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“I need to know something… before I get any more confused. And everytime I kiss you, I’m always left even more confused than I ever was. But before I get on a plane and go anywhere, before I discover what it actually feels like to be in the same room with you, before I know what it really feels like to have these lips against mine and not just in my head, something I might be imagining, I need to know something.”


“Something true.”

“I’ve never lied to you.”

“But you haven’t told me the whole truth either.”

“If I told you the whole truth, if I told you that you’re the last thought I have before I sleep, if I told you that you’re the first thought I have when I wake, if I told you…”

“Tell me.”

“… how much I love you, would it have done any good?”



“Because it would help me admit how much I love you.”

Sense8 (s02e11)

So I sent the below e-mail to four decision makers in Netflix..

(It’s a somewhat long e-mail. I hope I got the message across properly)

Dear All,

Good day.

I’m sending you this e-mail in regards to your recent decision to cancel one of your original shows, Sense8. It came as a shock to me and all fans of the show to know that a Netflix original with such a diverse cast, positive global message, intriguing plot, and an excellent representation of PoC and LGBTQ communities was cancelled. 

I understand that the decision may have been made due to budget concerns. I’m positive that this issue has been raised with the show’s creators already and the result was the cancellation, but maybe now with all the fans’ responses and active petition for a renewal (the link to which I will include at the end of this e-mail) may help you and the show’s creators reach a compromise, especially with the cliffhanger the second season ended with. 

A Netflix original that is cancelled after two seasons and ending on a cliffhanger will not inspire subscribers to watch it. On the contrary, the unsatisfying ending will put viewers off. Also, many fans of Sense8 are already cancelling their subscriptions because of this decision. I, for one, will cancel mine should all efforts fail to bring back the show. 

With that being said, I am not necessarily asking for a full season if that is completely unfeasable financially, but with all characters ending up in one city in the season finale, there maybe a middle ground that can be reached to give us, the fans, a special or even a season with a fewer number of episodes. We need closure, a proper ending. I believe we desreve this much after waiting two years for season two and for staying loyal to you and to the show.

As I write this, there is an active petition for renewal addressed to you with 285,837 signatures and the number of supporters goes up every minute. Fans in the US are calling your support line, and fans worldwide are in contact with your online support team through chat voicing their opinions, and sharing their concerns over the abruptness of the decision, especially since we were never given a reason for the cancellation. Many fans have also encouraged others to subscribe and watch the show to give you more subscribers and more views to the show. 

I really hope that our voices have been heard and that you are re-considering the decision to cancel a show that has touched so many people’s lives across the globe in the most positive way.

Kindly find below the link to the petition:

Thank you for your time. I hope the Sense8 fandom hears some good news soon and if there is anything we can do to help you bring back the show, we’ll gladly do it.

Best Regards,

(If you wish to use this for inspiration, please do. Just don’t copy it as it is. We might not be taken seriously if we send templates. Thank you)
Superman's Back! Tyler Hoechlin Is Officially Returning to Supergirl

The Man of Steel is coming back to National City!

E! News can exclusively reveal that Tyler Hoechlin is officially returning to Supergirl for its season two finale! No story details are available yet, but his presence alone should be enough to excite Supergirl fans everywhere after his first appearance on the show got rave reviews.

Kara’s (Melissa Benoist) cousin originally made his way to National City in the season two premiere to help deal with a malfunctioning LexCorp spacecraft, and then hung out for another episode before returning to Metropolis, knowing that Supergirl could handle things on her own. His exit made it clear he could easily return, and now the time is apparently right.

After Superman’s last appearance, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said he definitely hoped to bring Hoechlin back.

“We’re thrilled with working Tyler, which has been an amazing experience,” he told reporters at the time. “We just selfishly hope we get to do it again because it really added to the show in a way,” he said.

Kreisberg also credited the success of Supergirl’s Superman to the fact that Hoechlin was playing a Superman we hadn’t seen much of before.

“We very cognizant of not wanting him to come in and steal her thunder, so this Superman that we designed was something that you really haven’t seen too much of,” Kreisberg said. “Usually when you see Superman, even when it’s in the Christopher Reeve movie or Man of Steel or Lois & Clark, he’s just starting out and we wanted to show Superman who’s been doing this for a decade and has gotten really, really good at it.”

“He was really coming in as a supporting character for Kara, to be a friend and a cousin and a mentor,” he continued. “We simultaneously wanted to have a Superman who was relatable and fun and sort of everything that you remember about Superman from your childhood that was great, while also, at the same time, de-mystifying him a little bit.”

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on the CW.

Since it Seems Insane Cliffhangers are going to be the Norm for the ending of each Voltron Season...

I started to ponder on what season 3′s cliffhanger would be. And no, I don’t have any proof whatsoever that season 3 will end in a cliffhanger, but I assume so since the first two seasons did and almost every fucking Netflix original show seems to have a fixation on ending everything with cliffhangers (why you gotta be so cocky Netflix? We know you have money and are going to make another season- stop rubbing it in our faces by making us wait for conclusions, you jerks). 

Ahem, back to the topic. Now I think we can all agree that the season two cliffhanger was a tad bit darker than the season one cliffhanger (yes, the team was separated but at least we knew all five were alive, but now Shiro’s fate is left up in the air and we have a new enemy upon the horizon so yeah, a tad bit darker) so I can bet that season 3 will try to top that.

But what can they do? Well, if we look back on the first two cliffhangers of the Voltron series, you can see that they go along with the general themes of each season. Season one’s theme was primarily set up to let us get to know the characters and have the characters work towards becoming a solid team, which they do so. So makes sense that a gripping cliffhanger would have the team suddenly become separated.

As for season two, the primarily theme was personal growth and discovery, ESPECIALLY in regards to Keith and Shiro. So, of course, the cliffhanger has Shiro disappear to the Upside Down (let me dream okay?) and hint towards Keith’s having to take his place. 

But what about season 3? I’m pretty sure all of us can safely bet that trying to find out what the hell happened to Shiro will be a big part of season 3. Come on, if Keith’s leading you know he’s going be obsessing over finding Shiro. And we can assume that there might a be a bit of lion shuffling so rebuilding team bonds will also be a factor as well as the new Galra duo leaders of Lotor and Haggar now that Zarkon is out of commission.

So with all these supposed elements of season 3, here’s my guess on what kind of cliffhanger season 3 will end on:

I think after a whole season of looking for Shiro and bonding with one another, the paladins, now confident in the new team dynamics, will finally find a lead on Shiro and go off to save him.

However, it will all be a trap set up by Lotor and a revenge seeking Haggar.  They will encounter a Robeast, a Robeast far more powerful than any of them have seen. Not only that, but Keith notices the Black Lion is acting odd. The Black Lion doesn’t want to fight- it senses something is terribly wrong.

And then after taking a careful look at the Robeast they’re fighting, Keith will come to a horrifying conclusion.

The Robeast is Shiro.

They’ve finally found him. 

And the episode ends with everyone’s horrified faces and we all suffer for half a year  until season 4.

But think about it, what better way for Haggar to have her revenge on the paladins that nearly destroyed Zarkon than to make their own Black Paladin into a monster bent on destroying them? It was always Haggar’s intention to make Shiro into the ultimate weapon. Nothing could break the nearly bonded team’s dynamic more than knowing they’ll have to fight their beloved former leader.

But hey, all this is just speculation! Let me know what ya’ll think and what kind of cliffhanger you think season 3 will end on.^^

That Klaroline letter: In the show’s final moments, Caroline and Ric’s new boarding school receives an impressive donation from none other than Klaus Mikaelson, and with it, he wrote Caroline a letter that included a phrase that more than likely set Klaroline shippers back on their heels. “First of all I have to give a special shout-out to Carina [Mackenzie], who wrote that letter for me,” Plec says. “We have her to thank for that. And when I read it and I saw ‘however long it takes,’ I just about died. She nailed it.” In the moment that Caroline read the letter, the voiceover declared it “the beginning of another story,” though it’s not one Plec can promise they’ll tell. “I can’t make any promises for many reasons: One, because we don’t have a fifth season of The Originals. Two, because while I love the world of the boarding school and all that it represents, that would be an entirely new show that I haven’t even begun to think about, but the doors were not left open unintentionally.” Picking her words carefully, Plec says, “They’re open with a hope, not a promise.”
drabble; let me tell you bout my best friend

for @leiascully’s fic challenge “rest”

drabble; pg-13; msr origins (i.e. friendship); FLUFF; set season two, pre-abduction; Scully stays up a little too late solving a case with Mulder.


Even the solitary light from the fish tank feels a little risky, though his apartment passed so many of the gunmen’s bug sweeps he’s now pretty sure they just wanted to hang out. With a crappy pair of birdwatching binoculars anybody could look in and find them there. Sitting right next to the tank her face is cast in blue and shadows over and looks a little psychedelic. Watching her mouth move around hypersyllabic words like ileus and meconium is a lot like a day trip he took at Oxford. But at this time of night the world itself is also hazy and unreal; this is his time, his realm, the only part of day that brings him a little peace. Normally he spends this time alone. He finds her presence isn’t such a nuisance.

And it’s not as if anyone in the Bureau actually cares anymore. They have been declared Impotent and A Sad Sad Joke. How many times has he showed up in her lecture hall unkempt and uncaring, sporting his hair wild on purpose and miserable eyes, less purposeful but nevertheless useful? He likes upsetting her students, who have all heard plenty of stories about good old Spooky, respectable Dr. Scully’s maniac ex-partner. She would slice and dice and maim the dearly departed and try not to laugh as he hissed at anyone who stopped paying attention and dared looking his way.

When the shitstorm settles he consults her on cases and neglects Agent Krycek like a Christmas puppy. It’s not like there’s anything wrong with Agent Krycek; he’s a shoo in for S.A.C. of some bullshit unit that receives way more funding than the files ever did, what with his penchant for every-inch-of-both-cheeks ass kissing and the size of his biceps. Mulder will only get in his way. He figures he’s saving the kid some pain.

Anyway, Agent Krycek can’t look at macramed intestines and tell him if they appear to be the intricate work of a voodoo priestess. Scully can’t tell him that either, would die before saying such a thing, but it’s way more fun to try and make her.

They’ve been at it for three hours and Mulder is getting to the best part, using polaroids instead of his slides to illustrate – something about colorectal balloon animals in the 1970s – when he turns to find Scully gently tipping forward and nodding her head. Her eyes flutter shut and she slumps over.

He quickly catches her by grabbing her shoulder with one hand and using the other to cup her cheek. “Scully? Hey.” He taps her face twice. “Scully, are you okay?”

Her eyes snap open and she scrambles back into the couch, her wide eyed stare flitting around the room like a sightless moth. When she comes back to herself, she shoots him an apologetic look.

“I’m sorry Mulder,” she says, rubbing at a sore spot on her neck. She winces. “I must have fallen asleep.”

He stares at her oddly. Scully falls asleep anywhere anytime at the drop of a hat or her blood sugar, but she has never, ever done it mid-conversation. Not even that time he talked at her for a straight hour on his own by himself without noticing that she had started taking notes to formulate her responses.

His eyes fall on the clock and it hits him: its’s one o'clock in the goddamn morning. Scully has a new life now, classes to teach and dead bodies to harass and other, lesser units to appease, and she’s spending time with him like nothing has changed. When did he approach her with this case? He can’t remember, only because he hadn’t bothered keeping track. Before lunch, definitely, and they’d been together the entire time after. Scully is effectively splitting herself in two, her life with him and her life without him, and in this realm at this hour she is still his partner and the idea of her at Quantico is an empty threat when he sticks her with all the filing.

“You need to go to bed,” he gently chides, scooping up his polaroids and newspaper clippings and their mugs gone cold on the coffee table.

“Mmm, I think you’re right,” she says around a yawn, stretching and popping her limbs one by one. The sound makes him cringe. “I don’t know if my bed has ever sounded so appealing.”

He’s too caught in his own head to respond with an inappropriate zinger. He places the mugs in his sink, drops the photos back in their file.

“Take the couch,” he says distractedly, tugging on a doorknob. With much effort he’s able to strong arm his way through the tremendous clutter and cardboard-box war zone that is his bedroom without alerting her to how pathetic he is. He nearly breaks his neck slipping on a stack of vintage porno mags, but there in the middle of a decrepit bed frame rests exactly what he’s looking for: a sleeping bag and a stack of extra pillows .

With trademark focus he ignores her protestations and sets up his station, throwing down pillows that will support the weak spots in his spine and unrolling the bag like a good little camper.

“Mulder, seriously. There’s no need for this.” But she’s slurring and her body is so heavy she can’t stay upright. “ I can drive home just fine. Let me make myself some coffee. You’re being ridiculous. This is where you sleep.”

“Just go to bed, Scully,” he tells her. He repeats it when she says no. Time for bed Scully. Get some sleep. I’ll wake you up early. And she eventually does fall asleep, succumbs to the mental exhaustion of arguing with him.

In a fashion that creeps him out a little he stares at her well into deep sleep, propped against the doorway between the kitchen and the living room. He feels tired just looking at her, the yearning to lie down calling to him a little more urgently than he’s used to.

Before he crawls into his bag he stands before her, looking into her slack and open face. It’s crazy and weird and definitely spooky. But this is driving him nuts. He leans down and slowly brushes an errant lock of hair out of her eye. Okay. Good.

Crawling into his bag he understands what’s bogging him down. Dana Scully is not living her double life as his partner, but as his friend. And somewhere along the line he became hers, too.

At the end of ch8, the earl tells Madam Red the reason (that he claims) for returning to the “Underworld” of England. Of course we understand he’s talking about not just becoming the queen’s watchdog but also making the contract with Sebastian.

He tells her “were I to avenge them, the dead would still not come back to life… much less be able to enjoy the sweet taste of revenge”.

With the current ch126, we are getting closer to the (expected) revelation of an older twin who died. It’s a common theory that the real Ciel has died and been turned into a soulless Bizarre Doll. The quote above is quite prophetic for saying the dead do not return to life, since a Bizarre Doll isn’t really alive (just reanimated)… and that the dead cannot enjoy any sense of revenge. So, if the real earl were to come back (as a BD) and attain revenge, he would not actually be able to truly enjoy his victory.

The earl had just explained how Sebastian is like a chessboard (Black) Knight that can break the rules of the game and move anywhere on the board. Undertaker is pretty much the same thing, but for the opponent. Make him the White Knight and that makes real Ciel the White King to the earl’s Black King. (This is shown more obviously during that “dream sequence” (or hallucination… or telepathic connection!) in the Green Witch arc, in which mirrored boys face off on a chessboard… the earl with a Black Knight and the mirror image with a White Knight.)

In Mother3, the mirror twins are pitted against each other in a game/competition to pull up the most needles and gain control over the Dark Dragon. At the end, the dead and reanimated older twin, Claus, gives up… allowing Lucas to win.

But… what if a Bizarre Doll (soulless, reanimated) real Ciel actually claims the victory of revenge that the earl is after? He cannot truly appreciate the “taste of revenge”. Does the real Ciel also end up with control of the Black Butler, since Sebastian was unable to attain revenge for the earl… and the contract is actually with a “Ciel”? Would Sebastian be stuck in the contract with either of the boys because he failed to make the earl win or because he cannot now devour the soul of “Ciel”?

This is where the original two seasons of the anime come in as AU spoilers. At the end of season one, Ash/Angela has just recently effed with “Ciel’s” memories, trying to make him drop his quest for revenge and break the contract. “Ciel” himself stops the process of rewriting his memories. Sebastian then fulfills his half of the contract and is ready to collect “Ciel’s” soul, but the season ends without showing Sebastian having eaten it. In season two we find out that someone had just then stolen “Ciel’s” soul, so Sebastian cannot eat it. Once his soul is restored to his body, it’s discovered that “Ciel” has no recollection of his victory… he “cannot enjoy the sweet taste of revenge”, so his soul is no longer appetizing to Sebastian. He spends all of season two just trying to give “Ciel” some new sense of victory, a new taste of revenge. “Ciel” and this kid about his own age (Alois/Jim) have their “Knights” battle it out, and some of the battle even takes place on a huge chessboard. The season finally ends with the other boy (Alois/Jim) dead, his “Knight” also defeated/dead, Hannah having reunited (within her) the souls of two brothers (Alois/Jim and Luka), “Ciel” feeling a new sense of victory (but as a demon), and Sebastian now completely unable to devour “Ciel’s” newly demonized soul.

So, here are a few ways this *could* play out in manga canon:

1. Sebastian claims a victory for the earl, but Undertaker has effed with the earl’s memories, so the earl either cannot recall or simply cannot appreciate it. Having no sense of revenge, the earl’s soul cannot be eaten. They are stuck in that contract unless they choose to break it.

2. Real Ciel claims the victory but, being dead, cannot enjoy it. Having failed the earl, Sebastian is stuck in a contract (with the earl) that he cannot fulfill… unless he chooses to break it.

3. Real Ciel claims not only the victory (that he cannot truly enjoy) but *also* says that, since the contract was with “Ciel”, he now “owns” the contract with Sebastian (the Black Butler, just like the Dark Dragon in Mother3). Sebastian follows the “word/terms” of the contract and so now “belongs” to real Ciel. Since Sebastian already devoured that soul before the contract was even made, he cannot devour it again. The earl’s soul is now off the table, so to speak. Sebastian either walks away having been deprived of the promised *second* meal… or he sticks around for some other reason. Perhaps some other loophole gets him stuck in a contract.

4. The earl claims the victory, but real Ciel claims ownership of the contract with Sebastian, since it was made with “Ciel”. Since real Ciel didn’t claim victory, Sebastian failed to fulfill the contract (he had essentially helped the wrong person win). They are stuck in a contract neither of them can fulfill. Neither of them is likely to dissolve the contract, though Sebastian might eventually be forced to.

5. A really crack theory scenario in which one (either) of the twins claims the victory. Undertaker takes the earl’s soul and places it into real Ciel. This creates some sort of demonized Ciel, so Sebastian cannot eat this soul. He’s now stuck in the contract unless he breaks it.

6. The earl claims victory, Sebastian eats his soul, and that’s it. This is how we expected season one of the anime to end, and it’s the tidiest ending. This is essentially how Mother3 ends (Lucas wins, the Dark Dragon does his bidding, the world is restored to order, and that’s it). However, I think Yana-san is going for a plot twist that leads to a sticky ending… and one in which either the earl, Sebastian, or both of them gets “royally” screwed over. LOL



NEW still of Sick Note featuring Rupert Grint, Lindsay Lohan and Nick Frost shooting season two. (2017)

Originally announced as a project for Sky Atlantic, the Nat Saunders/James Serafinowicz-created comedy Sick Note has been added to Sky 1’s lineup with the first season due to air this fall. Season 2 is currently shooting with Lindsay Lohan joining the cast which already includes Rupert Grint, Nick Frost and Don Johnson.

Season 1 will have 6 episodes with 5 being 30 minutes and one lasting an hour. And season two will consist of 8 episodes of 30 minutes. Season 2 will pick up from the end of the first, with Lohan taking on the role of Katerina West, the daughter of Daniel’s boss.

The first Sick Note season will air on Sky 1 and streaming service NOW TV at 10PM.


Lucy and Her Half-Siblings

Caroline (Candice King) has been looked after by Klaus (Joseph Morgan), who has never really forgotten about his TVD muse[…]Mr. Williamson adds, almost as an afterthought, that a new series might focus more on Caroline, as she opens a magic school for their twins and other supernatural children. That would also allow for more to be done with the Caroline/Klaus situation.[…]I can’t make any promises for many reasons: One, because we don’t have a fifth season of The Originals,” says Julie Plec. “Two, because while I love the world of the boarding school and all that it represents, that would be an entirely new show that I haven’t even begun to think about, but the doors were not left open unintentionally.