the origin of the shot that saved his life

TFP - EURUS Holms is not real!

There is a woman pretending to be Sherlock’s sister, but how can he forget a sibling?

We don’t know, if there is a real sister of Sherlock and Mycroft, the explanation in TFP is not satisfying. If Mycroft was able to re-write Sherlock’s memories, what else did he manipulate? This would also imply, that he has more power over Sherlock, as we want to imagine.

Sherlock knows her as a blond women, that came to his flat a few weeks ago, pretending to be ‘Faith Smith’ and when he ‘picked up’ John at his therapist (without recognizing that it was the same person) – as EURUS she looks again different, acts different.

Is EURUS real and a missing Holms sibling or maybe one of Moriarty’s or Mycroft’s agents or even sent from Sherrinford, the real secret sibling?

We have seen her in 3 disguises before (Faith Smith, ‘E’xx the woman in the Bus, John’s new therapist) so we don’t know, how she really looks like.

As John points out in therapy, that she barely news Sherlock, she explains ‘Oh no, we met before, we spent a whole night together, it was lovely, we had chips…!

John’s jealous look – let me instantly think about Moriarty’s plan to ‘burn out Sherlock’s heart!

During her introduction to John, EURUS locks the door to the garden to ensure, that he can’t escape, but what is her motive to hurt or kill John?

Culverton gave me Faith original note, a mutual friend put us in touch…”

(Who was this mutual friend – was it MORIARTY???) Consulting criminal - it is his style to use others to separate John and Sherlock, like he used Irene Adler before.

At the same time, we get a proper connection to Moriarty, when Sherlock finds the ‘big one’, the real message that links to Moriarty, hidden on Faith original note!

What do we expect Sherlock to do, when he realizes, that Moriarty is behind it? – He knows that John is in danger and that he needs to protect John.

John is the only person, that knows the name ‘EURUS’ and about her disguises. Sherlock is still finding out about it, when he finds the hidden note.

We know, that she has a real gun – no tranquilizer – and that she really shoots at John.

If we look at the position she is holding the gun, I assume that she hits John somewhere in the shoulder or chest, so he might be heavily injured. (Please not one of his beautiful eyes…!!!)

We hear the shot and see the move of the firing pin, see gun smoke, so the creators want to make sure that we believe that it was a real shot!

I’m convinced that Sherlock found John badly injured, after he got shot. John needs to tell Sherlock before he is fainting, that it was Sherlock’s sister ‘EURUS’ who shot him and about her disguise, because John is the only person, that knows her name at the end of TLD.

John getting shot and survives is cannon in ‘The adventure of the three Garridebs’ Sherlock is panicking and takes care of him ‘It was worth a wound, it was worth many wounds, to know the depth of loyalty and love which lay behind that cold mask.“ This is what John writes in ‘The Strand’ after he got shot in the leg in the original ACD story.

I don’t think that the writers will miss the opportunity to show us Sherlock suffering about John’s life!!!

Sherlock needs to find a way to save John, therefore he uses his mind palace, to find the answer. (I already did a post about that, TFP – is Mind Palace, Sherlock’s coming out’.)

TFP is completely mind palace. Sherlock uses EURUS as his mirror, putting him to all the tests, He needs to find out more about himself and to confront himself with all necessary questions. Look at her, she is the female Sherlock!

She has the same brown curled hair, blue eyes and is playing violin.

Villains are always introduced from there backside in Sherlock, like EURUS in her cell.

So just start to think about EURUS as a tool Sherlock needs to discover his own being in his mind palace, she represents his cold, calculating, reflected and violent side.

Just listen to the taped EURUS information’s: Why am I here? No one ever tells me. Am I being punished?’

There is no such thing as bad. Good and bad are fairy tales (? It always comes back to this when Moriarty is involved!) we have evolved, we touch emotional significance of which it is nothing more than a survival strategy of the pack animal. We have the condition to invest stability and utility (‘utility was used by Mycroft in HLV to describe Sherlock). Good isn’t really good, evil isn’t really wrong, blossoms aren’t really pretty - you are a prisoner of your own meat!’ - ‘Why aren’t you?’

– ‘I’m too clever’ that is definitely Sherlock speaking of himself – pure mind!

Remember: ‘Sentiment is a chemical defect, found on the losing side’ – Sherlock to Irene.

This is Sherlock’s moral code, how he had always seen the world, that he is too clever to be a prisoner of his own meat (heart). 100% brain without a heart, he is too clever to allow that emotions cloud his judgement- it is pure self-control and his protection.

We can see him struggle with himself about this many times, e.g. at the fire place in the THoB ‘I need to distract myself from feelings.. it is the fly in the ointment. the crack in the lens.’ In the green house scene in TAB, he repeats that, etc. 

Now he has his doubts, if this is the right strategy for live and for a good reason: He is in love with John and does not know how to express emotions, because he has never allowed himself to live through them before. So he needs to understand, needs to learn quickly.

So how can Sherlock who repressed his feelings his entire life learn to open up to John to let him see his warm heart behind his cold mask???

I am trying to help you. Helping someone is the best way you can help yourself.’  - EURUS in the taped information.

Sherlock solves cases - helping others is his strategy to help himself not to use drugs to cope with his isolation. But he hardly can accept to be surrounded by people, because he does not understand their feelings and is always insecure when they mention his lack of emotions. So he separated himself from his family, does not allow himself to have friends and is arrogant to all people around him to keep the distance, but this was going to change since John is in his life, he changed him, made it possible to open up a little bit.

Mycroft is the only family member that has regular contact with him. But Sherlock does not like his attention and surveillance, feels always in competition with his older brother. Mycroft pretended to worry about him constantly, but is cold, not a really loving brother figure. He monitors his mental state and Sherlock is somehow aware of that. He taught him this moral code once to protect Sherlock, but also protect his political career. Therefore he is reassuring, that Sherlock is observed, all the time.

But why? What is his motive? Maybe that Mycroft was remarkable, but if EURUS = Sherlock, he is incandescent, an era defining genius beyond Newton (?!?), clinically unique, was able to manipulate people since (S)he was 5 and is an adult now, so has now reached perfection in this. 

Is Mycroft jealous or afraid? Is this the reason he needs to control his younger brother?

John is different, he is the only person that accepts Sherlock for who he is, who knows him for real, who completely cares. This is why Sherlock deeply cares about him -  why he fell in love with him. John is selfless, does not judge, helps Sherlock to understand others around him and gives friendly advice when he was rude to someone without knowing. He saves him whenever necessary in every possible way, does not need to compete with him, kills a bad guy to protect him and is offering to die for Sherlock to protect him. John became Sherlock’s world, his new home – This for me represents pure love… (Without any sexual intention for now, only the longing, the fantasizing …)

So here we are again. Sherlock is at the fork of his path, he needs to find out, whom to follow in future, Mycroft (brain, calculating machine) or John (heart).

Stepping closer to the glass, EURUS tells him, that after REDBEARD (s)he could no longer feel the difference between laughing and crying. – So what happened, that was so life changing? – It must have been a real trauma, that changes a little kid like that…

Sherlock askes EURUS ‘Tell me what I don’t know.’ -Touch the glass’

You are not used to being unsure… look at you, the man who sees trough everything is exactly the man that doesn’t notice, when there is nothing to see trough.’

There is no glass, there are no 2 different people… it is just Sherlock, he is in his mind prison, unable to escape. As the hands of Sherlock and EURUS touch, you can see, that he realizes that he is not confronted with his sister - he is confronted with himself.

EURUS is another part of his subconscious mind that knows everything, the hard drive is big enough to remember it all. It hits him and he is afraid because his subconscious mind is violent and attacks him, knocks him out – ‘Stop me killing him’.

EURUS = little girl on the plain = SHERLOCK

(Did some other posts on TFP before if you are interested, e.g. the little girl on the plain…)

Some things support this theory, e.g. there is no photo showing little EURUS in his mind palest after he is informed that she existed, no sign of her in Mycroft’s family movie…) She is not real!!! (Everything else is transport…)

When Sherlock got knocked down by EURUS, in parallel the complete prison is under alert (so clearly mind palace) – and the devil, the virus in the data (Moriarty) resurface, but most of the time as an image. Sherlock was always afraid of Moriarty, that’s why he did not allow himself to have feelings for John. When dream John realizes the voice, he is knocked out, too in parallel.

Titanic Jamie-Claire AU

Originally a post by @bonnie-wee-swordsman HERE , this one-shot:

It’s gone… it’s really gone… My teeth chattered as I bobbed in the water, feet pedalling as I desperately tried to keep my head above the lapping waves. The life belt cinched my waist, my arms afloat, but I was still treading water. The darkness was almost complete, save for the glimmer of faint arctic stars.

My hand was suddenly caught in a vise-like grip, and I turned to find myself facing Jamie, cutting through the frigid sea like a fish.

“Swim, Claire, I need ye to swim!” His voice, hoarse from the cold, was urgent in its appeal and shook me out of my stupor. His hands were on my back and I began to kick, arms pushing, not knowing where we were going, but certain that I’d be with Jamie.

Once we started moving, I began to notice all the other survivors. Bodies were everywhere, many attempting to stay afloat, others very still in the freezing waters. I focused on swimming, grateful for the lessons Uncle Lamb had insisted on. Grateful that he wanted me to have an education. Grateful that upon his passing, the inheritance I received from him enabled me to buy a ticket on a ship. Grateful that the ship had been the Titanic. Grateful that it had brought me to Jamie.

“Sassenach!” I turned and saw him clambering on a piece of wood paneling, adrift in the water. It was a large chunk from the wall of the dining room, I realized, having seen it every day for meals aboard the ship. I paddled towards it, and felt Jamie’s strong grip on my arms as I pulled myself onto the wood.

We collapsed next to each other, holding on for warmth and comfort. My teeth continued to rattle like dice in a cup and I shook all over. Jamie was much the same, his blue eyes dark in the night.

“J-J-Jamie,” I stammered, “the lifeboats. They have to come back!” The voices of the people in the water were frightful, calling for help, loved ones, salvation. The din was eerie in the North Atlantic dark.

“I’m not sure they will, Sassenach.” His tone was grim. “They pulled awa’ from the suction, but they may be too afraid tae come back. They’d be afeard of being swamped by the rest.” His hands chafed at my arms, trying futilely to warm them.

“Who will come, then?”

“I do not know, but until someone does, I’m here with you, Claire. You must believe that.” Jamie’s cold lips brushed mine.

“You jump, I jump, remember?” I smiled at the memory. Taking advantage of the ship’s speed, I had stepped onto the railing and loosened my hair, the curly mass blowing behind me. It had felt like flying, until the red-headed Scot had seen me and erroneously assumed I was trying to jump off the ship.

“Nae, miss! Don’t do it!” He had grabbed me by the waist and yanked back, both of us collapsing onto the deck.

“What are you doing, you great oaf!” I had yelled, slapping his hands away. They withdrew as though burned, and I was suddenly eye to eye with the most beautiful man I had ever seen.

“Nothing’s so bad that can’t be fixed, miss, I swear to ye. Life’s too great a gift to throw away.” His face was earnest, concerned.

“I agree,” I replied huffily, rising and brushing off the salt spray from my skirt. “I wasn’t going to jump, I was enjoying a moment!” I turned to walk away, but not before he clasped my hand and I whirled around. He raised it to his lips and kissed it gently - bright red curls brushed against my skin.

“You jump, I jump.” He had attempted a wink but both eyes closed, making him look like an owl. “I’m Jamie, by the way.”

“Claire Beauchamp.” I smiled, and fell for him all at once.

AU Thursday: The Dirk Gently AU That's NOT The Holistic Coffee Shop

Yes, there is not one, but TWO Dirk Gently-inspired AUs kicking around in this head of mine! The first is, obviously, the Holistic Coffee Shop. The second is probably the AU everyone was expecting me to make when I first started dipping my toes in this fandom.

Namely, the “Victor and Alice as Ken and Bart” AU.

Now, this isn’t an exact match for the Ken and Bart situation in the show – it can’t be, thanks to the simple fact that I still haven’t seen a full episode of said show. (One day!) But also:

–>The characters of Alice and Victor have some pretty significant differences from Ken and Bart (Victor being a hacker hired to do cult IT in particular doesn’t really make sense even if I do have sciencey versions of him)

–>I’m actually not imagining this as a “full” DGHDA AU – it’s basically solely the idea of Alice and Victor being in a similar situation to Bart and Ken, without Alice being dead-set on killing someone (who actually doesn’t need/deserve to be killed)

So yeah, a bit more complicated than first thought! But here’s my take on the mess so far:

–>Victor is a kidnap victim in this case, taken to coax a ransom out of his extremely rich parents. I’m still working out just who his kidnappers are, but perhaps it doesn’t matter in the end, as their main purpose in this AU is to get killed by –

–>Alice, who lived through a modernized version of AMA and A:MR, and, after shoving Bumby in front of the train and somehow getting away with it, came to the conclusion that killing people who need to be killed is her purpose in life. Wonderland helps her in this endeavor, giving her direction on who needs to be ended. She rolls up to the kidnappers’ hideout, kills them all, frees Victor, then – on the advice of the Cheshire Cat – takes him with her. Victor is initially convinced that she wants the ransom too – but then she reveals she has no idea who he is, and then he’s just confused. Alice explains her mission, tells him that he’s along for the ride at least for now, and that they’ll go in the general direction of his house and see what happens. Victor, realizing his life is in this woman’s hands, agrees.

–>Cue murderous road trip! :D Here are the Bart & Ken moments that I know should happen:

  • Alice and Victor are captured by a biker gang (I believe because Alice killed one of them?) and are set to be executed, except Alice gets herself free and slaughters the lot of them thanks to one bad shot; Victor, astonished, calls her a “murder angel,” which amuses her
  • The car breaks down, and the kindly guy who fixes it is actually planning on killing them and taking the card for parts; Alice demonstrates how Wonderland protects her by literally dodging a bullet, then showing that the gun just won’t fire when pressed against her temple
  • Alice goes out to kill a guy in the middle of the street, feeling like she’s falling behind after a hotel stay; Victor attempts to stop her by pointing out the dozens of witnesses, but Alice  proves how good she is by yelling a few insults at her target, causing him to cross the street dangerously and get hit by a car
  • That moment in the car where The Backstreet Boys’ “As Long As You Love Me” comes on the radio, and Victor absently starts singing along; Alice admits she doesn’t know the song, and Victor amuses her by proving he knows all the words; ends up in a singalong

–>Victor spends his time alternately wondering what the heck he signed on for and growing closer to Alice (starting out with “look you need to eat regular meals again and have some sort of sleep schedule” and moving onto “you’re actually kinda sweet under all the sarcasm and murder” and eventually “holy crap I think I’m in love with you”).

–>And then they run across a guy which Alice has a weird feeling about – he’s supposed to die, but she’s not sure if she’s supposed to kill him. Figuring that if he has to die, she might as well be the one to do it, she goes ahead with the assassination –

And gets hurt. A stunned Victor rushes to her aid, and end up stabbing the guy – one Barkis Bittern – to death himself when he tries to attack them again. Alice takes this in stride (“Ah, YOU were supposed to kill him”), while Victor is horrified by what happened. His conscience is soothed slightly when it turns out Bittern had two women captive (they show up shortly after the murder, having just managed to free themselves – to his surprise, they’re his across-the-street neighbor Victoria Everglot and her girlfriend Emily Cartwell), but he refuses to believe that becoming Alice’s murder-buddy is his fate and demands to be taken home. Alice, not particularly wanting anyone to have to share in her life, acquiesces, and the four of them head to Burtonsville, Alice dropping them all off and heading out to new adventures. Victor arrives home, expecting to happily settle back into the routine…

–>Except he doesn’t feel like he belongs anymore. Something in him shifted during his time with Alice, and now it’s like the universe is out of joint. He endures it for about a week and a half, trying to convince himself it’s a temporary thing and it’ll wear off soon –

–>Right up until he sees a news report about a mystery girl who was injured killing someone and is now in hospital under police guard. Victor realizes it’s Alice, and then realizes that he could have made sure she wasn’t captured if he’d been there. Missing her, and wondering if his real fate is to just to be the one who makes sure Alice stays free and alive to fulfill her purpose, he asks the universe for a sign to confirm that he’s supposed to be with her.

“As Long As You Love Me” promptly comes on the radio.

–>Welp, that’s a sign if he ever heard one! Victor promptly packs a bag of essentials, uses a fake date with Victoria to let someone know what’s happening (his mother was pressuring him to ask her out ever since they came back together; he figured, since he was running away immediately after, might as well go out on a high note), then steals a car (which conveniently had the keys in the ignition) and heads off to the hospital.

–>Once there, Victor’s not surprised to find Alice already halfway through escaping – he knocks out a guard threatening her, they have a happy reunion (Alice has felt out of joint ever since he left too), and the two of them flee the scene with little trouble (even stopping along the way to kill a doctor who’s been stealing organs).

–>And the murderous road trip resumes, via a stolen hearse (which I am deliberately making the classic Ghostbusters model because why not)! With Victor and Alice probably becoming an official couple along the way.

So yeah, that’s the outline. Again, I’d want to actually watch the show in full before doing much more with it, but I think it’s a decent start. Nothing wrong with another serial killer AU, right? :p

…And it occurs to me, given the song’s importance, I should probably call the AU “As Long As You Love Me.”

anonymous asked:

Facts about Abe Lincoln?

  • Lincoln invented a device to free steamboats that ran aground. 
  • He practiced law without a degree. 
  • He practiced law without a degree. 
  • He was a big animal lover. 
  • He didn’t drink, smoke, or chewed tobacco and he never drank in the White House.
  • He hated being called Abe. Apparently, he preferred being called by his last name.
  • Lincoln established Thanksgiving as a national holiday.
  • He was the first president born outside of the 13 original states.
  • Lincoln’s cat Tabby ate at the White House dinner table.
  • Lincoln was the first president to use the telegraph.
  • Lincoln’s shoe size was between 12 and 14. But does foot size really matter- yes. 
  • Lincoln was shot on Good Friday.
  • Lincoln was photographed with John Wilkes Booth at his second inauguration.
  • Booth’s brother saved the life of Lincoln’s son on a New Jersey train platform.
  • Someone shot at Lincoln in 1864 and put a hole in his stovepipe hat.
  • Lincoln battled depression for much of his life.
  • He was set to take part in a duel, but it was cancelled at the last second.
  • Lincoln kept his important documents inside his hat.
  • Lincoln’s guest at Ford’s Theater was Ulysses S. Grant, who cancelled at the last second.
  • Lincoln’s assassination took place in a plot to also kill the vice president and the speaker of the house. The speaker of the house was stabbed multiple times but survived and the person mean’t to kill the vice president chickened out in the last moment. 
  • He was the tallest president, he was 6′4
  • Of Lincoln’s four children, two died before he did, one died six year after his passed and only one lived past to adulthood. 

Sources: (x) and my past US history courses. 

Sundays With Father Todd: Gun Kink

Rating: M
Word Count: 2144
Warnings: gun kink, palming, deep throating
Pairings: Jason/Damian, lightly implied Bruce/Jason, heavily implied Dick/Damian

Summary: While saving the part-time dynamic duo’s sorry asses, Jason witnesses something that leaves him with the worst case of a permanent hard on he’s ever experienced.

What The Hell Did They Teach You In Assassin School?!

Everything about this situation was borderline pathetic. The building had more escape routes than a block of Swiss cheese, enough dark corners for the entire Justice League to make a surprise attack, and enough terrain obstacles for one impressive game of paintball. There was absolutely no reason a situation like this should have ever risen in the first place, even in any of the thousands of scenarios Bruce was known to force his boys to train for.

Which just went to show how much of a bitch Fate could be when rolling her dice.

There were fifteen villains. Six on Dick and nine on the demon child. 

Apparently, the bad guys were finally learning that Robin could be more of a threat than Batman himself – especially this Robin. Then again, maybe the fact that Dick was locked in a cage, and damn, the teasing Jason planned on giving him for that one, had the baddies at ease.

There was really no challenge in jumping in and saving them. Hell, Jason had been in worse fights in shopping markets the night before Thanksgiving. So rather than just jumping in and saving them at all, he sat back in his nice little shadowy corner and deiced to watch the show for a bit.

Robin was being questioned. Jason had no idea why. It wasn’t like the dynamic duo held any extra information that would be of use to this particular gang. Unless maybe they had been caught in the act of sabotage and were now expected to spill the beans on what they had done to fuck up the gang’s plans for the night.

Damian looked positively murderous with the way one of the guns kept insistently nudging him in the back of the head every time an answer was expected of him. He finally snapped out some derogatory comment that had Batman laughing – Jesus, Dick. Batman doesn’t laugh! At least, not like that! – and wow, was that a bad idea.

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The Bite » Scott McCall

Requested: “Could you do an imagine/story about something happening to you where your in pain and are about to die, so Scott has to give you the bite and it makes the pain 10 times worse but saves your life, and as Scott is holding you in his lap, you keep on screening in pain and the pack is in the room watching you, ( some crying, some hugging others because they can’t bear to watch you in pain, they all love you as family, but it’s worse for Scott because he loves you)” - @mypadjustfelloff

Pairing: Reader x Scott McCall
Word Count: 3,375
Warnings: Language

A/N: This is my first time writing a short story, since I wanted to give this request a shot. It was originally going to be a simple imagine, but this was the outcome; sorry it’s so long! Hope you like it - feedback is welcome. :)

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do u know any good daddykink fics?

Of course. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ardent Sense 

daddy!kink, possessive!jongin, dirty!talk, humanoid!soo, trigger!warning

ongoing, chaptered (9/?), one of my current fav fics

Warning: Even tho Soo is humanoid, he has a body of 16-18 years old and JI is 35. He is a grown man. If you aren’t comfortable with this, don’t read the fic.

Description: Kim Jongin, a bitter grumpy cold CEO, just recently bought a doll. Not ordinary kind of doll, but a living doll. A living sex doll. The thought of loving someone - something more than himself had never crossed his mind before, but he found himself questioning about everything and nothing after realizing he had fallen to adore the artificial being he just purchased. Could his feelings be returned by the factory-made creature? Or would all of this bring him to only abys?

The Burning Life

WARNING: Many readers may be uncomfortable with this certain fic, that’s why you should read author’s note before you start to read the whole fic. Especially because of age gap (Soo is 17, JI is 30 and Soo’s teacher) but also because this fic was originally written for Sherlock Holmes fandom but the original author gave the person who posts this fic for Kaisoo fandom permission to do so, so please don’t misunderstand. She doesn’t do it without asking!

daddy!kink (later, much later, but it is there), agegap, abuse, infidelity, married!jongin, teacher!jongin, student!soo, trigger!warning

ongoing, chaptered (28/?)

I love this fic, like seriously, I even checked how it will end (because the original story is finished and the original author releases short stories now) 

Description: After being shot and invalided from the Army, Jongin is living a despondent life with a wife who has no respect and no love for him any longer, yet he is desperate to make their marriage work. In a last ditch effort to save their marriage, he moves them out of Seoul and to some small, nameless town where his good friend, Park Chanyeol, has been able to get him a job as a teacher at a secondary school. There he meets a teenage boy who he has an undeniable connection to, and who has the ability to make his life seem less meaningless. Though he knows that it’s wrong, Jongin just can’t stop the relationship he is developing with Kyungsoo from growing. It slowly begins to spiral out of control, consuming his entire life like a wild fire and changing him in ways he didn’t think were possible anymore.

It has amazing cover so I had to add it to advertise this story even more, lmao

Bad Boy

one-shot (~8k words)

daddy!kink, agegap, age switch, submissive!soo

Description: Make him beg. Obey every single command. Be a slut and be more vocal. 

Collaring Daddy


daddy!kink, slut shaming, psychological

Read warnings before reading this kids, I warn you. 

Description: On a whim Jongin beds a stranger he had met by chance, he then makes an offer for the two to enter into a defined relationship. Obedience is mandated, feelings are disregarded. How far do the limits of control reach?

Cotton Covers

chaptered (13/?) 

daddy!kink, agegap, hybrid!AU, kitty!soo

This one hasn’t been updated since 2015 tho… such a shame.

Description: Kyungsoo is in need of a home, and Jongin takes him in.

Daddy’s Boy


daddy!kink, agegap, vampire!AU, trigger!warning

Warning: Soo is in his form of thirteen years old boy and Jongin is in form of twety-eight. Don’t read it if you’re uncomfortable with this. I warned you. 

Description: Kyungsoo was thirteen when he got bitten, staying behind in his child form while his best friend Jongin had to persevere through life without him, until Jongin got bitten as well - but at the age of twenty-eight. The two–now both stuck in time together, yet so far away from each other–decide to use their age difference as a cover for their relationship. But it’s just a little bit harder than they thought.


You asked for this, don’t judge me lmao. 

"Imagine getting kidnapped by demons and the boys have to save you." One Shot
Author: joythegreatandpowerful

Original Imagine: Imagine getting kidnapped by demons and the boys have to save you.

Warnings: Chauvinistic demons, language


Sam was smiling in the back of your mind. His head was thrown back, his face lit up with the glee that only good times could bring. Tears ran red with blood down your face, but you clutched the memory of your love close to your heart and kept in it the sanity of your former life.

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Falling through the trapdoorBehind the Scenes shooting of the stunt v. Final Version.

The Appendices to the Extended Edition of An Unexpected Journey has a long segment on the shooting of the stunt of the dwarves and Bilbo falling through the trapdoor into the goblin tunnels.  It was such a complicated and dangerous stunt that they did only one take of it. If you look at that take you can see Bofur at the far end of the cave and Bilbo (stunt double) at the near end.  But in the movie, just before the trap door opens Bilbo has tried to sneak out of the cave and Bofur has tried to stop him.  They talk about homesickness and the dwarves not having a home.  Bilbo and Bofur are therefore standing at Bofur’s end of the cave and very close together when the trapdoor opens. 

So Bilbo is likely CGI in the final shot.  But more interestingly, this change tells us that their conversation was a pick-up and not in the original script.  This exchange between the two of them is a very important scene in the movie.  It helps explain why Bilbo is so loyal to the dwarves and it sets up the scene after the escape from the tunnels when Bilbo pledges to help them find their home.  We also know that Bilbo saving Thorin from Azog’s henchman later in the movie is also a pick-up (and so the scene when Thorin tells Bilbo he’s never been so wrong in his life must be one, too).  It’s almost as if Peter and the other writers don’t quite know what’s important to the movie until they begin editing their footage from principal photography. 

So I went on 5SOS's old myspace pages...

Let’s start with Luke (hemmo1996). The only picture he has is his profile picture

External image

Is he 12???? You’re not even allowed on myspace!

Now Calum (calumbrah)…

External image

His besties.

External image

His profile picture.  I have nothing to say.

Ashton (ashtonbrah) is next…

External image

His profile picture.  How embarrassing.

External image

External image

His band before 5SOS. Lol!

External image

Why isn’t this talked about?!

External image

Aussies 4 life

External image

External image

There are no captions on these mysterious drawings.

External image

Did he draw them?

External image

The kid’s face by Ashton.  Hahaha!

Now my personal favorite, MichaelBigreddog (gottaremember)

Original Captions included.

External image

His profile picture, oh my gosh!!!!

External image

Michael’s caption: HAIR SHOT

External image

Michael’s caption:  MAJOR LUVO


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Michael’s caption:  kinda just standing there.

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"Risked His Life, To Save Me" Dean One Shot
Author: angelwarriorjessii

Original Imagine: Imagine landing in Purgatory and Dean having to save you.

Warning: none

Word Count: 580


You remember the day Dean Winchester saved you from Purgatory. It was horrible.

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anonymous asked:

Can you at least explain why you THINK Laurel can’t ever be a part of Original Team Arrow? She is going to become Black Canary. She will be fighting alongside Oliver to save the city. This makes her a part of the team and she’s earned her place. My thought is that most Olicity shippers are threatened by her presence because this will bring her and Oliver back together.

Oh. Dear. God. You know, my day was going so well and then I start sorting through my “asks,” dividing them by subject matter.  I quickly realized that I somehow, once again, have begun to receive “asks” on LL by Anons who obviously ship a romance pairing that shall not be named.   I think I need to go back to my policy of delete all “asks” on LL, except those “asks” that come from Olicity shippers, especially newer shippers.  So, all others deleted, except this one.  I think this one deserves an answer. 

Original Team Arrow.  Let’s start there.  It does not matter that LL is becoming BC.  She will never be part of Original Team Arrow.  Why?  Well, it’s quite simple, because that team IS ALREADY FORMED.  Shall we start with a definition of “original?"  As an adjective, it is defined as “[p]receding all others; first. Fresh and unusual; new.” As a noun, it means “[a] first form from which other items are made or developed.” You cannot recreate an original.  Is a new rendition of the Mona Lisa an Original?  Are knock off Kate Spade purses from a street vendor Originals?  No and no.  Original Team Arrow formed in Season 1, when LL was clueless as to Oliver’s secret identity.  And despite the number of opportunities he had to tell her, he never did. He CHOSE to tell Diggle and Felicity, though.

When Season 1 began, Oliver was a one man show.  Oliver never intended to bring anyone into his crusade.  But fate is a funny thing sometimes.  It throws a curve when you’re expecting a fastball.  Oliver’s first curve ball was John Diggle.  He was introduced early in Episode 1 and immediately knew there was more to Oliver than meets the eye.  Oliver gets one over on Diggle during that first car ride, but afterwards, Oliver has to get more creative to ditch his “bodyguard” because Diggle also gets more creative in shadowing Oliver.   But there is a grudging respect growing between the two of them.  You can see it in the look the two exchanged during the scene when Oliver is getting in the car to go to his welcome home party and finds Diggle waiting in the backseat.  And as Oliver gets in the car, he shakes his head and smiles (yes, he smiles at Diggle).   Oliver continues with his hijinks on ditching Diggle, but the level of creativity is not lost on Diggle.  It’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  Seriously.  By episode 3, Oliver has had several lapses in his façade with Diggle, and Diggle catches them all.  But Diggle had no idea how right he was that Oliver was more than what he seemed and when Oliver reveals his secret, Diggle is genuinely shocked and not a little bit disgusted with Oliver.  But Oliver offers Diggle something that Diggle cannot turn down; the chance to right the wrongs done to his family, a chance to find Andy’s killer, to help other families.  Oliver points out that the courts, the cops, the law, can’t stop the “sickness” invading the city.  Diggle’s sense of integrity is at war with the knowledge that Oliver is right, it’s at war with the idea that he could make a difference in the world by joining Oliver’s crusade.  And after much internal debate, Diggle joins Oliver – to save the city and more importantly, to save Oliver’s soul.  And Oliver’s team starts to come together.  This is the beginning. 

Oliver brought Felicity in unofficially when he sought her out to help him with the laptop he stole from Deadshot.  And that’s Oliver’s second curve ball because Felicity just didn’t do his bidding, she immediately challenged him, surprising him.  While we don’t know whether there was more to Oliver seeking Felicity out than just looking for the best “IT girl,” once Oliver found Felicity, he found another person he could trust because despite her calling bullshit on him and his lousy cover stories, she kept his secrets.  Felicity had absolutely no reason to keep his secrets, yet she did.  Oliver and Diggle continued to turn to Felicity for help, furthering her role as an unofficial member of the team (tracking down bank robbers, analyzing vertigo, tracing an arrow’s origin, hacking into a security firm, etc.).  But unbeknownst to Oliver and Diggle, Felicity was integrating herself onto the team through her work with Walter.  Felicity was helping uncover the mystery of the Undertaking although she, and Walter, did not realize what they were uncovering.   The threads of these storylines came together when Felicity gave Oliver the notebook.  Despite his obvious lies, Felicity trusts Oliver.  And with this one act, she seals his trust in her.  And so he turns to Felicity for help when he is shot, knowing he can trust her to act first and ask her questions later (and boy does she – which leads to the best moments between Diggle and Felicity in Season 1 as they start to form their bond over saving Oliver).  After saving his life, Felicity joins Oliver’s crusade in order to find Walter.  And when they shake hands, they solidify that partnership and the third component joins Original Team Arrow. 

For the rest of Season 1 and well into Season 2, these three work together to save Starling City.   They form a bond of friendship, respect, and trust for each other and the skills each brings to the team.  They challenge each other to do their very best and Diggle and Felicity challenge Oliver to remind him of his humanity.   More importantly, Oliver is opening up to them, little by little about his missing five years.  He does that with no one but Diggle and Felicity.  They argue like a family, they reconcile like a family.  They come together like a family.  They are alone in this crusade, with only each other to rely on.  Original Team Arrow was formed in Season 1 and solidified by mid-season 2.  Diggle and Felicity preceded all others.  They were fresh opinions and voices to Oliver’s crusade.  They offered a new insight that he was missing in crusade.  The three of them were the first and became that well-oiled machine Felicity describes to Barry.  Oliver, Diggle and Felicity are the three sides of an arrow head and the very definition of “original.”  That is why I KNOW LL can never be a member of Original Team Arrow.  Like I said in a previous answer to an "ask,” LL may be a part of the team, but she is not a member of THE team.  And I seriously question LL being a part of the team in any way because her agenda is single-minded and is about herself and not Starling City. 

To your last statement, LL’s presence doesn’t threaten me as an Olicity shipper at all.  Your statement actually made me laugh.  And in the words of Forest Gump, that’s all I have to say about that. Oh, well, except that Oliver himself stated that they were Original Team Arrow:

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Elijah Imagine: You See Each Other After 500 years

This was actually really fun to write so I might even make a part 2! Thank you guys all so much for reading my imagines, I seriously can’t thank you guys enough for that. I wasn’t even sure if anyone would like them so you guys rock. No smut in this one, its 100% clean. There are some spoilers in case you haven’t seen past season 2 or 3, about Elijah’s past so be aware of that if you are new to the show. Xx ceecee


The year was 1510, a fairly easy year to remember, when I first met Elijah. He had lost his love, Katerina Petrova, only a few years prior to meeting me which at the time I never thought he could move on fom her. You see, she was the Petrova doppelgänger of Tatia of whom he and his brother Klaus were in love with until their transition into vampires when he accidentally killed her. It was a tragic event he hadn’t told me about until we had known each other for two years. 

I was fascinated with Elijah from the moment I layed eyes on him. I attended his family’s ball in their England mansion that year of 1515 where we danced together the whole night. He’d taken quite a liking towards me and I him so we began seing each other. It wasn’t until a year later that I found out by incident what he was, an original vampire. 

I questioned everything we had once he explained himself, he was heartbroken but patient with me still. Eventually I came around and we continued being together for the next four years until 1515. There were people after Elijah who knew what he and his family were and that wanted them dead. I was caught in the crossfire, believed to be a vampire even though I wasn’t, and shot dead. Elijah fed me his blood in a desperate attempt to save my life but it was too late, I was gone. Or so I thought. 

I woke up in an empty room by myself and utterly confused. What had happened? Where was I? Was Elijah okay and where was he? I got up and wandered around the lonely mansion finding my way to the washroom. In the mirror I saw myself with a bleeding chest, a bullet shot right through my heart. I was in shock and couldn’t move for what felt like hours but must have been only minutes. I remembered dying, Elijah hunched over my body with tears falling down his rosy cheeks, feeding me his cursed blood…I knew what that meant; I was in transition. 

The flickering candles in the room burned my eyes. I had a headache that caused a throbbing sensation and all I could think of was blood, blood, blood. I began to cry, I needed someone, I needed Elijah but he wasn’t there. He was gone and I wasn’t sure if he had made it out alive. He has to be alive, I have to see him again. I thought. And that was my deciding factor, I would finish my transition in hopes that I could see the love of my life again and spend all of eternity with him. 

I’ll spare the gory details of the rest of my transition and skip ahead to the year 1560 when I finally found Elijah, alive and back in England. I cried tears of joy but was instantly crushed when a beautiful girl jumped into his arms, kissing him and showering him in love which he happily accepted. I didn’t think but ran far, far away and shoving all my pain away. 

Today it’s the year of 2015 and I still haven’t seen Elijah since that day with the girl. In fact, he still isn’t aware that I’m alive, or should I say “undead”. But now, I’m finally ready to see him again. I’ve tracked him down - which was surprisingly easy to do - in Mystic Falls, Virginia; an American town and state. He lives with his brother Klaus and sister Rebekah. 

500 years I’ve anticipated this moment, and still I’m not ready. As I stand here on the porch of their extravagent household I can feel my hands shaking as I hesitantly knock on the door. The seconds I wait for someone to answer the door feel like lifetimes of anxiety. Rebekah is the one to open the door. 

She gives me an odd look, she must not remember me. “Can I help you?” She asked. 

“Um, yes, I’m looking for Elijah.” I answer, trying to hide the crack in my voice. 

“I see…” She looks me up and down skeptically. “Can I get a name?” 

“Of course, my name is Y/N.” I say politely. “And I know yours is Rebekah, we used to know each other many years ago.” 

I can’t read her expression when she begins to close the door. “I’ll go get Elijah.” 

With the door shut again I’m left with haunting memories to ravavge my mind. He must remember me but will he want to see me? Will he be upset that I waited so long to let him know I’m alive or will he not even care? What if he’s already with someone else? My thoughts were cut short when the door reopened with Elijah standing right in front of me. 

My heart stopped and I forgot how to breath. He was breathtakingly beautiful, his face so clean cut and in an all black suit with perfectly styled hair. He wasn’t how I remembered him, he was even more handsome. He looked a kind of mature that could only come from over a thousand years of living. Absolutely stunning.

His face was unreadable and he said nothing. He reached out and placed his hands in my hair, pulling out my pontail. The locks of curly hair fell down my shoulders and down my back. 

“Dear god,” Elijah said under his breath. He cupped my face in his hands and a grin broke out on his face. “This isn’t possible.”He pulled my face to his and kissed me with passion and fervor. His lips were soft and felt amazing on mine. I felt my stomach drop when he pulled back. 

“But you were dead?” He said not letting me go for a moment. Tears slipped down my face and his eyes were slightly watering with such hightened emotions. He pulled me into a tight hug, one hand holding my head to his chest, the other around my waist.

“Not quite,” I couldn’t help but cry in his arms. The one I have loved for over 500 years is once again holding me in his strong arms. “You saved me with your blood, you turned me into a vampire unknowingly and it saved my life but now I’m here with you! And I love you, Elijah. More than anything in the world, I love you.”

“It’s been 500 years, 500 years of hell for me thinking that you were dead because of me, Y/N.” Elijah said looking into my eyes. “Why have you waited all these years to find me?”

“It was the biggest mistake I ever made but I intend to make up for every second I was gone when I should have been with you.” 

“Y/N you are the one and only love of my life. What I had with Tatia and Katerina will never compare to the five years we shared together. If you will, I want us to start again. Come with me, Y/N and we will share our eternity together.”

I laughed with joy, tears uncontrollably tumbling from my eyes. “Of course, of course. There is nothing I want more than to be with you!” I exclaimed. 

His face shone with glee and he brought his lips back down to meet mine again, tilting my chin up with his fingers. I kissed him back, melting into his touch and lacing my fingers with his when his tongue pressed into my mouth exploring what he had missed out on for years. He pulled back and caught my gaze with his enchanting brown eyes. 

“Come in, come in.” He invited me. “Klaus and Rebekah wil be pleased with your return.” 

"Name Game" One Shot

Author: doomedbrothers

Original Imagine Link: [x]

Warnings: none

Word Count: 386

Link to Fic: [x]

“Billy Joe” Dean suggests.

“Dean, it’s a girl.” you remind him. The guy couldn’t come up with a girl’s name to save his life. The suggestion before that had been James Taylor, saying she could be called Jamie.