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28. “How drunk was I?” with Kol Mikaelson :)

Kol Mikaelson - “How drunk was I?”

“Goodmorning, darling.”

You moaned while you opened your eyes. You had no idea where you were. You didn’t recognize the room, you didn’t recognize the oversized shirt you were wearing and you also didn’t recognize the boy leaning against the doorpost while holding a tray with the most amazing breakfast you had ever seen.

“Sorry for waking you up.” He sat down next to you in the large bed and he placed the tray on the nightstand next to it. “How are you feeling?” He had a small frown on his forehead and sincere worry in his eyes.

“Like a truck drove over me…” You closed your eyes. Even though the curtains weren’t opened yet, you were overwhelmed by a piercing headache. All your muscles felt sore and most of all you were slightly panicking because you had absolutely no idea what had happened the night before. You were also wondering if that was a good or a bad thing.

“Well, in that case you look at least a lot better than you feel.” The handsome young man curled his lips up into a smile and you couldn’t help but smiling back.

“Just, before we have breakfast and such…” You paused for a moment and took a deep breath. “How drunk was I?” You frowned your eyebrows and kept your eyes locked with his. “I’m probably offending you right now, but I don’t remember a thing of what happened last night. I don’t even remember your name, I’m afraid.”

“Yeah, I already feared something like that would happen after all the champagne, whiskey and cognac we had yesterday.” He grinned a little and then he stretched out his hand to grab yours. Slowly he brought your hand up to his lips and then he smirked. “I’m Kol, Kol Mikaelson and I can tell you that I’ve gotten to know you quite well last night.”

You swallowed and you took a deep breath. Your forehead started sweating a little and you scratched the back of your neck.

“Don’t worry, not that well.” He winked. “I wasn’t sure if you’d make it home safely, so I took you home with me. My sister changed your clothes.”

You let out a relieved sigh. “O, good! Not that I mind one night stands or something, but I prefer to remember them, actually.” You cocked your head and licked your lips. “It’s nice to meet you, Kol Mikaelson.”

“I wouldn’t want to give you everything I have to offer without you remembering it the next day.” He winked once more and then he moved a little closer towards you. “So, in what order should we do things? Do you want to enjoy me first? Or do you want to enjoy breakfast first?”

You raised your eyebrows, stared at the tray with food and then back at him and then a smile spread across your face. “I have a better idea.” You leaned over him and dipped your fingers in the whipped cream covering the strawberries. “Let’s combine them.”

“Sounds like something I could’ve come up with.”


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