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Latin idioms used in Italian

Italian comes from Latin and nowadays in the Italian language there are still phrases and idioms that come from Latin and that are widely used, either in their original Latin form or in their modern translation.

  • Ad litteram - Alla lettera: to the letter. Generally heard in the Italian form.
  • Alea iacta est - Il dado è tratto: the die is cast, the famous phrase attributed to Caesar while crossing the Rubicone river and declaring war to the senate. We generally use the translation, but the original form is just as famous.
  • Alma mater - Madre che nutre: nurturing mother. Many universities in Italy are called Alma Mater, the most famous of which is the University of Bologna, called Alma Mater Studiorum
  • Carthago delenda est - Cartagine dev'essere distrutta: Carthage must be destroyed.
  • Cum grano salis - Con un grano di sale: with a grain of salt, Pliny the Elder, both versions are used
  • Cui prodest? - A chi giova?: who benefits from it?, Seneca. Both versions are used, but I’d say that the Latin form is more used, for example in detective stories
  • Do ut des - Do perché tu mi dia: I give to you so that you give to me. The Italian translation is generally never used.
  • Dura lex sed lex - Dura è la legge, ma è la legge: The law is hard/strict, but it’s the law
  • Horror vacui - Orrore del vuoto: the horror of the void. Not widely used, but commonly known
  • In medias res - Nel mezzo delle cose: in the middle of things, used to talk about books that start in the middle of the story
  • In medio stat virtus - La virtù sta in mezzo (a due cose): virtue stands in between (two things), an invitation to moderation
  • In vino veritas - Nel vino la verità: in the wine, there is truth. Funny answer recently added: “in vino veritas e in scarpe adidas” (in vino veritas and in shoes adidas)
  • Labor limae - Lavoro di lima: smoothing out the details (lit. work of file), Horace. Both forms are known
  • Lapsus linguae - Un errore della lingua: a mistake of the language/tongue. Generally used only in the form of “lapsus”, word that has entered the Italian dictionary
  • Non plus ultra: ultimate/top object. The phrase has entered the Italian vocabulary as it is.
  • Pecunia non olet - Il denaro non puzza: money doesn’t stink. Generally, the Latin form is used
  • Sic semper tyrannis - Così sempre ai tiranni: lit. as always to the tyrants, the phrase usually attributed to Brutus after stabbing Ceasar.
  • Sic transit gloria mundi - Così passa la gloria del mondo: this way passes the glory of the world.
  • Tu quoque Brute, fili mi - Anche Tu Bruto, Figlio mio: Et tu Brute. In the English-speaking world, “Et tu Brute” is more used because it was used by Shakespeare in Julius Caesar. In Italy, on the other hand, we use “Tu quoque(..)”
  • Vox populi vox dei - Voce del popolo, voce di Dio: voice of the people, voice of God. Usually used only as “vox populi”

I’m sure I forgot to add plenty of phrases but there are literally hundreds of these that are either famous and known or even used in everyday life. 

My Beauty & The Beast Review (spoilers!)

I know there’s been hundreds of these done before, but I just wanted to share my opinion on the highlights and lowlights of the new 2017 live action film (WHICH I ABSOLUTELY LOVED AND WILL BE SEEING A SECOND TIME), upon looking at all the comments and criticisms I’ve seen either through youtube videos, critics, and scrolling through tumblr. 

Cons/scenes that confused me:

- The opening number was not as magical as it could have been. I can’t describe exactly what–it just wasn’t as impactful as a number as the original
- The library scene was not as much as a big reveal. It felt so casual and rushed into–but I really liked how it was such a surprise in the original version
- I feel like Emma Watson could have put more emotion into her singing. I mean of course she can’t top Paige O’Hara but still, I feel like sometimes her soul wasn’t as into it (probably tho because she’s not a musical actress)
- Why the townspeople ganged up on Belle to ruin her laundry–is teaching a girl to read considered that big of a sin??? seems like a bit of a stretch
- I really wanted the proposal scene to happen where Gaston gets rejected, maybe not entirely the same, but just simply something that would outrage Belle more than the conversation she had in this version
- “Gaston, you are positively primeval” was not included
- “No one says no to Gaston!” was not included
- “Every last inch of me’s covered in hair” was not included
- The way Emma Thompson sang BATB wasn’t as great as it should’ve been. A lot of times she sang it slower than the actual tempo to the point where I felt like she had to catch up on the song and it sounded off. I appreciate her trying to sound different from the original but it was getting a bit excessive
- No one questioning why Belle was wearing a ballgown upon being missing for days and being held captive by a beast
- Why Belle called Gaston a monster??? I mean, we as an audience know why, but Belle had no previous knowledge of the monstrous things Gaston had done and the only thing he’d done to her is act like a bigot and vain
- Was I the only one who thought Beast didn’t look hot?? i mean, i liked the gentle vibe he kinda had in the original, but in this version, he’s too much of a hybrid amongst human and beast which kinda creeped me out at times
- Mrs. Potts’ & Chip’s animation was a bit odd to me–despite the Prince wanting the most extravagant of items–their design wasn’t that beautiful or appealing to me
- Belle keeping the rattle that her mom kissed when she had the plague is dangerous, isn’t it?
- The castle crumbling when the last few petals fell from the rose made no sense–like it’s not like the castle totally fell apart when the last petal fell
- Though the transformation scene was wonderful, I had wished Adam or Belle had said something to make the silence less awkward and make the moment more romantic
- The ending scene was nice with the finale song, but I feel like they should’ve done something that tied up the film, I was looking forward to a finale kiss between Belle and Prince Adam but they just danced and it just kinda ended??? there was no impact there


- The close-up shots of Belle when she sings her solo part in ‘Belle’ was done beautifully
- Belle’s reprise and the infamous ‘Sound of Music’ scene was some great cinematography 
- The deeper father-daughter dynamic between Belle and Maurice. They added a lot more depth to this character (kevin kline made him funnier and more endearing :”) )
- Belle’s voice sounding more normal throughout the film compared to the autotuned versions released in trailers & online (i was really going in with low expectations of her singing due to what was previously shown but it sounded fine in the movie???)
- Belle’s “Ugh!!!” after the thought of being Gaston’s wife
- Belle’s costume changes; giving her boots vs. flats, hitching up the side of her skirt so she could run more freely and ride horses, adding pockets to store her books, etc.
- ALL THE PLOT HOLE FIX-UPS (every time they explained something new i was like OHHH THAT MAKES SENSE NOW)
- Having more scenes showing the Beast’s character as well as seeing more of the chemistry with him and Belle
- All the new original songs blew me away. Once again, Alan Menken is a true legend.
- Evermore was so essential and I’m so glad they decided to give Beast a solo song (i always wanted to hear one from him, and it gave me Phantom vibes which was BONUS)
- Character development with LeFou
- All of LeFou’s lines (i cracked up every single time)
- Golden cast. 
- Dan Stevens and his facial expressions, acting through his eyes, how he poured his heart and soul in evermore.
- Luke Evans was literally Gaston brought to life. The voice, the looks, the charm. I also liked how he was a bit darker in this version.
- Josh Gad brilliant once again, I lost it at “It’s never gonna happen ladies”

- Ewan McGregor gave a refreshing retake on Lumiere and his singing was great!
- “The East Wing, or as I like to call it, the ONLY wing” 
- Maurice admiring Lumiere and Cogsworth as the two argued who he was referring to once he left
- Interracial couples.
- The song ‘Gaston’ blew me away. It was better than the original.
- Visually stunning scenes throughout.
- Beast saying they should run away together (my heart melted when he said that)
- BE OUR GUEST GAVE ME GOOSEBUMPS. DID NOT DISAPPOINT. (i was really nervous about them messing it up but it gave me the thrills just as the original)
- How this movie really tugged on my heartstrings and I cried 6 times throughout the whole 2 hours.
- Belle singing ‘How Does a Moment Last Forever’ was beautiful
- “Too touristy?” - Beast
- Beast trying to protect his masculinity when he was caught reading a romance
- All the passionate stares between Belle and Beast throughout the film
- The ballroom scene was breathtaking. The ballroom set itself was–dhlsdkfhdsk
- Beast/Prince Adam’s mother being his sun (insert sobbing)
- The mob song was also done better than the original. (OMG BUT LEFOU’S LINE THO–)
- The way the beast screamed “BELLE!” was heart-wrenching
- The transformation scene was powerful, Dan Stevens was beautiful. That kiss tho–right in the feels.
- “Turn back into a clock. Back into a clock.”
- The Finale ver of Beauty and the Beast was lovely, the new lyrics added in were just the perfect finishing touch as well
- “How would you feel about growing a beard?” *GROWLS* (me: dies)
- Everyone dancing together (instead of everyone just awkwardly watching Belle & Adam dance)

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Why do people think that the kid who died in the car in TST is gay?

Hi Nonny!

I know I read a meta about it, but from what I can recall about it is because of the way he was coded:

The rainbow over his face in not one but two scenes one after the other (from 19:48 to 20:16):

The ORIGINAL blue Power Ranger on the hood of the car.

  • This is significant because the original actor who played Billy (COUGH COUGH ANOTHER WILLIAM COUGH), David Yost, in the American version of the show is gay and reportedly suffered a LOT of homophobia on set:
    • While it was originally believed that he had left the series due to insufficient pay, Yost later revealed in a 2010 interview that he left because he could no longer handle harassment by members of the production crew who targeted him over his sexual orientation. According to Yost, he was often called a “f*****t”, and the producers frequently questioned other cast members in private about his sexuality. Yost left late in the fourth season after a week of contemplation and thoughts of suicide instead of continuing work another six months into the second film. He stated that the co-workers involved with writing, filming, and producing the show considered him “not worthy” to be where he was and that he “could not be a superhero” because of his homosexuality.[2][3]
  • And the subtextual erection Charlie gave to the ranger up there… *shrugs*

• Some people say that Charlie’s surprise is metaphorical to “coming out”. Charlie is in a disguise, hidden in plain sight, and then he “comes out” of his costume and surprises his conservative father.

There’s also the speculation that he may be a closeted-MTF, since Sherlock initially misgendered Charlie when he entered the residence:

(Sherlock throws him a look and then heads towards a nearby closed door. A man opens it and leads the boys into the same room which the Welsboroughs were in when they took Charlie’s phone call. Charlie’s parents are sitting on a sofa and they stand as Sherlock walks towards them.)
SHERLOCK: Mr and Mrs Welsborough. (He takes Emma’s hand to shake it.) I really am most terribly sorry to hear about your daughter.
JOHN (instantly): Son.
SHERLOCK (instantly): Son. (X)

Which is also a plausible theory, as well as my initial theory that Sherlock says this because he has John’s daughter on his mind – probably from the Alibi theory that the baby HAS died. Either works :)

Anyway, I know that there are more clues to Charlie’s possible orientation, but it isn’t anything new in this series, since we are constantly seeing Sherlock as being coded as gay. If anyone has that meta handy, that would be awesome so I can attach that stuff to here. As I said, all of my points came from that initial meta.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting the boys from Stranger Things at the Days of the Dead convention in Atlanta (2/4/17) and seeing their panel.  I thought I’d share some cool things the kids talked about:

  • Finn got his first acting jobs off of Craigslist ads.
  • Stranger Things was originally called Montauk and took place in Long Island.
  • Before auditioning, the kids were sent movie clips to watch from Jaws, The Poltergeist, Let Me In,  E.T., and  The Goonies to get a “feel” for how the Duffer brothers wanted the show to be like.
  • At the auditions the boys read from the script of Stand By Me.
  • Stranger Things was originally going to be a mini-series.
  • Gaten was the only person the Duffer brothers auditioned for Dustin.
  • Noah originally auditioned for Mike.
  • The cast (with the exception of Gaten) complained that the 80’s clothes they had to wear were uncomfortable. They were even given “tighty whities” to wear, which they said they refused to do.
  • When talking about the technology from the 80s that they had never seen before, Finn said that Millie had never seen a record player before prior to filming the first season. The boys couldn’t believe this, because as Finn said, “you can get one at Urban Outfitters.”
  • Gaten said the worst scene for him to film was the scene where Dustin and Mike are being chased by the bullies in the quarry because he hates running. When told he needed to keep up with Finn, Gaten said “then Finn needs to slow down.”
  • In the last episode, the scene where Jonathan picks up Will from playing D&D was improvised. Lucas says that Dustin farted, but he originally said “Dustin sharted.” However, the voice was dubbed over in the final cut because the Duffer brothers said that nobody said “sharted” in the 1980s.
  • Gaten said that his favorite movie is Saving Private Ryan. Finn’s is Trainspotting, and Noah’s is Castaway. Caleb couldn’t pick a favorite movie.
  • Gaten’s new charity, CCD Smiles, should be up and running in the next month or so.

Plus some cute things:

  • Finn said when he went to his audition he was excited because the Duffer Brothers had bought him business class plane tickets, much to the disbelief of Noah who said he was given an economy class ticket. 
  • Caleb corrected his own grammar once when answering a question.
  • Noah recently bought Dungeons and Dragons, much to the delight of the others who can’t wait to play and they all exclaimed “let’s play tomorrow!”
  • When the panel moderator said no more questions and thanked the boys for coming, Finn said “Wait, we’re done? No we can take more questions.” When the other boys joined in the moderator allowed 10 more minutes of questions.
  • At one point a lot of static came out of the microphones, prompting the boys to say things like “hello?” and “it’s here.”
Ghost In The Shell: An Ode To Kamikaze - Quill’s Scribbles

MAJOR spoilers ahead for the Ghost In The Shell movie, so don’t read if you haven’t seen the movie yet… which you’re not going to obviously because it’s a whitewashed, racist piece of shit and you would never support such a thing, would you? No, of course not.

I’ve been asked a few times to write something on Ghost In The Shell and up until now I’ve been reluctant to do so for two reasons. 1) I’m not really a fan of Ghost In The Shell. I know roughly what its about from what people have told me, but I just never really got into it, and 2) I’ve pretty much said everything I’ve wanted to say about whitewashing, mostly in my numerous Doctor Strange posts. If I started doing stuff on Ghost In The Shell, I’d run the risk of repeating myself. Whitewashing is bad, Hollywood are a bunch of racist opportunists and you shouldn’t pay money or support these kinds of projects in any way, shape or form. That’s pretty much it. I had no intention of watching Ghost In The Shell and neither should you. Enough said.

But then some rather interesting news came to my attention, courtesy of @gabriel-strange. VEEEEERY interesting news indeed. So interesting in fact that I honestly thought it was an April Fool’s prank. So I double checked. I triple checked. I quadruple checked. And I discovered to both my horror and delight that it was true.

But first, we have to set the scene.

Ghost In The Shell is a Japanese series of anime and manga titles that takes place in the year 2029 in a fictional city in Japan. In this cyberpunk future, the lines between humans and technology have been blurred, with people placing more and more reliance on cybernetic implants and prosthesis, and computer and electronics permeate every aspect of their lives. The main protagonist is Major Motoko Kusanagi, a cyborg who works for the counter-cyberterrorist organisation known as Public Security Section 9. Her main job is to hunt down and capture cyberterrorists and hackers, who are especially dangerous in this futuristic society due to everyone’s over reliance on technology. It’s even possible for a skilled terrorist to hack into a person’s brain and make them act against their will.

The series has been heavily praised for its creativity and its philosophy, posing some very interesting questions. How do you define who or what is human in a world where a person’s mind can be copied and where body parts can be replaced with machine parts? Where do you draw the line? It’s a very rich and thought provoking subject matter, so naturally Hollywood wanted in on some of that. In 2009, Steven Spielberg and DreamWorks acquired the rights to make a live action Ghost In The Shell movie. Paramount Pictures agreed to co-produce the movie in 2015 and Rupert Sanders signed on to direct.

All they needed to do was find a talented, up and coming young Asian actor to play Motoko Kusanagi. Who did they go with?

Yep. Scarlett Johansson. An actor most famous for not being Asian. She was cast in the role when talks with Margot Robbie (another actor whose defined by not being Asian) fell through.

This, naturally, sparked a huge amount of controversy from both fans and people working within the industry, and as night follows day, people started to try and justify this bullshit. Some people (let’s be kind and call them idiots) posit that there was never any indication that Motoko Kusanagi was Japanese in the original manga.

Originally posted by elittlejoia

Right. Because why would one assume that a woman with a Japanese name, living in a Japanese city in a series originating from Japan would be Japanese? 

Guys, she’s about as Japanese as you can get! Wake the fuck up!

Others say that the race of the character shouldn’t be an issue because the themes the series covers are universal and can be applicable to everyone regardless of race. Oh good! In that case, she should definitely be played by an Asian actor. Well… if the themes are as universal as you suggest, the fact that she’s Asian shouldn’t alienate me, a white person, at all, should it? Unless you’re suggesting the themes are somehow more universal if the main character is white. If that’s the case, you may want to look up your definition of universal.

A popular excuse is that the Japanese fans have no problem with the casting of ScarJo, with many assuming that a Hollywood production would have chosen a white actor. Even Mamoru Oshii, the director of the original anime films, gave his blessing, saying there was no basis for an Asian actor to play the role. So if they don’t have a problem with it, why should we? Well first of all it’s kind of tragic that Japanese people just assume their beloved characters will be whitewashed because Hollywood have done this so often now they’ve basically gotten used to it. But it doesn’t justify it. A child might get used to an abusive parent over time. It doesn’t make the abuse okay. It’s still wrong. And as for Mamoru Oshii, Well, with all due respect, his opinion is fucking irrelevant. No, really! His opinion carries no weight whatsoever! He’s a Japanese man working in a Japanese industry in a country where 98.5% of the population are Asian. Here in the western hemisphere, Asian people are very much in the minority and, especially in the US, it’s very difficult for them to break into this industry. The last thing they need are white actors stealing all the good roles they could and should be playing. (And for the record, the most vocal people criticising this movie are Asian Americans who have become sick and tired of Hollywood constantly screwing then over, so fuck you).

And finally there’s the age old excuse that ScarJo was the best person for the role and that casting an A-list actor would help to bring the franchise to a more mainstream audience. I mean there are no A-list Asian actors, right? Well apart from Jackie Chan and Lucy Liu (and they’re debatable), no. There aren’t any A-list Asian actors. And do you know why? IT’S BECAUSE YOU DON’T FUCKING CAST THEM! Of course there aren’t going to be any A-list Asian actors because you’re not giving any of them a chance! You keep handing over the roles to white people and depriving Asian actors of job opportunities that were intended for them in the first place!

The studios and filmmakers of course have been offering their own insightful comments, saying how this is a future world and that they’re depicting an international city. That seems to be their go to word. International. Code for ‘populated mostly by white people’. Even Motoko Kusanagi has been renamed as Mira Killian. Seriously, Ghost In The Shell is only a decade into the future. What happened between now and 2029 that the Asian population has somehow decreased exponentially?

And of course Scarlett Johansson doesn’t hesitate to get her thoughts heard, first by saying that this was about gender over race and how this was an opportunity to bring a strong female character to mainstream audiences. Now if you were wondering what White Feminism is, this is it. An actual feminist would encourage and celebrate the casting of an Asian actor in the role because it would be a massive step forward for women of colour. Old ScarJo clearly doesn’t meet those requirements. And then she said this:

“I certainly would never presume to play another race of a person. Diversity is important in Hollywood, and I would never want to feel like I was playing a character that was offensive.”

Uhuh. Okay. Dear readers, do me a favour. I want you to remember this quote for me, alright? Trust me. It’ll be very important later ;)

From Doctor Strange to Iron Fist to the upcoming Death Note adaptation, there seems to be this weird obsession in Hollywood recently of exploiting and fetishising Asian culture whilst surreptitiously telling the Asian community to go and fuck themselves. This Ghost In The Shell movie seems to be less of an adaptation and more like a white person’s self insert fanfic. And trust me, you have no idea how true that statement really is.

Which brings me to the interesting news I was telling you about. Again, massive spoilers for the movie ahead, so be warned.

Are you ready? Okay.


Turns out that Mira Killian is actually Motoko Kusanagi. She has the brain of a Japanese girl inside of her whose memory was erased in an effort to create the perfect soldier. There’s even a scene at the end of her meeting and hugging her Japanese birth mother and embracing her true identity as Motoko Kusanagi.

Oh yes! They actually went that far! Somebody actually thought this would be a good idea! And don’t get me wrong, it’s horrible. It’s racist as shit. I’m utterly disgusted by this, but at the same time I can’t help but admire the ballsiness of it. They chose to depict literal whitewashing in their movie. A Japanese girl is stripped of both her identity and any character traits that would identify her as Japanese and replaced with the body and mind of a white person in an effort to create somebody ‘perfect’. It practically borders on self parody.

But do you want to know the best part? Remember what ScarJo said?

“I certainly would never presume to play another race of a person. Diversity is important in Hollywood, and I would never want to feel like I was playing a character that was offensive.”

Tell me Ms Johansson. Do you know the Japanese translation for ‘lying, racist scumbag’?

Because let’s not deny it. What ScarJo said was a blatant lie. She is playing a Japanese character and now she’s quite rightfully being torn to shreds by the critics, most notably the Asian American Media Group. Yeah! Who’d have thought they’d have a problem with this?! Call it a hunch, but somehow I think there might be less demand for a Black Widow movie now after all this. So I wouldn’t hold your breath.

It also puts all those other claims to shame too. That the character’s race isn’t important and that this is an international city and that the themes are universal and so on. Let’s not forget that in the early days of production, they were considering using the same CGI from The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button to make their chosen white actor look Asian. The fact that they’re practically bending over backwards in a desperate and pathetic attempt to justify their whitewashing actually proves that the race of the character is actually important after all.

I can’t help but find this just a bit hilarious. I mean at least Doctor Strange didn’t pretend Tilda Swinton was Asian. At least they didn’t stoop THAT low. And the irony of it all is Rupert Sanders and co could have gotten away with it if they just kept their mouths shut. I know how gullible general movie going audiences can be. They probably would have blindly accepted a whitewashed Ghost In The Shell movie if the story and acting was good. But because the studio just couldn’t leave well enough, because they were so paranoid that they’d be accused of racism and that they’d upset the fans, they tried to tinker with it and ended up not only making the issue even more awkward than it already was, but also highlighted their racism in big bold neon lights. They haven’t just tied a noose around their necks. They’ve practically built their own gallows as well.

Already they’ve started to feel the effects. On its opening weekend, Ghost In The Shell pulled in less box office earnings than DreamWorks’ Boss Baby. And I don’t know about you, but I would love to have seen how that conversation played out to the studio execs. Your movie is losing to an animated film featuring Alec Baldwin voicing a talking baby. LOL. In fact I’m almost tempted to go and see this movie for myself just to witness it commit cinematic suicide live, right in front of me. This has got to be one of the most glorious kamikaze moves I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

And I can’t think of a more appropriate way to end this Scribble than with the ironic use of this classic from the 80s. Enjoy :)

its funny but not unexpected when people dislike the idea of an animaniacs "reboot"

but like, think about the emerging trends just in the recent months. nick and adult swim have already organized several “reboots” of older IPs that desperately needed a conclusion (samurai jack, hey arnold, invader zim. i’ve even heard about a rocko’s modern life movie). but its not just any thrown together continuation (like the new powerpuff girls. cartoon network has given the idea of a reboot a very bad name, when other studios have shown that it can clearly be done right)

i’m talking about getting members of the original cast and crew back together. the original voice actors, writers, and artists if possible, imho would make for a satisfying conclusion to any series that the creators actually cared about.

i’m not pushing for a full blown reboot or anything. i think the series as a whole doesnt really call for an official continuation. But doesn’t the idea of a 100th episode special sound awesome? like, one final 30 min to an hour long mini-revival?



LINES: “Hey, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it?” “Not in a bad way, of course!” “*any lyric from Dear Theodosia*”

LINES: “Tyler? Are you home?” “Adrien says to get the f up.” “Why would you think that?”


LINES: “Tyler it’s 3pm get the hell up.” “Look, you just need to let it go, okay?”


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Could I please stop seeing MY stolen fanworks on here!!! Once a picture is worked on and posted to tumblr it does in fact BECOME a FANWORK and not just a random photo to be REPOSTED


Hi! I made this post myself from Brian Rose’s insta. It’s his photo, not yours. Pictures tweeted by cast and crew are fair game and I linked back to the original. I also didn’t alter the original, afaik.

I would have reblogged it from you but you have me blocked, and I wanted the bts pic on my blog as a spoiler source so…no.

This is not a fan work. This was not a repost and if you wanted me to use yours I couldn’t so you have no one to blame but yourself.

CITT Crew owe  Soonki and Park Hae Jin an apology

I can’t even begin to describe how furious I am right now, because after reading Soonkki (the webtoon author) and Park Hae Jin’s accounts, there is no doubt that this drama has majorly screwed up. To be more specific, the PD and drama production crew have completely shattered the original premise of Cheese in the Trap and basically spit on Soonkki and Park Hae Jin’s faces in doing so.

Soonkki has confirmed on her blog that the production team DID NOT consult her for the changes made in the drama, in other words the mishandling and manipulating of scenes to the extent that the original story has been completely ripped to shreds WAS NOT APPROVED by her. Additionally, they outright ignored her requests; there is a mention of how she didn’t want the drama ending to be the same as the webtoon and for certain scenes not to be included but they disregarded her wishes. The complete disrespect and lack of basic decency is outrageous. This is HER story, they did NOT have the right to butcher it like they did and she and her fans have a right to be mad.

 She wrote, “Considering that the medium is different, I’d wanted the drama to have a different feel from the original. However, it was reported that the drama was ‘faithful to the original.’ While the drama was being produced to be faithful to the original, I did not receive even one call, and I don’t know what plot will be produced.”

One source with the drama said, “The original [story] has completely crumbled. Episodes 15 and 16 contain events that are incomprehensible.”

Park Hae Jin’s accounts are also unbelievable. He has stated previously that the whole cast was invited to the drama wrap up party and reward vacation- everyone except for him, they didn’t even bother to notify him. Also, he finished filming almost a whole week in advance than the rest of the cast. Again, why? Not even he knows. He states that he was shocked to discover the change in the episodes and is utterly disappointed with how his character, Yoo Jung, has been portrayed. Below are some highlights of what Park Hae Jin had to say about this:

“If the plot interferes with plausibility or is unable to be understood, you can’t watch the drama. There are parts I’m disappointed about. There are parts where the feeling between what we shot and what aired is different.”

“There are things I’m disappointed with regarding the screentime and editing. But even being the lead character, depending on the episode your emphasis could be greater or lesser. Truthfully, I don’t think the real problem is the screentime or editing. The biggest issue is that my character, Yoo Jung, has changed. He carries hidden scars that he can’t show to others. He smiles to cover that up, and shows a bright face. There are certain scenes that are necessary to show the characters’ internal and external sides. But in the drama, they were different from the original. I was disappointed in this point. I chose Cheese in the Trap because of Yoo Jung’s duality, with his sweet and chilling sides.”

“Past the first half of the series, this side of Yoo Jung wasn’t revealed much. Thus the character’s very essence was weakened, and changed. More than the shortening of my screentime because of the editing, I’m just so disappointed in the character faltering.”

“I really wanted to take on the role of Yoo Jung, but I’m disappointed that I wasn’t able to show something more. And I’m also sorry to writer Soonkki of the original.”

“Because filming has already wrapped, I can only wait to see how the director edited things. It’s upsetting. I worked hard as the actor in the lead, but I’m sad I couldn’t show more.”

“[The drama] didn’t capture the parts that are in the webtoon well, either. I’d like to ask the director once, why she did that. I don’t know what is still to come, but I’d still like to ask that.”

“When I watched the broadcast, Yoo Jung didn’t appear very much. I’d like to ask [the director] why. It’s not only the scenes I filmed, but there were child parts that were entirely skipped, and the emotional lines between Yoo Jung and his father, and parts where we could have explained more and still been insufficient, but got removed. There were things that didn’t get filmed, but even things we filmed were edited out. So I’d like to ask that myself, what the reason was.”

“To be honest, it would be a lie to say I’m 100% satisfied. The reason I confirmed Cheese in the Trap at the very start when the director, writer, or anything else hadn’t been decided was the because of the strength of the original, and my trust in the webtoon. Right now, I have nothing to trust in.” 

I hope people take time to read this and not take this lightly. An author’s wishes and rights to her own story were violated, a lead actor’s hard work and effort has gone to waste and he has been reduced to a cameo role in his own drama, and the character Yoo Jung who many fans have grow to love has been ripped apart to a shadow of itself and utterly distorted for absolutely no reason. 

I want some opinions on something, if you please.

Alright, so.
People are calling Iron Fist racist because Danny Rand is a white guy who picked up his powers from a non-white basis, right? His origin has always been like this, and I personally don’t see an inherent problem with it.

However, people are saying “this could have been the chance to cast an Asian actor in the role!”

I just don’t get it. They’re sticking with the original character, and that’s a BAD thing? To me, it’s the same as saying Luke Cage needs to be change from being black. He doesn’t, and neither does Danny, frankly. Now, altering some more potentially racist elements of his backstory? Yes, do that, but you might as well keep true to the character. That’s just me, however. Feel free to share your views. I just feel if you want something like this, then perhaps make stories with your own characters and show the world how great they are. 


replied to your post

“this new anne of green gables is a little bit of an asshole”

as someone who has trouble with anne being anyone other than megan follows…..i’m genuinely curious about the new production. i saw the trailer and yeah anne seems like an asshole. is the rest of the show good? matthew is my fave so his casting is super important to me….

I LOVE the original so while the casting is good it will never be as good as the original to me. This Anne legit has ptsd. No joke she’s one traumatized orphan which i guess is a more realistic portrayal of what happened but I prefer the romanticized version. I call this version Degrassi class of 1900. It feels like that. You know like this episode Anne deals with having her period and marilla calls out her women’s group for orphan slut shaming. 

Its still good though. Watch it and report back. 

Natalie Sheehan | FC: Katherine Langford | Open | Original Character

BIO: Natalie, or Nat as she likes to be called, is new to the area. Originally from Ireland, she’s here and rather bored with the idea of Bristol. She’s attending Bristol University in hopes to maybe become a doctor or someone that could at least make a difference. Her parents are divorced, but she believed it was the best for her dad. She now just lives with her dad and her mum lives back in Ireland with her now half-sister that she barely knows. Nat is a strong willed individual. She hates being pitied and refuses to let people take care of her. After all, her motto was how she could always take care of herself. She puts up walls around people and isn’t into the romantic types of lads. She wants someone who knows what they want and when they want, but isn’t a bad person. She hates liars and can read people when they’re bullshitting easily. Her mum was a big liar and cheater, so she’s used to it. She’s a bit of a sporty girl and can adapt to situations that call for it. Although her dad taught her to not be rude, she can’t help but blurt out how she feels about something, especially when she feels strongly on the subject.

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


The back cover of the Over the Garden Wall DVD has been revealed!  Which means I can talk about the special features now:

  • Behind Over the Garden Wall: A nice little behind the scenes video that includes some interviews with the main cast, myself, and some footage of the recording sessions.  
  • Original Pilot: The original pilot, when the show was gonna be called Tome of the Unknown and it was about Wirt and Greg looking for a magic book.
  • Alternate Title Cards: Before settling on using the title cards we used, Nick Cross and I got a bunch of dry ice and tried to make a foggy looking title sequence. It never really came together right, so we ended up scrapping it… but it’s sort of interesting to see, i think. I put the full version of the end credits song over this video so you get to hear that song uncut.
  • Deleted Animatics: We cut a lot of stuff during the storyboard phase to make sure the episodes ended up being 11 minutes long, but we also cut some stuff during the animatic phase  (which is like a video of the storyboards with voices behind it).  Here are some of the more interesting/funny lines that were cut. Don’t expect, like, full sequences or anything… really just a few lines here and there. But I think they’re worth seeing (which is why we’re including them!)
  • Commentaries: Full commentaries for all the episodes of the series by me and Nick Cross.
  • Composers Cut: Probably the coolest special feature… you can watch the whole series without any dialog or sound-effects; just music and visuals! It’s pretty neat! I think the composers even spiffed up a few areas, and left some easter eggs and stuff here and there!


The DVD comes out September 8th (in about a month) but you can pre-order it now if you want.

It’s $10 on Amazon and a bunch of other sites (Walmart, Best Buy, etc). It’s also available on the Cartoon Network site directly, I believe… and probably other places. If you don’t want to buy it at any of these places I listed you can probably find it somewhere else, or ask your local DVD salesman (?) that you want to get a copy and they can figure it out. I’ll leave the Amazon link here for your convenience though:

anonymous asked:

Why is the whole genosha a big thing? What is genosha??

Genosha has a complicated history with mutants, at different times playing both hell and haven. It’s an island nation, off the southern coast of Africa. It was originally a mostly egalitarian, post racial society, with Wakanda level wealth. The ideal of what Western society strives for. Except for one detail. The engine of their wealth was a mutant slave caste. All mutants were put through a process called genegineering, made into compliant beings, losing their original identity. They were tools of the state. 

This was the late 80s, early 90s. Chris Claremont was building on themes of slavery,and apartheid. South Africa was a big deal back then. Mandela was getting out of prison. They even made a Lethal Weapon movie about it.

The X-Men first ran into them while they lived in Australia. They didn’t get along well.

There were a few other interactions, with tensions rising. Eventually Genosha felt the mutant terrorist X-Men were a clear and present danger to their society, that needed to be removed

This was the X-tinction Agenda, and was a massive event for the time. The Genoshans attacked the school (everybody was living in the basement, because the mansion had been blown up), capturing Storm, Rahne, Warlock, Rictor, and Boom Boom. The X-Men went to war with an entire country to get their kids back. You could not have picked a worse moment for the team. The  X-Men didn’t effectively exist at the time. Storm had lead them to calamitous ruin in the Australian Outback, and they were scattered across the globe, after a trip through the Siege Perilous. More than one still unaware of their previous life as an X-Man. The capture of the Storm and the New Mutants drew many together again to rescue their kids.

The X-Men were victorious, but not before paying a terrible cost.

Warlock died early. Rahne and Ororo would go through the genegineering process, with Rahne’s transformation being ‘permanent’. 

Genosha was left a burning Shambles. Their military and government toppled by the X-Men. They had never all come so close to dying, but were made stronger by the event. The family of Xavier had been scattered for a long time. This included the New Mutants being estranged from X-Factor. This period for X-men began their transition to mega franchise, and the countdown to X-Men 1′s million sales.

Fast forward many years later.

Control of Genosha would later be ceded to Magneto by the United Nations, as a way of appeasement. It wouldn’t work, leading to Wolverine and Cyclops having to take him down again. Magneto did however create a mutant haven in Genosha. Then they had a bad day.

Selene would head that way later, to resurrect all those dead mutants to do her bidding, with the help of the transmode virus. Cyclops and Wolverine’s X-Force stopped her.

 Most recently, it was where the Red Skull kept his mutant concentration camp

It has been the site of much heartache and horror, filled with the ghosts of million of dead mutants. It is a place that once held hope of becoming a guiding light for what was possible. That light was snuffed, and it has reverted back to place of nightmare.I imagine the negative energy there strong enough to incapacitate some empaths and telepaths. Other than M Day, this is where the worst events in mutant history have taken place.

That’s Genosha.


Straight outta the 2016 film, the Answer the Call Ghostbusters make their comic book debut!  Abby, Patty, Erin and Holtzmann join forces with Winston, Egon, Ray and Venkman for some bombastic ghostbustin’ insanity!
– Written and illustrated by the fan-favorite and critically-acclaimed creative team of Erik Burnham, Dan Schoening and Luis Antonio Delgado.
– Featuring the first of six-interconnected covers by Schoening and Delgado.
– Retailer incentive covers feature photos of the Original and ATF Ghostbusters casts!

Ghostbusters 101 #1—GEM OF THE MONTH

Erik Burnham (w) • Dan Schoening (a & c)
“Let’s Do The Space-Warp Again!” Before they began investigating the supernatural, most of the original Ghostbusters were teachers… and they’ve decided it’s time they start sharing their knowledge again. But when their first batch of students start poking around the firehouse and accidentally set in motion the merging of two universes (it’s easier than you’d think) Venkman, Stantz, Zeddemore, and Spengler will need all the help they can get to put things right! And who do you think will Answer The Call? (If you guessed Holtzmann, Yates, Tolan, and Gilbert… you get a gold star!) It’s a brand new inter-dimensional meeting of the minds, starting here!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99