the other beyonces



lemonade was attempting to do something different than 25, and that’s what i mean when i say lemonade is “in a different league.” beyonce’s project with lemonade was to create so much more than simply what we traditionally think of as an album. with its visual and intertextual and narrative components, it is a different type of work than 25 and the other albums running against it–it is simply a “gesamtkunstwerk” as in “total work of art” and the other albums weren’t. beyonce successfully launched a rocket to the moon and adele successfully drove a racecar, and it would be absurd in the first place to compare these two things in the arena of “amazing feats of engineering” just as it is absurd to compare lemonade to its competitors for best album of the year, but since they ARE being compared, it is nonsensical, truly incomprehensible and absurd beyond belief that beyonce did not win  


When two powerful and talented women support and lift each other up 💪| @adele @beyonce #Grammys

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