the origin of the disease

Tuskegee syphilis experiment- Between 1932 and 1972, The U.S public health service conducted a study on a rural black community living in Tuskegee, Alabama. The purpose of the study was to observe the natural progression of syphilis in African-American males, however the disturbing factor was how deceitful the programme was to an already poverty-stricken community.

201 men signed consent forms to be apart of this. All of which were under the impression that after the disease had been injected into them, they would eventually be treated and cured. This never happened, even though penicillin was widely available. Free medical care, meals, and free burial insurance were issued to the participants for taking part in the study. After funding for treatment was “lost”, the study was continued without informing the men they would never be treated. 

Here’s the really sick part: None of the men infected were ever told they had the disease and were originally told that they were part of a treatment plan for “bad blood” (which is essentially a local term for general fatigue and anaemia). After 40 years of exploiting basic human rights, the victims of the study included numerous men who died, 40 wives who had become infected and over 19 children born with Congenital Syphilis.

Dragon Age Meta: The Biology and Life History of Lyrium, and Dwarven Physiology

Here is part 2 of 3 treatises on lyrium so far!  It’s nearly 2000 words.  Why am I doing this?  Because science, and I think this is a plausible explanation of how some of Thedas works.  And because my nerdy brain won’t let me rest until I get these headcanons down.

Here is Part 1: Pathophysiology of Lyrium Addiction and Withdrawal.  I’m going to go back and revise it a bit later based on this post as well.

Part 3, Pathophysiology of the Blight Disease and the Origin and Rise of Red Lyrium, has been split off because this is getting really, really long; I’ll post it tomorrow.

ALSO if you actually read this all the way through THERE MAY BE ANATOMIC ILLUSTRATIONS I DOODLED as a bonus!

In Dragon Age: Inquisition, Bianca Davri tells Varric that lyrium is alive, and the cause of red lyrium is the Blight, which only affects living things.

But what is naturally occurring lyrium, anyway?

Lyrium’s most likely analogue in our world is a fungus.  Lyrium does not appear to grow in sunlight, making photosynthesis impossible, and is found deep within the earth, as are many molds, deep mushrooms, and lichens.  Lyrium also shares characteristics with fungi like mycelia, AKA a fungus’ branching, thread-like vegetative form.  There are reports of fungi that may cover over a mile (there is a fungus in Oregon that is believed to be 2.4 miles in diameter and is still only one organism) by way of these projections… which could also be referred to as veins.  Lyrium veins are present in both Dragon Age: Origins and DA2, and it is constantly mentioned that lyrium must be mined, despite the fact that you can walk into pieces of it in the Deep Roads – clearly there must be more, much more, beneath the surface.

If lyrium is a living fungus, that allows it to be infected by the Blight.  

Why hasn’t lyrium been known to be alive before?  There may be several answers for that.  Its fruiting bodies or rhizomorphs (the bits of lyrium that Hawke or a Warden stumbles upon in the deep roads) may be so hardened that it seems like to a soft type of mineral, like talc.  Given that a rhizomorph is made up of millions of tiny threads of hyphae, you could take a rhizomorph and crumble it, and if the fungus is rather hard, it would not seem unlike a mineral.  Keep in mind that no one has developed the microscope in Thedas.  

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Endangered antelope ‘may be wiped out’

The death of more than 2,000 critically endangered Saiga antelope in Mongolia was caused by a disease that could now threaten the entire population.
Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) scientists, who work in the affected grassland area of Western Mongolia, say the disease originated in livestock.
It is a virus known as PPR or Peste des Petits Ruminants.

WCS veterinary scientist Dr Enkhtuvshin Shiilegdamba told BBC News that 2,500 Saiga had already died.


So I didn’t know if anyone thought of this yet but I think I found a solution to the dilemma of why we can’t be ghouls in Fallout!

Ok so you know how there’s quite a few perks on our Perk Tree that allow us to be super rad resistant?

What if after obtaining every level of every perk that allows rad resistance, a quest opens up where your companion notices the change in you recently.

And you hear from a local that someone else had the same symptoms as you, and ghoulification is drawing near, causing the resistance.

You seek out this person and find out there could be a serum that halts this process.

You continue the quest line to the place of the serum’s origins (and much like the serum for the Vault 81 disease) there’s only one left and no way to make more.

From that moment you can either choose to heal yourself or the person who helped you get there (giving a lore reason as to why you might not save yourself) and from then on if you don’t take the serum, the next time you sleep for 24 hours you wake up aesthetically a ghoul.

I think it’d work out pretty well!

Bytesized Doodles 294 - Kyoko - Another blast from the past, and quite possibly one of my favorite characters personally. Oddly enough I ended up accidentally changing her name from Kyra originally, I suppose past me and current me can’t make up their minds on what to name her! :P

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Subject: Anbu Kakashi is triggered on a mission and has a nightmare

Rating: T

Pairing: ANBU!Kakashi x ANBU!Reader 

You exhaled quietly from behind a bush, watching your two comrades as they mounted a sizable tree to keep a lookout for enemies. You watched as the younger one grew branches from his palms to make it easier to grasp on to. The older one compensated with his lanky legs and long arms as they reached the top, quickly squatting and removing their porcelain masks. 

Watching carefully on the ground, you made sure to keep yourself disciplined, focusing on the task at hand. Beside you sat your other comrade, his face straight ahead as he too remained disciplined in his silence. In your pocket was a scroll that held the mission objective that you had perhaps opened and looked over a dozen times. You were confident in your ability as a medic ninja to supply the best support you could to your four-man team. 

Your mission was to assassinate each member of a team of rogue scientists located on the edge of the Land of Wind. When Lord Third had produced the scroll to your captain, you remained hesitant about the objective, not seeing the reasoning behind it. However, upon more research, you and your team learned of the high risk the scientists were to the entire shinobi race. 

Shi no Kagaku-sha, literally translating to Scientists of Death, had a mission to develop and distribute a deadly and highly contagious disease that caused chakra levels skyrocket. This, however, wasn’t the only issue at hand. The disease not only affected a shinobi’s chakra levels, but their brain chemistry was also impacted. As the stream of the disease would be from the same origin, the Kagaku-sha desired to be able to control anyone who was affected by the disease, ultimately being able to control anyone diagnosed. 

With your medical jutsu, you trained hard before this mission to try and find a cure, but there was nothing you could do without knowing the basis of the disease. Trying to extract it from a person who contracted it would only result in developing the disease yourself. 

“I see something up ahead,” the Captain jumped down from the trees, his silver hair moving in the wind. His junior jumped down also, the team readying themselves for an attack.

“If my projection is correct, they should be heading this way towards the Hidden Sand Village, as it is going to be their first target,” Kakashi informed the team. “Tenzo, you stand above. Use your wood jutsu as a barrier if they become too hard to handle. Shami, you come with me. [Y/N], you stand back, as we will need you and your blood bending as the last case scenario if Tenzo, Shami and I can’t handle the situation. Remember, we don’t know what their method is in regards to transporting the virus, so keep on your toes. If something were to happen, [y/n] is here to help.” 

“Hai,” they all responded. Tenzo and Shami quickly retreated, resuming their positions as Kakashi had informed them. Silently, you stood in the dark forest with him as he held his mask, watching you. 

“Be careful,” you whispered, your voice hushed. 

“You do the same,” he responded, his glowing Sharingan bright against his other black eye. Thoughtfully, he tapped your shoulder, making sure to not show too much of your new awkward affection towards each other in such a risky scenario. Just as quickly, he left and you resumed your position behind the bush. 

Moments passed and you could hear people moving in the distance. Suddenly, you could see them: four rogue shinobi men of the Hidden Mist village walking towards you on the path through the forest. A shuriken cut through the dark sky, slicing through the chest plate of one of the Kagaku-sha. Quickly, they became defensive, drawing their swords and pointing it in the direction of the weapon. 

The sound of a thousand birds echoed in the night and was quickly punched through one of the men’s chest from behind. Three remained and you heard Shami mutter extension jutsu, his arm extending and wrapping around one of the men’s necks until he turned blue. 

This was too easy, you thought. 

The man dropped to his knees, landing face first in the gravel. 

“ANBU black ops of the Hidden Leaf,” one man cooed. “What a surprise.” 

Kakashi lifted his hand again, his Chidori sounding loudly in your ears. 

“I’ve got it!” Shami’s arm extended, spikes coming out of his skin as he passed Kakashi. 

“Wait!” Kakashi yelled as Shami ran past him. 

Before he could do anything, the leader of the Kagaku-sha lifted his hand, his long, pointed nail penetrating the skin of Shami in an instant. You heard your comrade yell and drop to his knees. You ran towards him, as Tenzo and Kakashi quickly recovered and ran towards the two men. 

You squatted next to him, your hands ready as they glowed green with chakra. Your comrade hunched over, his arms wrapped around his abdomen. 

“Just stay still,” you told him. You began to shake, feeling incompetent as you were unsure of what to do.

“You’re going to be okay,” you heard yourself lie. 

Shami’s body began to glow blue as he shook next to you. You looked up, seeing only one man standing between your two comrades. 

“No,” you heard him say. “I’m not doing this - no!” 

He stood up, forcing his body to move towards the men. 

“Shami!” You yelled, following him but not touching him. “I have to heal you!” 

The sound of a thousand birds echoed through the night as Kakashi bolted towards the last man standing. 

“I will not infect my village!” 

Before you could stop him, you watched as Shami walked in front of Kakashi’s Chidori, piercing his chest instantly. His body ceased glowing and he dropped to his knees. You yelled in anguish, as Kakashi stood there, watching his comrade fall face first at his feet. 

He stood there, his body rigid suddenly. 

“Weak!” the man yelled. You gritted your teeth, running past Kakashi and Tenzo as they stood there astonished. 

“Blood Bending Jutsu: Seal of Death!” You interlocked your fingers and weaved the signs for the jutsu to cease blood movement in the body. Finally, the last man fell to the floor and you searched him for any pieces of information you could bring back to Konoha. 

Finally, you stood up and looked back at your comrades as they hovered over Shami. Tenzo picked him up, wrapping him over his shoulder to carry back. 

The Captain, however, still stood there, his hand raised in the same position it was. He lifted his mask, and even from a few feet away, you could see the distress, sorrow, and grief residing in his eyes. 

* * * * * * * * * * 

~ One Week After ~ 

Your team was heading back from another mission. Kakashi had been offered leave after the death of Shami, but denied it. 

Your relationship, or whatever you wanted to call it, had been stagnant. His emotions and expressions had been neutral, with the exception of the occasional heartache you could see in his eyes in the morning when you came together for training. As the day went on, it would disappear, only to return the next morning with deeper circles under his eyes. 

“We should stop to sleep,” Tenzo had suggested as they leaped from one branch to another. “We won’t make it tonight and we’ll only deplete our stamina more if we keep going.” 

Kakashi grunted in agreement, and you looked over at him. His mask hid his expression, but you knew what he was thinking about. 

You thought of when you were little, and you had heard of your classmate Rin’s death. You heard through the grapevine of how she had passed, and yet, you were unsure if it was true. You wondered if it haunted him as much as it shook you. 

“There’s a cave just north of here if you want to stop,” you suggested. Kakashi quickly rerouted, and an hour later, the three of you found yourselves walking into the dark cave for a night of sleep. Tenzo agreed to keep watch for the first two hours while you and Kakashi caught up on sleep and replenished your chakra. 

You ached to be near to him, and you wondered if he felt the same. When you looked at him though, you could tell he had other things on his mind and you felt foolish for thinking such immature thoughts after such a traumatic and recent experience. He wished you a good sleep and rested himself upon a smooth rock. 

Finally, you found yourself drifting off to sleep also. It may have been twenty minutes or an hour later, you weren’t sure when you were startled awake by the sounds of Kakashi yelling in his sleep. 

His previously placid face was crunched in a pained expression, his fingers gripping the ground as if he was in physical agony. He gritted his teeth in his sleep as you crept closer, wondering if he was awake and hadn’t told you he was previously injured on your mission. 

You watched him as you raised a glowing hand, and his features twitched, his jaw clenched as he breathed in heavily through his nose. 

“Kakashi?” you whispered, carefully touching his shoulder. He jolted awake, yelling as he sat up, a thin coat of sweat gracing his skin. He breathed in heavily, his chest rising and falling as he held it. His chin dipped to his collarbone and he squeezed his eyes shut, angry. 

Suddenly, his arm extended and punched your team’s equipment that laid in a pile next to him. He was angry. He swore, looking away as tears welled up in his eyes. 

“Kakashi,” you began, touching his shoulder. “Are you okay?” 

He paused, not looking at you as he held the side of his face with his knuckles. 

“No,” he finally answered. 

“Do you want to talk about it?” you asked, your hand sliding down his arm. He tensed under your soft touch and you pulled away. He looked over at you finally, finally making eye contact in the dimly lit cave. His eyes were tired, tears reluctantly welled up within one. 

“I can’t sleep at night anymore,” he whispered. “I don’t like closing my eyes. I just see Rin and now Shami. Both of them died - because of me.” 

His lips curled in a grimace, and you could tell how hard it was for him to even speak about his emotions. He swore again, looking away. 

“I could have -” 

“You could have nothing,” you interrupted, touching his shoulder again. Still tense, you noticed. 

“You didn’t do anything wrong. Both of these circumstances were because your comrades wanted to protect the entire shinobi nation. You - no listen to me - you didn’t do anything wrong.” 

“They’re dead,” he crumbled, finally breaking. You felt him lean into you, and suddenly you were enveloping him in your arms as he cried into your chest. This was so uncharacteristic of him, and yet, it was warranted. He deserved to mourn, he deserved to have a moment of weakness. He was always so strong, always a leader. 

“It’s over,” you whispered to him. “I’m here.” 

You held him as he weeped into your shirt, unsure of how else to comfort him with your words. Instead, you just used your touch; fingering his silver hair at the nape of his neck. Slowly, you felt his body relax.

“We should get some sleep,” he finally suggested. “Yamato - I mean Tenzo, will be coming to switch shifts soon.” 

“I suppose you’re right,” you felt him let go of you, feeling suddenly empty without the warmth of his body. 

There was an awkward moment between the two of you as you sat there in the dark. You thought he might kiss you as his eyes flickered to your lips. Instead, he laid back down on his smooth rock. You frowned, hiding your disappointment as you laid down next to him, once again feeling foolish for thinking such things. You weren’t even sure if he liked you the way you liked him and it was dumb to have such a school girl crush on your captain and childhood friend. 

You faced him, your proximity closer to him than before. A moment later, you felt him reach for you in the dark, pulling you close across the cave floor. 

“I -” he began, his voice unsure, “Is it okay if I hold you tonight?” 

You felt yourself turn red as he pulled you into his chest. The heat of his body filled you again and you felt yourself relax.

 “Of course,“ you replied quietly, trying to keep your voice even.

He paused, placing his chin on the top of your head.

”[y/n],“ he said, noticing he called you by your real name and not your code name.

"Hmm?” You responded quietly.

“Thank you.”

You smiled again at him, “you’re welcome.”

* * * * * * * *

Sorry it took so long! I really wanted to think out the details of this. I hope To doesn’t sound rushed. Usually I write every detail but I figured no one would want to read that, as its kind of annoying when you’re reading a one-shot and want to get to the point lol anyway, send me more prompts!! I promise I won’t take as long! :)

mothmvn  asked:

there isnt much I could find on them, so could you talk about Caucasian Mountain Dogs / Tibetan Mastiffs?

I would prefer it if folks didn’t ask for two breeds in the same ask, but since I can talk about Tibetan Mastiffs but not Caucasian Mountain Dogs I will answer for that breed only.

But first, as usual, please note the disclaimer. These posts are about the breed from a veterinary viewpoint as seen in clinical practice, i.e. the problems we are faced with. It’s not the be-all and end-all of the breed and is not to make a judgement about whether the breed is right for you. If you are asking for an opinion about these animals in a veterinary setting, that is what you will get. It’s not going to be all sunshine and cupcakes, and is not intended as a personal insult against your favorite breed. This is general advice for what is common, often with a scientific consensus but sometimes based on personal experiences, and is not a guarantee of what your dog is going to encounter in their life.

(Image source Wikipedia by Pleple2000)

Tibetan Mastiffs are rare because they’re huge, and living in suburbia doesn’t grant many people the space to keep such a big animal. They’re also not easy dogs to keep or train and I can’t say I’m fond of them. The breeding scene for these dogs was also interesting and highly political, with odd practices such as mating two different dogs to the same bitch and DNA testing the resulting pups, breeding a bitch every season and being very demanding about progesterone supplements for pregnant bitches even if they had no history of infertility. We clashed a couple of times.

It’s worth noting that I didn’t actually get to see and treat many of these dogs when they were old, because the local breeders were in the habit of desexing these dogs after their show careers were over, and rehoming them as adults.

Hip Dysplasia is a big issue in the breed, and no surprise there for a dog of such large size. Somewhat concerning, the rates  of hip dysplasia have not improved in the last 30 years, despite screening. Now that might be because certain breeders have been screening, but breeding dogs with bad hips anyway, yet still assuring puppy buyers that their breeding dogs have ‘had their hips checked’, but that’s none of my business.

Entropion and Ectropion (eyelids rolling in and out respectively) are extremely common in the breed, as is Distichia (extra eyelashes that rub on the eyeball). This is compounded by many of these dogs having excessive skin on the head, a roly poly look similar to St Bernards. These eyes need surgery in order to not be a constant source of irritation or pain for the dog.

I saw lots of pups with overbites, though most were not overly severe. I didn’t get to see these ;ups grow to maturity, so I don’t know how they fared.

The breed is also reported to develop hypothyroidism and Addison’s disease (both immune mediated in origin) and Cushing’s syndrome, but I didn’t get to see enough of these dogs beyond middle age to comment on the frequency of these conditions.

Interestingly, it was a male dog of this breed which was one of the only two dogs I have encountered so far that I would have considered as being possibly asexual. We had a male tibetan mastiff patient who was physically and physiologically normal as far as we could tell, but refused to breed the bitches he was put with. Normal anatomy, normal bloodwork, no response to testosterone supplementation, he just did not respond to bitches in heat. He wasn’t remotely interested in them.

Even when attempting manual collection of semen, this dog was basically impossible to get a sample from. He would not get more than 50% of the way to an erection. We declined to attempt electroejaculation because at this point it was just getting ridiculous, and we decided as a clinic that we weren’t going to electrocute a dog’s prostate on welfare grounds and that the whole enterprise was going too far, but I did think it was interesting. So we just said enough’s enough, let the dog get on with his life.

Now, whether this individual’s lack of sexual behavior is a inherent characteristic of his, or whether it was a learned behavior due to a bad experience interacting with one of his owner’s female dogs (which were large and frankly aggressive) I have no way of knowing, but both scenarios seem equally likely at this stage.

Neuro chip records brain cell activity at higher resolution

Brain functions are controlled by millions of brain cells. However, in order to understand how the brain controls functions, such as simple reflexes or learning and memory, we must be able to record the activity of large networks and groups of neurons. Conventional methods have allowed scientists to record the activity of neurons for minutes, but a new technology, developed by University of Calgary researchers, known as a bionic hybrid neuro chip, is able to record activity in animal brain cells for weeks at a much higher resolution. The technological advancement was published in the journal Scientific Reports.

“These chips are 15 times more sensitive than conventional neuro chips,” says Naweed Syed, PhD, scientific director of the University of Calgary, Cumming School of Medicine’s Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute, member of the Hotchkiss Brain Institute and senior author on the study. “This allows brain cell signals to be amplified more easily and to see real time recordings of brain cell activity at a resolution that has never been achieved before.”

The development of this technology will allow researchers to investigate and understand in greater depth, in animal models, the origins of neurological diseases and conditions such as epilepsy, as well as other cognitive functions such as learning and memory.

“Recording this activity over a long period of time allows you to see changes that occur over time, in the activity itself,” says Pierre Wijdenes, a PhD student in the Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program and the study’s first author. “This helps to understand why certain neurons form connections with each other and why others won’t.”

The cross-faculty team created the chip to mimic the natural biological contact between brain cells, essentially tricking the brain cells into believing that they are connecting with other brain cells. As a result, the cells immediately connect with the chip, thereby allowing researchers to view and record the two-way communication that would go on between two normal functioning brain cells.

“We simulated what Mother Nature does in nature and provided brain cells with an environment where they feel as if they are at home,” says Syed. “This has allowed us to increase the sensitivity of our readings and help neurons build a long-term relationship with our electronic chip.”

While the chip is currently used to analyze animal brain cells, this increased resolution and the ability to make long-term recordings is bringing the technology one step closer to being effective in the recording of human brain cell activity.

“Human brain cell signals are smaller and therefore require more sensitive electronic tools to be designed to pick up the signals,” says Colin Dalton, adjunct professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Schulich School of Engineering and a co-author on this study. Dalton is also the facility manager of the University of Calgary’s Advanced Micro/nanosystems Integration Facility (AMIF), where the chips were designed and fabricated.

Researchers hope the technology will one day be used as a tool to bring personalized therapeutic options to patients facing neurological disease.

anonymous asked:

Do you think there'll be more arcs after the Anteiku Raid likely parallel? I want to find out more about the Clowns and the Garden and V and see Eto and more characters coming back, and I'm not sure if it'd all fit in one arc

Hey Anon! 

Ah actually, I was wondering about that recently because, to me as well, only one arc left would seem… not enough considering the amount of things left unexplained/unexpanded on. So I’d love it if :Re could have at least two arcs left, unless Sensei intends on making a part III after :Re and, in that case, one arc before closure could work. 

Like you, there are many things I want answers on, many encounters that have yet to take place and making them fit in just one arc could maybe make things rushed, which not something anyone wants. :/ 
That being said, I feel that, with the newest chapter, TG and :Re have for the first time finally been reunited as one story (as in, the loop is closed) so maybe Ishida will stop with parallels?

I mean, in the newest chapter Kaneki’s group was warned safely and no one is left behind at :Re to fight, so it’s already one thing that’s different from the Anteiku raid arc. The fact that the CCG is not as united as it was when Yoshitoki attacked the 20th ward is also a difference, although I get that a parallel with the Anteiku raid arc could be more general. 

So anyway, I made a list of what’s left to cover and it’s kinda long, so like you I’m hoping for more than just one arc left if :Re is supposed to be the end of the TG series:

  • What’s V about? What’s the Washuu family’s secret? Why is the world described as a “twisted bird cage”?
  • What made Kanou initially betray the CCG (because they were “evil”)?
  • What happened in the CCG’s initial ghoulification experiments?
  • Why did Arima lie to Kaneki about the Washuus wanting to be more “human” when clearly they want to be more powerful ghouls?
  • What’s with the OEK 100 years ago? Is it still relevant?
  • What about the equivalent of the CCG in Germany? Do they have a role a play?
  • What about the 24th ward? 
  • Who was Noro really? What did Eto do to him? 
  • Will we ever know more about Ukina? About why she knew about V and was investigating them?
  • Why is Rize so special (I’m not talking about the fact that she’s a breeder, there is something else)? 
  • What is the Clowns’ gang really after? 
  • Who is Uta? 
  • What happened to Hide after the sewers? And what happened to Itori?
  • Why did Kimi join Kanou?
  • Who’s Scarecrow?
  • Will Arata and Yoshimura ever be freed from their horrible fate? (I’d like them to be buried properly)
  • Who killed the Yasuhisa parents? (because it feels that it might not have been a random and unknown ghoul, I vote for Uta)
  • what about the things relating to 
    • the origin of the ghoul species?
    • the disease of Shirazu’s sister?
    • Tsukiyama’s genetic condition?
  • Is there something else to learn about some investigators having “special skills”?
    • like the particular strength of the Kuroiwa family
    • and the intuition of Kureo and Akira
  • what’s Marude up to?
  • why did Kaneki become such a successful experiment? Is there a reason he accommodated so well to Rize’s kagune?

And these are just plot points (I might be forgetting some). I’m not even listing all the encounters that still have to happen (Donato vs Amon for example), as well as all the characters that might come back (Eto, Takizawa, Hide, Itori, maybe Matsuri and Kanou’s dead army).

So one arc seems impossible, unless it’s not made to be as the others. Honestly I wouldn’t be against one more arc and then a part III, since there is still so much to cover, but I’m leaving that for Sensei to decide.

Let’s stay hopeful Anon, I want to believe that Ishida won’t end his series with a good part of the plot still unexplained. :)

Have a nice weekend! 

gamerlegend09  asked:

I don't know if this has been asked yet, but Where does all the Error originate from? Is it like some sort of contagious disease that a Character from Undertale in any AU can catch?

Well, the very first instance of an error-like character was Error!Sans himself, created by @loverofpiggies. And a while back his story began to be explored on her @askerrorsans blog. As the story progressed we learned more about how error-like characters (or just errors, not to be confused with the grumpmuffin Error himself) typically functioned, or happened. I don’t really have the time right now to do all the research to be able to answer this question for you (like, I know the info in my head but it’s hard to put into words) but if you do a little research on both of CQ’s blogs you can see what she’s confirmed/answered about what causes characters to ‘error’ out.

WITH ALL THAT BEING SAID I know that CQ has mentioned before in the past about expanding on Errors (as it’s own separate thing) independent of the UT fandom, which I’m super jazzed about! And if that’s the case, there’s bound to be a lot more awesome things for us to learn about Errors as their own beings/race as time goes on <3

McHanzo Hanahaki Disease Excerpt

I should be working on RR, but I’m instead working on a McHanzo hanahaki disease fic because I applied for the McHanzine and I feel like I need more McHanzo-centric works in order to be considered. Also, once I get an idea it doesn’t leave me alone so I have to get it out now or else. 

That being said, here’s a small excerpt. I might change Hanzo’s flower lol 

Shout out to @silverbearclaws (who really wanted me to do this) and @noirsongbird (who originated the McHanzo hanahaki disease fic and gave me the a-okay to write my own). 

btw the story starts with a flashback to another character who had hanahaki, hence the change in tense. also i’m shit at proof reading so there are #mistakes 

EDIT: Here’s the full story ya’ll!!!!!!

Life happened fast and Jesse never had time to really think about hanahaki and its meaning.

Now he has to.

It’s approximately three minutes past midnight, but it’s been awhile since Jesse last checked. He doesn’t know how long he’s been in Hana’s bathroom, kneeling before the toilet, staring with horror-filled eyes at the bowl. Petals float in the water, peaceful in spite of his ragged breathing. They are circular and a soft, soft blue that reminds Jesse of a hazy morning sky. Dark blue streaks each one and Jesse can’t help but to remember the gentle strokes of a watercolor painting and the blue of Hanzo’s tattoo.

His heart hammers inside his chest, loud and demanding. He bows his head, rests his forehead on the cool porcelain, and closes his eyes. Maybe he can pretend it’s not happening, Maybe if he ignore it and it’ll sort itself out in a week or to. But his denial doesn’t run so deep, not when the very thought of Hanzo has consumed his mind for weeks on end.

He loves Hanzo. He desperately,  undeniably, painstakingly loves the archer. Jesse’s had crushes before and even has had his heart broken by a misplaced love here and there. But this? This burns inside his chest, smoldering like a fire even when Hanzo is nowhere to be found. He thinks about the man endlessly, letting every thought (sober or drunk) revolve around him. Jesse has never  loved anyone with so much ardor before. Yet, he never thought he would ever get hanahaki. Flower-spitting diseases happen to other people, not him. 

A part of him that clings to every brush of the shoulder, well-meaning taunt, and alcohol-filled laugh truly believes that Hanzo likes him back. But another sees Hanzo’s stern gaze and compares it to his own disheveled beard. He sees the bottles scattered around his room and the gnarled design of his knuckles and can’t ever see how someone bound to rigidity and perfection could ever look at him and feel the same way.

Japanese-Style Fan Dance with a Clown.

Pre-Word: The character that I am playing is the same as the one from the previous submissions here and here. ((  <== If you would like a better understanding of the first setting paragraph, I would recommend reading these first.))

Setting: So here it is… The group has entered a large forest positioned between two mountain-ranges, and are investigating a disease that is infecting both animal and plant-life. At this point now, the group has been whittled down to three party members consisting of a Human Assassin named William, the ever-angsty wood-elf monk Jun, and my character: the Clown Monster Vuuvie. Now, the group had a bit of a falling out since Melch decided to go ape-shit and try to kill William two sessions after their player joined for being a follower of some Fey religion, or whatever-the-fuck. So Melch ran off to who-knows-where after the group threatened to kick the shit outta the scrawny Teifling. -and Sylvara the Dragonborn had gotten separated from the group after meeting her also Dragonborn boy-friend.

So our party of three are now being guided by a Druid Wood-Elf through the forest to find a cave where the disease was said to have originated. It wasn’t airborne so all the team had to do was not come into contact with anything contaminated. While Vuuvie wanted to burn the forest down, the rest of the team was not as supportive of this method.

It had also been suspected that a doll that Vuuvie carries around with him is very powerful and can bend time and space to its’ own will (while still being reasonable). While the doll is actually alive, no-one else in the group besides the DM really knows this, and it lets Vuuvie get away with a lot of crazy fourth-wall-breaking bull-shit since they like to help Vuuvie do stuff.

So the group eventually comes to a halt in a small opening when the following happens:

DM: “You come to an opening in the woods. The trees and shrubbery around you seem to make this place ideal for a resting place. So since it is approaching sun-down, it might be good to set-up camp. Do you all wish to stop?”

William (OOC): “Indeed.”
Jun (OOC): “Yeah, sure.”
Vuuvie (OOC): “Why not?”

DM (OOC): “Well, as you are setting up camp, you hear something from the far off areas of the forest to your right. No-one is for certain what it could have been making these sounds, but you can tell that it sounds like… Talking.”

Druid Guide: “Oh no… Is this a bad time to mention that this forest is the home of many different ogre tribes?”

Jun: “Are you fucking kidding me?”
William: “Well, this is quite unfortunate.”

Druid Guide: “We’re sorry, but we would not have thought you would have come out to investigate the forest if you knew ogres lived here.”

Vuuvie: “I sort of thought it was a given. I mean… This forest DOES have some pretty swampy areas….”
Jun: “Shut-up, Vuuvie.”
William: “I do hate to be the bringer of bad news, but we may not want to argue at this moment. It may be better to hide.”

DM (OOC): “Okay, do you wish to all hide?”

William (OOC): “I am going to hide in the shadows of the forest and see what troubles we may be up against.”  *Rolls well, and succeeds on being hidden.*

Jun (OOC): “I am going to use my monk-bullshit-climbing powers to climb up into the highest trees in the area.”  *Also rolls well, and climbs up a sixty-foot tree so they are also hidden.*

Vuuvie (OOC): “Nah, I got this.”

//Everyone else gives me a questionable look.//

DM (OOC): “Um… Okay? Is he at least going to do anything, or is he just going to stand there like an idiot?”

Vuuvie (OOC): “Just trust me. You’re gonna LOVE this.”

DM (OOC): “O…kay? Two ogres come walking into your camp-site, and seem to both be dragging a mans corpse by the legs. The corpse is very, VERY dead. In fact, you get the sense that the ogres BRUTALLY MURDERED this guy. They don’t see Vuuvie though as they seem too invested on who will eat the body.”

Ogre #1: “Oi told ya dat dis one is mine!”
Ogre #2: “And I’M telling YOU that it AIN’T!”
Vuuvie (OOC): “As the two ogres come storming into the opening, no-one has seemed to had noticed that they have walked into what seemed to be a Traditional-Japanese festival. There are booths with people manning their stations, and customers purchasing their goods. Paper lanterns are strewn about the area, and give off a dim glow in the growing darkness that the sun-set was creating.”

//The DM is giving me the biggest WTF face I have ever seen, and everyone else seems to be listening just to see where I was going with this.//

Ogre #2: “What the fuck is this shit?”
Ogre #1: “Uh…”

Vuuvie (OOC): “ In the opening, the stalls seem to lead to a large wooden stage you would normally find at gatherings such as these. Do the ogres approach?”

DM (OOC): “Are you fucking DM-ing ‘ME’?”

Vuuvie (OOC): “Do they approach?”

//The DM actually seems interested.//

DM (OOC): “You know what? Sure. They approach. What happens?”

Vuuvie (OOC): “As they gather at the front of the stage, they are welcome to the lanterns in the area dimming for the lights on stage to gather even more attention in the open area. At first, there is only the noise of the other people in the area as they crowded the stage, completely unaware of the ogres having been dragging a cadaver through the festival grounds. Then the sounds of music start picking up. Some wind instruments, drums, bamboo-clappers, and even a Japanese koto.

Jun (OOC): “I have a flute, and I join in?”

Vuuvie (OOC): “Yeah, Jun joins in to play from the tree they are sitting in. However, as the music starts a single figure in a Japanese female-style kimono walks up on stage as they shield their face with two paper fans. Their natural-skin color is a bleached white, and their long hair is tied back into a neat and tidy bun as they walk with wooden sandals that are clacking against the floor of the stage. A feminine-looking rag-doll, also in Traditional-Japanese garb, is hanging over the figures’ shoulder…”

William (From the bushes): “Oh Gods, is that-?”

Vuuvie (OOC): “As the face of the figure is revealed, a Taiko drum is hit once as it is VUUVIE that is dancing on stage! However, as the music continues with the clown monsters dancing, he begins singing a very strange song.”

Ogre #1: “Wha da shit is happening?”

Vuuvie: “Some… body once told me… the world is gonna roll me. I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed. She was… looking kinda dumb with her finger and her thumb… In the shape of an ‘L’ on her fore-head.”


//Vuuvie is still doing a fan-dance on stage.//

Vuuvie (OOC): “Oh, that’s easy.” //Vuuvie makes a horizontal motion with one of his fans.// “Just half them and share them.”

// The ogres proceed to tear the body in two, causing the audience of people to finally scream, and panic while both destroying the stalls in the area and fleeing out into the woods. The ogres then storm off, leaving Vuuvie by his lonesome on stage. Jun and William then come out from their hiding places with William having been reeling back at the complete nonsense they just witnessed, and with Jun just happy that they were included in it. All the while, the DM seems to have been the one reeling from what happened the most. //

DM (OOC): “You had a Traditional-Japanese festival in the opening, and had your character cross-dress as a female fan-dancer… Then you had him dance while singing the lyrics of 'All Star’ by Smash Mouth with a Traditional-Japanese festival musical-cover… Just because you encountered two ogres that MIGHT have turned out to be hostile, and you made them go away by meme-ing at them?”

Vuuvie (OOC): “Yep.”

DM (OOC): “Okay…”

So in my spare time, I decided to make up a fictional disease called the “Louloúdi Asthéneia”, which is Greek for “Flower Disease”. Before you start hating me, no, this is not another version of the Hanahki disease, although I will mention that it is similar to that. Feel free to point out any plot holes or mistakes in my idea, I am open to criticism.

If you want to use this idea for anything, please make sure to credit me. That would be very appreciated. :D

Sooo, let’s just get into it shall we? :)

• The Louloúdi Asthéneia is Greek for “Flower illness. It starts with flowers growing out of your hair, then ears.. it then will eventually grow a crown of thorns around your head. Later on, the human skin becomes hard and dry (starting from the waist down, then up your body) forming a bark.

• The right arm starts to chip off first, making room for more flowers to grow inside. Soon flowers start to sprout on the skin. The last affect is a small flower growing in both eyes. Eventually the flower growing there will leave you blind.

• Much like the Hanahaki disease, the Louloúdi Asthéneia is an illness that occurs whenever a human refuses to; 1. Respect the nature around them, 2. Refuses to admit their feelings to themselves of someone they obviously love, or 3. The human trespasses onto sacred soil without being welcomed.

• The illness is said to be a myth, or a very, very rare disease. It only occurs to five people every century. If you are unlucky enough to inhibit it, there are ways to get rid of it; 1. Admit to yourself your feelings of love towards another, 2. Preform an ancient ritual and plead for forgiveness, or 3. Find the petals of a Greek poppy and swallow 22 petals. If the human becomes blind before any of the treatments, then it is too late.

• The curse is said to have originated from the Greek goddess Demeter, who laid the curse on only mortals. Although the disease was only later introduced, people are said to have died or turned into a tree due to the illness.

• The outcome of not curing the disease isn’t always Death or being turned into a tree, it also includes decaying into nothing more than a poppy seed, turning into roots and actually GROWING a tree from your body, or decaying into nothing more than a bunch of poppy petals.

• as for the ancient ritual, I’m not exactly sure what to do for that. You can either add on to this or create your own using your imagination but idk :/

I did however create some artwork for this (as you can see at the top) . That was how my idea evolved in the first place. I apologize for any spelling errors you might find in it though, whenever I have an idea I tend to write it down fast so the handwriting might be a little sloppy too 😅 (pls try to bare with the cringe I am so sorry)