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The way you draw the Mugiwara Crew (especially Brook) BREAKS MY HEART. They're too cute for words, and I love your art style.

Ahhhhhhhh////// you’re a sweetieeeeeeeeee!!! >//3//< thank you, hun!

You’re makin’ Brook so happy, too!!!!! What are they, Chobroo, Brooper, Chook? 

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*you hear a knock, and open the door to find a tiny beetle dressed as a cupcake at your door* Trick or treat, Mr. Sans!

He opens the door and spends a few moments looking from side to side, thinking he had been pranked for a second before he hears the small voice. Looking down for once in his life, he grinned at the beetle. “Wow, someone smaller than I am for once. Now that’s a rarity. Here ya go.” He carefully places something next to the insect.

A tiny cake.

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Thank you for posting more of the Zenibabe, it's adorable and glorious. (And yes, I was that anon. I'm just kinda shy, sorry about that. ;_;)

im screaming thank you so much and its fine dont be sorry!

honestly im little embarrassed/nervous with my lupin art because most people here know me for my luigi stuff but as of right now im really really into lup 

so yeah thank you ! it makes me feel about that stuff ;v;