the oscars

me tomorrow
  • teacher:did you do your homework
  • me:on the evening of february 28th, 2016, leonardo "leo" dicaprio was awarded the oscar at for best actor in a motion picture for his role in "the revanant" (2015). he was in attendance with kate winslet, his close friend and former on-screen lover/actual soulmate. it took approximately a century for him to be recognized for his talent. leo grew up in

I’d like to thank the Academy for finally acknowledging that Leonardo DiCaprio deserved that Golden Statue. I’d like to thank the rest of Hollywood for supporting him, and making it clear they also thought he should be given that statue. I’d like to thank Chris Evans, who had nothing to do with this award but he was there and I was thankful. And most of all, I’d like to thank the sound guy for not rushing Leo off the stage after 22 years of waiting.