the other 3 are my bf's ocs

go sh when people say tht others’ ocs dress badly im j ust???
 ex c use?? me do you want to see ocs who dress bad ly??? have you seen my ocs’ closets ??? br O??? ?
i mean ju st take kumiko yaida for example she ‘s wearing her smelly ex-bf’s stupid jacket ????? ufkc im going to FIgh

KINDERGARTEN AU with (left to right) Pan, Hal, Day, Gal & Nolan

Sketch commission by the talented f-premaur! ;w; CHECK THEM OUT!

(I’ll be colouring all the sketch commissions I got from this lovely artist in due time aka really slowly.

This one took a really long time because I couldn’t decide HOW I wanted to colour it and the layers kept deleting themselves >…<)

anonymous asked:

My oc is a huge dick scene kid demon who died bc she was playing truth or dare while high and ended up getting her eye gouged out, then sliced in half. She also destroyed a huge ass construction site and killed 3 other people in the incident. Her bf died while trying to rescue her and ended up getting himself in cased in fresh cement. now they go around haunting people together.

that was wild like especially in the middle