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One(?) gifset per episode || Arrival at Kraghammer

An enormous underground metropolis sprawls out before you—the dark earth and shadows creating beautiful stonework, marble columns, archways, and labyrinthine bridges climbing across the vertical city-scape. All warmed with the red glow of some strange, crimson rock peppered throughout the town as a light source. A large metal forge envelops the center of this cylindrical city. The entire city is a three tiered cylindrical city that is built into the ground of the mountain itself. Welcome to Kraghammer!

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How would you describe each of the gnr guys to someone just getting into them?

Axl Rose, red headed emoji king:  

- vocal range wider than the grand canyon 

- is drowning in pussy and by that I mean he has like 3 cats and he would die for them 

- hilarious 

- wants freddie mercury and elton john to adopt him

- mean enough to kick your ass but still soft

- was robbed of a childhood from his biological family but now has a new and improved Brazilian family

- doesn’t give a fuck but also gives many fucks simultaneously 

- the only thing confirmed is his love of taco bell 

Slash, confused ruler of snakes: 

- does not know what shoes are 

- is a big slut and is in love with both Axl and Duff 

- snakes 

- so emotionally involved when he plays that he practically is a guitar

- big fan of vaginas, big fan of women, feminist 

- the only two things he watches are horror movies and spongebob

- sends Christmas cards to Axl

Steven Adler, bag of popcorn: 

- would have slept with anything back in the day 

- his entire diet consisted of drugs but he’s still somehow the most innocent child in the band

- he’s fine now though 

- just really loves his friends and was finally able to play with them again

- ray of sunshine 

- wants to live in a world where everyone is a pug 

- doesn’t know how to not smile 

Duff Mckagan, half punk half giraffe: 

- Johnny Thunders had full ownership of his ass at one point 

- smart 

- former alcoholic who almost died 

- all of his jokes are awful but you’re a lyin ass bitch if you say you don’t laugh at them 

- he’s your fave even if someone else in the band is your fave 

- the cool dad 

- has the same size dick as Mick Jagger 

Izzy Stradlin, ?????: 

- no one knows what he’s doing or where he’s at ever 

- a mysterious and cool bad boy you’d read about in a book 

- bitch better have his money 

- people don’t recognize how talented he is a lot of the time 

- occasionally axl’s best friend 

- wants everyone to chill  

- was in a very monogamous relationship with cigarettes 

[TRANS] Haru Hana Vol. 41 Issue ‘Interview with NCT 127′

Group Interview

NCT127 who were the last to appear on stage at the 68th ‘Sapporo Snow KPOP Festival’ held on the 12th of February. Because of their Japanese member, Yuta, we were able to hear their stories on their first time in Hokkaido.

Q: What did you do in Sopporo?
Taeyong: We saw the snow and everyone played like kids.
Doyoung: We haven’t seen snow in a while and everywhere we go there’s piled up snow, we played happily. We also wanted to show our fans this scenery, so we took photos and shared them on SNS.

Q: What did you eat?
Mark: Ramen.
Taeyong: Shabu-shabu and sushi.
Yuta: Can I speak Japanese? It was my first time eating miso ramen in Sapporo, it really is delicious, everyone all ate like they were possessed by a hungry demon.

Q: During your concert, Taeyong performed Kotori Yoshino’s gag, who showed it to him?
Yuta: I showed it to him, and he seemed to like it a lot, so he decided to do it once.

Q: Yuta also worked hard to be the MC.
Yuta: Normally it’s hard for me to express my feelings in Korean, but I can freely do so in Japanese, so I want to talk more and interact more, ad libs just comes out.

Q: How did the other members feel after watching Yuta?
Johnny: This was my first time coming to Japan with Yuta, and because he was so used to Korea, I thought he is almost a Korean. But after seeing him in Japan I thought ‘ah, (he’s) Japanese’.
Mark: That’s right, that’s right
Taeyong: He came to Japan and did various things well. (He) organised our food menu as well.
Haechan: When we arrived in Japan and asked about things we didn’t know, Yuta hyung helped us.
Jaehyun: During the show when we were doing the ment, I also asked questions, Yuta hyung overcame it all.

Q: I am going to bring up a unique fashion topic, what kind of style of plain clothes do you like?
Winwin: I like clothes that are clean (bright) and smart.
Doyoung: I like comfortable clothes. Casual clothes.
Taeil: For me, training wear. I really like being comfortable.
Yuta: I like (wearing) entirely black. Or all black.
Jaehyun: I like all kinds of colours. I also like anything monotone, simple but with a point.
Haechan: I like comfortable clothes~
Taeyong: I like baggy clothes. For example, a t-shirt that I have at home for 5 years.
Mark: It differs depending on how I feel. I pick clothes according to how I feel.
Johnny: I also wear clothes depending on how I feel that day, I pick clothes that can express my feelings.

Q: Which member cares about their fashion the most?
Mark: I think it’s Winwin hyung.
Yuta: Isn’t it fashion terrorist Winwin?
Doyoung: It’s high fashion (as in high fashion sense).
Taeil: You will be surprised when you see it.

Q: What goals would you like to achieve in 2017?
Taeyong: We would like to have more activities in Japan, and in Korea of course.
Yuta: There will be a lot of chances this year to come to Japan so please look forward to them.

Solo Interview

Q1:Food I can’t get sick of
Q2:If I could go on a one-day trip without any distance restriction
Q3: Member with who I want to always stay together
Q4: Song that I like
Q5: Praise for another member
Q6: A word for Japanese fans

A1. Samgyeobsal, Pizza (it has been my favorite food)
A2. Gangwon-do. I want to go to a ski resort for skiing and snowboarding
A3. Johnny. We talk well. Even if I ask strange questions, he answers well. It’s fun.
A4. NCT127 LIMITLESS. The more you listen, the better it becomes
A5. Taeil -> Johnny:  He is calm. He is tall.  Can communicate well with anybody.  Language Skills (English, Korean, Chinese). He is strong. 
A6. Thank you for always giving us your support. From now on we’ll work hard to be able to show you a cool stage and music. NCT fighting!

A1. Sandwich. You can eat it wherever and whenever you want, there are a lot of types as well.
A2. I want to sleep on my bed in our house in America.
A3. I like all of the members!!
A4. Coldplay – Yellow
A5. Johnny -> Taeyong: Really handsome. Knows for sure what he is looking for. It’s cute when he tries to look cool.
A6. I wish there were more fan signs where I can meet Japanese fans! Thank you so much for cheering (for us)!

A1. Sujebi. I have liked it ever since I was small, and I also like kneading.
A2. Youngsters’ street, Shibuya. I like fashion so I want to see what it’s like.
A3. Yuta. It’s comfortable (with him) because we’ve known each other for so long.
A4. NCT127 Limitless
A5. Taeyong (JT/N I think in the original text, it was misspelled as from Taeil) -> Yuta: a good friend who is joyful, cheerful, righteous, he always does his best, cool and manly
A6. I will always appreciate the interest and affection we get from Japanese fans. I will continue to do my best to make NCT 127 reputable!!! 

[ YUTA ]
A1. Takoyaki. Isn’t Takoyaki the best?
A2. Europe. Italy. The streets are very pretty.
A3. I don’t have one. I don’t want to be together until we are old (I want to be) together with my beautiful wife in the future…
A4. TVXQ sunbaenim’s Begin. I always listen to it when I sleep.
A5. Yuta -> Doyoung: He sings well. I like his voice. Among the member, he is a person who is always stable. (well-controlled and organised) he is the mediator. He can talk about his personal opinions, but also care about his surroundings.
A6. Japanese fans, it’s Yuta! I am always, always thankful for your cheers!! Please continue to look after us!!

A1. Noodle soup (Udon)
A2. Italy
A3. Taeil
A4. NCT127 Switch
A5. Doyoung -> Jaehyun : I can’t choose one because he has so many charms. I just want to point out his ‘Reverse Charm’. He’s both manly and kind! The charm is coming from the gap.
A6. To my fans in Japan, I will cheer you up because your love and encouragement. 

A1. Water. I never get tired of drinking it.
A2. Neptune. I want to go to Neptune as the first person in the world
A3. Winwin.  He’s my friend. I don’t think I’ll get tired of him when we are together
A5. Jaehyun -> Winwin. Winwin’s is optimistic. He is very innocent but can also be serious at times.  And most of all, he is very, very, very cute. 
A6.  Everyone please love us 'limitlessly’  We (I) will always be grateful.

A1. Meat (chicken, beef)
A2. I want to go to New Zealand. I like everything about it.
A3. Friend. Jaehyun.
A4. NCT127 Limitless
A5. Winwin -> Mark: I really like his personality. He is always considerate and cute. He’s also good at dancing and rapping. He really, really has a lot of charms. Mark who has limitless charms.
A6. Please continue to cheer for us.

[ MARK ]
A1. Chicken. I can eat many different kinds of chicken.
A2. I would like to walk around the town I lived in Canada one more time.
A3. Winwin hyung. It’s interesting how there’s always a new feeling when being together with him.
A4. Justin Bieber - Love Yourself
A5. Mark -> Haechan: His legs are pretty. His energy is overflowing. He’s good at cooking. He’s not good at listening to me but he’s improving.  His character is completely different from mine so it’s interesting.
A6. To all our Japanese fans~!
This is our first visiting Sapporo. After being welcomed by our pretty Japanese fans, I like Japan even more! I would be very happy if we can visit Japan more frequently from now on. Please anticipate the next time we see each other!!

A1. kimchi
A2. Busan. I want to go to eat sashimi.
A3. Doyoung hyung
A4. Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
A5. Haechan -> Taeil: He’s good at singing. He plays instruments well. He’s fun, kind, and good at sports.
A6. Everyone, I’m so happy!! Thank you!! 

Translation:  Teddy, Rini, Selin  Esmee, Em @ FY! NCT (NCTINFO) | Source: llla_ittt

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Arnold being Glinda
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tattoo (not sure if this has been said before)

it hasn’t! which is wild, considering one of them actually has one lol

so how about the first time Blaine sees the infamous tat?

(one word prompt thingy)

“It’s Got Bette Midler?” 

Blaine is doubled over behind him, his forehead pressed up between Kurt’s shoulderblades as he shakes with laughter. He’s propping himself up with one arm on the bed while Kurt sits shirtless and cross-legged in front of him.

“My tattoo artist thought of it.” Kurt says, rolling his eyes. “It’s random enough to be funny, but still relevant to my interests. Don’t you think?” 

Blaine’s fingers grip Kurt’s shoulders as he pulls himself upright. He rubs a gentle thumb over the tattoo, mindful of Kurt’s still-healing skin. “What’s got Bette Midler, though? Hocus Pocus? The First Wives Club? Beaches?


“Or… is it you? Do you have Bette Midler somewhere, Kurt?” 

“Blaine!” Kurt’s cheeks begin to color in a mix of annoyance and embarrassment. “Is it really that terrible?” 

“I’m… s-so–” Blaine loses it again, dissolving into giggles as he leans back and laughs at the ceiling. 

The embarrassment takes over, Kurt retrieving his soft blue hoodie from the floor and slipping it on over his head. “I know it’s a stupid tattoo, but… I thought it was funny. And not in the way you seem to think it is.” Kurt can see them both in the full-length mirror in the corner of his room, Blaine laughing behind him as he stares at himself. His affection for Blaine betrays his irritation for a moment, as he can’t help but notice how beautiful Blaine’s smile is and how cute those little crinkles at the corners of his eyes are when he laughs.

Kurt makes a show of fixing his hair after the hoodie has disheveled it, though he looks away from the mirror where his bright red ears and cheeks are so apparent. 

Blaine’s laughter quickly peters out, his eyebrows suddenly furrowed with concern. “Kurt, no, that’s not why I was laughing.” He crawls up behind Kurt again on his knees and wraps his arms around his neck. “I agree with you, and I think it’s brilliant. That’s why I was laughing.” 

“With me?”

“Not at you. Never at you.” 

Kurt suddenly feels silly for being so sensitive about it. He knows damn well that Blaine doesn’t have a malicious bone in his body. “Sorry, I’m just… I couldn’t believe I did that in the first place, you know? The original tattoo was only misspelled because of my mistake, not the artist’s. I failed so hard at rebelling.” 

“What were you rebelling against?” Blaine hooks his chin over Kurt’s shoulder and nuzzles into his neck, careful not to press too hard against Kurt’s back. 

“…Myself? I just wanted to shake things up.” 

“Then you rebelled perfectly, if you think about it. You went in with a plan, and then you changed that plan, even if it wasn’t on purpose. You shook up the shake-up.”

Kurt snorts, doubling over himself as he reaches up and clutches Blaine’s arms around his shoulders. “That’s barely logic.” 

“Whatever. You try to form a real argument when your fiance goes and gets all tatted up and pierced and surprises you like this.” 

He nips at Kurt’s earlobe, and Kurt shivers in his arms. 

“I have a thing for… all of this, you know,” Blaine continues, loosening his grip so he can slide off the bed and stand in front of Kurt.

“I know.” Kurt levels him with a steady glare, smirking as he opens his mouth and slides the shiny silver bar in his tongue against his teeth. He rests his hands on Blaine’s hips and leans forward, pressing his face to Blaine’s belly and licking a circle around his navel, sending hot/cold tingles across his skin as the metal drags against it. 

“Fuck,” Blaine whispers, scooting back onto the bed by straddling Kurt’s lap. “Are you absolutely sure you don’t want to keep that?” 

“Uh-huh,” Kurt says, moving his bar-tongued focus up to Blaine’s nipples. 

“But… oh, I– I really like it, Kurt.”

“I’m a rebel, babe. I don’t do things just because other people want me to.”

Blaine laughs again, though it’s mostly the shock of the sensation than anything else. His breath hitches a second later, his fingers going into Kurt’s hair as he gasps, “You are. With – hunhh – with or without this stuff, I’ve always thought that was so hot.” 

Kurt pulls back for a moment to look at Blaine’s face. His big hazel eyes are glazing over with lust, his lips open around his stuttering breaths. Kurt can feel Blaine’s fingers twitching in his hair as he tries not to just push Kurt’s face against him again. 

“Well, then… let’s make the most of it while I do have it, hmm?” Kurt runs his tongue over his bottom lip, making sure the bar is visible as he tilts his face up and waits.

A huge, mischievous grin splits across Blaine’s face, his hips bucking a little in Kurt’s lap as he gets comfortable. Then he leans in and kisses him, immediately slipping his tongue into Kurt’s mouth to play with his piercing.

He’s still giggling, exhilarated, when they fall onto the bed together a moment later.

Japanese FE8 Goofs

Localization slip-ups are pretty easy to catch once you’re looking for them. But hey–even the original version slips up sometimes! I’ve skipped a couple that are purely misspellings because they don’t translate into English very well.

Ghost Cormag in Chapter 14B
When there’s an earthquake at the beginning of Chapter 14, Ephraim’s route, Cormag (or at least, a Wyvern Rider sprite) will be present–even if he was never recruited or died before the scene happens.

I have no idea if this is present in the English version. It probably still is.

Riev’s Misspelled Name in Chapter 19
Instead of 「アーヴの撃破」 (“Defeat Irv,” Irv being Riev’s JP name), his name was misspelled as 「アーブの撃破」 (”Defeat Irb”).

Eirika-Tana’s Possible B Support Contradiction in Chapter 10
It’s possible to get Eirika and Tana’s B support before Innes is recruited, but the support involves Eirika being upset because Innes told her to go home (which happens in their C support).

Just to note, to get their B Support before recruiting Innes means that you have to spend 70 turns with Eirika and Tana next to each other between Chapters 9 and 10. (Okay, that’s more feasible if you arena grind and never bothered to recruit Innes.)

Eirika-L’Arachel’s B Support Misspelling
In the line equivalent to “He had a noble death, don’t you think?”, the Japanese version made a typo equivalent to saying “He had a noble last, don’t you think?”

Gilliam-Garcia C Support Misspelling
Garcia saying “What do you say, Garcia? Let’s arm-wrestle!” instead of “Gilliam” existed in the original script. The translator didn’t notice, I guess.

Mistaken Etymology in the Garcia-Dozla C Support
In the English version, this problematic line was translated as “I’ve heard that in some cultures, they call breakfast ‘first break.’” The original version erroneously used the term “初めて破る” (which indeed would be translated as “first break”), as though the (English) word “breakfast” comes from “break” + “first” instead of “break” + “fast.” It’s a bit more confusing in that the word is properly defined for the rest of the support, in both languages.

Of course, the person who noted this also said “However, it hasn’t been said that the language of this distant culture is English,” even though that seems to have been the writer’s intention.

Wrong Name in Tana-Syrene’s B Support
At the end of their B support, Syrene says “Leave it to me, Syrene” when she should’ve been talking to Tana. The English version translated that line as “Right you are, milady.”

Joshua Can’t Math (Joshua-Artur A Support)
When Joshua reveals Artur’s real win-loss record, he tells Artur “Out of 21 flips, you won 15 and lost 16.” …Which adds up to 31, not 21. The English version rectified this mistake by having Joshua say Artur won 11 out of 21, and not even mentioning how many he lost.

Joshua Can’t Words (Joshua-Marisa C Support)
The English equivalent of this line is “If I win, you owe me, and if you win, then I owe you.” However, the Japanese version is quite different, as he says “If you win, I’ll pay you, but if I win…” The problem occurs in a typo of the first “win,” causing Joshua to instead say “If you buy it, I’ll pay you.”


Corvamon [コルウァモン]
Name origin: A misspelling of ‘Corvus’, a genus that includes crows and ravens.
Level: Child
Attribute: Virus
Family: Nightmare Soldiers
Type: Bird


A larger-than-average sized Bird type Digimon. It has a fairly muscular body and excels in close combat, with the metallic gauntlets on its arms improving its offense and defense while sacrificing its ability to fly. It has a confident and somewhat haughty nature, and is easily provoked into starting brawls. However, it enjoys getting praised and feeling powerful, which can cause it to let its guard down. Although it is not exceptionally fast, it is still fairly nimble, which combined with its destructive strength makes it tough to face in close combat. However, it does not have long-range attacking moves, and will struggle to hit an opponent that is keeping its distance.

While not a particularly dangerous existence by itself, the Digital Hazard mark is said to symbolise the fact that dangerous code lies within Corvamon, which is capable of manifesting itself through evolution.


  • Plague Breath (プレイグブレス): Breathes a thick fog from its mouth that erodes parts of the code of anything it touches, exposing or creating vulnerabilities within their code.
  • Scourge Claw (スコージクロー): Dishes out a powerful strike with the claws on its wings. Strong enough to break ordinary metal.
  • Harvest Fence (ハーヴェストフェンス): Emits small energy shields from the gauntlets on its arms, using them to block and parry enemy attacks while fighting.

Evolution Line

Koramon > Skotamon > Corvamon > Cornixmon > Tartarusmon > Kronosmon