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Why exactly is Gia an interesting character? Apart from being Elijah's love interest, played music... She didn't do anything important, I don't see a good female role in her. Just as useless than Aiden. Her death, if it happens today, is only to make Elijah sad. Irrelevant.

Gia is a lovely character with so much potential and room to grow. She’s self-sufficient, strong, willing to learn, and intelligent. Hayley literally adapted the attitude of a two year old when she found out Elijah and Gia were sleeping together. All Hayley had to give her aside from UNGRATEFULNESS was snark. Gia helped Elijah when negotiating with Josephine which in return was helping Hayley, but Hayley decides that a “baby vamp” is of no use to her seemingly above you all attitude. Elijah asked Gia to stand guard of Hayley and Hope. Should someone make it past all the wolves in the compound, Gia’s task is to fight off whoever the intruder is as long as she can so that Hayley and her kid can get out. And what does Hayley have in response that lovely gesture? More snark.

Gia can prioritize. She knows Hayley holds Elijah’s affection, and that’s totes cool. She isn’t reduced to being bitchy and territorial over a man who cares for another. Hayley, a married woman mind you, is treating Gia like shit bc she’s sleeping with a man who she has no claim over since he is not her husband, even though she’s trying to help her. And Gia is a classy ass lady and is gonna ignore Hayley’s bs, help her anyway because she’s doing Elijah–her friend–a favor.

She’s a talented musician and I thought her outburst when she complained that she doesn’t like Beethoven was insightful and so great. Elijah gave her that piece to play knowing she wouldn’t like it and she stuck to her preferences and view on music. I’m a musician too so I found that charming, haha. Gia tells Hayley that she’s trying to help Elijah put himself first since he hasn’t really ever done so in 1000 years. Being his friend is allowing us to see different dimensions to Elijah, and it allows him to evolve. It’s a very natural development to his character. But that’s not all she exists for. He’s forming a friendship with someone, she’s not so much a prop that can be moved around like other ladies in this show. I think she’s great.

I like how she’s written for, how she acts, her morals–all of it. She’s very refreshing in terms of how the women in TO are written. So piss off with your “irrelevant” cause I really like the character and will be bummed if she dies.

Camille O'Connell is a beautiful gift and all those who deny that simple truth are my foes.

Another point I forgot about these Dahlia replacing Freya with Klaus answers, at the end of the episode, she tells Klaus she knew he would make the right decision because he’s the smartest of his siblings, and he has no brute viking blood in his veins 

Klaus is “hers” without being viking, he’s her blood without being the blood of the people that ruined her life. 

andromedatonks replied to your post:i’m 90% sure that dahlia is going to be defeated…

i’m hoping they leave it open ended, but i feel like the cw won’t not produce a show by julie plec at this point

yeah i hope they do that too! like if she just went back into her 100 year slumber and they locked her up in a coffin or something so she could make a comeback next time they needed an awesome villain.  

and i really really hope you’re right about the julie plec thing!  people who know more about the cw than i seem to be pretty confident about it.  i don’t want to get my hopes up too high though because if i have to deal with that and dahlia’s death in the space of a week i will be so brokenhearted :((

People adding “this isnt Elijah” to my Cami/Elijah set of the web clip…it is though. Elijah is an asshole and he is a dick. He manipulates people; manipulation is one of his core qualities. He doesnt murder (when his mind is normal); he manipulates, he compels. He told Cami the truth and then asked for her help after he bribed her with the truth.

That is the most Elijah he has been for a while.

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Why do you hate Carina MacKenzie?

I don’t really hate her. I don’t know her, so I can’t hate someone that I don’t know. 

There are times when I actually WANT to like Carina, or at least like what she says on certain topics. Sometimes she says things about media and culture that I agree with and that I find incredibly insightful. 

My issues with Carina exist on two fronts. On the one front, I simply don’t care for her writing and to be fair, I don’t care for most of the writing on TO (aside from DAJ). It feels detached from the audience and since everything is so plot-driven, characters sometimes come across as wooden or superfluous in their scenes/dialogue. I’m just not a fan of any sort of storytelling that relies so heavily on exposition for plot purposes as opposed to character development, which leads me back to why I feel like TO isn’t really written with the audience in mind. If an audience can’t connect with characters on a meaningful level and the things that are going on AROUND the characters seems more important, then it’s hard for an audience to really love those characters and stick with them even when they’re not feeling certain story arcs. I still don’t really understand Hayley or Cami or Marcel as characters, just their roles in the breakneck plot (and even then, I don’t understand Cami AT ALL because I don’t feel like she serves any meaningful narrative purpose). So basically, I’m just not a fan of the way they tell stories because I don’t think there’s any real or long-lasting impact in the way they choose to do it and I think that their narrative relationship with the audience is very weak as a result. 

My second issue with Carina has more to do with how she’s handled certain factions of TO and TVD’s audience. Genre and nerd culture are very, very intertwined. That’s partly because genre became over time a haven for people who felt like they didn’t belong, and that’s really where the modern concept of fandom as we understand it comes from. People don’t like to be called “weird” or “angry” or have it implied that they’re losers or jerks because they have vocal or dissenting opinions about what a storyteller is doing. That’s why the Arrow, SPN, etc. writers don’t really DO that, even though I’m sure they get annoyed with fans sometimes. They show a forbearance with the fans because I think they get the genre audience and they understand what the audience is and what their role is in creating and sustaining fandom (and thus helping to support the show). Frankly, I felt like a complete misunderstanding and lack of empathy is what happened with the Klaroline fans and I still feel badly for those fans to this day. I understand not “getting” someone’s passion for something. There’s a lot of shit that I don’t “get” and sometimes I get annoyed with what I perceive as a super vocal expression of that passion , but I’m just not a fan of deliberately antagonizing someone or a group of someones because of it. Genre is here to embrace the wild and wonderful parts of storytelling (cornerstones of fantasy and sci-fi) and it SUCKS to be passionate about something, even a ship, and then have people who have some validation (like a TO writer) treat you like you have the plague or that you’re unreasonable or entitled for wanting some kind of explanation for why a story is going in another direction. TO/TVD provided that with Klaroline, but not very strongly and with an air of “OMG YOU GUYS ARE ASSHOLES FOR NOT LETTING GO OF THIS AND LOVING WHAT WE ARE FOCUSING ON” and Carina was a big part of that with the snide comments and very clear derision towards those shippers and that contributed to ruining the fandom experience for a lot of folks who didn’t deserve it.

So that’s my issue with Carina. I don’t hate her, I think she’s a smart and saavy girl, I’m just not a fan of TO’s writing and I’m not a fan of how the Klaroline thing was handled. Hope that answers your question. 

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Yes exactly because of Hope.

Initially. But now he cares for HER because SHE means a lot to him. He might not always show it but he CARES. Like the time he told Jackson he would kill him if he betrayed HER- not him, not Hope, HER. Last episode, he would NOT have been so hurt and upset with Hayley’s voice mail if he didn’t care for Hayley. Her words would not have HURT him. He would have just been angered by the idea of her taking his child away from him. but he was HURT. Remember in 2x01 when he told her that they would fight together? As a family? Remember how he couldn’t first even look at her because he felt so guilty, because he was so weight down by his grief and he had no idea how to comfort hers? Remember when in the last scene he held her hand and comforted her? Remember how he told her you would hold your child again? Remember how in the finale of last season he screamed when they killed her? Remember how he cradled her body in his arms? Remember how he told her he trusts her? All these instances, this wasn’t just about Hope. He cares for HAYLEY. She is important to him whether he admits it or not.

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do you think they might bring her back as a series regular for season 3 since she's wrapped aquarius?

No, because her life is still in LA. Her boyfriend and best friends all live there, it seems unlikely she’d move back into part time Atlanta residency again given this.

It wasn’t that she couldn’t do both shows at once. Daniel Gillies is a series regular/lead in Saving Hope, which is 18* episodes in another country- plus he has two babies! It’s about Claire not wanting to be in Atlanta. 

Sad for us, but honestly… it was good of them to write her off. It never made sense for Rebekah to be there in S1 given how horrible her relationship was with Klaus. They never write Rebekah into anything good. They never allow her strong storylines. She has nothing to herself, nothing she pursues for her own good. I’d rather Rebekah not be in the show, than to have it just be about her servicing her brothers’ happiness and them not acknowledging it. It’s been better with Maisie, but she still isn’t really all that independent. All her stories are about trying to survive the fallout of her brothers’ actions.

I hope she comes back for flashbacks and does the occasional 4 episode arc- the way Elijah used to come in and own every scene he was in because it all mattered. I don’t want Rebekah there if she’s just a background character in her OWN SHOW. Which is what Maisie is a lot of the time, and what Claire did most of the time too.

*18 corrected from 22 

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"We both go to the same doggy training club and our puppies get along famously, however, I resent you because you once called cops on me"-AU.

klaus + rebekah AU

1. Okay so first things first, Klaus has this wolf-like dog that likes all other dogs a lot and it’s kind of embarrassing bc klaus is all glaring at people when they try to comment on how he has such a cute puppy. Rebekah’s dog is pretty and elegant and only likes fancy food. she doesn’t like many other puppies but for some reason loves Klaus’ dog, to rebekah’s chagrin. (I don’t know things about dogs just work with me here)

2. The time Rebekah called the cops went like this: Rebekah was dating matt at the time and Klaus had made insinuations here and there that matt wasn’t the right guy for her. After the third time he broke into her apartment, she called the cops to get him to stop being a creeper. Matt called things off not that long after, but at least she got the satisfaction of seeing the tabloids get a hold of the cop story after it got anonymously leaked

3. The first time they meet at the doggy training club they glare at each other from separate sides of the room, but their puppies somehow become best of friends and klaus and rebekah are horrified. the trainer suggests taking their dogs out for walks together since their dogs like each other

4. After week two they suspect elijah might be behind them being in the same doggy training club and behind the way their paperwork asking to be put in another group keeps getting lost. (they can prove nothing, but elijah’s regular inquiries about how they are getting along says enough). They eventually decide to prank elijah during family dinner at the end of the year and make a truce to work on their common goal

5. Kol gets a puppy too, wanting to join his siblings in the fun, but sadly his puppy is very energetic and bouncy and is the one dog klaus’ dog does not get along with. Rebekah’s puppy tends to avoid kol’s puppy as well, and kol is more than a little offended, but somehow davina’s cat likes his puppy just fine so at least there’s that.

Jackson’s grandma turning into a wolf was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Poor thing, I couldn’t help but crack up. 

Also, RIP Gia. She brought something new I really liked. She’ll be missed. (Reminds me of Francesca who I also thought was gone too soon.)

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I've seen some blogs talking about the show being on the same network GOT is on. how they'd prefer it because it would mean that original incest would actually be canon, would you want something like that? Or do you prefer it when it's the (sometimes not so) subtle undertones of the relationship that suggests incest? It's the heated scenes that would end in sex for any other pairing but them? looks Klaus and Rebekah give each other that are sexual?

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what do you like most about the show?
what do you dislike about the show?
end with what you would be in The Originals universe (vampire, witch, werewolf, hybrid, human, etc)?

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I think that's an issue people have with the recasts. Kol & Finn seemed like totally different characters than we met on TVD and so does Esther. I liked their original incarnations and I wish they had kept them instead of doing all these recasts and changing their personalities. When Klaus was in Alaric & Tyler he was still Klaus - even though he was in the body of a human (Alaric) he still had the same goals and was compelling people as part of his master plan.

I can’t even count the amount of times I have talked about the recast. To some extent, you’re right, once someone is cast for a certain character it’s hard to replace them. I miss Alice as Esther, but that’s about it. We saw Finn for the total of 2 seconds in TVD. Casper was hot, but he was a bore tbh. Yusuf is so charismatic though and I love watching him on my screen. Finn’s wanted to get rid of vampires in tvd. He wants the same in TO. I don’t understand what’s so different?? 

Nate is alright. I really like him. But I also really like Daniel Sharman. And I really wanted him to stay as Kol. I loved Kol he witch. And just like FInn,w e only saw Kol for like 30 seconds in TVD. We had no idea who he was or what he wanted. And from the handful of scenes we got, all his actions of TO flow perfectly and make perfect sense. He is a witch, always felt left out. He is selfish. 

I have talked about the recasts so much, I don’t think I can do it anymore tbh lol. And I don’t understand how they would somehow tie into shipper wars. Like please let us not.