the original was like

  • Mirasol: Face it. This job is dangerous. We might as well start hiding razor blades under our tongues.
  • Mirasol: [takes out a razor blade from under her tongue] Here. You can have some of mine.
  • Reza: How long has that been in there?
  • Mirasol: Since grade school.
  • Nikhil: That checks out.

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eee pia pia okay human!AU: autistic Gwyn. of course Crielle and her high claass "perfect" family hated that. and his life/upbringing was as awful as always but just!! autistic Gwyn!! this is all I'm going to thing about now

*quietly slides that into the pile of 2 million human Augus/Gwyn AUs that I have and stares at you grimly for adding yet another awesome AU idea to the mix*

Another piece. I learnt a cool technique for painting clouds on youtube, though it’s not done that well. And the fish is not made up it’s a real fish! 

I’m really satified with this one ^o^/ I’ll call it “Mummitrollet på fisketur” !


i needed a new dnd character so i accidentally made 4 and now i love them all


So I thought I’d try my hand at one of those fake screenshot things because I was bored and had better things to do that I chose not to do. Also, I was kinda sorta considering making this a commission-able if I could do it and it came out a success, but probably not. Anyway, behold, properly G1-ified Technis. I took reference mostly from Perceptor for the helm and the seekers plus Ironhide for some reason for the body. With and without the scar because I forgot it until after already posting.

I think I got pretty close for my first time in over a year trying one, though I’m not wholly satisfied with the monitor in the foreground. Thank you to all the millions of fake anime screenshots tutorials, Photoshop gradients and Lazy Nezumi for making this possible,