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last year i made a bunch of wintery/holiday/christmas ariana icons but i never really officially put them up for use, so i figure i should this year. there are lots of icons here! honeymoon tour meet & greet pics with santa hats and reindeer antlers with a variety of colourings to choose from, 2014 jingle ball pics, and 2016 jingle ball night 1 pics. i’m planning to make some more icons asap of her other 2 looks from 2016 jingle ball, more 2014 jingle ball pics, some 2013 jingle ball pics, and some of her holiday selfies, so keep an eye out for those if you’re interested. all are 100x100. no need to credit unless someone asks you where it’s from. find the holiday icons here.

if you’d like to request holiday icons of any other celebrity, or some more of ariana, feel free to contact me here.

magicaleggplant  asked:

SORRY TO SUDDENLY BARGE INTO YOUR ASK WITH RANDOM QUESTIONS but i'm interested in watching rhythmic gymnastics in rio and was wondering where i could find a rundown on the gymnasts competing there? like, who to watch for and recommended routines, etc. i think i can figure out basic scoring stuff but i'd like to know more about the athletes! i've always thought RG was really cool but i know even less about it than AG, haha.

UPD: see preview for groups

I’m actually always excited about such questions! So here are the gymnasts of the 2016 Olympics (don’t know if you have time to watch all this, but RG routines are pretty short, so… =D):


Yana Kudryavtseva (Russia)

She’s the favourite to win gold. Basically, she’s been dominating the whole quad. Was not at her best this year after suffering a foot injury, but still managed to win almost everything when it mattered. Most known for her ball work (I, personally, like her clubs more though) and consistency. Also she’s quite a reserved gymnast, when it comes to expression.

Routines to watch (don’t know if you wanted to watch the ones from this year, since you’ll see them at the Olympics anyway, but I’ll put some just in case): ball 2013, clubs 2015, clubs 2016, ball 2016.

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