the original brother lovers

Songs Covered by Aaliyah that could've passed for original songs

1. At Your Best (You Are Love) 1994
Originally by The Isley Brothers

2. Got To Give It Up 1997
Originally by Marvin Gaye 1977

3. Choosey Lover 1997
Originally by The Isley Brothers

4. Come Over 2001
Originally by Changing Faces


Its a little longer than usual and I have a feeling i’m going to write a part 2 because I enjoyed writing it so much xD I hope you like it - Bella xxx


A breeze rolled through the bar, swift and bitter, every time someone opened the door. It didn’t help that you had chosen the only seat available which was in direct line of the door and therefore the wind. You shuddered every time the cold seeped across your skin, your arms erupting in goose bumps.

“Just a beer (y/n)?” The bartender asks, placing a bottle on the bar in front of you.

“That’s great, thanks Tony.” You reply, getting a nod of acknowledgment before the bartender is summoned by an arrogant click of fingers. Your eyes narrow as they sweep the contents of the bar. You subconsciously note who is coming in and going out, who could be a potential threat and any possible escape routes. It wasn’t something you had to think about doing anymore, it just seemed like the natural thing to do.

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I tried creating a heart made out of books from all different genres (I can’t do all as I only have my own books to use) The heart looks a little deformed but I can’t even draw a perfect heart, let alone make one out of books. But I tried and It’s rainbow, I hope you like it :) <3

Be Proud of Something

If not your town,

Your state,

If not your state,

Your country,

If not your country,

Your family,

If not your family,

Your mother,

If not your mother,

Your brother,

If not your brother,

Your lover,

Be proud of the words you’ve said,

Be proud of the people you’ve met,

But if no one else,

Be proud of yourself.

Be proud of what you’ve done and the life you’ve led. Enjoy!