the orinigals


You: “Kol, put that bat away. You’re not going to kill Damon.”
Kol: “Yes, I am.”
You: “No you’re not, Kol. You may love to kill people and I know how much you hate him. But I don’t want you to kill him. Because you swore to me you would keep it down. And you did. So now it’s not the time to stop.”
Kol: “Aren’t you mad?”
You: “Hell, yes I am! But I don’t care about him, Kol. I care about you and you’re a much better kisser than he is and..” (you smile) “..for some reason you’re also a much better person than he is. So please put that bat away and let’s forget it happened.”


i have just watched the netflix death note movie ! i can say that it was the worst thing in the world and nearly made me look at jurassic world with fond thoughts. nearly, because unlike death note jurassic park is actually very, very dear to my heart and so jurassic world needs to die in a fire whereas death note can just have an appropriate, quiet heart attack.

i dont know where to start ! it was so bad ! of course the plot was going to be condensced and … there was no way to take all of death notes 12 volumes and make it into something that felt complete when they had one hour and forty minutes to show us. but my problem wasn’t a rushed plot or anything like that– it was the characters. by which i mean light and mia.

mia just… was a completely different person. in the manga, she worships and loves kira because he killed the murderer of her parents. she has her own death note and her own shinigami and light pretty much uses and abuses her to his own ends all the time. in this movie, she was a hot girl in his school to whom he told abot the death note on the very next goddamn day after he got it. she was treated as his equal, they were a duo. and the worst thing: all of the “righteous” killings (criminals and all) were lights, while all of the “bad” killings (of cops who were going after them, for example; she also threatens lights father after a press conference) were mias.

they turned mia into someone who was willing to do what was needed for their safety and kiras image while they turned light into a boy who really did want to kill all criminals becuse of his anger at the failing justice system. (”We don’t kill innocent people, Mia!”)

its just that… by doing light wrong like they did, they did the entire thing wrong. hes the protagonist, after all. in this movie, light really is a pathetic child! the start of the movie fails at showing us good reasons why light would make use of the death note in the way he does– to catch huge, bad criminals, to be known for it. his first killing is via ryuuku goading him into killing a bully. a bully. an 18 yo kid. of course bullying is terrible, but that does not equal murder. later, mia calls the bully a sociopath. im sorry, this is supposed to convince us this killing was righteous?

just… the point of light is that hes a boy with this god complex who literally gets handed the means to build himself the image he wants. in the movie hes… hes a pathetic boy. he likes the hot girl, so he tells her everything. he doesnt even read all the death note rules. he gets tricked by mia and all ryuuky does is mess around with the stupid boy. in the end his dad finds out about him just as  L is about to use a loose death note page to kill him. hes… where’s smart, manipulative light? in the manga, he beats L. by manipulating a shinigami into killing him. THEN HE SMIRKS DOWN AT DYING-L AS HE DIES.

(awesome thing: ls last thoughts arent about how hes dying, how hes lost, how he was tricked by light/kira, how he failed: his last thought is, I was right. YOU GO GIRL.)

L… made me sad. like… his logic for finding kiras location and then later his identity werent well thought-of (kira lives in seattle because one killing (which kira hadn’t ‘signed’, so how did he find out it was kiras?) was only broadcasted in seattle and kira is light turner (GOD, LIGHT TURNER. TURNER. SOMEBODY HOLD ME.) because… reasons. god, i dont even know anymore.)

then Ls narrative gets swallowed by the fact that light goes on to disappear and then kill Ls pal. oops, bye L-the-detective, youre now L-who-chases-after-light-on-a-stolen-police-cruiser-with-a-gun-itent-on-killing-him-right-after-your-speech-about-bringing-people-to-justice-and-all-that.

hte actor now owns my heart. his sad faces. his sad faces killed me, i wanted to hold him.


like… the one thing the movie did right were the shots where ryuuku was in shadows. when they shoed his face, even if a little, it was ruined- but the shots where ryuuku was in shadows, with his impossibly tall, freaky silluete, and those terrible, luminous eyes… those were awesome.

TL;DR: the movie sucked because it turned light into a pathetic boy who really did only want to kill all the bad guys, mia into the bad girl who didnt care about killing innocents, and L into someone whos story got swallowed by the personal side of things and then ended up chasing light madly with a gun. terrible. what was the point of the movie if youre going to get wrogn basic things about the theme of the orinigal source.

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A promt please. About making out with Klaus Mikaelson, and Elijah just walks in, because he thinks we're only friends and have a chat at their house. But Klaus then admits that we're together a long time ago Btw. Your blog is amaaaazing. ☺

Aw thanks darling! 

“I missed you. After you went to New Orleans, I missed you so much. But I’m happy you’re back.” you whispered, as you kissed his soft lips. Klaus smiled against your lips. “I love a girl as caring as you.” he whispered back. “I spend every second thinking about you too.” 

You leaned closer and kissed him as if your life was depending on it. And then the door opened. 
“What is going on in here?” Elijah, who just came walking in, said. You remembered that nobody knew about your relationship with Klaus. So it must have been weird for his brother to see that. “This doesn’t look like being friends.” he then said, as he grabbed a bottle of wine from the shelf. 
“Brother, I think it’s time I should tell you.” Klaus said. “(Y/N) and I have been dating for a couple of months now.” 
“And you’re still with him?” Elijah asked you. 
You started laughing. “Believe it or not. He’s actually really sweet. As long as he’s with me, he is.” you explained. 
Elijah smiled. “You took look adorable. But I have to warn you, Klaus. If you hurt (Y/N), I will hurt you. Not only because she’s a good friend, but I know how you can treat people, but the woman you love should never be treated like that.” 
And with that Elijah left the room again. You turned to face Klaus and saw a little smile on his face. “He’s gonna tell everybody.” you said. 
“Who cares.. I love you way too much to stop him. Everybody deserves to know. And for your info, I’ll never hurt you. Because I care way too much about you.”  Klaus said and kissed you again.

So I got a call today.

Been waiting for my new job to start, it’s a brand new store that is still being built so my start date isn’t until it opens. Orinigally, I started work June 12th.

Well I just got a call this morning from my boss that construction is delayed (honestly, of course this’d happen.) and so my first day isn’t until June 19th.

And Stormblood early access starts June 16th.


Originally I wouldn’t have been able to play like I did in Heavensward, 4 days of no sleep, energy drinks, living off quick frozen food and never showering and being the first in my FC to get to 60.





God is good. help me spread this message of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Relief. We need to know.

So I want to take a look at this things.

1: Tibet?! So now the orinigs are from Tibet, not China?!

2: Gabriel’s wife, obsly

3: Soooooooo this is the peacock’s miraculous… Then I think Mrs. Agreste is the Peacock. The jewel is just right in front of her photo! Aaand if so WHAT IS IT DOING HERE AND NOT WITH ITS OWNER?!

4: I don’t know what does Plagg say, but the paper is important if it’s inside there.

5: The cool book

6: A papyrus? From where? Tibet? China? Egypt? (let’s remember Mr. Kubdel - I have a theory, and I do think this is connected to what I said -)

7: Another book. Just like the paper Plagg’s holding, but we don’t know what it is yet

So many questions and no answers T-T

Anybody wants to talk about this? 

Because I’m crying inside 

I don’t want to wait 

I need ML

I love it



Unexpected -A Shawn Mendes Imagine! (:

I wasn’t the type of girl who had many guys all over me. If anything, I’m the type that’s usually unnoticed when it comes to males. I’ve been having the biggest crush on a boy named Shawn Mendes. I wanted to get the courage to talk to him, but he’s finally becoming big, and even if I didn’t get to talk to him during the school year, I am proud of him. He’s extremely talented, and now that he’s making a name for himself, he won’t notice me at all.

“Y/N. Go to the store and get some milk and eggs, with Dylan, please.” My mother said, tossing my brother the keys.

I rolled my eyes and walked out the door with my brother.

“Yeah. I don’t want to be seen with you either.” Dylan mumbled as he got into the car. I just rolled my eyes and got in. Once we got to the store, I decided to wonder off. I ended up in the far corner of the store. I was looking down on my phone, and I crashed into someone.

“Oh. Crap. I’m sorry-” I looked up and saw Shawn.

“Hey. It’s no problem.” Shawn said, as he placed his hand on the back of his neck, rubbing it. I noticed his cheeks turn red.

“Aren’t you touring with those guys?” I asked, blushing.

“Yeah. But I decided to come back home for a while, and I get sent to pick up some junk food.” Shawn chuckled.

“Y/N!” Dylan shouted through the store.

“I’m. Sorry. I have to go.” I said, smiling lightly.

“W-Wait.” Shawn said, as he stepped forward.

“Yes?” I said, as I looked around. My brother was extremely impatient.

“W-We should. You-You know..” Shawn said, nervously.

Dylan showed up and glanced at Shawn.

“Y/N. Let’s go.” Dylan mumbled.

I sighed and glanced at Shawn.

“I’ll.. Tell you later..” Shawn said, shyly as continued to rub the back of his neck.

I smiled lightly and walked after Dylan. I was pissed. I felt like Shawn was going to ask me out on a date, but no, my brother had to come, and screw me over. I knew my chances with him were over.

A few days later, I was walking down the street. I was looking down at my phone again when I bumped into someone. I looked up and saw Shawn’s cute face again.

“Wow. It seems like bumping into each other is our thing now.” I said, jokingly.

Shawn smiled as he looked down. “Yeah. It is.” He licked his lips as he blushed. 

“Well. Now that there’s no distractions, Was there something you wanted to ask me at the grocery store?” I asked.

“Oh. You remember that?” Shawn chuckled, as he began to play with his fingers, which I found so adorable.

“Yeah.” I said, blushing.

“Well. I was going to ask you out on a date.” He blushed harder.

“On a date?” I blinked, shocked. I didn’t think he’d take an interest in me.

“Yeah.” Shawn nodded.

“Of course.” I smiled. We exchanged numbers and he hugged me tightly.

“I’ll see you tonight at 5.” Shawn smiled as he walked away. I squealed in excitement and ran home. At 5:00pm, I waited for Shawn downstairs in the living room. I heard a knock on the door. I ran to open the door to see a nicely dressed Shawn. He looked so handsome. This was a dream come true.

“Hey. You look gorgeous.” Shawn smiled as he handed me flowers. I blushed, smelled the flowers and walked to the kitchen to put them in water. He talked to my brother and father while I put the flowers in water.

“Where are we going?” I asked him, as we walked outside my house.

“I’m taking you to dinner.” Shawn chuckled as he lead me to the car, opening the door for me. 

When we got there, we got seated immediately.

“So. Can you believe that I bumped into you on purpose?” Shawn asked as he stared at me.

“You did?” I asked, blushing.

“I wanted to talk to you for the longest time ever. I was just shy around you. I just. I just really. You know. Like you.” Shawn blushed.

“I like you too.” I smiled as I reached for his hand, taking it gently.

We spent three hours in the restaurant, just talking and laughing. When it was time to go, we paid, got up and we walked outside.

“This went better than expected.” Shawn said, smiling.

“Yeah.” I said, as he grabbed my hand and stopped. I stopped as well and stood infront of him. 

He kissed me so passionately, his hands on my face. I couldn’t help but feel like the happiest girl in the world. Hey guys! I hope you guys liked it! (: love you guys ;*

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Hi, What are things that make you see canon dc more positive than others? For me it's 9x22 because there is nothing that can convice we they didn't know how destiel camecross. The "he's in love" was blatanly different pronounced than "with humanity" and the pause was audible. "I cant" scene carbon copy of of the romantic couple of carvers previous show, the orinigal script even including the naked Deans in Cas' heaven. I dont think Carver would allow this if he wouldnt somehow support Destiel

They know exactly what they’re doing. Anyone who thinks all the Destiel content and structure is just coincidence is either plain not paying attention or purposely overlooking it with almost admirable determination (and clenched teeth).

How savvy are TPTB? Misha talked about queerbaiting, giving me the impression he didn’t quite understand what we meant by it, but he really felt the show as a whole was innocent of it. I do make the assumption his attitude goes for the writers room pretty much – or did, back then, because that was over a year ago. Robbie Thompson clearly enjoys lurking on tumblr and flaunting his hipness with all the fandom lingo (we gotta understand that half of the lines in Fan Fiction were gobbledygook to viewers outside fandom). Robert Berens (hired just before season 9) is gay, and judging from his Twitter intensely intellectual and well-read – I can’t imagine he would be unaware of the issue of queerbaiting. The drastically different treatment of female characters in s10 shows that TPTB really have listened and heard our complaints and are changing the way they write rather than engaging in debates on social media forums, which is so much better than anything I dared hope for. All this is making me think that even if they were unaware of the problem with queerbaiting before, they do understand it now.

So, supposing they became educated on queerbaiting some time in the past year, did that make them change what they’re doing? People are very divided on that question. Unlike s8, Cas and Dean have had very little screentime together in s9 and s10a, so that could be an attempt at backing off. On the other hand, their storylines and their relationship only get more romantic all the time. If I was TPTB and I wanted to deflect shipping, there’s a glaringly obvious, easy way to do that in my opinion. Let’s say I’m writing Meta Fiction, and I’m writing a scene where Cas is forced to choose between his angel army and Dean. You know what would be a non-shippy, but just as effective otherwise, way to write that? Make Cas choose between his angel army and the Winchesters. Both of them. Sam and Dean. Not “you did it all for one human… ultimately it was all about saving Dean Winchester.” Why on EARTH would I write dialogue like that, if I in any way whatsoever wanted to steer people away from shipping it? Or even if I just wanted to let people keep shipping it if they so chose, but not actively spur it on??

So, the writers are clearly inserting Destiel on purpose, and in Carver era they have deepened it from throwaway lines and gay jokes to an integral part of the structure and the only remaining relationship on the show that is equal to Sam and Dean’s in importance. Of this I’m completely certain. Just as the brotherhood keeps getting tested and strained but comes back every time, the same thing keeps happening to the profound bond, and just like the brother bond, it’s not going to break.

Cas also has a separate relationship with Sam. It’s a strong bond of trust and friendship. It’s not on the same level as the brother bond or the profound bond – I’d place it around the level of the three-way bond between Sam, Dean and Charlie. The fact that the two bonds – Cas-Dean and Cas-Sam – are so clearly separated and depicted as different, also serves to accentuate the paramount importance of his bond with Dean.

So could they resolve it by killing off Cas? You know, if I was just watching the show and didn’t know anything about the mechanics or people behind it, I’d be worried about that. Everyone dies on Supernatural. Being close to the brothers is no guarantee of survival – John Winchester died, Bobby Singer died. It’s not an ensemble show and never will be. I know a lot of people want it to be, but it’s not going to happen because a) it was never conceived  as such, and b) they don’t have the budget for it. Carver has set up Cas to be a beacon for the brothers, the one to lead them forward on their emotional journey – so it would make sense to make him a martyr, wouldn’t it? Give Cas a beautiful final episode where he sacrifices himself for Dean and Sam (but mostly Dean). Give the shippers some really strong, half-canon gesture in Cas’s dying moments, and then swiftly move on. Shipping problem solved. Narratively satisfying. BUT – behind the scenes, it would be monumentally stupid to axe Misha from the show. They tried killing off Cas once, the ratings immediately took a nosedive, and the only thing keeping the show on the air was a hasty resurrection. It seems clear to me that Misha genuinely wants to continue on Spn as long as possible – he’s talked about directing in season 11 – and as long as they can afford him, they’ll hold on to him if they have any sense. Misha’s popularity has outgrown the entire show’s! I would be extremely surprised if Misha didn’t stay on till the end.

So. Destiel is there, and it’s there to stay. Only one question remains: will it remain subtext or go canon?

I do think a very good case can be made for eventual canon. Personally I can’t see it happening, but I hope I’m wrong. I frequently am, so don’t let my beliefs get you down. And it’s hard for me to outline the reasons why I’m skeptical – it’s a gut feeling based on my view of American culture and TV, which is iffy in itself from my vantage point in Sweden. I don’t get the difference between various networks and broadcasting types and airing times and whatever that Americans do – when your TV shows reach us here in Sweden, it’s all a jumble. All I can say, when I watch queer relationships effortlessly and openly portrayed on shows like Glee and As the World Turns (before it was cancelled) and Happy Endings and whatever, is that those shows seem to represent the 21st century while Supernatural is in so many ways a child of the 20th. Queer subtext wouldn’t work at all on a modern show, because the characters just wouldn’t stand for it. They’d call it out explicitly within five minutes. But Supernatural is from the era of the 1990s and earlier, when queer subtext was a rich, earthy layer to add to your show. Yes, the show started in 2005, but it wasn’t a child of its time even then – and by now, it’s a relic. It’s symptomatic that Dean, the heart of the show, only likes cars from the 60s and music from the 70s and 80s.

Although. He has evolved in Carver era, hasn’t he? He might not be keen to admit it, but his music taste has branched out. Carver has gently made him a more well-rounded character with broader tastes, and nudged him towards our century – I mean, Dean even buys apps now. Maybe that is, in a convoluted way (and don’t even ask me how I arrived at this), a good sign for canon Destiel.