the other gif set about them all being big queens is coming later

Adorable Clint is my favourite Clint - but you’ve gotta have some sass in there or else it’s just not cricket. Anyway, this was requested by about 3 different people - @hawkmarta, @carleyynicole, and @thepurplephoenixfeather. I combined them into 1 long fic to try and reduce the number of requests I’ve got. Hopefully, I’ve done alright. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt[s]: Well,i asked for a sassy Clint….Other avengers caught reader and Clint together having a cute/lovely moment,but Clint still stays sassy to others…. 

Can you write a oneshot where Y/N, a very close (and very rich) friend of the Avengers takes the time to clean up after them (after battles like AOU), and help people? Maybe avengers asking her to go eat with them and learning about her habits? 

About the clint imagines, could you do one where the other avengers set them up, like they trap them somewhere together until they confess their feelings or something???


The Avengers always returned from battle looking weary. Yet their faces lit up when they saw you. Always there, always waiting.

You’d practically wandered off of the street into their lives but you never intended to be as close to them as you were now. Nobody ever imagined themselves being an asset to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. However, you were the best asset they had. After Natasha taught you how to fly a Quinjet, you were there after every battle.

And even when you were back at the tower, you nursed wounds, made sure they ate, even bossing them about a bit if it meant they all got the proper care.

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