the original ronaldo

the signs as Cristiano Ronaldo attributes

Aries his red card vs. Cordoba

Taurus when he ate the cake shaped like his underwear

Gemini how he’s won the European Golden Shoe in two different clubs

Cancer when he defended a fan’s Portuguese skills

Leo his quote “Some fans keep booing and whistling
at me because I’m handsome, rich and a great player. They envy me.”

Virgo when he cried after losing the Euro 2004 final

Libra when he interviewed himself

Scorpio his constant record breaking

Sagittarius his fashion sense

Capricorn his museum

Aquarius his calma calma celebration (and himself, he’s Aquarian excellence)

Pisces when he drove Kaká to the airport to say goodbye

Ronaldo the 115th

After a mishap regarding Lion’s portals and a duplicator wand, Beach City inexplicably finds itself with multiple Ronaldos. While this initially seems helpful for the Frymans, the Ronaldos keep pushing each other to investigate things that were previously beyond the boundaries the original Ronaldo used to have out of respect for the other members of Beach City. Steven must stop the Ronaldo fest before the members of Beach City cannot handle it anymore.