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The way you draw the Mugiwara Crew (especially Brook) BREAKS MY HEART. They're too cute for words, and I love your art style.

Ahhhhhhhh////// you’re a sweetieeeeeeeeee!!! >//3//< thank you, hun!

You’re makin’ Brook so happy, too!!!!! What are they, Chobroo, Brooper, Chook? 

                                    McCrack Shipping Week

Just a sketch that I may finish when i have more time, but this was a cover idea for a story idea @the-original-antlerbrows and I came up with. The prompt is pretty much that Scrooge and Fenton get intvited to like a billionair’s club affair. And inside there are like a bunch of clebrities and cream of the crop type of people there. Scrooge is there to try and talk business, and the host insisted Scrooge bring his now husband, Fenton. While there, Fenton uncovers a devious plot– which I won’t spoil what it is– but he and Scrooge end up tag teaming to save the day while dangerous criminals lurk around the old castle.

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*you hear a knock, and open the door to find a tiny beetle dressed as a cupcake at your door* Trick or treat, Mr. Sans!

He opens the door and spends a few moments looking from side to side, thinking he had been pranked for a second before he hears the small voice. Looking down for once in his life, he grinned at the beetle. “Wow, someone smaller than I am for once. Now that’s a rarity. Here ya go.” He carefully places something next to the insect.

A tiny cake.

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Thank you for posting more of the Zenibabe, it's adorable and glorious. (And yes, I was that anon. I'm just kinda shy, sorry about that. ;_;)

im screaming thank you so much and its fine dont be sorry!

honestly im little embarrassed/nervous with my lupin art because most people here know me for my luigi stuff but as of right now im really really into lup 

so yeah thank you ! it makes me feel about that stuff ;v;