the original was so dark

So Club Penguin is shutting down to be replaced by Club Penguin Island, but I don’t think anyone fully understands what this means. Do you really expect me to believe that these fun-loving penguins would willingly leave their happy arctic home to live on a tropical island unfit to sustain penguin life? No. Fuck that. Remember that Disney owns Club Penguin, therefore, it is my humble hypothesis that the original world of Club Penguin has been consumed by the darkness so all the penguins and puffles had to migrate to Destiny Islands as refugees. Now, Sora must purge the darkness from their original arctic world so they may return in safety. This will be a crucial plot point in Kingdom Hearts III.

  • Livvy: and now for a gay update with Kit Herondale
  • Kit: getting gayer
  • Livvy: thank you Kit
The clave: It is forbidden to fall in love with your parabatai


*Falls in love with Emma

*Sleeps with Emma twice

*Wants to break all the parabatai bonds to be with her

*Will destroy the world for her and his family

Julian: YOLO!

  • Julian: Uh.
  • Julian: [turns in full circle]
  • Julian: I think we lost Emma.
  • Cristina: I got this.
  • Cristina: [cups hands around mouth] ZARA DEARBORN SUCKS
  • Emma, emerging from the crowd: MY DICK! Haha, what's up guys?
Apicula's (modified) Healthy Self Potion

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NOTE: this is not a medical post.  It is simply meant to augment PROFESSIONAL MEDICINE.  Please check with your doctor to ensure that you can ingest any of the following ingredients, being mindful of allergies and possible harmful interactions.

A friend found a similar spell floating around but it was tied with so much negative energy that it felt…out of place to say the least.  I re-wrote it a bit to put it in a slightly more positive light. something that could be vital for certain people looking to take care of themselves a bit better.  I’ll cover the ingredients, their part in the potion, then how to assemble it.


💧  Infused Water–This can be infused with a fruit, vegetable or herb of your choice, adding an extra effect to your Potion.  Alternatively, you can also use crystal water, or a general-purpose water like Moon Water.  For this Potion, you’ll want to ensure it focuses on a healthy body, so water infused with immune-system-boosting fruits/herbs/vegetables are good.

☕  Coffee or Tea–Either one can be used, as both will share the same purpose.  They’ll be providing you with clarity of mind to remember to take care of yourself, as well as the energy to do so.  (Coffee Grounds and Tea Leaves can both be used for divination, so that’s where I’m drawing from for that part.

🌴  Coconut Milk/Water–Pretty simple ingredient here.  If needed you could substitute this with more infused water, or maybe a creamer with a sigil drawn on the bottle or something.  The Coconut Milk will provide the Healthy Mind ingredient, as there are various rituals that involve washing the head in it to instill good spiritual forces.

🍯 Optional Ingredient: Honey–This is great if you do not have Coconut Milk/Water on hand and need to use your infused water to fill it’s gap.  Honey has many great healing properties, and is perfect for the Healthy Body ingredient.  Alternatively if you just want to sweeten the potion, this works great too.


♨️ Brew your coffee/tea in your infused water.  If the normal flavor of the water conflicts with the coffee, feel free to brew it with half infused, half water.  Meanwhile, add your coconut milk and/or sweetener (Honey if you’re using it) to your mug.  While your drink brews, feel free to contemplate on your motivation for taking care of yourself, as well as some of the things you’ll need to do to accomplish your goal.  Writing this stuff down may be helpful.

☕  Pour the drink into your mug.  Start out stirring counter-clockwise.  Focus on drawing any negative thoughts and emotions concerning yourself out, and imagine them being pulled down the whirlpool formed in your potion and purified by the ingredients within.  Alternatively, if you worship any entity, this is a good time to ask them to banish the thoughts as well.   Let it rest, then stir it clockwise, while reminding yourself that you deserve the self-care, that you are as wonderful a soul as you choose to be, and that you cannot grow into a better person without strengthening your body and mind.  The point of this is to pull out these positive thoughts and cementing them in your mind.  Feel free to offer some to an entity you worship (If you do) as thanks for their help.

💗  Some other things you can do to make this stronger:  Throw some associated sigils around the house if you can.  Sigils with intents like “I will drink more water” or “I am wanted” can work really well.  You can even put sigils on the bottom of your mug, or take a moment to trace a sigil in your drink with a spoon!  The options are endless.  If you have any questions on this spell, feel free to ping me or send me a message.  I promise I don’t bite! (Or sting.)


When I think about the horror she must have witnessed when Marcel killed those men, it just… No… She didn’t see anything, actually. Marcel swept her away before she could even understand what was going on. He told her to close her eyes and sing.

Emma: Ok, listen up folks we have a security situation here. From now on, we are using codenames. You can address me as “Eagle One”.

Emma: Cameron, codename: “Been There, Done That”

Emma: Julian is “Currently Doing That”

Emma: Mark is “It Happened Once In a Dream”

Emma: Cristina, codename: “If I Had to Pick a Girl”

Emma: Ty is… “Eagle Two”

Ty: Oh, thank God.