the original plastics

adacanary  asked:

Prompt prompt prompt: Mick + Len + Sara (friends or whatever you want) + putting 500 troll dolls in Rip's room while he's sleeping so he wakes up to them all staring at him (I hope this is a ridiculous enough prompt for you)

Rachel, please. This isn’t nearly ridiculous enough.

So I made it weirder.

The scheme required smuggling 500 original edition plastic Troll dolls onto the ship, slipping a minor sedative into Rip’s dinner the night before, and getting out of bed at 5 AM to be sure they’d get to witness the payoff. Sara insisted it was the most genius plan any of them would ever take part in, ignoring all of Leonard’s objections.

(“It’s cute, sure,” he allowed, “but we’re not even stealing anything.”)

(“Nope. Best scheme ever.”)

They’d gone through three cups of coffee apiece and too many increasingly ridiculous card games to count when their good captain finally woke up. They could hear Rip shuffling around his room, talking to himself or maybe to Gideon. (Gideon, of course, has been sworn to secrecy.)

“Come on,” Mick urged him. “Go in your fancy private bathroom.”

All three of them were pressing their ears to the door, like some kind of endearingly naughty children rather than an assassin and two professional criminals, when it happened. Rip’s bathroom door slid open, and there was a yelp as he was greeted by 500 pairs of staring plastic eyes in ugly plastic faces.

“What?” he said to himself, and then, loudly enough that he could be heard in the hall, “What in the hell? GIDEON!”

Sara and Mick were in the middle of a high five when Rip’s bedroom door swung open, revealing a distinctly disgruntled Rip who did not appear to be in a forgiving mood. He was already opening his mouth to lecture them - Every surface of his bathroom! Covered! Entirely unusable! It was like running a kindergarten! - when Sara, with the finely honed instincts of any League graduate, kicked the door shut again and took off running.

The three of them would spend the rest of the day hiding out around the ship, strategically avoiding Rip and any potential repercussions. The last thing he heard was Mick yelling about how he should have just shared his bathroom. 

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11/100 - 13/03/17 - Genomic analysis and my new book!

Monday Monday Monday. The start of a new week! Handed in my peer notes and now reading over lecture content. Not to mention this beauty of a book that I scored for $12 still in its original plastic. The floral pattern is a photo from the lining of the book, I believe it’s a Barnes and Noble classic edition (we don’t have Barnes and Noble in NZ so it was a rare find). 

Can’t wait to finish my current book so I can get started on this. What is on everyone’s reading list this month? I hope you’re all doing well and having a great start to the week / end of last week. Yay time zones! ❤ ❤