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I KNOW what you’re trying to DO there gamefreak

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i dont like the implication that yuuri is unusual in that he doesnt have any special talent for skating for two reasons-

1) there are some aspects of skating that its pretty clear yuuri is specifically talented in, in that he does it better than anyone else. specifically his step sequences, and his ability to move with the music

2) it implies that most other skaters’ talent isnt actually based in extremely hard work, and kinda just pushes that whole “people are good at what they do because of natural ability”, which is fake and simultaneously disencourages younger people/beginners and ignores the effort experts put into what they do

plus i feel like its falling into the trap of believing what yuuri says as an unreliable narrator, ie the whole ‘im a dime a dozen skater’ thing (when hed just got into the gpf the year before, really yuuri???)

like i know takeshi says it too, but idk if his words 100% prove that to be true, expecially since he has no other professional skaters to compare yuuri to.

in fact, victor, who knows plenty of internationally famous skaters, states that both yuuri and yurio are more mediocre than they think- implying that  yurio who, given his young age, and his abilities, we would expect to be ‘a natural’, is not.

i Have friends but i also like. dont?

@meddlingheels is going to unmask christine’s stalker and christine is trying to tell her that if she does that he isn’t going to call her a “meddling kid” — but a PRYING PANDORA.

and now i really want an AU where erik calls christine a meddling kid instead of a prying pandora.

a little something from tamyra of two dorks singing terribly and loudly. theyre probably keeping everyone else awake because they are incredibly rude. thank you, tam, it came out great!

is anyone else’s posts looking… weird??
reblogs namely, with your icon all big & clunky next to your url at the top of the post, & then a straight line at the bottom??


it looks like this on my screen, & my searchbar is also moved up higher than it should be…??
i am so confused what is this nonsense


*Honestly, the stars in my eyes are the last thing that bothers me about them… but well, it isn’t important anymore…

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I'm sorry, but I just need to vent a little because you seem like a reasonable person and I'm a little scared of backlash to post this on my blog: But, basically, I'm sick of tumblr's new "issue" with the beauty and the beast movie. There was a fanon theory a few years back that everyone was sharing about how LeFou was subtly hinted as gay, or people just liked to ship him with Gaston. Now, one producer says LeFou is supposed to be gay and everyone is losing their goddamn minds because... (1/2)

(Sorry, I’m the same beauty and the beast anon from before) I just was looking through the news, and the actor who played LeFou, and a few other people who worked on the movie, said that LeFou actually ISNT and was never meant to be gay. Or, at least it wasn’t in the script. AND NOW, I’m seeing some people on tumblr be like “well, the actor is only saying that because he doesn’t want to be labeled as gay himself” like make up your damn minds people, holy fuck!!

I never got the second half of your first ask but anyway, I don’t even know why people are making a big deal out of it. Lefou is like… a goofy sidekick character from what I remember. He doesn’t play much of a role in the actual movie. Even Gaston is really just felt in the beginning and end. I mean, people can ship what they want but I don’t really think it matters whether or not LeFou is canonically gay.


Okay so it turns out if you avoid casinos, downtown and anything other people would actually come here to visit this place isnt so bad!
I found a store and bought a hat that looks like a good pupper ™ and a splatoon squid pillow!!!! I am now happy.
Thanks for your concern everybody! I’m still pretty free though so if anyone wants to chat or stuff go ahead