the original david

it’s the end of summer, all of the campers parents come and pick up their children, and max is just sitting at the end of the road, waiting. he’s there all day. the sun starts to set and he just brings his knees up to his chest. 

david was watching him all day, in hope to see him off with his parents but they never showed up. he knew they weren’t but gosh darn it he could at least try to see the best out of this situation. 

a few more minutes pass before the sun is gone and the stars start to appear. max is still by the road and david can’t help himself. he walks out of the cabin towards the small boy and picks him up. 

max doesn’t even try to fight it since he’s tired. tired of being alone, tired of feeling like no one cares. for only being 10, he’s been through a lot. and he thinks that maybe it’s his fault. maybe he did something wrong to make his parents not care about him.

david puts him in his car and puts the seat belt on. gwen climbs in to the passenger seat and the trio drives away from the camp. max falls asleep in the back, clutching on to mr. honeynuts. 

“his parents never showed up gwen, they don’t care.” a somber voice says from behind the wheel. 

“i know david, but what can we do? we’re not his parents, let alone his legal guardians. he’s going to have to go back there eventually.” gwen replied, equally as sad.

“not if i can help it. i’m going to go try and find someone to help me, help us. we’re going to get max out of his terrible home.” david spoke a bit louder than before, the passion rising in his voice.

gwen stared ahead for a minute, just letting her thoughts consume her. 

“well, if we do manage to get him away from his parents, who’s gonna take him in? where is he going to go?” 

david stops at a stop sign and looks at gwen. he takes her hand in his and smiles softly. “we can take care of him, if you would want to that is, i mean,” 

he trailed off, getting flustered in front of gwen. she gripped his hand tighter and nodded. a smile of her own appearing on her face. 

the two made it back to david’s house and brought max inside. he was still sleeping when they put him in the spare bed. 

they’ll take care of him. they’ll make him feel loved and cared about. they were willing to fight for him, because he deserves it. max deserves to be loved, and david and gwen were willing to be the ones to give him what he needs. 


Side by side comparison of ALL Gillian Anderson’s roles as Media, Lucy Ricardo (‘I Love Lucy’), David Bowie, Marilyn Monroe & Judy Garland.

- - ‘American Gods’, S1     [Part 2 of 2, part 1 here]

Huge credit also goes to Suttirat Larlarb, [Costume Designer]  Rhosael Ciandre [Head of Hair Department], Colin Penman [Head of Make-up]


‘‘I want this to stop, I don’t want to accept this anymore.’’

David Lee Childress was 14 years old when he and his neighbour, 13-year old Jimmy Hartmangruber, killed David’s mother. David had been sexually abused by his mother since he was very young, but when he got older and refused to perform sexual acts on her, the abuse turned physical. His father mentally and physically abused him by repeatedly telling him how stupid he was, throwing chairs at him and hitting him.

When Jimmy was hanging out at David’s house on the 22nd of September 2004, David’s mother stormed into the room and started yelling at David and hitting him. When she left, Jimmy looked at David and said: ‘‘She does that a lot… You should do something about it.’’ David asked what he could do and Jimmy answered: ‘‘You could kill her, that would put a stop to it forever.’’ and so they came up with a plan.

‘‘I picked up a pipe from the alleyway next to the apartment and I thought it would be quick, relatively painless and easy to just ‘bam’, that’s it. She was sleeping when I came into the room and when I was about to do it, I was trying to build up the rage. But all the thoughts of what was going on stopped my hands and that’s when the disgust of myself and what I was going to do took over. I said to myself 'I can’t do it.’ That’s when Jimmy said: 'You’re a pussy, stop being a pussy. Get in there and do it.’ just like my father always told me. So subconsciously that might have spurred me. I went in there and she jumped out of her bed and she said: 'Where is the phone?! I’m calling the police and your father!’ so I tripped her and I started hitting her with my fists and for the first time in my life she told me: 'I love you, why are you doing this? Stop doing this.’ and I told her she was lying to try and save herself. That’s when I hit her a few more times and I was kinda queezy at the prospect of scattering brain matter. So I kind of didn’t put too much power into it. I hit her and she went unconscious, she was still breathing, though. But I was tired, so I put my belt around her neck and I said: 'Okay Jimmy, I can’t do this anymore.’ So I walked out of the room and when I came back about 5 minutes later, he had choked her to death.’’

David Lee Childress was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

“I love Pink Floyd! I like the album with the triangle on it the best.”

“Pink Floyd is just over-glorified elevator music”

“Roger Waters sucks/is a big baby”

“Roger Waters should stay out of politics and focus on his music”

“Who’s Syd Barrett?”

“Pink Floyd is really just too weird”