the original bambi

concept: young thor and loki playing “get help” for the first time to cause mischief together.

like 6 yr old thor with loki yelling to one of the kitchen maids to get help because loki’s so pale and so ill, and the MOMENT the servant runs off they both grab all the cookies that they can and sprint out.

frigga’s too proud of them to give them an actual telling off, which just makes the problem more and more common

out of steve rogers, bucky barnes, sam wilson, and natasha romanoff (the squad) who do u think:
- cooks the breakfasts first thing in the morning
- does the most cleaning
- decides the interior decorating (i should point out here that all 4 are clearly living together in a rad polyam way)
- smuggles a kitten home… twice… and a puppy. so now they just have Pet Friends
- refuses to stop turning the heating on and off insTEAD OF JUST PUTTING ON A FUCKING SWEATER

(That’s, of course, not the fullest cast, as I have some more singers for the background/episodic roles, but I have no strength to design them all too,,,)

Alrighty, you asked (well um some of you did) - you received! 

What’s that “Under the Spotlight” thing is all about? It’s a story of an upcoming pop star Piper Queenshire, who fights with other singers for the place under the fame sun. They all live in an industrial cyberpunk world that’s filled with tons of pop stars, so actually getting noticed by the audience is a hard task. Usually, they pick up a theme (like Piper is using the magician girl theme) for their scene outfits, sometimes songs and even music genre they perform in. All singers have their own pop-genre (for example, Piper’s is pop-jazz and electro swing). Note: there’s no pop as a genre anymore, as it eventually fused with other music genres. 

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Doing some mastercopy stuff before getting into the meat of my background midterms. I chose my favorite film of all time, Bambi, to replicate. Tyrus Wong is one of my favorites.

Sorry for the lack of character art, but I’ve found a new love for exterior background art. Never ever thought I’d say that lol.