the original club kid

I will never forget the day that the anime club pranked the whole school. So the news crew for morning announcements at my school interviewed the anime club president and asked him what his favorite anime was and he said “everybody loves raymond” and nobody in the news crew got it and nobody that edits the news got it and so it aired the next morning and none of the teachers got it but holy shit 75% of the students at my school fucking died that day

Micheal Alig knew Marilyn Manson back when they were still kids and Brian Warner was so to say a “Club Kid”. Well, the story of Brian going to Michel’s “Disco 2000″ parties doesn’t really seem to add up as those took place in New York in the 80′s. He must have remembered Brian from before he (Michel) moved to New York and those were probably other parties, but still. Funny thing is, Michel didn’t realize what his relation to Marilyn Manson was until recently. But Manson knew. He didn’t choose to be in this movie randomly. It actually meant something to him. It went back to his roots as an original “Club Kid”…

Glee Cast Who been here since the beginning via Season 1: (According to imdb)

Original Glee Club ‘Kids’

  1. Chris Colfer: Kurt Hummel: (121 episodes, 2009-2015)
  2. Lea Michele: Rachel Berry: (121 episodes, 2009-2015)
  3. Cory Monteith: Finn Hudson:  (91 episodes, 2009-2014)
  4. Kevin McHale: Artie Abrams: (121 episodes, 2009-2015)
  5. Jenna Ushkowitz: Tina Cohen-Chang: (113 episodes, 2009-2015)
  6. Amber Riley: Mercedes Jones: (113 episodes, 2009-2015)
  7. Naya Rivera: Santana Lopez: (113 episodes, 2009-2015)
  8. Heather Morris: Brittany S. Pierce: (96 episodes, 2009-2015)
  9. Dianna Agron: Quinn Fabray: (76 episodes, 2009-2015)
  10. Mark Salling: Noah Puckerman:  (97 episodes, 2009-2015)
  11. Harry Shum Jr: Mike Chang: (91 episodes, 2009-2015)
  12. Ashley Fink: Lauren Zizes: (26 episodes, 2009-2015)
  13. Jonathan Groff: Jesse St. James: (14 episodes, 2010-2015)
  14. Dijon Talton: Matt Ruthford: (20 episodes, 2009-2015)

Non Glee Club Original Glee 'kids’

  1. Lauren Potter: Becky Jackson: (56 episodes, 2009-2015)
  2. Max Adler: Dave Karofsky: (29 episodes, 2009-2015)
  3. Josh Sussman: Jacob Ben Israel: (21 episodes, 2009-2014)
  4. James Earl: Azimio: (17 episodes, 2009-2011)

Glee Original Adults: 

  1. Matthew Morrison: Will Schuester:(121 episodes, 2009-2015)
  2. Jane Lynch: Sue Sylvester: (121 episodes, 2009-2015)
  3. Jayma Mays: Emma Pillsburry: (82 episodes, 2009-2015)
  4. Iqbal Theba: Principle Figgans: (58 episodes, 2009-2015)
  5. Mike O'Malley:Burt Hummel: (46 episodes, 2009-2015)
  6. Jessalyn Gilsig: Terrie Schuester: (47 episodes, 2009-2015)
  7. Romy Rosemont: Carole Hudson: (18 episodes, 2009-2015)
  8. Idina Menzel: Shelby Corcoran: (12 episodes, 2010-2013)
  9. Kristen Chinoweth: April Rhodes: (5 episodes, 2009-2014)
  10. Kent Avenido: Howard Bamboo: (6 episodes, 2009-2015)
  11. Stephen Tobolowsky: Sandy Ryerson: (8 episodes, 2009-2011)
  12. Patrick Gallagher: Ken Tanaka: (10 episodes, 2009-2010)

And if you want to get even more deeper, the actors that been here forever, the Glee band guys! Brad the Piano Player! Like gawd damn!THEY Are originals! They made the world first fall in love weith Glee, all these people listed above. 

Glee when it first premiered could have been a failed show, it could have shown a few episodes then got cancelled, but these actors and their characters caught the audience attention and made then want to tune in. these are the original Glee casts! They earned that titles and deserve the respect to keep it! As much as I do adore and even love some new Glee cast and characters, I will never call them an Original because THESE are the Original Glee casts and Characters, them, not no one else. Just them.