brain sees their beliefs and values. through ethics and non-bias, they will achieve.
THUNDERBIRD- evaluating how others’ kindness has inspired them. they think about everything they can to make it feel right between them and others, but they need a bit of inspiration and insight before they can begin that process.
PUKWUDGIE- the extent of their loyalty, patience, and determination. they ask themselves “why do I work so hard for this?” and their answer fuels them to succeed.
A Ravenclaw amplifies their wisdom, creativity, and originality by:
WAMPUS- how and what they have done to have gotten closer to achievement. mostly thinks about what they DID do and what’s next.
HORNED SERPENT- taking what they already know and value and taking advantage of that by making new information.
THUNDERBIRD- taking inspiration from others and thriving upon it to create something new and spectacular that is also original. also, they acknowledge that they don’t know something and will set off to find out and search the unknown.
PUKWUDGIE- assessing how the world around them feels and the feeling of knowledge. as pukwudgie/ravenclaw mixes enjoy the feeling of knowledge and definitely don’t prefer the feeling of not knowing things, they take this and related it to their creativity and wisdom.