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Voltron Terminology: Season Three

A list of places, objects, phrases, and new characters introduced in Season Three. All spelling is from the subtitles. Might be missing one or two. Good luck, content creators!


Puigsaved by Lance and Hunk in s3ep1, attacked again later by the Galra General Ladies. Call themselves the Puigians.
Ulippa System – Throk is transferred out here. The planet/system has ice worms.
Va’Kar quadrant – the Paladins set a course to this place during their search for Lotor and the comet.
Planet Kythra – a tribal desert people, featuring the same large feathered ears as the aliens who rescued Matt. Pronounced “keeth-ra”.
Tando people – live in the Valurian quadrant, and wear flappy loose pants.
Paglium quadrant – the yellow and blue lions were spotted here between season two and three.
Planet Thayserix – planet made of dense gases with unusual magnetic poles that cancel the sensors. Atmosphere has areas full of Red Syntian Nitrate, which is a highly combustible gas that goes BOOM when you shoot through it with “amplified emissions of light.” (In summary: lasers bad. Ice guns okay.)
Daibazaal - original home of the Galra. The comet that Voltron was made from crashed here.
Rygnirath - home of the original Yellow Paladin, Gyrgan
the Dalterion Belt - home of the original Green Paladin, Trigel
Nalquod - home of the original Blue Paladin, Blaytz

Terms and Objects

Red Syntian Nitrate – a highly combustible gas found in parts of Thayserix’s atmosphere. See above.
Skort pantaloons – flappy loose pants traditionally worn by the Tando people.
Bogwaggle-cape – can be trained to sing theme songs. Coran had one back in the day.
Nanothermite titanium-boron – the bomb that broke Matt out of galra prison
Tel-Galax exploration shuttle – one of King Alfor’s deep space vessels. The team come upon it half-suspended between realities. Note: This ship in particular is Commodore Trayling’s ship.
Non-cogs – a term used by trans-reality Alteans that refers to people controlled by the hokril.
Hokril – a device that plugs directly into one’s brain via the back of the skull. This device saps the fighting force from a person – from “enemies”. Used by the trans-reality Alteans to bring “peace”.
Klygarg – a computer or database of some sort. Transmissions can be logged on this device, which needs a password to activate.

Note: the comet that Voltron was made from, as well as Lotor’s new battle-ship, is never specified by name. The ship (and Voltron) are said to be made from the “ore” produced by the comet – but the comet itself currently has no specified name.


By King Groggery the Infirm! – used by Coran as an exclamation. Fun fact: King Groggery the Infirm is also on the Altean currency that Coran tries to bribe the mall-directory!Unilu with in Space Mall (Season 2.7).
By the ancients – another one of Coran’s exclamations.
Hold your gazurgas, everyone! – thank you, Coran.
And I’m the Phoblan of Gargalax – Shiro’s taller captor uses this as a sarcastic statement of disbelief, similar to “sure, and I’m the King of France.”
By willow! – Gyrgan exclaims this at least twice.


Guns of Gamara – really, Sven?


Lotor’s Generals
Ezor – awesome. ‘ribbon-hair’ Galra
Narti – blind with a kitty. Also has tail.
Zethrid – big fluffy ears. Always down to fight.
Acxa – the Galra Keith met in the weblum. Note: the subtitles spell her name differently almost every time.

Original Paladins
Zarkon, from planet Daibazaal – original Black Paladin
King Alfor, from planet Altea – original Red Paladin
Gyrgan, from Rygnirath – original Yellow Paladin
Trigel, from the Dalterion Belt – original Green Paladin
Blaytz, from Nalquod – original Blue Paladin

Commander Throk – attempts to undermine Lotor
Commander Trayling - was in charge of the exploration shuttle the Paladins discover.
Sven – ……….
General Hira – the pink-haired Altean met in the trans-reality. Refers to Allura as ‘Empress.’
Her companion with the spectacles is never named.
Moxilous – a “non-cog” controlled by the Alteans in the trans-reality
Vakala – tiny alien on the ice planet fake!Shiro/Kuron lands on. Their companion, the larger alien, is not named.
Subject Y0XT39 – approved for use in Operation Kuron.
Note: Shiro’s fugitive number is 117-9875. (Season 1.10)
General Raht – assigned by Haggar to keep an eye on Prince Lotor.
Honerva – Haggar’s original name
Kova – Honerva’s cat. Same species as the cat that Narti uses to see through – possibly the same cat? Maybe season 4 will tell us.

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Leaked image of Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 5!!**

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It's Dick's fault that everybody believes that Bruce is older than them, people expects that if you're the parent figure of a 15 yo you're at least 35 and married.


“22 year old puts on bat costume to punch criminals, has no powers” is hard enough to wrap your head around but throw in “24 year old adopts 12 year old who also punches criminals, has no powers” and that is not something that would ever occur to anyone

like OBVIOUSLY batman must be an older man who knows what he’s doing, and not just some traumatized 20-something accidentally collecting traumatized children

haha wow referring to bruce wayne as a 20-something really puts things in perspective. batman: probably actually younger than joey from friends.

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  • Legend of Korra S1: Forget Mako, these two should run away together. YOU DON'T NEED HIM. BE HAPPY TOGETHER.
  • Legend of Korra S2: Yes. Be friends. Be more than friends. Do it. Do the thing.
  • Legend of Korra S3: Ahahaha wow this is actually getting kind of gay, no one tell them how gay this is getting.
  • Legend of Korra finale: THEY KNEW. THEY KNEW HOW GAY IT WAS.
Voltron S3 Theory (SPOILERS!!)

Okay so I’ve been thinking about Zarkon and Honerva in Ep. 7 and how different they are before and after entering the rift. And I have a theory. I’ve seen a couple of people suggesting it might be the quintessence, but we’ve seen the effects of quintessence in previous seasons, and we’ve never seen it cause anything like the differences in Zarkon and Honerva.

So far the effects we’ve seen of quintessence in living organisms are prolonging life (in Honerva’s cat) and extreme mutation (in the creatures Haggar creates in S1), but the differences in Zarkon and Haggar go beyond this. Obvoiusly they manage to a) survive being in the rift and b) live for the next 10,000 years, which is definitely due to the quintessence (like the cat), but there are other differences that I would suggest are due to something else.

First, their eyes. I’m sure literally everyone noticed this, but when they wake up after their “funeral” their eyes have changed

And secondly their moral switch. Now it is possible that this is completely natural, and just down to their nature and their experiences. I mean we see in this episode that they are both power-hungry individuals, and the destruction of their planet might be enough to push them to become the Zarkon and Haggar we know. But I think there’s more at work than that. Yes they both chase power, but we also see in this episode that they do genuinely care for the people around them. They may both be slightly self-centered, but not to an extent that they could attempt universal domination through the destruction and enslavement of thousands of planets without feeling any sort of guilt. Pre-rift Zarkon might have sought revenge, but not anything of the scale that he goes on to achieve.

So the question is, what caused the change. It could be the quintessence, but I’ve already said why I don’t think it’s that.

Here’s my theory. Look at the colour their eyes go. It’s purple, not yellow like quintessence. And what’s the only other thing they were exposed to when they left the lion in the rift (that also happens to glow purple)?

These suckers!!!!!!

Now we already know they are initially aggressive towards life in this reality AND they’re capable of an intelligence that allows them to perform highly coordinated attacks AND they are capable oF FREAKING TRANS-REALITY TRAVEL.

So I’m just throwing this out there…. Mind control with and intent for the domination of this reality… Not that much of a leap.

Is it possible that over the course of 10,000 years Blaytz’ people evolved into the mermaid race that Lance and Hunk met in season 2? If they no longer went on land they would no longer need legs it’s possible that they would have used both natural selection and bioengineering to speed up the evolutionary process.

  • Chris Argent: I didn't understand why people care so much about their werewolf sons until I got a werewolf son myself.
  • Chris Argent: *puts his hand on Isaac's shoulder*
  • Chris Argent: I've only had Isaac for a day and a half, but if anything happened to him, I would kill everyone in this room, and then myself.
Complete Summary of All the points of the Sense8 Italia Podcast

I think I wrote down all but I might have forgot something - If I did I’m sorry! Things in the blankets are me, fran, talking

  • There is no plan for a third season, at least not for what the production knows. The special is meant to be a finale for both netflix and the production. If there is some kind of agreement between Lana and Netflix - the production doesn’t know about it. The final won’t be open (not open in the sense that it won’t leave a whole lot of plot unsaid - of course somethings won’t be resolved. I’m thinking a season 1 ending). Lana during season 2 was already planning on making just three seasons instead of the 5 original plan. She realized she could tell all she wanted to do in less time. (This goes accordingly with what Roberto Malerba said in May, that the 3rd one was probably gonna be the last one). Lana & the production tried to go at netflix with an 8 episode season 3 plan with the same budget of season 1 after the cancellation that took place on June 1st (the production, after months of green light from netflix, were warned a few hours before the official announce came out), but weren’t even heard. 
  • The shooting will start later this year (from october, if things go as planned) and the final product will come out in 2018. The first date planned was 31/12/2017, later moved at 14/02/2018 but it will probably be around this time next year (maybe an iconic 08/08/2018?)
  • Although they respect each other on a professional level immensely, Lana & JMS have two very different way of thinking. JMS was involved in Sense8 creation and first plan ( aka he knows the end of the show as when it was planned in 2014), but wasn’t as involved as in season 1 during season 2 and probably won’t be in season 3. All the spoilers coming out from him are to be taken as things planned at the very begging of the show or how he would have made them end. The death he spoiled (Will’s) wasn’t the same one Lana was thinking of doing. 
  • Lana is finishing the script as we are speaking - so not everything might be 100% in the finale: the location are gonna be london, berlin, paris + southern italy (maybe naples or positano, which are the best guesses). There is the idea of making another pride scene in one of this cities.  The crew isn’t planning (at least for now) to shoot outside europe. The budget will be as 2 episode of season2, aka it’s probably around 18mln/20mln dollars and will be about 2 hours long. 
  • In the original season 3 plan there were just 2 of the main 8 actors that didn’t want to sign, instead of the 4/8 that was shared. One of them was later convinced in an agreement that worked both for the production and them, the other one stayed on their choices to not sign. For the final all the 8 main actors agreed to do it and the contracts are just being negotiated.
  • Netflix won’t and will never sell or release Sense8′s rights. It’s their product and if it becomes very very famous with another company it will be really bad publicity for them. The show was watched 70mln times on netflix in the two years between season 1 and season 2 premiere and since the cancellation a lot of people started watching. Merchandising (from Funko Pop to DVDs) is being discussed but we don’t know for sure. There is to keep in mind though that if merch comes out it won’t have a “long live” seeing that (for now at least) the show won’t have a revival or renewal - in ½ years time those products won’t sell anymore. 
  • STORY SPOILERS: !!Seeing that Lana hasn’t finished writing this are to be taken cautiously!!! Another Pride & Orgy scene are planned, there will be new sensate births (AT LEAST ONE of the cluster will give birth) AND an actual (normal) birth, Kalagang moments in Paris. Apparently we will see Detective Mun & Puck again - and Puck’s asian cluster member will have an interesting role. 
I love how Oliver just pours his heart out to John and Felicity

Almost desperate to remind the two that matter more to him than anyone, that they are better than him. They have been his moral compass for so long, he doesn’t realize that in this very moment it shows how much he has grown. He actually is the one noticing that something is off with them and he goes to them and actually talks about it. 

And then this moment.  I love this moment. Pleading with her with just a look and she understands. She knows what he is saying and she responds with a deep emotional sigh, as if relinquishing it all. And he walks away, hoping he got through to them, to her.  

These two can communicate with just a look. This is so “Olicity” and I love it! 

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Is there any information as to how many episodes will be in season 4?

They said way back in July that season four would be 6 episodes. 

It’s the second part of the 13-episode run that was originally intended to all be season three until Netflix opted for shorter seasons with a decreased wait time between each.

Dos Santos: This smaller order of episodes wasn’t something we had planned from the beginning. We had built out, from a story perspective and a creation perspective, for it to be a traditional 13-episode season. The decision to split it up was made after we were already well into production. We had to sort of reverse engineer and look for a natural break in the story around that midpoint. What that allows us to do is dole out the episodes on a more regular basis; there’s not such a big gap in between seasons.


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