the original is really small so i made it bigger

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Do you have any tips on this Pokémon Sun and Moon edit you did?? It's so amazing omfg ;;

Thank you so much! :D

I don’t know how I would give tips so I’m just gonna make this into a lazy tutorial.

It was really simple to make. I used gimp but you can probably use anything similar. For the basic outlines I just used the circle brush and circle eraser. For the pointy parts on the sun, I used the straight line tool.

After that, I made a gradient and colored it

Then I drew a bunch of simple stars

It’s really small, so they don’t have to be fancy. To animate them I just duplicated the layer and changed the bigger stars.

Then I added the white outline, set both layers to 200ms, and exported it to GIF

I probably could’ve spent more time on it like making more than two frames but I was lazy and tbh didn’t expect the original post to get that many notes. I hope this helps inspire you, anon!

A rant about the Twilight Sparkle Micro Comic

(Special thanks to Kyleboy21 for coloring the pages)

Now I’m usually not one to toot my horn and I’m definitely the first to say I’m no Andy Price, but I can tell that I put a lot more effort and attention into my drawings than Thomas Zahler did (luckily it doesn’t look like he’ll be working on any pony comics any time soon).

Click the read more button for me pointing out the problems with each panel in detail and how I fixed them.

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