the orinigals


You: “Kol, put that bat away. You’re not going to kill Damon.”
Kol: “Yes, I am.”
You: “No you’re not, Kol. You may love to kill people and I know how much you hate him. But I don’t want you to kill him. Because you swore to me you would keep it down. And you did. So now it’s not the time to stop.”
Kol: “Aren’t you mad?”
You: “Hell, yes I am! But I don’t care about him, Kol. I care about you and you’re a much better kisser than he is and..” (you smile) “..for some reason you’re also a much better person than he is. So please put that bat away and let’s forget it happened.”


Y aquí les presento el dorito oxig-*le dan un ladrillazo* d-digo Bill cipher :“’/


Aquí tienes tu hermoso dorito(? Bueno hoy lunes de cartoons me obligaron a limpiar y no encontré el borrador por lo tanto perdón por la tardanza.

Chicos si quieren un pedido cartoon mandenlo por chat o por un pequeño ask además, pidan el material con el que quieren que lo dibuje.

Los reblogs son apreciados nn


God is good. help me spread this message of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Relief. We need to know.

So I want to take a look at this things.

1: Tibet?! So now the orinigs are from Tibet, not China?!

2: Gabriel’s wife, obsly

3: Soooooooo this is the peacock’s miraculous… Then I think Mrs. Agreste is the Peacock. The jewel is just right in front of her photo! Aaand if so WHAT IS IT DOING HERE AND NOT WITH ITS OWNER?!

4: I don’t know what does Plagg say, but the paper is important if it’s inside there.

5: The cool book

6: A papyrus? From where? Tibet? China? Egypt? (let’s remember Mr. Kubdel - I have a theory, and I do think this is connected to what I said -)

7: Another book. Just like the paper Plagg’s holding, but we don’t know what it is yet

So many questions and no answers T-T

Anybody wants to talk about this? 

Because I’m crying inside 

I don’t want to wait 

I need ML

I love it