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JM is not stupid. He knows but he got a gag order and is only allowed to say what Plec wants him to say. No one can tell me guys like JM or DG like the BS that is happening on TO. Here and there a scene - yes, but overall? No, I really don't think so, especially when it comes to shit like the magic baby. I saw some of the things they read/watch and most of them are really good and that's why I find it even harder to believe that they like it. TBH I think they all thought TO would be different.

I think Joseph is an very intelligent actor which makes this situation even more depressing.  Here is this man who is well read, thoughtful, passionate about his acting, painting and craft (not really sure what happened with his dedication and support about Positive Women - those tweets and messages about his charity seemingly stopped after he won Celeb Charity challenge.)  He’s an actor’s actor.  As a writer, director and actor, I completely agree that he knows how horrible this show is, and yes, he is forced by Julie and the CW act according to the party line.  Aka spew the bullshit and promote this show by sitting on a throne of lies.

There is a difference between right and wrong type of PR.  The main crux of the issue is how they are spreading the message and answering those questions in particular about Klaroline.  Instead of being respectful to both the fanbase and their sister show,  the actors and Julie have mocked, insulted, dismissed and belittled Klaroline, not to mention the huge dedicated and amazing Kol fanbase.  These two fanbases are still two of the largest and most passionate among both shows.  While JoMo and the cast may have ‘scripted’ responses, they could find other ways to say the party line without slapping fans in the face.  How hard is it to merely something say like ‘Klaus deeply loves Caroline.  He intends to keep his promise to be her last love but right now, they need to be apart and figure out things in their lives.’   Why do they always choose to try and dismiss the importance of Klaroline to Klaus’ character development and storyline, and the mere fact the writers themselves started something, realized how popular it was and extended it on TVD for two seasons, and Klaus is still constantly mentioned on TVD, I have to remind myself that he’s not on the show anymore.    The only actor who is still very sweet, positive and humble .. and doing PR the right way is Charles.  (hell, he cut through the BS of JoMo’s answer by saying he was Team Klaroline.)  

PR is to make people invest in your show, to care about it, and want to watch it.  Everyone involved in TO has done the complete opposite. Again, Phoebe at Paley Fest was touting this amazing story for Moon Moon coming up. What does it say about the show one of your leads is on stage at a big event like Paley Fest begging fans to give her storyline a chance, because what? this storyline will finally make people love her character?  Moon Moon has been a part of the TVD/TO canvas for over a year now, and considering she’s only getting more hate from the audience.  If a character’s purpose still needs to be validated and if a lead of her own show has to plead for fans to give a damn about her character, then it is not the fans who are the issue.

The CW PR team working on TO, worries me because it’s like they don’t even care about their own show.  I have never seen a network let their precious producers/writers and actors bite the hand that feeds them. For the comments to be repeated and spewed again at Paley Fest makes me truly believe everyone wants this show to crash and burn.  At this point, any other network would be scrambling to fix TO, and listen to fan reaction, but mostly to admit their mistakes. (case in point, look at CBS’ The Good Wife, last year they completely miscalculated the fan’s reception to a fan favorite’s storyline, quickly ending it after the backlash from both fans and critics).   Until news broke about Claire leaving, TO still had a chance of being fixed.  That is the saddest thing - the network, Julie, the actors (minus Phoebe because this is the only way she’ll keep her job because I can’t imagine anyone other network would ever want her on one of their shows),  knew of the blacklash in the media, the non shipper and shipper fans criticisms and frustrations.  They choose to ignore it all.  Instead of the CW President turning a blind eye, he and the network should have stepped up months ago, knowing Claire was leaving and sitting Julie down, telling her they needed to fix this mess before everything got out of control.  Hell, they should have sat her down after the backdoor pilot aired, and all those reviews came out from critics and a lot of mixed polarizing fan reaction, and said she needed to go back to the drawing board and get rid of Moon Moon.  There was so many chances to fix this show and live up to its potential - with all the hiatus this year especially with the Olympics, the writers could have been wrapping up storylines and finding ways to write out Moon Moon and Camille.

Claire was on last night’s panel to repeat her statement / exit interview which had been released four plus hours before Paley Fest.  So that’s not fishy or anything.  Can you imagine having to sit up there and spew the same BS story they wove for her, and then lie through her teeth by saying Rebekah would be back.  I do think Claire loves playing Rebekah but I don’t believe for a second they will keep their promise to bring her back.  Also, I never believed she had imagined, especially after Joseph mentioned several times about they had talked about The Originals having own show and the endless possibilities, that she would be forced to take a back seat to her BFF PT.    Did anyone ever think JoMo/DG/CH would be regulated to playing caricatures of their once great characters? Everything which made The Originals such amazing characters would be destroyed to prop up one dimensional character like Hayley and her portrayer?

Nothing about this show was what the actors and the fans had hoped for. Can you imagine for an actor like Nate to stand on the sidelines while this was all going on, being very polite about the constant questions about Kol and finding ways to say it was out of his control to return, been forced to wait for that phone call to bring Kol back when he played an Original?  Now, after endless months of denials and dismissing Kol and his fans, Julie is now talking about Kol, baiting people with false promises and saying that he could return because of his past with NOLA witches. Months of radio silence, and now, as Nate wraps up filming the SPN backdoor pilot (which is a shoo in for being picked up for the fall), Julie actually acknowledges Kol and the stories which he could have been a part of (imagine if she had written this show well and if Kol was alive, all the great Kol/witches vs Klaus plots it could have opened up!), knowing full well, she won’t keep that promise.  Don’t worry in a few months after season 1 ends, Julie will blame ‘scheduling’ and just couldn’t get Nate to guest star because he’s busy and couldn’t be worked out. there wasn’t an opportunity to write him into the storyline.  blah blah blah.

The same old bullshit .. just a different day.

the bottom line is:  the party line isn’t working.  they need to find a way to stop alienating all their fans, especially those who love and support Klaroline (and Kol).  This show is barely treading water at the moment, and yet for some reason they continue on this self destructive and toxic path with their choice of PR.   Now is the time to start re earning fans trust, to get those lost viewers back and realizing their errors and trying to find ways to engage their dwindling audience and bring in those who refuse to watch this show in the first place.   They need to be winning us over not alienating us.  You can’t sell bullshit by feeding it with more bullshit. And when your show is sinking in the ratings, going from over to 2+ million viewers weekly to 1.5 mill, you need to change your tune fast. (But as the past year has shown us, they won’t, the same old spin will continue, and they will continue to dig their own grave, and TO will be nothing more than asterisk on the wall of shows cancelled for their own good).

As actors, the main quartet all have to know nothing on this show is working.  with each passing day, it is becoming more of a disaster and the characters they love playing continue to be ruined and written so horribly.  but mostly as an actor, it must be so draining emotionally to be on a show where the writing takes the joy out of their craft, where they have to find something tiny to hold on to, and hope the next script they will get it will be better.  Like the audience, I do think these actors see this show with so much potential, and a chance to be so amazing, but they are even more helpless when it comes to the finished product. They have no say in scripts and the direction of the show.  But unlike the audience, they are at the mercy of Julie and her writers, unable to leave unless they ‘get homesick.’

but then again, maybe for the remaining leads - JoMo, DG, CMD, LP letting this show continue on its path towards cancellation will be the only good thing to come out of this mess, and they can all move on to projects worthy of their talent (and DG can just be glad he still has Saving Hope as his main commitment).

… while nothing will ever change in terms of the Klaroline (and Kol) fans passion, love and dedication to their characters or ship.