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10 episodes of 'The Bernie Mac Show' that capture the struggle of building anything from the ground up

Bernie Mac finally got his own television show by the fall of the following year. He even got it on Fox, one of the major networks. Still, Mac was right about the other part of his comment, referring to the television landscape being scared of him. After all, no one expected a family sitcom about an upper-middle class black family to regularly include a line about busting a child’s head “’til the white meat shows” (a line that came from Mac’s Kings Of Comedy set about how he would “fuck a kid up”). The Cosby Show and even The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air made sure of that.

“You can’t fire white folk. You fire white folk, you’d best believe somebody gettin’ shot that day. "I’m FIRED? I’ll be right back, you sons of bitches…!” You fire a brother, we be mad for a different reason. “How come you didn’t call me at home, motherfucker? You knew I was fired yesterday! Makin’ me burn up all my goddamn gas…”-D.L. Hughley

“stop all that hollerin’ and bust a nut so we can go to sleep!”


Get a behind-the-scenes look at comedian Bernie Mac’s life and career with this documentary packed with footage of his early performances, a look at his more well-known work, and interviews with dozens of his celebrity friends. (Netflix)

I always enjoyed watching Bernie Mac, but I never went out of my way to see a lot of his work. Still, I was sad when he died, knowing that he probably had much more great comedy to offer the world.

I AIN’T SCARED OF YOU is an equal parts love letter and thank you note for the work that Mac did leave behind, and it’s one of the best tributes to a performer that I’ve ever seen.

With interviews conducted by his own daughter featuring his wife and high profile friends like Angela Bassett and Chris Rock, there’s not a bad word to be found about Bernie Mac in this film. There’s no expose, no ulterior motive, it’s simply a send-off to someone who left too soon.

I loved hearing all of the stories told about him and enjoyed seeing all of the new-to-me footage. The documentary paints Mac in the absolutely best light possible by the people who knew him better than anybody.

By the time it was over I was even still sad that Mac’s no longer around, but I’m thrilled at the fact that this documentary is.


4 out of 5 Rodney Macks

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The Original Kings of Comedy: Steve Harvey on Rae Carruth

“Rae-Rae, ain’t you gonna hide?”

“I am hiding!”


While almost the entire Kings of Comedy is gold, this is one of my favorite bits.  Cedric was so damn funny, and everything he said was truthful for me.  I have bad days and go and watch this because I just laugh.