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So recently I see a lot more reposts then before. It might be because if the new fans, new people on tumblr and all that. So here is a little bit of information on why you should reblog and not repost. 

First things first. 

“Wat is reposting?" 

Reposting is when you take an image, art work, graphic, gif… that isn’t yours (Read as; not made, edited, created… by you) and upload it onto your own account. Simple as that. Reblogging is when you press the little arrows on a post, so it goes onto your blog and adds to the notes on the original post. So you’re ‘sharing’ it without uploading it again.

Now, a more prominent question. 

"Why is reposting wrong?”

There are many reasons to why this is wrong. Reasons different for every person, reason people often don’t see as a reason to why this is wrong. Let me list a few.

  • You take away credit from the original poster.
  • It is no sign of respect to any artist. 
  • The same image turns up over and over again in a tag, which is really annoying. 
  • People assume you edited/created the art you uploaded, the original creator gets no credit. 
  • The no credit thing is really a thing to keep in mind. 
  • A lot of work was put into it, even if it is just a gif. Even when it appears as a simple edit to you. People do these things because they want to. Because they like it. Because they feel the need to contribute something to the fandom they are in. And maybe even because they want some recognition and notes. For you to take all of that away, is simply rude and disrespectful. 
  • It actually counts as copyright violation. Something people often forget is a ‘crime.’ I’ll go into this later on in this post. 

So those are just some of the reasons to why reposting is wrong. Now, speaking out of my own experiences, reposters often don’t take this as a reason. They often hold these things up against is, making us, the artist, feel like /we/ did something wrong by pointing out they reposted. It happens all of the time. I’ll list a few things I have come across to, answers people gave me when I politely asked them not to repost, and to take down my graphic/edit. I’ll also explain to why I believe what they said, was wrong. 

“I didn’t stole anything from you, I never even visited your page!.”

This you’ll hear very often when you are dealing with reposters. They probably never even seen your Tumblr. Which still doesn’t give them the right to do whatever they did. There’s a lot of sources to where they could have found your artwork. Think about google images, weheartit, pininterest… and so on. I will list and explain all of these later on in the post. Anyway, it doesn’t matter whether you have visited the website or not, it gives you no right to repost whatever it is you have reposted. 

“But I credited you, look there’s a little link." 

Another thing you’ll often see/hear. People indeed do that sometimes, repost your thing and put a source underneath. Now.. Let me tell you this; mostly the source is wrong and it wouldn’t lead to your original post at all. And second, people don’t care about that. 99% of people on here wouldn’t take a second to check wether you actually created that or not. Especially not when you put a link and still make the source connect to your own page. Speaking about this, reposting something when you actually know the original post makes everything, imltho, even worse. You know where the edit is, you know who made it… Why don’t you just reblog it? Why don’t just just click two times and have it on your blog. Why do you feel the need to go through the entire upload thing when all you have to do is click two times and have it on your blog? I assume people do this to gain notes/followers… And that is rather pathetic and once more disrespectful, because the person who created the thing that has been reposted deserves that credit and those notes/followers. 

"You should be thankful, look it has …. notes now!”

No. We artists should NOT and I repeat NOT be thankful for you reposting our art AT ALL. If anything, we should be offended. Which most of the time we are and we have every right to be. Reposting is not a way of appreciating you love the thing we did, reposting is not something we should be thankful for. 

Those are just some of the most common things I have come across from. Believe me, I have seen about everything by now. I also found, people are incredibly rude when you point them out they have reposted something. I barely ever come across someone who friendly replies. Of course, there have been some. But they really are outnumbered by the amount of times people shouted, called me names or whatever for just asking them to take down MY piece of art. If you want to know a few things; they involve calling my followers psycho bitches for letting me know about the repost, saying I cyber bully, saying I was causing them to feel suicidal. Yes. It really goes that far. 

Recently I found a lot if people putting together gifs/edits that aren’t theirs in a photoset, but claim they made the photoset. This also is reposting. This also is wrong. And so is taken an already edited image and just putting it into black and white. 

Anyway, to carry on, as I said earlier there are a few things people consider as a source, which isn’t really a source. Here’s a list. 

  • Weheartit: This website is probably the worse thing ever for an artist. Basically everything on there is stolen and credited in a wrong way. It gives an easy opportunity to repost things you find on there on Tumblr and it automatically creates a source that goes back to weheartit. Now I know it’s easy to find things on there, but please, keep them on there. They are already stolen once, please don’t do it a second time. So now all repeat after me: weheartit is NOT a source.
  • Google Images: Yeaa, we all did this I guess. Googled our favourite show/ship/anything. You’ll find load of great images, art work, edits… It is alright to save them to your computer. But it is not okay to reupload them. Follow the link you find on google, find out where it comes from and usually you’ll end up on some sort of Tumblr. Yes I know, it takes a /little/ bit of effort. But still not as much effort as it takes to repost the entire thing. 
  • Instagram: Aaah, instagram is like a repost heaven. Or hell. I’d call it hell. If you go through the Sherlock tag on there, you won’t see much original posts. Graphic after graphic, edit after edit gets reposted. On top of it, IG doesn’t come with a good report system like tumblr does. All we can do is ask them, but really. This drives me crazy more then anything. Because people won’t listed at all. As long as they gain followers though things they haven’t made, all is well. Fuck people who spent hours on what they just claimed as theirs. (Just to make sure, that was sarcasm.) 

Well, those are pretty much the main things about reposting. There’s a million more things to it and I could write/complain about it all night, but yea… Let’s move on to things YOU can do to prevent this.

  • Take a second to look at the source. 

Please do this. If you see the source is weheartit, or IF there is a tag/URL on the image you see and it IS NOT the same as the source, please do not reblog it. Don’t spread those reposts, instead either message the original poster OR just message the blog who reposted and FRIENDLY (always friendly. Never hate.) ask them not to repost. If necessary explain them why, they might not know.

  • Find the original post instead of reblogging the repost.

Yeaaaa I know, this sounds like a lot of effort too. And ain’t nobody got time for that, but you would really show your feelings towards a graphic/artwork if you did this instead of reblogging the reposted version. If there’s an URL on the image, you can just go to that tumblr and most artist have a tag for their art on their blog so it’s easy to find. If that isn’t the case, grab the URL of the image (right click, copy image URL) and take it to google images. Once there, you see this little camera in the right corner. You should click that and you’ll get this:

External image

Past your URL there and 9/10 times you will find the original post. 
  • If all else fails, and the person doesn’t have an ask. Please report them to tumblr. Don’t be afraid to do so. Just contact the suport and send the the links of your original post and the reposters. They will take it down. Click here and read more. 

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@ghosttracker423: This blog is a tumblr offshoot of a blogspot blog to which there is a link at the beginning of the tumblr.  This blog often collects stories and focuses on the author’s insight on the paranormal experience or situation.  The Blog Spot blog features long and sometimes in-depth analysis of paranormal instances and takes experiences and quotes from others for evidence.  As a whole, it can be an incredibly interesting read.

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@edgar-and-lenore: The hype is real for this black and white image Tumblr.  Rife with cool combinations of spooky aesthetic.

@almosthauntedwasteland:  A break from the black and white, this image blog is colorful and Halloweeny.

@seriouslyterrifying: As the author states, there is a range of content mostly with a true crime and paranormal vibe along with some creepy stuff.

Links To All My Posts

Down below you’ll find links to all my posts. Some of the recents posts aren’t linked yet since the orginial page was acting up, but they will be shortly. Enjoy some tea! 

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A post to the RPC.

Before I start, I want to say that this is not something I do lightly. I have never made a lengthy post on this blog or on Tumblr on the whole, I’ve never done a “call-out,” or whatever you want to call it.

But I have found my work blatantly and wholly plagiarized in the RPC twice before, and on the last occasion, the individual used two pieces of my writing from separate characters of mine fromdifferentroleplays, and submitted it with slight alterations to my roleplay. The only people who found out about this were @scarletsaints (my coadmin), @swansonwritings (the admin of one of the RPGs from which my work was stolen, who helped to verify), and a handful of my friends. I gave the person a chance to fess up by saying their writing felt “familiar.” They still lied. Even after, all I did was talk to them. I was never rude, never swore in my messages, and after I had said my piece and received an apology, left it at that.

I do not want to be cruel. I did not want to take anything public then, and it was only at the encouraging of the admin-friends who I brought the current situation to that I make this post now.

But I can’t say nothing after this.

What @clairdeamis has done goes beyond unacceptable. I am hurt, frustrated, and in plain disbelief, and all I want is for this to never happen again. My work has been stolen from not one, two, three, four, or five sources, but TWELVE different interfaces. I’ll continue to explain below.

Upon seeing a starter of hers on her account at Diverona RPG, I recognized the writing. All of her starter was my work, taken from two separate accounts of mine. When I brought this to one of the admins, they in turn showed me their application for said character (which had been mostly removed at the player’s request) - only to again find that not only was their whole writing sample word for word my work, but that they had quotes of mine from numerous sources of my writing.They have work from pieces that are no longer on Tumblr – such as an application at Killer Angels, where the main is no longer available, and from a character blog that has been cleansed and reused.

This means @clairdeamis has my writing archived. Saved. And with the amount of quotes I have found on her few posts and application, I cannot fathom the lengths she has gone to attain them. If you lose track as you look at the screenshots I have provided, Brenda - if that is the name of the person behind these blogs - took from FOUR different rpg applications of mine, posts on THREE different character blogs, and FIVE original character biographies. And these are just the ones I can find my original samples of - there are more.

Below are the screenshots of comparisons between the work on @outdamnedwoman and my own pieces. I do not ask - and DO NOT WANT - any of “Brenda”’s accounts to be sent hate. That’s not what this post is about. If it wasn’t for the extent of this theft, I wouldn’t be mentioning them by name or tagging their URLs. But the reach of their plagiarizing is too large to sit unchecked. 

This is also the third time I have found my writing plagiarized in the RPC, each time worst than the last, and I do not know what else to do. I cried the last time it happened, and again today. I have had many kind messages over the last two years saying wonderful things about my writing, but after witnessing this happen I am beginning to question whether I should stay in this community. If I have happened to find theft three times because I was in/involved in the RPGs it happened at, how many times has it been done that I haven’t been there to see? I love roleplaying, I adore so many of the people I have met on here, but this is - plainly - extremely discouraging. And frankly, I feel used.

If you have any questions of my own writing’s legitimacy (as there are many screenshots of my applications from google documents), you are almost certainly welcome to contact the admins/previous admins of the RPGs mentioned in this post to verify the authenticity. 

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noahandhisdragons  asked:

Just started following your blog here, truly wonderfully packed full kernels of knowledge. I am interested in learning old Norse as well as Old English. Any suggestions on best approaches (books, etc) to learn it on my own?

I welcome you to my blog then! I am glad to know that you are satisfied by it, and I do hope it proves to be a helpful resource for you, if you so wish it to be. I post often about Old Norse, although I am still early on this road myself. I too am teaching myself the language and do plan to move onward to Old English one day. So, on that note, I think I can provide you with some helpful information, at least on the way that I have begun this same journey.

Regarding Old Norse/ Old Icelandic:

I recommend you start off with Jesse L. Byock’s The Viking Language 1: Learn Old Norse, Runes, and Icelandic Sagas. It was referred to me by my professor of Viking History, Dr. Knight, at the University of South Florida. 

These books may seem overwhelming at first, especially if you do not take it slowly, so do not rush to learn the vocabulary. Byock uses primary sources for examples from the very beginning, not modern, made-up examples. So in chapter one of the first book, you are already reading original Old Norse material! Each book is around $35 and can easily be found on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. There is also a great deal of history and cultural background in these books, which enriches the language as you learn it.

As for Byock’s background, he is a professor at UCLA - University of California, Los Angles. He focuses in Old Norse and Medieval Scandinavian Studies. You can read more at this link or this link if you are curious about him and his other works. He has a book about the history of Viking Age Iceland as well as translations of the Prose Edda (although not a complete edition) and Hrolf Kraki’s Saga (Which you translate some of this saga near the end of book 1 and more in book 2).

I personally recommend taking time to make some kind of flashcards or tables of the vocabulary and grammatical concepts as they are introduced. You can find a few on my blog under the ‘Learn Old Norse’ tab, along with certain words and their meanings. I myself have been making a digital file of the vocabulary as I go so that I may search it when I need to find a word’s meaning. (It is faster, but there can be value in taking the time to look up the full dictionary entry in the back). I also use this for digital flashcards that I put on my phone to study on the go. 

Also, try to find material to read that is in Old Norse, I know of a site that you can test your knowledge (or at the very least test your familiarity). It is a database of sagas and it features some in original Old Norse spelling. You can check that out at this link. I do suggest to also read aloud at times to help with pronunciation. Definitely try to engage with the written material that is available (and that goes for Old English as well). Feel free to play around with what you learn as well, such as formulating your own sentences or sayings.

If you are interested in learning modern Icelandic, this is also a good way to introduce yourself to that language, by learning Old Norse/ Old Icelandic beforehand (like a bridge).

Regarding Old English:

For this, I cannot be of as much help, since I have yet to get around to learning Old English, however, I can provide you the books that I would consider.

If you want a more scholarly approach to the language (more for reading and translating), I would suggest this book by Mark Atherton:

He is a professor at the University of Oxford and focuses in Old English there. You can learn more about him and his other works at this link. This book seems to be a little more difficult to obtain, but it is available through third party sellers on Amazon. Most of the reviews are positive for the book, and those reviews have said that it uses real Old English sources in its examples as well.

If you want something more casual, perhaps this book by Matt Love would be more suitable (if not in companionship with the other book I mentioned):

 It does not seem that he is a professor, but he approaches the language as if it were still a living one. Still, the book has many positive reviews and many do praise it for its more easily understandable and casual approach. You can find it here on Amazon.

I hope that this helps your efforts in learning these beautiful languages. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to ask or send me a message any time. Overall, I recommend starting off with a book and engaging yourself in the material the best that you can. Often it is hard to find someone to have a conversation with, so reading and making resources for yourself (like digital files and flashcards) can be very helpful. In other words, take it slow and enjoy the journey!

If anyone else has anything that they found particularity helpful in learning these languages (or any language on their own for that matter), feel free to add onto this! I am by no means an expert, so I am sure there are other methods and resources out there that I am not yet aware of.

Best Regards,
Fjorn the Skald

Belated blog birthday!

Hey friends! Yesterday was approximately the one-year anniversary of Why Animals Do The thing. In celebration I queued up our biggest/most popular posts from the year… and then didn’t have to write this post because of a minor friend emergency. So we’re going to celebrate today, instead! 

As it stands as I write this, we’ve got a grand total of 13,200 followers, and to go with that the inbox stands at 1277 asks/submissions and I’ve got 812 posts that we’ve been tagged in queued. That’s so amazing. In a year, this blog has developed an amazing and dedicated community surrounding and supporting it. I’m never sure if, from the outside, people are aware of what an amazing force this blog and it’s community has become. It’s brought together knowledgeable people from so many fields, hobbyists, educators, and people who just love animals and want to learn about them. More than that, it’s actually facilitated civil debate and productive discussions across a multitude of fields and specialties. We’re starting to be recognized as a reliable (if not always 100% correct) and unbiased source of information. People who work with the animals who show up in the media we talk about are willing to talk to the blog and give us information because they trust us not to twist it around to further agendas, and that is incredible. That’s not just me writing the blog, though - that’s the community that this space fosters. It’s all of you. You’re curious, you’re knowledgeable, and you’re civil. I’ve learned so much from writing and researching for y’all, and from the messages we get it sounds like everyone else is loving what they’re learning too. 

What I haven’t said as openly about this blog before is how much the existence of this community means to me both professionally and personally, and I want to tell y’all about it for the anniversary because it consistently makes me incredibly sappy to think about. Tears and sniffles and everything, no lie. I’ve mentioned before that this blog started as a place for animal-minded folks to be buzz-kills and rant about science, and that it accidentally blossomed into the educational community that it is today through the sheer amount of interest the posts generated. What I know haven’t mentioned up until now is that I started Why Animals Do The Thing as a light-hearted escape from one of the darkest periods of my life, and that it has continued to be the brightest star in the sky since. I struggle a lot with depression and anxiety, and the transition from college to being a Real Adult ™ has been harder than I ever imagined. This blog and the people who interact with it are honestly one of the biggest reasons I get out of bed some days. You guys remind me that what I’ve dedicated my life to learning is valued and that what I care about sharing with the world really is valued, and I cannot thank you enough for that support. 

I have learned so goddamn much from writing for you. I’ve researched topics I never thought I’d look into, I’ve met and debated with people whose knowledge bases are entirely different from mine and been forced to consider new viewpoints, I’ve connected with professionals and experts across the globe through the work here, and I’ve learned what it means to be an educator in a way I’d never encountered before. This blog has helped me hone my skills so much - I can see it in my sessions with dog training clients, and in how I approach writing posts now. I don’t expect that learning curve to slow down any time soon, and I’m so glad of that. 

The overwhelming passion for this blog from readers has really encouraged me to continue on with it; what was originally supported to be silly half-assed blog and has now easily become my part-time job. I’m working to move into educational videos so I can engage people in more ways and I’m looking to find financial support for the blog so that someday, maybe, I could do this for you all full-time. 

So to everyone who tags Why Animals Do The Thing in posts they see circulating; to everyone who sends asks or submissions of their pets doing weird things; to everyone who supports the patreon; to everyone who reblogs or shares our links on facebook; to everyone who adds their expertise; to everyone who points it out kindly when I screw up; to everyone who just lurks and reads and learns: you’re amazing. A year later, it’s inspiring what you’ve helped this blog to become. I can’t wait to see where we’ll be in another year, or two, or maybe even five. 

Have a happy Funi the giant panda enjoying birthday enrichment at Australia’s Adelaide Zoo. (And I’m pretty sure the dog with the birthday hats on it’s face is okay - there’s no tension in the facial skin we can see, aside from what the tennis ball stretches out. The dog’s ears are back, so it’s probably not super enthused, but it doesn’t set off my stressed dog sensors).