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I KNOW what you’re trying to DO there gamefreak

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So how'd you manage to get into OWCA, Heinz? I can't imagine they (read: Monogram) were very keen on the idea at first. And what does Perry think of this? What's it like working with him in such a different capacity?

I’m not really sure what Perry thinks, to be honest. He’s pretty quiet about the whole thing. I know he’s struggling not being a lone agent anymore, but he does seem to at least like his team. I’m mostly looking forward to when my probation’s up in a couple months and I can try for my Colors. So far it hasn’t really been too different from when Perry and I’ve teamed up before. Being a Good Guy’s pretty good so far, really. Thanks for the ask! -Heinz

when people shit on one character very seriously and Heavily for morally questionable (but not damning) things and then stan for another character who does… equally if not More morally questionable things  its so weird like… do you see yourself

i dont like the implication that yuuri is unusual in that he doesnt have any special talent for skating for two reasons-

1) there are some aspects of skating that its pretty clear yuuri is specifically talented in, in that he does it better than anyone else. specifically his step sequences, and his ability to move with the music

2) it implies that most other skaters’ talent isnt actually based in extremely hard work, and kinda just pushes that whole “people are good at what they do because of natural ability”, which is fake and simultaneously disencourages younger people/beginners and ignores the effort experts put into what they do

plus i feel like its falling into the trap of believing what yuuri says as an unreliable narrator, ie the whole ‘im a dime a dozen skater’ thing (when hed just got into the gpf the year before, really yuuri???)

like i know takeshi says it too, but idk if his words 100% prove that to be true, expecially since he has no other professional skaters to compare yuuri to.

in fact, victor, who knows plenty of internationally famous skaters, states that both yuuri and yurio are more mediocre than they think- implying that  yurio who, given his young age, and his abilities, we would expect to be ‘a natural’, is not.

This is me editing purely on song because I have no idea what’s being sung, and for the sake of this just being to get feel for it again - I’m not gonna look it up either.
Kinda happy with this intro part.
Kinda still have a contest due.
So I’ll just work on this ‘till the end of the month I think?

leorio’s very earthly common sense is literally his worst enemy during the Hunter Exam.

a little something from tamyra of two dorks singing terribly and loudly. theyre probably keeping everyone else awake because they are incredibly rude. thank you, tam, it came out great!

so the “dirk and john kill each other” thing is like, stale and exhausted and you dont see it any more for a few good reasons. first off weve done it so many times its not funny anymore - most people who ship dirkjohn jumped on board for the jokes, and then we got too deep in and we like to think about them having, like, an actual relationship, without fighting. “dirk and john kill each other” isnt the dirkjohn brand any more, its “depressed aimless dudes working through compulsory heterosexuality together”. and i know a few people who have ALWAYS been uncomfortable with the violence premise. its a good thing to move away from.

i would also argue that the comparison is apples and oranges - one is “two people meet by getting into a fight, and then they get to know each other better and overcome their conflict, and then they start dating”. whereas the other is “two people have a messy breakup; one of them tries to move on with his life and see other people, and the other gets jealous and doesnt let him do that”. right? the resolution to the conflict is built into one but not the other. nobody writes physical violence into dirk and johns relationship AFTER they start dating. its a meet cute.

jealousy HAPPENS in relationships, its a normal human emotion, i think two people talking honestly about jealousy and feelings of insecurity is a great groundwork for a dirkjake fic. but the premise isnt “dirk and jake have a frank conversation about why jealousy is bad”, right? its “jake is jealous and thats a good thing”.

anyway! feel free to screencap this and pass it around your discord servers to talk about how im a buttmad shipper or whatever, as i know youve done before and will continue to do. its just kind of heartbreaking to see all the people who supported me when i said “hey dirkjake isnt abusive” turn around and talk about how romantic abusive dirkjake is. im not interested in calling anybody out or whatever, i know people internalize these fake ideals about relationships and it takes a lot of work to sort out whats healthy and whats not. its hard

anyway   veronica   was   like   the   only   person   heather   genuinely   liked   and   she   killed   her   so   truly   u   can’t   trust   anyone   i   guess