the other didnt get one of the lines


honestly i dont even really know how to begin this like??? i feel like i have so much to say it was just the best day of my Entire Ugly Life. im so honored i really am it was just the most beautiful experience ever nd also so funny lkafsfsa i can’t wait to share with you !! 

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B.A.P in Frankfurt 2017!

A quick recap what happened:
• Intro by DJ B-Shoo (even the DJ is handsome af whut)
• B.A.P introduced themselves in German!
• “Du bist heiss” (“You are hot”) - Moon Jongup, 2017
• “Was geht?!” x2 (“What’s up?!”) - Yoo Youngjae, 2017
• We’ve been mispronouncing Zelo’s name this whole time, it’s actually “Yelo” lol
• It was so cute
• B.A.P slayed visuals + vocals left and right
• They sound so good live whoa
• Daehyun killed those high notes!
• If anyone ever criticises Yoo Youngjaes dancing then they’ve never seen him dance
• Kim Himchans eyes and stares and his whole charisma just wow!
• After a few songs they “opened up” a Babyz Lounge on stage and Zelo invited a female fan in the lounge
• He asked about her name, age etc and they cheered
• He asked her to be his gf (in Korean) and then said “From now, I’m your boyfriend” in English (I would’ve fainted omg boi!!)
• They did a love shot!
• He spilled a bit …this dork lol
• They took a (or a few) picture(s) together ft. Bartender Daehyun
• The fan got the SD card of the cam
• They did a love shot again!!
• Bartender Daehyun representing all Babyz by throwing a disapproving glance at Zelo lmao
• Zelo hooked arms with her when he walked her off the stage
• Oh Choi Junhong why u gotta do this TT
• Then the concert continued
• They had fine af outfits, like really elegant and they looked like angels!
• They sounded like angels too omg
• And moved like Angels
• B.A.P confirmed Angels
• Yongguks smile irl omg!!
• Youngjae and Jongup doing those bodyrolls and killing like every fan at the venue, thank you
• Later on they were dorks playing with a towel lol (I think it was those two, I couldnt see so well :c)
• Water guns!
• There were confetti (ok not confetti, paper…confetti thingies) machines too!
• It was LIT!
• Zelo and another member (couldnt see who) threw their towels full of sweat into the crowd
• Sources say that Yongguk said “Thank you” to every single fan at the high-touch event (which were like at least 600 fans)
• It was purely amazing and unforgettable!
• They all said they’d come again!

About the fans:
The Babyz I met there were super nice, I was supposed to go with friends but they arrived way sooner than me and I didnt find them and was very confused where to go and what to do, so when I asked another fan she came with me and helped me get my stuff (an album + poster) and figure out where to go. When I was standing in line (still no sight of my friends), I made friends with 5 other fans (of one which I already met when we were searching for the venue) and we enjoyed the concert together and had a great time!
The people there were really nice and it made the concert even more amazing! I’ll go again the next time they’re here!
(And then I’ll bring gifts too! There were boxes for gifts for the group and individual members, but I didn’t know so I didn’t bring anything ㅠㅠ)

its amazing ive been compulsively playing with fire since i was a little kid but the only times ive had to get medical treatment for burns were completely unrelated to that

like one was me accidentally spilling boiling water on myself at age 6, and i remember blisters and having to get both arms bandaged, but i dont remember how extensive it was, and they treated it well and i didnt pick at my skin back then so the scars faded ages ago. and the other time was just from me tripping and knocking my arm against some extremely hot metal from a stove in a buffet line

Last year I worked at a grocery store. It was a Saturday and I had a long line of people at my register. This woman is up next, but she tells me she still needs to get some cigarettes. She is a regular so she knows that my cigarette machine is broken so she goes to another register to ask cigarettes. Asking cigarettes takes a long time, so I thought I had plenty of time left to let the lady after her pass because that lady had only one item. I scan the item and she pays me. But just as I give her the receipt then the first woman came back with her cigarettes and she gets all mad at me for letting the lady behind her go first (even though it didnt take any extra time!??!!) She than starts calling me names, she even shouts at the other lady, making a big fuss and losing even more time ?? This was the first time a client was that pissed at me. I apologized with tears in my eyes. Other clients in the line told the woman to not be so f***ing rude. 

ok so a lot of people are wondering if apollo would sit at the zeus table or the apollo table or what cabin he’s in and I’m just like

  • imagine him walking into the apollo cabin and just kind of expecting to become the leader/cabin counselor, cause he’s their dad, right? and he’s a god. by all means he should be.
  • and will’s just like “no? you have to earn that spot”
  • so now will is officially the boss of his own immortal father, and has no problem telling him to clean his bunk or to please just stop singing already
  • imagine apollo incessantly teasing his kids about their crushes and giving them horrible pickup lines/poems to use
  • and ok theres S O M A N Y other good things too
  • apollo bonding with each of his kids and getting to know them better
  • apollo helping out in the infirmary and using ancient techniques even will didnt know
  • telling will how proud of him he is and how impressed he is by his healing abilities and how he hasnt had this good of a healer since asclepius
  • apollo giving lessons down on the archery range and being super patient with the younger campers or the ones struggling
  • at first he really wants to lead the campfire songs and he gets kinda cocky about it
  • but then he decides its more fun to sing with his kids and feel like a family
  • (eventually he gets his solos, though. he’s literally the god of music, he deserves them)
  • he makes an effort to learn all of his kids names and all their interests and stories and basically everything about them
  • really he takes this as an opportunity to be a good father to them and make sure they know theyre loved and hes proud of them

i just have a lot of feelings about apollo and his kids okay

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rfa + v and saeran, mc has a gaming channel and allows them to be in one of her gaming series!


- yoosung knew entering the relationship you had a gaming channel
- he loved to watch your videos so much
- he always secretly wanted to be in a series with you since you did some with your other friends
- when you picked up a copy of skyrim to play for your channel, you decided to ask him
- skyrim was a fantasy-looking rpg game where you got to design your own character and hoard all of the items you possibly could, of yoosung’s favorite things
- he was so excited to be in the series and wanted to make a good impression so he wore a nice outfit
- you two spent an hour in character creation trying to make sure your character was perfect
- when yoosung saw the dragon he grabbed the remote thinking he was going to be able to kill it
- although he didn’t get to, he kept playing with hope that he would
- yoosung’s favorite part was the combat. yours was stealing as many of someone’s stuff until they noticed and jumping off the cliffs to see if you would die.
- you guys have so much junk in your inventory that you can’t run
- it’s worth it though
- when you go in the mountains, yoosung runs bask and forth so he can hear the sound of the snow beneath your character’s feet
- you steal some armor and thankfully DONT DIE
- it makes combat and missions much easier
- you two got so into it that you played for over five hours and took up all the space on your camera

- jumin never really played video games growing up
- once he started dating you, he liked to watch you play the games for your channel
- you got so into it. when you beat a level, you cheered and hollered around the house; when a character you really liked died, you snuggled up into his chest and cried about how unfair it was.
- he wanted to feel emotions like that when playing a game, too
- you kept a lookout and you picked up a copy of until dawn
- you heard that the story was very good, the characters were enjoyable, and quick-time events kept you on your toes
- all of your viewers had requested ur so WHY NOT
- you gave your subscribers a disclaimer that jumin had literally never played video games before
- he eventually got the controls, after a lot of explaining
- jumin liked the idea that the choices you made could make or break your ending
- he became very emotionally invested in protecting emily at all costs
- “people misunderstand her, just like some people misunderstand me.”
- :(
- he hates mike though, so much so that he refuses to play when control is switched to him
- “any man who would trick a woman like that is not a pal of mine”
- the both of you have an argument about whether or not jess should really undress in sub-zero weather
- “jumin, she’ll freeze to death” “you know just as well as i do that when you need to have sex, it doesn’t matter where you are!”
- touché
- jumin has you do the quick-time events
- you guys play daily and it takes you only a week to finish
- “that ending SUCKED-”
- he actually CRIED
- jumin chill
- lowkey me too though

- zen has only ever played lolol once or twice at yoosung’s place
- he’s never been into them but he says if you find him a REALLY good game he’ll reconsider
- you decide on the walking dead game bc zombies
- the killing of the zombies gameplay isn’t particularly hard but the storyline and characters are a+, according to the online reviews
- zen is excited to be on camera and he hopes that “your fans don’t faint at the sight of him”
- he makes really snarky comments whenever the character you have to control, lee, says something “stupid”
- “lee you just killed him with a shotgun why would he answer you”
- he hates lilly and larry so much, because according to him “they’re a more outright aggressive version of jumin”
- he likes how all the dialogue options and the choices you make affect the game in small ways later
- he cries every time clementine gets upset
- the ending has him totally dumbfounded and he can’t speak for a solid five minutes
- “zen?”
-“…..i can’t believe this…..”
- “zen, are you okay?”
- he literally breaks down into a sobbing mess, and turns his chair away from the camera
- “you got me, mc,” he chuckles as you wipe tears from his cheeks, “i’ll play more games with you”
- he literally doesn’t shut up for the next month about what an injustice the ending is and how he’s going to write the company just to tell them that

- jaehee is a little experienced in gaming but not like you
- however, she finds a copy of murdered: soul suspect in the discount bin at the store and finds it so interesting that she has to buy it
- you see her installing it on the game console after you get home from a jog and your jaw DROPS
- “JAEHEE!!!! Do you know how long I’ve been looking for that game in the stores?”
- you get so excited that you set up your camera and audio and everything
- “wanna be on my channel?”
- jaehee eagerly nods - this could be a chance to experience something new and exciting, with her girlfriend too!
- she finds the intro video so COOL but it ends up being really sad and makes her cry
- she’s in love with ronan because he’s so cynical but is just trying to help people
- the enemies are so hard to beat and it takes her around half an hour to kill only three
- the game has historical background and she LOVES IT
- the game ends up being really spooky so she snuggles up to you in case she needs hugs
- which she does. many times.
- “jump scares, i can’t help it!”
- when the mystery is solved, she cannot BELIEVE who did it
- it was so unexpected and NOT who she thought it was in the end
- “mc that game is evil why did i do this to myself”
- good question, jaehee
- your fans love jaehee because they literally have almost all the same reactions she did

- saeyoung has played almost every game known to man so when he tells you he wants to play a game with you for your channel, you are SO lost as to what game to play
- you just got a copy of the new game “the sims 4” so you pitch the idea to him
- “i’ve played the sims 3!” he exclaimed. “i should be so good at this.”
- you guys boot up the game after downloading a bit of custom content first
- you decide to design a married couple to start as
- saeyoung puts up the body thickness, muscle, head size, and ear size as high as they can go and the feet and hands as low as they can go. he makes the guy bald with thousands of tattoos and thick rimmed glasses, and puts him in a speedo-looking outfit. his name ends up being “billy bob omelette”
- you actually take time and put effort into the female character. you name her scarlett and damn is she gorgeous.
- you move them into an empty lot so you can build your own house
- billy bob is a secret agent and scarlett is an at-home author
- for some reason saeyoung finds it funny to make them pee their pants
- “they just look so sad doing it”
- he begs you to make the title of scarlett’s book be “but that’s none of my business”
- he insists on lavishly decorating their house even though you only have $15,000 left in funds
- he likes to fish or dig in the stones for treasure and collectibles
- he tries to tell you this fake story about how they worship the llama God which is why it’s on everything, but little does he know you’re a lowkey sims nerd too, and you know his story is fake
- you let him have this victory, though
- you run to the bathroom for five minutes , telling him to make sure the camera doesn’t fall over
- you come back to find that scarlett has died of overexertion
- “saeyoung! what did you do??”
- “…..i made them woohoo ten times….”

- your subscribers are always asking you to feature your boyfriend v in a series with you and you finally oblige
- you get life is strange because it has a seemingly interesting story, plus it seems to have quite a bit of photography references that he’ll appreciate
- well my pal, he did more than just APPRECIATE them
- after the mention of daguerreotypes, he gave you a twenty minute lecture on daguerre and other famous photographers
- he takes every opportunity to get the optional photos and even rewinds so he can pretend to have a photo shoot
- “warren, step aside, for i am King of The Nerds”
- of all characters, v likes the non-centric ones (like juliet, dana, trevor, and logan)
- the plot line has him literally shook
- he treats the characters like he knows them in real life
- “how dare you victoria i could’ve taken that unflattering photo of you but i DIDNT and this is how you repay me?”
- the end literally kills him and he ends up crying into your shoulder
- “it’s not fair, mc….”
- it’s okay v, we know
- you get him a shirt that says “ready for the mosh pit, shaka brah” and he doesn’t take it off for a week

- you want to help saeran get over his nervousness to talk to people and be on camera
- you figure that having him be on a series for your gaming channel will help
- it’ll help him be more comfortable and you’ll get to play a good game, two birds with one stone
- you pick the wolf among us because it’s by telltale, your favorite game company
- saeran is nervous in front of the camera at first but you hold his hand and reassure him that you’re here for him
- he appreciates the humor of the game and finds it hysterical that the characters are such assholes but don’t even realize it
- he also likes that the story is modern fairy-tales
- “i’ll have to tell saeyoung these jokes”
- snow and bigby remind him of you him and himself; you’re snow, the beautiful, optimistic badass and him, the guy who may appear scary on the outside but isn’t on the inside
- his favorite character is toad because his voice is so funny it makes all his jokes 10x funnier
- he really enjoys solving the mystery and trying to put the clues together in his head
- the person who did it is not who he expected at all and it has him confused
- he gasps at what he calls “plot twists” every five minutes
- it’s kind of adorable how he’s gotten so into the game that he forgot about the camera
- his gasp at the end of the game is so loud you’re sure that you’ll have the police called on you
- “mc, what the fuuuuuuuck”
- he buried his face into your stomach
- “please tell me there’s a season 2” “unfortunately not yet” “UGHUGHUGHUG”

the validity of my experiences are nothing compared to those of a nine year old, i am sorry of course i am, i dont ever choose to let people down you know? i just did not like the match up my life has been ruined by severe anxiety like this since i was 11 but every year of that every ounce of suffering that has ruined my life pales in comparison to what this 9 year old must be feeling because we didnt play mario kart with him. that response is fucking evil because everything i could possibly try to say to explain why that response was upsetting can be nicked by “i just wont ask you to do it again” she said other stuff too all of which was just, your problems do not come before my childs problems you get no sympathy despite the fact that you want to die i, fucking loathe that mom attitude no one is allowed to reproduced its cancelled line up for your tube tying


Agent Washington Stimboard/Moodboard/Aesthetics

Credits: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

there’s a soldier’s chorus on the other side (you lay your head on my shoulder and maybe we cry)

Summary: A month later, they’ll be at a stakeout, eleven pm with the bag of sour gummies being passed between them and Amy tricks herself into believing that things are different again when Jake says, “So I told Sophia I loved her,” into the coldish car air. 

Amy swallows and feels the sugar granules coating the gummie in her hand dig against her skin. “Oh,” she says.

“And then she dumped me,” he adds, muttered against the car window, and Amy wonders what different is supposed to mean when they still tell each other everything and a half.

so anyway ive had this half done for literally a million years and i didnt want to study nutrition so i finished it and its terrible and half proofread and i really need to stop hurting jake but. here it is. i used that one line from hamilton in the title because i really like it and weirdly it felt right God knows tbh anyway anyway. immediately post defense rests: amy looks out for her best friend when he gets his heart broken (again), and it’s all sorts of different and normal at the same time. pls give feedback and i love u all xx

His skin is warm where her fingers press, curled underneath the damp material of his dress shirt. Amy shifts her feet against the tiled floor of the bar, presses them further apart to give herself a more solid center of balance, and eases her partner’s weight against her shoulder.

“Thanks, Hank,” she tells the bartender quietly. Hank’s expression has gone from exasperated to sympathetic. A crease appears between his eyebrows as he looks at Jake, who mumbles, “’M fine,” at the general direction of the chair opposite to them.

“Take it easy, kid,” says Hank, clapping a hand gently against Jake’s shoulder. “Breakups are shit to deal with, I know.”

Amy’s spent most of the night on her feet, never staying in one seat for long enough. She’s been flitting from conversation to conversation and trying to focus on something other than the moment where Jake fell into her and Charles’s booth, already half drunk, and managed to announce that Sophia had broken up with him. The rush of adrenaline that had accompanied her pleasure at successfully resolving the tension between Charles and Gina has long since petered out; Amy found suddenly that she had nothing on which to blame the sudden, traitorous swoop in her stomach.

She plays three rounds of pool with Louise from downstairs, watches Rosa’s drink for the three minutes the other woman disappears into the bathroom, and politely asks Terry about Sharon’s pregnancy. Against her will, her shoulders are tense and her heartrate refuses to slow down and, just for that, she feels the guilt roil in her gut, unanticipated.

(She thinks about how Jake had sent her encouraging texts after the mess at the Maple Drip Inn, about how she kept getting Google pics of cute baby animals the whole next day. But that’s her problem, she thinks: Jake did that for her with a clear conscience.)

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I'm another one who loves Andy, Ben, Leslie, April, Chris, etc. The only character I didn't love was Ann---outside of serving as one half of an awesomely strong female friendship, she had no distinctive personality at all, and I hated how she always needed a guy in her life to feel complete. She was just really dull, flat and underwritten on a show with otherwise vibrant characters.

ok i completely disagree with you about this, so excuse me for going off on a rant, but here it is:

ann was not flat nor dull. she had a quirky personality, but it didnt always show because the show is filled with such caricatures and she is the “straight-man”. this can annoy viewers, i understand, where there is a person who doesnt always “get” the weird-ness of other people. she was independent. she had her own house and an awesome job and loved her friends. she didn’t take shit from anyone, especially from the likes of tom and april. even if she did want to be friends with april at some point, she still didnt let people push her around. and she was funny. one of the best lines in my opinion is “i salsa your face,”  which is a lot of who ann was. she was awkward in certain situations and assertive in others. they point out a lot that because ann is pretty, she’s never ~whatever (gotten dumped, had to be funny, etc) and i think that played to her character a lot. she wasnt sure of who she was and i think that that is a very important point to make because you can be 30 and still be uncertain of what you want. and just because she wanted a boyfriend doesnt mean that she’s any less independent. i should also point out that her needing a man to be complete just isn’t true. she wanted a family, a baby, and didnt think that she needed a man to do that. just because she ended up with one doesnt make her any less of anything. 


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hello! i'm a new fan and i was wondering a few things. 1) why is I.M called the dark maknae? he seems so cute and awkward and like a very much loved maknae lol what does the "dark" refer to? 2) why is kihyun called a hamster? 3) what's up with the visual line? i keep on seeing different things that say there are three visuals, then others saying that there's only one official visual and two unofficial but widely accepted ones, and what does the whole "justice for visual line" mean? thank you! :D

Hi there :)

1) I have never come across “dark maknae” from fans but although changkyun is dorky and cute, he also can be mature and quiet at times. He’s really loosened up now, but if you watch videos just after their debut, you may be able to tell where the phrase comes from. Also, during Right Now Episode 2, he and shownu have the “feeling talk” in the ferris wheel. shownu says he’s “dark but cute” he wants him to be “more brighter in the future”

2) kihyun is the hamster emoji in the monsta x emojis (what are the mx emojis). if you look at any photo of him eating, he looks exactly like a hamster imo (x)(x)

3) there’s no official visual position in the group, so it’s really what monsta x themselves say is “perfect looking for the visual position” is the “visual”. And that is hyungwon because of his looks and proportions.
During No Mercy, there were top 3 visuals, which was hyungwon, minhyuk and wonho
From then, they’ve become 3 types of visuals, like hyungwon is the “model visual”, minhyuk is the “sunshine visual” and wonho is the “sexy visual”, so fans widely accept them all as visuals in the group.
“justice for visual line” is because these three don’t get as many lines as the other members in the group. they can sing well, but the line distributions that starship give them are shocking. For example, wonho is a very good singer that can hit high notes, however he only got 1.4% (a line) in trespass, compared to his 16% in fighter. the distributions are getting better, but minhyuk and hyungwon don’t get the amount of lines they should be getting in their songs. 

ok, I don’t know about the nuance of this but. now that the episode is out I think I can speak my mind about Rose and Bismuth? And maybe a little bit more complex than “one or the other is a monster” here?

Like, Rose’s flaw of irresponsibility again like I was talking about? Front and center. Not just not telling anybody about what happened. But also encouraging a party line “you can make anything you want to make” but not seeing any kind of problem with someone wanting to make weapons and weapons and weapons until they created an outright murder weapon. She presumably didnt even get any kind of blip on the radar about Bismuth so long as she was a good part of her rebellion, had friends and camaraderie, etc. So long as it was useful, she might not have had to care until it was too late. Then she dealt with the consequences of that in the worst possible manner.

We’ve been shown that the gems have a very vague idea of life and death. Most of their battles are at the risk only of being poofed, and when some gem is really and truly injured there’s a frantic element to it. Rose’s sword commissioned to disrupt gem forms but never harm gems themselves hints that she had a major persona investment in not overstepping that bound– declaring war, but intending for herself and presumably her soldiers not to kill anyone ‘for real.’ At least not within her notice or in a way she’d condone.

Bismuth though, she also sees death in an abstract. She sees shattering as making another gem gone forever. She refers to destruction, crushing, liberation etc– but never death, murder, killing. Or the inevitable genocide that killing all the homeworld gems that resist would entail. She doesn’t seem to understand Steven’s feelings about the horror of her creation, only gets angry that his outward response to it is similar to Rose’s. Even if its probably for different reasons.

Both Bismuth and Rose, probably, trivialize death. We as viewers and Steven have learned and the rest of the Crystal Gems have lived through Homeworld using a weapon that basically enacted a major genocide or agency/personhood-destroying catastrophe upon the entire earth. They probably understand the gravity of loss… and even the rest of the surviving crystal gems still struggle with the idea of Rose Quartz being gone forever.

Just like concepts of birth and growing up, I am not sure if any gems naturally understand the gravity of death very well despite there being a catastrophic war. The surviving crystal gems seem to have learned through traumatic experiences and even then are not perfect on the concept. Rose may have gotten enough of an inkling to want to stop Earth from being gem-harvested… but its clear that even thousands of years later she didn’t have a clue on many things. Not understanding why it was wrong to lock up Lapis, for example, which may have only avoided being a fate worse than death in that it wasn’t forever.

(its still kind of fucked up that Bismuth was bubbled again. I get that it was her wish to stop existing, and Steven refused to do that, knowing the gravity of how permanent it would be. I wonder if this is also a failure at concepts of death, if the crystal gems would bubble another gem that simply refused to want to live with others or get closure on this issue.)

방탄소년단 BTS's The Red Bullet Concert 2014

  I had the great opportunity to go to BTS’s first solo concert The Red Bullet!!!!!! I am so happy that I got to go!!! Here is my fan account ( the pics aren’t the greatest since we weren’t allowed to take pics or vids so I took quick pics right at the end of the concert!!! Also the lightstick at the end isn’t official :( they ran out so I bought one of the unofficial vendor ones))

So the venue wasn’t too far from where I live only about 30 minutes with one transfer. So we get to the venue there are some people selling unofficial merch outside. My friend and I go in line to pick up our tickets. I make her go get merch because lightstick and hoodies and some other things were already gone so I wanted to make sure I got a shirt ( sad about the hoodie T-T) I get the tickets she got a mini poster set and a folder set( she didnt know what it was lol) to split between us two ( sidenote later on I win rock paper scissors for the group mini poster ㅋㅋ) soo after putting some stuff in a locker we wait around for a while. Then they announce how line up will be. I really appreciated that they had a person speaking English( sidenote there were a lot of foreigners there were two women older than 50 one had a walker and was there!) So were in line by number blah blah blah we finally go in like an hour or so before the show starts. Gotta say I don’t care for not having a chair to call my own but I think the standing area I was in could have been worse. Soo they come on stage everyone is ridnfodknf. They sang like everyone song I love minus one. The energy these guys had was awesome. Rap Mon could never stay still ㅋㅋ I loved all the rapping . I liked the fact that from where I was I could tell who was who. I want to hear all of their songs lol. Loved that for Cypher pt 3 Killer Supreme Boi came out. Yes to all my friends on tumblr who like BTS, they look the same! They also rap /sing amazing live. I want to hear the rapping again 😧. If I had to force any person to a Korean concert it would be to BTS. The stage effects were awesome from the lighting, screens, props, sparkler thingys( which would def not be allowed in the same type of building in the US lol) I’m hoping they come to Chicago at a time I can see them again! Then I can also see Rap Mon in his English glory lol. Some of my favorite songs were We Are Bulletproof, N.O, What am I to you, Rain, Let Me Know, jump, Cypher, 힙합 성애자(Hip Hop lover), Tomorrow,여기 봐, Propose, and obviously 하루만, Danger, and 상남자.The concert went by so fast before i knew it we had been there for two and a half hours. If i remember right 상남자 was their last song before the encore. BTS’s encore was odenkdkdneodmf. I thought they were only going to do one song but instead they did around five including 진격의 방탄(The Rise of Bangtan) and if I remember right their last and one of my top 5 songs 팔도강산 (Satoori Rap).

방탄소년단 Thank you so much for working so hard everyday! I appreciate everything you do for your fans!

Okay full story of how THIS happened; we begin our story in North Carolina…okay cheesy but true. I had gone to the Charlotte show on 6/8 (the day before) i had b stage pit and it was one of the best nights but I hadn’t thought that tomorrow would be the day I met her. I won this contest through Keds to meet Taylor and get tickets to the tour. But the rules changed and made it a backstage tour (which would’ve been amazing in itself) and I signed forms for the change and i mean i was a bit let down that I thought I was registering for a meet and greet and it changed but blah blah fast forward to the day of. They ran late bringing the tickets and after staying up at will call for an hour and a half, they arrived and we grabbed this red paper and the tickets and walked a little bit away when i caught a glimpse of the title of the paper. Meet and Greet. I almost passed out. I bawled my eyes out and was shaking and we saw these other people who didnt know how to get in early either so we finally found out we go in with the vip 2 and separate so we headed over there. It seemed no one else was antsy, I was hysterical. I honestly could not stand still. We went through the line and got inside and joined this longggg meet and greet line under this tunnel and the waiting began. We got these bracelets (I am never taking this off) and time moved slow and fast at what seemed like the whole time. We were told to drop our bags and everything off at these tables and if you leave a gift, Taylor will grab it on her way to her dressing room. So as a lot of you know, I’ve been doing this journal for six months every day talking about my life and Taylor in my life and its just more of my life than I’ve ever told anyone before and it’s a really important part of my life that I felt like I could only trust Taylor with. So we’re led through the line through these curtains and theres a Loft 89 sign and I freak out. I’m getting so excited and emotionally distressed. There were a lot of costumes as you walk in like there was the billboards dress and the natalie outfit from the Ew! Sketch (which was amazing, might I add) so we keep going and there food on my left and we hadnt eaten so I was like oh my god there is pizza out and fruit and vegetables and then on my right was loft. It was like a huge living room aND IT HAS A PHOTOBOOTH! It was hard to resist but I kept my head down and pushed through, okay but seriously, we were in line a couple people back and he works for Taylor i think and my friend was talking to him about me getting nervous and starting to cry and he’s like just remember she’s a real person and I went “thats the problem” all desperate like and so we get up to our place in line and the curtain opens and my friend literally had to push me in because I froze and then I took off and did the hop-run thing to her and Taylor was trying to say like how I really outdid myself with my outfit. But I hugged her so tight, you guys and she gives the best hugs. And oh my god she is SO tall and perfect like as soon as she let go I said I loved her and she said i love you too and and I started like telling her about the journal and you guys… She looks at you so interested and I just remember looking at her eyeliner as I explained it and dude her eyeliner was on point. And she looked so beautiful like a screen cannot do her the justice like i thought she was stunningly gorgeous before but she is truly the most beautiful person ever. She said how she always picks up everything outside and how she would definitely read it and then she hugged my friend and told her how her earrings was amazing and she was like really theyre from Target. But then Taylor asked if we would take a picture with her and I had already planned it out that I was going to hug her so I get ready and i had gotten on the wrong side my sister in law needed to be on taylors left and i had just lost all sense of direction and taylor giggled (I DIED) and we switched sides and I hugged her for the picture and I had to go to on my tiptoes to not look like a complete shrimp next to her and we took it and i think i hugged her again it was a blur but my sister in law (Kayla) told her how her and her dad danced to Never Grow up and taylor said thank you for telling me that what a special memory and it was time to go and I yelled i love you so much and she repeated it and I bawled as soon as I got out like I was full on not okay nd we got to our seats (RIGHT NEXT TO THE STAGE IN THE MIDDLE) and i collapsed with the signed picture and the card we needed to get our pictures and sobbed and then sat there with my elbows on my knees recovering and crying for 20 minutes before Vance came on. During the show she looked at me and then Kayla, i feel like it was a couple times but it was at least one and I’ve never been so happy. Last night was the best night of my life and I cannot thank you enough taylorswift meeting you was a dream. Please keep me updated with the journal situation.

But please don’t get down on yourself, you can be told you aren’t going to meet her, you can truly believe that, but the next day you could be meeting her. So don’t get down on yourself. Just like my story, yours goes on and I’ve always been a sucker for meeting Taylor stories, now I have my own and I can’t wait to read yours.

Thank you Taylor, for everything. I love you so much. (P.S. There’s gifts in the back of the book) ;)


pics from earlier today.
they have this thing in my hometown every year called Kungälv goes London Camden Market. two years ago emilypollution boss asked us to have a “punk studio” at this market for the kids so that they could get mohawks done. this year they asked us to do it again, and it was a lot of fun!
we were placed right by the entrance and kids started to line up almost imediately. we didnt have time to do a mohawk on everyone that wanted to, but I think we styled 10 mohawks or so. some long, some short, some got regular mohawks, some got liberty spikes and one girl got a regular mohawk and then spikes on one side of her head and then we slicked the hair back on the other side, and it looked fucking awesome on her! and she was so happy, it was really great to see. it almost felt like we lit a little fire in her^^ (and she looked so much like a young Brody Dalle, it was insane)

anyway, these pics were taken when the market was closing down and I finally had time to finish putting Emily’s mohawk up. I started it when we got there, before we got any “clients”, but when they started pouring in Emily’s mohawk had to wait and she ended up standing there with an unfinished mohawk for like 4 hours xD I felt kinda sorry for her :P

after the market we went to Emily’s place and had some pizza and just relaaaaxed. 
all in all, it’s been a great day^^ and I’m tired as fuuuuuuuck 

ahahah the ‘let’ is cute

like bitch please, wang so and hae soo always meet: fate and they make the effort to be there

she stays up at night thinking about wang so 

they became friends on their own terms 

during ep 4 he says 

yet wang so will marry yeonhwa and hae soo + him fall in love


Hae soo doesnt need permission, nor would she have cared if wook tried to stop their friendship. she has his back, publicly too i might add

and he’s proven to be a valuable friend for her too, especially when wook dropped the ball 

but not just as a knight. he is hae soo’s emotional support , listening to her problems, making her talk about traumatic things, letting her yell at him because everything was hard

and if wook ‘let’ it happen, she should have easily taken wooks side right? nope, funny to see how much this affected her

shes pissed, not only was that a potential death on her hands but it was Wang so’s of all people. the guy who always has her back, even when she cant see it or their fighting 

wook didnt let shit happen, even if he tried to stop it - wouldnt have worked. 

wang so and hae soo get each other, he is the one person she has in this world she can be her true absolute self. Wang So gets emoticons, listens to her vent and pushes her to let out her painful thoughts. Hae soo gets that living is not a crime, helped with his scar and see’s the other side that so many deny. 

more then all this ^^

their each others life lines 

seriously - her relief, her pain and her happiness all come out as she takes a breath in, hes back. the one person, her person .  (pain from the fact he’s the one that makes her open her heart and talk about her issues)
wang so ‘my person’ thing to me is more related to wang so being hae soo’s person. by this point (1 year later) its looking bleak till he comes back and she crumbles just for a second, lets herself feel again. he gives her options of freedom, gets her to vent out her pain and lash out - he is her life line

when he’s breaking and she holds him. he’s done the worst thing in his eyes the guy whos loyal just killed his own brother, even if he hated Yo. This is all types of wrong for him, he doesnt think he can be forgiven by her or probs himself but he hopes she understand. She comforts him and embraces him, shes his life line when hes lost all hope 

other life line moments for me

when she was in prison, he came knowing that isolation is crushing - 

when he just killed a whole bunch of people, she gave him compassion- 

when she sat in the rain, he stood with her - 

when he said he would marry/divorce her to get her freedom - 

Wook doesnt realise to hae soo this is a very important relationship, more then wang so saving her or her saving him (emotionally or physically).
she wouldnt let it go for anything even though she cant tell why 


But this is a true story to show you just the kind of person Taylor really is. It literally could be almost out of a movie …. My story…
Ok , so she followed me back in December, and i was so happy!! right before Christmas. And i was so happy i didn’t sleep all day. And i think she followed me bc she saw my url of the art she got of mine , when i won tickets to the ellen show, she thanked me and took it from my hand. I didn’t talk to her though, or anything but i got to shake Ellen’s hand and hers at the same time , pretty cool. And we basically had a 30 mini people concert on Ellen’s stage, it was so small and intimate and cool. She was in arms reach , i didn’t even have to move for her to take it from me. Then, later on there was the IHeart awards and you could win tickets on this site online. And i got tickets to be a seat filler. You could win, pitt tickets or seat filler tickets. And a seat filler is where move around alot throughout the show and sometimes you’ll be at a celebrity’s table or sitting by them with the guests. And i thought that was pretty cool. So i stayed up posting about that i won with my friends. Like ALL nite. But they got pitt tickets. So they knew where they would be sitting and could post it. I did not. Because a Seat filler u move constantly like i mean ALOT. And so i stayed up all late and that nite before posting, drawing things, singing, etc, lol and asking if i could say hi to her. And she never liked anything about it or of my friends. But one post of mine later, that had to do with the awards. And of course i didn’t think anything of it , but now i know why, she wanted to surprise us being the sneaky and amazing girl she is. And i was so excited to go to the awards, that i didn’t even sleep, i went to the show early ,i was the very first in line. It was so hot outside i stood for hours in heels before we went in. And come to find out they slightly over booked. So alot of us stayed behind this giant black curtain , literally by the trash and food lol. And i was like missing alot of the show almost. I Was so sad. We just got to watch it on a tv in this room. They tended to only pick girls that dressed in short dresses to sit around people and the Celebs it seemed. I was so sad. The guys were so rude to me. Even this one guy just kept picking the same girls. And towards the VERY end they finally let me , out and moved me towards the front. I sat at the same table with Scott Borchetta! I wanted to say something so bad to him, but it was tv and all professional, and i didn’t want to be one of those annoying people. And i couldn’t even dance where I was like the pitt people where my friends were that she met. And then Taylor walked literally RIGHT pass me to get an award and she sat right across from me onstage. literally RIGHT across from me At the very end and her last award. She was i mean right there i was on stage with her. And i wanted to say something SOO bad. But it was tv so i couldn’t . So i just cheered her on and clapped . And i didn’t want to bug her i tried to do a little wave but she was so focused on snoop and getting her award there was no way to get her attention lol. And the show was over, i was so sad that i was behind a curtain most all of the time. And the guys were being so rude. But i tried to make the most of it because i got to see taylor! and i was so happy she won so many awards like she deserved . So i walked all the way back to my car like blocks away, alone dying in these heels and got my phone. And looked at my messages and saw my friend’s message, and my heart just dropped . shes like u met taylor right? she found u right? And i was all what?!?!. Shes all , she was looking for u!!! and i just couldn’t believe it ! I didn’t know what to think, i totally cried . And i was happy for my friends, but so sad that i blew probably my only chance like ever . And the second i kid you not! I turned my radio on , the song i just havent met u yet came on of all songs!! That day was just so ironic ! even from the girl that came five mins after me in line , that was right behind me all day , happen to be sitting at taylors table all nitee ! And she was in the only selfie taylor posted in the background! It would have been me! If i was 3 mins later. In line so crazy! And If she saw me she wouldve recognized me because she was looking at our blogs to find us all that day. so tbh i cried all the way home, not really because i was sad that i didnt meet her, but more so that she even would do something so nice. and i made a video telling taylor, sorry i missed her, but thanked her for trying to meet me it meant alot. And so i thought there went that. Then she never liked anything untill next day but it had nothing to do thanking her, or about the awards. It was totally random things. Now i know that was on purpose. Then I got an anon the following morning asking me for my concert dates. Like who would care or go on anon for that? Now i know why . And i didn’t think anything of it then. And so the whole time they had been keeping tabs on me i guess so she would be sure and know where i was and meet me later like at my concert date. But she saw i won tickets for Rock in rio in vegas and that i was there so she met me then instead . Ok for the crazy second part of my story, after all that crazy IHeart stuff . I was at the dmv only because they had told me to come back later, i wasn’t even meant to be there that day. This is how i know its meant to be now. And not knowing what the radio contest was even for i was bored at the dmv, and i just heard call right now and i did, and i won rock in rio tickets. I was so in shock when i found out they were for taylor, for one i never listen to the radio either lol. And i never have won a radio thing ever. and my friends were going that were from the iheart awards too. So i should’ve got a clue maybe this was a sign for a second chance . But I didnt wanna be too hopeful. And i didn’t expect anything from Taylor. She did enough. The crowd was going to be crazy, insane ! Like 50,000 people! no seats nothing. All floor seating. I got billboard tickets too, so i thought maybe then i could have a possible chance. So i posted about vegas, and a outfit i made just for fun. It literally was because i loved making things . Because there was no loft . I knew that it was more of a festival. But her whole show for the first time in the u.s. people didn’t really dress up too much , i was like the only one that made a outfit lol. And i happend to get yes ill say it i don’t care, its embarrassing, a bladder infection , right before i left. I was SUPER sick nauseous. Drove to vegas alone. Having to stop at gas stations almost constantly bc i was so sick. Bc the antibiotics take over a week to fully work. And then i broke my phone yay me! Lol . Then i Met up with my friends, one from Australia , andrea. shes so sweet. That night i added the finishing touches to my dress. I couldn’t sleep at all that night i felt so sick. and the day came, and taylor didnt come on till almost midnight! We were there at like 9 am! Like crazy so long. We were in line with some of the other kinda tumblr famous people they were so cool, i love nic. She was one of the first people there too. I already was so tired and sick from the heat. And then finally the 3 gates opened. people ran like the Friggn hunger games ! it was crazy ! u have to run literally for like a mile to get to the stage! . ts a huge outdoor concert area. I got stomped on, felt so sick. I Ran and finally got there i felt like i was going to die. Not even kidding . I usuallly can handle alot bc i was sick as a kid most of my life and spent alot of time in the hospital. So thats when u know its bad. And we got to the stage. It was only 3pm! So i had almost 8 hours or so till she came on! And i was feeling so awful, dehydrated , hungry u couldnt leave or youd loose ur spot by the stage. No chairs . And i got so sunburnt like bad i forgot sunscreen dumb me. And eventually it got so crowded you could not sit. And i got kicked in the heels. i was bleeding no joke! I seriously tried not to cry . Because after all i went thru, as bad as i felt, i wasn’t going to not see taylor. No way. And i couldn’t even get to a bathroom. Ironically of all illnesses the time i literally could not use a bathroom for hours. And no to mention basically standing for hours straight, no sit time. And not to mention its still 2 hours or more added to that because thats how long her concert lasted. And i literally was in so much pain, i couldn’t get water or sit. My phone died, even with a battery pack charger. Since i was there for so long. And the min i was about to cry and told everyone im so sad but i literally cant do it , i felt so sick and i cant stand anymore i have to go walk to first aide or lay down in the grass . I kid u not the MIN i went to go , this girl came up to me and said taylor wanted to meet me. And i was like 😦. Totally in shock like totally , like not expecting it at all. And my phone had died so i saw no messages from her or taylor nation. And i never answered them. But she still tried! Being the sweet Taylor she is. she didnt give up and had people from online she saw , that she thought might know me come find me. How cool is that? She is literally so sweet. Like in a crowd of 50,000 people no phone, taylor Friggn swift found a way to find me. I literally didn’t cry because it seemed to surreal. I didnt believe it. So they told me after ed sheeran sings to go meet in this certain spot. And i had to push thru a level crowd of like 50,000 people my outfit was literally falling apart from such a long day, and having to push through people that wouldn’t move . and no one wanted to move. But i finally got out of the crowd. And she asked our names i was with a couple of girls taylor was going to meet too . It was tree and someone else. And they started to take us backstage. I was talking to tree along the way she was so nice , all the people we passed said congrats guys! And i was so sick, and tired in shock, I honestly didnt feel all there. Like it was a dream. It was so cool because she had no meet and greet set up at all, or any loft. She literally MADE time . So then bc of this we all got a little extra time. I was so happy to sit for a few mins before i met her . It was pure heaven, if i didn’t get to sit, i don’t think i could have made it though her concert whatsoever. And the room was so small, smaller than a bedroom size. it was like her dressing room. I got to sit next to her blue shake it off shoes and some oufits. And we were there for like a half hour total. There weren’t very many of us at all. she was like Im so glad i found u guys! It was kinda hard , but I’m glad i finally found you too this time! I was so in shock right when i walked in she was like just right there. Like i just couldnt believe it . We all talked in a group but i was quiet because i was sick and in shock. And it seemed like if i tried to talk everyone just talked over me so i gave up. But i really didn’t care because i was just happy to be there. She danced around and did funny accents lol. I let everyone else go first really, and by some miracle idk how, the bag i brought with me ended up having the necklace in it that i had been saving since the i heart awards. I gave her the cat necklace i had. She said she loved it. It was even her birthstone , And Hugged me a bunch. I talked to treee while she saw the other girl. And i just didnt ask questions really or take a video, the time your actually allowed too for once , i didn’t . because my phone was dead , and i didnt have one again like the iheart awards. and i was in such shock. And i didn’t want to seem greedy, or ask people to use their phone. i was just happy to be there . she told me she loved me , and llike nuzzled her chin on my head and side hugged me again, and saw my outfit and talked about it . Her and tree loved it , unfortunately it was falling apart by then . and i was embarrassed. But she was so nice about it and said she saw it online lol, and she cant believe i do all that for her, and all i went through for her, and that im amazing and i made her so happy. i think i said i love u i hope lol. And she wrote long live for me, for my grandma, a tattoo i wanted. And then we left she said she was making sure security saved our spots and escorted us back, so we Could just hop over the front of stage so we wouldnt have to go thru the crazy crowd. So we hopped over, i danced thru all the pain and had the best night ever. So I was a mess when she saw me. I didn’t say anything i wanted to at all. But it was of course and it was still the best day of my life. And not to mention after wards being so tired and hungry and dehydrated , after all that we still had to walk back to the hotel. So i still didn’t eat or drink till the next day.and just crashed on my bed… The end

So this post isn’t to brag, in anyway. I just want to show how amazing and kind of a person taylor is . She met my friends. She has 80 million fans. She didn’t have to try and meet me again, but she kept trying and did. And the point of this story is also to show you that anything is possible. And never give up on meeting taylor because it does happen when you least expect it, and when its meant to be it will. So don’t get discouraged , and never give up. Because i know why it wasn’t meant to be then. My other grandma died a week after i met her. And that helped get me through. And i wouldn’t be able to tell this crazy long story , that might inspire you guys to never give up, if i met her at the awards now could i?! That is just what is so special about Taylor , she makes you believe and never loose hope … ( don’t expect any reblogs at all . Because this is just to show who taylor truly is…. @taylorswift @swiftdownunder @swiftiesparkleshine

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Did you hear about the drama with BTS and EXO??

it’s not the drama between the groups, they’re both friends with each other. honestly i feel sorry for the mature fans of e*o who have to watch the immature ones taint their fandom’s image when they actually? tried to get melon to take back the award bangtan earned? i’m honestly APPALLED.



More progress has been made over the last few days. Got the Shockworks installed in the rear and roughly set the height to where I want it to sit. Sanded the engine bay and plugged up all the holes that have a thread behind them and aren’t being used with grub screws. Then pulled the front struts and crossmember out so I can sand along the chassis rails easier. A strange thing I found when sanding was that both the driver and passenger side rails have been covered in bog. I sanded it all the way back to bare metal on the drivers side and it doesn’t look like theres been any damage and I think it may have been like that from factory since it was below the original red paint too. The old fuel feed line didnt follow the fuel return, breather or rear brake line through the car so we made it follow the other lines the best we could but it was too short so when I get a new one made I’ll need to have the end lengthened. Gearbox has been dropped off to get rebuilt and should be back soon. 

Heading to a few shops and the wreckers over the weekend to buy my new radiator and pick up a few other things I need.