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after each episode, a 5 minute clip of rebekah & hope being happy is shown: rebekah and hope go grocery shopping, rebekah reads to hope, rebekah sings hope to sleep, hope learns to walk, hope learns to talk. they befriend the nice old lady next door. they get a dog. and a cat. rebekah learns to play the harp. hope draws butterflies and sunsets. every once in a while, they are visited by hayley. nobody else disturbs them. nothing bad happens. the end

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I think that's an issue people have with the recasts. Kol & Finn seemed like totally different characters than we met on TVD and so does Esther. I liked their original incarnations and I wish they had kept them instead of doing all these recasts and changing their personalities. When Klaus was in Alaric & Tyler he was still Klaus - even though he was in the body of a human (Alaric) he still had the same goals and was compelling people as part of his master plan.

I can’t even count the amount of times I have talked about the recast. To some extent, you’re right, once someone is cast for a certain character it’s hard to replace them. I miss Alice as Esther, but that’s about it. We saw Finn for the total of 2 seconds in TVD. Casper was hot, but he was a bore tbh. Yusuf is so charismatic though and I love watching him on my screen. Finn’s wanted to get rid of vampires in tvd. He wants the same in TO. I don’t understand what’s so different?? 

Nate is alright. I really like him. But I also really like Daniel Sharman. And I really wanted him to stay as Kol. I loved Kol he witch. And just like FInn,w e only saw Kol for like 30 seconds in TVD. We had no idea who he was or what he wanted. And from the handful of scenes we got, all his actions of TO flow perfectly and make perfect sense. He is a witch, always felt left out. He is selfish. 

I have talked about the recasts so much, I don’t think I can do it anymore tbh lol. And I don’t understand how they would somehow tie into shipper wars. Like please let us not. 

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Why do you hate Carina MacKenzie?

I don’t really hate her. I don’t know her, so I can’t hate someone that I don’t know. 

There are times when I actually WANT to like Carina, or at least like what she says on certain topics. Sometimes she says things about media and culture that I agree with and that I find incredibly insightful. 

My issues with Carina exist on two fronts. On the one front, I simply don’t care for her writing and to be fair, I don’t care for most of the writing on TO (aside from DAJ). It feels detached from the audience and since everything is so plot-driven, characters sometimes come across as wooden or superfluous in their scenes/dialogue. I’m just not a fan of any sort of storytelling that relies so heavily on exposition for plot purposes as opposed to character development, which leads me back to why I feel like TO isn’t really written with the audience in mind. If an audience can’t connect with characters on a meaningful level and the things that are going on AROUND the characters seems more important, then it’s hard for an audience to really love those characters and stick with them even when they’re not feeling certain story arcs. I still don’t really understand Hayley or Cami or Marcel as characters, just their roles in the breakneck plot (and even then, I don’t understand Cami AT ALL because I don’t feel like she serves any meaningful narrative purpose). So basically, I’m just not a fan of the way they tell stories because I don’t think there’s any real or long-lasting impact in the way they choose to do it and I think that their narrative relationship with the audience is very weak as a result. 

My second issue with Carina has more to do with how she’s handled certain factions of TO and TVD’s audience. Genre and nerd culture are very, very intertwined. That’s partly because genre became over time a haven for people who felt like they didn’t belong, and that’s really where the modern concept of fandom as we understand it comes from. People don’t like to be called “weird” or “angry” or have it implied that they’re losers or jerks because they have vocal or dissenting opinions about what a storyteller is doing. That’s why the Arrow, SPN, etc. writers don’t really DO that, even though I’m sure they get annoyed with fans sometimes. They show a forbearance with the fans because I think they get the genre audience and they understand what the audience is and what their role is in creating and sustaining fandom (and thus helping to support the show). Frankly, I felt like a complete misunderstanding and lack of empathy is what happened with the Klaroline fans and I still feel badly for those fans to this day. I understand not “getting” someone’s passion for something. There’s a lot of shit that I don’t “get” and sometimes I get annoyed with what I perceive as a super vocal expression of that passion , but I’m just not a fan of deliberately antagonizing someone or a group of someones because of it. Genre is here to embrace the wild and wonderful parts of storytelling (cornerstones of fantasy and sci-fi) and it SUCKS to be passionate about something, even a ship, and then have people who have some validation (like a TO writer) treat you like you have the plague or that you’re unreasonable or entitled for wanting some kind of explanation for why a story is going in another direction. TO/TVD provided that with Klaroline, but not very strongly and with an air of “OMG YOU GUYS ARE ASSHOLES FOR NOT LETTING GO OF THIS AND LOVING WHAT WE ARE FOCUSING ON” and Carina was a big part of that with the snide comments and very clear derision towards those shippers and that contributed to ruining the fandom experience for a lot of folks who didn’t deserve it.

So that’s my issue with Carina. I don’t hate her, I think she’s a smart and saavy girl, I’m just not a fan of TO’s writing and I’m not a fan of how the Klaroline thing was handled. Hope that answers your question. 

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PREACH! Whats this Freya nonsense?

I actually don’t mind Freya so long as they don’t introduce her as alive in the present day to replace Claire being off the show

Which I can see them doing.

But it is really disgusting to me that the Originals is doing this “who’s your bio daddy” plotline. Ansel is nothing and no one to Klaus. Mikael is his father. Ansel had his own wife and kids. Like Klaus has his own family. It’s stupid to do this thing that they’re doing.

I hate any storyline that tries to invalidate the family you were raised by in favour of some genetic donor who gave you up. The Originals is simplifying something in a way that really ticks me off and I hate seeing the fandom excited over something that’s so personally offensive to me as a human being but then I’ve had to get used to that. 


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"Last spring we had a daughter"... Am I the only one hoping for a first birthday party sometime this season?! Where Klaus goes way over board and plans the most lavish party a one year old has ever had

Hmmm I actually did not think of that until now that you brought it up! But it would be so Klaus-like wouldn’t it?? And Hayley will keep rolling her eyes at him because SHE IS ONLY ONE WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WHEN SHE TURNS EIGHTEEN?

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I ship it because Davina is like super into him even though she knows he’s Kol and he’s probably still manipulating her on some level but also genuinely started to care about her and grew fond of her. I’m still not sure if I believe he’s also romantically interested in her but there are definitely genuine feelings of some sort from his side.

I like how they bond over wanting to bring Klaus down and Kol is really flirty and how she can easily throw him into the wall and they both know it. I like when they do magic together and are the wildcards, the ones helping but ultimately having their own plans and motivations. I like how he gave her a bracelet and she still wears it. I like how Kol loves pissing off Marcel by bringing up their relationship and Marcel gets all protective daddy over Davina. I like how Kol was like “I’ve had a great day so I will grant you a kiss” before telling her to closer her eyes and kissing her. I like how Davina’s face lights up when she sees him and how she pulled him down to kiss him again.

Also I love how Kol keeps being the damsel in distress with Davina going to save him.

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I think I just need an entire episode dedicated to Klayley. Like I don't even ship them romantically (I wouldn't be against it lol), more as friends and co-parents to Hope but man I just love their "chemistry". They've come so far since they've met and I'm pretty sure this has been the closest to a healthy relationship Klaus has ever gotten AND UGH I JUST LOVE THEM OKAY

UGH UGH UGH I feel this anon. I want this soooo baaaaaad too. Like please dear lord let us have this. Just the two of them teasing each other like last episode and Hayley rolling her eyes at him and then Klaus continuing to be annoyed by her sass but sasses her back then they just take care of Hope together and realize nothing matters except how much they love Hope and I JUST BYEEE

Only complaint I have about the episode is that it should have been more focused on Kol/his siblings. I mean this is a member of the Original family, not some side character. But his death scene was done well. Daniel Sharman is brilliant. 

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favourite to blogs?

willparry (aka the #1 Elijah stan) and sinaxi (aka my favourite Klaus blog ever). They always have great opinions and make me laugh more than anyone. I don’t know how these two can embody their favourite characters so well but it’s truly amazing to watch. Do yourself a favour and go follow them, anon.

Other cool TO blogs that I follow: niklaushale, mrkolmikaelson, ywhiterain,  elirya, theloupgaroux, pallasathened, ercnorthman, winters-sergeantbloody-niklaus, rhaeliasjoffersbaratheon, fyeahoriginalfamily, elijah-daily, originalsdaily.

Also shoutout all those people who like my posts :)

Musings about CW shows...

So The 100 is now officially out performing TO.  Sure, their demo is now equal, (0.6) but The 100’s overall viewership is about 15% larger than TO’s at this stage. How long has it been since a CW show has actually built on its audience in the second season? 

The reason I’m mentioning this is because I’ve been reading a lot of posts about it being a toss up between JtV/Reign/The 100 for cancellation, but The 100 has maintained it’s demo increase for three episodes now and TO, while clinging onto its demo, is losing its overall audience. A weird turn up for the books!

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