the original ronaldo


I got tagged by @uarhi to post my top 5 soccer players - I picked them for their greatness. Not in Order btw

1.Lionel Messi - Even though I hate Barcelona, I gotta admit he is a BEAST!

2.Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima - (The Original Ronaldo) you had to see him play and you would know he was a Phenom.

3. Zinedine Zidane “Zizou” - My fav player of all. Most people remember him for giving that head bunt vs Italy in the world cup tho lol with the ball, he was something else.. look him up if you don’t know him.

4. Ronaldinho - Everyone knows him.. you dont need me to explain why I picked him. lol GOAT!

5. Thomas Muller - He is probably gonna be the greatest world cup scorer in history. (Germany) He still has a few cups left and already is one of the top scorers.

I based this off on just my personal opinion and how great they are on the field. There’s others I would have put on here, but neeeeh lol I tag whoever is into soccer as well…
Ronaldo’s Development

While the fandom is ranting, crying, and going crazy right now, I’ll like to point out Ronaldo’s character development throughout the series so far in Steven Universe. While a lot would argue he has no development, and he’s irredeemable, I recommend watching his episodes again more carefully. To understand Ronaldo’s development, you have to understand his character arc in general. He’s an blogger in search for the Truth. Steven, even pointed it out, he’s one of the few humans that actually takes interest in the weird stuff that goes on in Beach City. You would think dried up oceans, a giant hand in the sky, and global earthquakes would make lasting impressions on these residents, but in shown in Rising Tides/Crashing Skies, they could care less. Only Ronaldo seems to be interested. 

The origin of Ronaldo (including Lars’s) character arc is in Horror Club. While most fans only remember Ronaldo throwing Lars in the giant mouth, the flashback the lighthouse gem shows us where it all began. Their childhood fight drew the lines where their character arc stories will begin in the SU timeline. Lars concerned with his reputation and hurt by his former friend not seemingly caring about his feelings, went the Jerk route, trying to fit in the cool kids, hiding his true self, and being flaky and a jerk to those who try to get too close to the real him (Sadie and Steven). Ronaldo seeing this as the ultimate betrayal went the other jerk route (jerknaldo route lol); isolating himself from others, went full conspiracy mode, never taking advice or another person’s point of view, and became arrogant and pretentious even if he doesn’t see it. 

Fast forward to Keep Beach City Weird, his debut episode, he  starts out with coming to the wrong conclusions at first. Steven provides him with actual evidence, when “his truth” was shattered, it broke his spirit and became depressed. Steven thought regressing back to his old theory would cheer him up but as we all remember (Ronaldo knocking out Snerson Steven and taking him to the lighthouse) that didn’t go so well. But when presented with more evidence, Ronaldo’s theories was turned into the right direction. He guessed correctly, that all the weird stuff going on and will happen in the future will be from Polymorphic sentient rocks, hollowing out the earth, diamond authority, etc. 

Fast forward to Rising Tides/ Crashing Skies, Ronaldo is heading towards the right direction, but still makes errors in his theory of understanding the crystal gems, the lore, and so forth. But before we dive into that, this episode deserves some justice. It was a useless filler recap as most would remember it, but it gave us insight on how the beach residents feel towards the CGs, and post invasion arc. I still find it really jarring that the residents are so indifferent and un-phased with the whole ordeal. You would think evacuating your home, literally seeing a giant hand in the sky would effect some of the towns folk other than Ronaldo, but none. They all go back to their daily routine which is really interesting. Makes you wonder if Mayor Dewey is really covering up something lol. The hand invasion effected Ronaldo, it made him question if the CGs are friend and foe. After his investigation, he tried to get them to leave, but ended up backfiring on himself, as Peedee mentioned he will have nothing to blog about if they leave. So he begged them to stay but they were never going to leave. RT/CS developed Ronaldo’s acknowledgement of the CGs and their role in fighting invaders and “rock people (uncorrupted gems). But this development didn’t end there. 

Now here comes the latest Ronaldo episode, Rocknaldo. From trolling on CN’s part, and Ronaldo over doing it again, the fandom is ranting as usual. Rocknaldo held what may be the last part of his character arc in understanding the CGs, Steven educated Ronaldo that the CGs and the rock people (corrupted gems) they fight are one and the same. Ronaldo quickly apologizes and sees it as an opportunity to join the CGs. He even gets his own gemsona Bloodstone lmfaoo. But as usual sticking to his character, he over does it, pushes Steven’s buttons, and fails to understand the CGs in the middle part of the episode. Moral of the story, humans need sleep. Don’t stay awake for 48 hours, you might become a Jerknaldo lol. The last 2 minutes plus his Ronalphlet/Blog post sealed his character development. He spent the last 3 weeks reflecting on his behavior and apologized to Steven for being a Jerknaldo. He realized to be a proper friend/ally to Steven and the CGs, he has to listen to them and not make it about himself. He remade his Ronalphlet to give more info about the CGs and how the beach city residents can help, which is very important enough and most likely play a role later. 

Overall Ronaldo’s development led to this point so far in the story. His character arc is hard to follow if you only watch his episodes once, don’t read his blog posts, or you just despise his character to a point you don’t care whatever comes out of his mouth. He finally is in the know how of the CGs ( not the same level as Connie and Greg unfortunately) but enough to inform the other side characters and beach city residents which should play a role when Homeworld invades the Earth again. 

Bonus to his character is that even his wrong theories somehow ended up right (The Zoo, Diamond authority, etc.). Only a matter of time for Sneeple to become canon lol. 

The Magical Fish Food
  • Switching between the two
  • Pidge: Last summer, Lance won a goldfish at the fair.
  • Lance: I named him Ronaldo.
  • Pidge: He named him Ronaldo.
  • Lance: My biology teacher helped me create this special fish food for him.
  • Pidge: So Lance starts feeding him this "special" fish food.
  • Lance: And after only 2 days guess what happened?
  • Pidge: I took Ronaldo out of his fish bowl and replaced him with a goldfish twice his size.
  • Lance: Ronaldo doubled in size!
  • Pidge: Lance thought his fish food was "magic".
  • Lance: My fish food was like magic!
  • Pidge: And after 3 days, I took the smaller fish and replaced it with an even BIGGER goldfish.
  • Lance: After only a week, Ronaldo went from like this big *pinched his fingers to show a small size* to the size of a cantaloupe!
  • Lance: Then I ran out of special fish food, so I just started feeding him food from the store.
  • Pidge: I took out the gigantic goldfish and put back the original one, little Ronaldo.
  • Lance: And the next morning, Ronaldo had shrunk from the size of a cantaloupe back to his teeny self.
  • Pidge: *holds up a bowl with a giant fish in it.* Anybody want to buy a 3 pound gigantic goldfish?
  • fast food worker: what would you like to order?
  • me, on the inside: how has andres iniesta not won the ballon d'or? i mean. he was came in the top 3 in both 2010 and 2012, both years in which he was an integral part of his international side winning a major tournament. in 2012, he was voted man of the match in 3 of the 6 games he played, including the final to which spain won 4-0 against a strong italian side. he was also voted player of the tournament in a side that featured spanish legends in their prime, such as villa, torres, xabi, xavi, etc. although he wasn't a prolific goalscorer, his impact was still incredible. and in 2010? iniesta and xavi carried spain to the nation's first world cup final. iniesta scored in the dying minutes of the match. and that's not even his job! was voted man of the match. winning international tournaments shouldn't be the end all to rate a player, but it certainly does help. think of zinedine zidane, fabio cannavaro, the ORIGINAL ronaldo. they wouldn't be as highly rated as they are without the world cup trophy to their name. many great players are often overlooked, but this has really bugged me.
  • me, on the outside: a mcchicken please
the signs as Cristiano Ronaldo attributes

Aries his red card vs. Cordoba

Taurus when he ate the cake shaped like his underwear

Gemini how he’s won the European Golden Shoe in two different clubs

Cancer when he defended a fan’s Portuguese skills

Leo his quote “Some fans keep booing and whistling
at me because I’m handsome, rich and a great player. They envy me.”

Virgo when he cried after losing the Euro 2004 final

Libra when he interviewed himself

Scorpio his constant record breaking

Sagittarius his fashion sense

Capricorn his museum

Aquarius his calma calma celebration (and himself, he’s Aquarian excellence)

Pisces when he drove Kaká to the airport to say goodbye

Inside Football With… Quinton Fortune

The former Atletico Madrid, Manchester United and South African international is now doing his UEFA A badge. He remembers Cristiano Ronaldo arriving at Old Trafford in 2003.

If Cristiano could have spoken English when he arrived in England, he would have told everyone that he was the best. Instead, he hardly spoke any and it was left to Diego Forlan and I to do a lot of translating for him and another new Portuguese speaker, Kleberson.

I liked Cristiano straight away. I wanted him to feel welcomed and remembered how I had felt walking into the dressing room at Atletico Madrid when I didn’t know anybody and couldn’t speak the language. It’s difficult and I didn’t want to feel an outsider.

We’d seen him destroy our defence in a friendly for Sporting in Lisbon, but United had been watching him before that and Cristiano knew it. So he had a point to prove that he was worth signing and he did plenty of step overs and dribbles. He wasn’t a show pony; he was incredibly talented.

Cristiano was skinny and needed to work on his physique when he came to England. In training he wanted to have fun and embarrass his teammates by going past them again and again. We’d never seen anything like the kid. He was obsessed with step overs and showing his skills. Not tricks, skills. We didn’t tell him that he was wrong just because he was different; we could see that he was hugely talented.

He wanted to do everything better than ever other player, to learn do tricks all the time. He was always the best at step overs, but he started doing them with weights strapped to his ankles so that it would be easier in a real game. He would practice a trick slowly by himself. Then he’d try it in training games. Finally, he’d do it in a real game. If he saw someone do a new trick he would ask them how they did it. Then he’d teach himself until he was the best.

I used to balance the ball on my forehead and roll it onto the crown of my head. Cristiano asked me about it. Three days later he was better than me at it and he actually goaded me to say that he was better!

He was influenced by his background and he’d seen two Portuguese speakers Ronaldinho and the original Ronaldo. He was also arrogant – in a self-assured way – that he wasn’t going to change his style to fit in. The rest of the players found it amusing. They rated him because they saw what he could do in training and his ‘I can deal with anything’ attitude.

Cristiano made his debut against Bolton and was outstanding. There was no freezing in front of 68,000 people, he loved that big stage. The only thing he lacked was the end product and that caused some frustration from players.

It’s the hardest thing in football to beat a man, but he had the ability to do it. We wanted him to go past his man and put the ball in. He wanted to go past players again and again. He wanted to embarrass them and at times it was too much.

We played Charlton away and he tore an opponent apart. A week later, Cristiano beckoned me over to show me highlights of him destroying several players. I don’t know any other player who would have done it and I didn’t want to kill his vibe, yet I also thought what he was doing was great. He had so much self-belief.

Cristiano learned how to provide the end product and became the best player in Europe while at Manchester United. He did that by training really hard and then practising after training. He had huge amounts of self-belief, determination, desire and hunger. When I see him now, as successful off the pitch as he is on it, I think ‘hard work has got him there’.

He developed in the right environment too. Sir Alex Ferguson protected him, and having a compatriot in Carlos Queiroz was good for him. I’ve been in a dressing room when Sir Alex hammered the entire team…except Cristiano.

But I also saw Sir Alex change because of young foreign players like Cristiano.

He knew that players reacted differently – there was no point in him giving them the hairdryer and he quietened down. It was a real surprise to me to see the change, but he created an environment that was conducive to progress and Ronaldo was one of the players who helped United win the European Cup in 2008.

By then, he could speak English fine, yet his dress sense had barely changed. It was shocking and he wore the tightest pants, which made us laugh. He didn’t care what we thought and I loved that.

I also remember when he got the number 7 shirt worn by Best, Cantona and Beckham. We joked with Cristiano that he’d only have it for a short period because Beckham was a United legend who would be returning to reclaim his rightful seven. Cristiano believed us and I think that made him extra determined to keep it.

I’ve seen lots of talented youngsters in football, but none with the focus of Cristiano. He deserves all his success.