the original swan

Okay but soulmate au where person B’s handwriting is so much of a mess that person A doesn’t even think it’s a soulmark because it just looks like a really strange birthmark. Cue all the angst because they think they don’t have a soulmate because obviously this scribble is just like a weird scar or something like that. Then they see this stranger write something on a piece of paper and just go oh and yell something like “so you’re the asshole that made me think that I was destined to be alone” because that handwriting looks a whole lot like the odd mark on their skin and person B is just like wtf

The Signs as the Ugliest Ships
  • aries: bellarke
  • taurus: karamel
  • gemini: bughead
  • cancer: skyeward
  • leo: reylo
  • virgo: finchel
  • libra: snowbarry
  • scorpio: chair
  • sagittarius: vauseman
  • capricorn: captain swan
  • aquarius: klaine
  • pisces: snermione