the origin of firebending


This is my homage to the original benders (during the Era of the Avatar, of course since during the Era of Raava people would request bending abilities from the lion turtles). I always loved the fact that people learned bending from animals, since I know first-hand how much people can learn from observing animals. This is a project I’ve wanted to do for so long and is hopefully the first of many!

I guess this is a somewhat self-portrait. Me as a firebender.

I love Avatar the Last Airbender a lot, and I always loved the designs for the characters and shiz, so I decided to finally draw myself.

Also, this is my first finished piece on Paint Tool Sai, which I just downloaded today. I’m already in love with it. Blending is so smooth and there are so many dif. textures. I’m excited to start using this more often. :D

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why do you hate lok?

Okay, kiddo, you’re in for a wild ride.

So, I don’t necessarily hate The Legend of Korra, not all of LoK at least (Thanks, Bryke, for Korrasami) (and giving me and other queer girls that good ol’ representation we so rarely get to have) (BUT that’s besides the point, and I can talk about how great Korrasami is some other time) (this is not the time)

I’m going to get straight to the point here by giving Wan a big FUCK YOU for totally ruining the mystical, magical legends told in ATLA. Now, listen, the whole Lionturtle thing is a good story, a good story for something that hadn’t already had a prequel, that hadn’t already had it’s own reasoning for things, and that hadn’t already explained the spirit world, and haha– Bending! Fun how that happens, isn’t it?

Throughout Avatar: The Last Airbender we are explicitly told how and where humans get their bending, and who was the first to be able to manipulate the elements. And I’ll tell ya right now, because I remember… unlike Bryke 

(here we go)

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FINALLY I have finished my reference sheets for my comic characters. Its basically just about shananigans and cuties. OH also aliens! I am gonna post the first page here and then I will probably post the rest on a better comic site. I will link it on the first page :) FOLLOW MY WONDERFUL, VALOR, FIREBENDING WRITER AMANDA 


Because we are total suckers for Avatar the Last Airbender, here’s our take on what elements the boys would be able to bend


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“As the element of power, firebenders have to be able to maintain a constant source of energy and balance in battle, unleashing a volley of direct, successive attacks.”
“Fire is the element of power, consisting of overpowering force tempered by the unflinching will to accomplish tasks and desires.”

Characteristics: hot-headed | brash | passionate | noble | determined



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  • Do I even need to say it? This guy is meant to be a fire bender since 10/06/96
  • Special ability: Lightning generation
  • He’s probably the only bender here to have a body count. Yes, he’s MURDERED someone in an Agni Kai
  • Rivals Minghao in skill and strength. Honing opposing elements, they become bitter enemies
  • Mastered lightning bending in his adolescence. Everyone is legitimately terrified of him bc he can shoot lasers with his eyes lmao
  • Combat style: You would honestly be hopping mad to challenge him bc he was raised to have ZERO mercy. Even without fire/lightning, he still possesses breakneck agility and martial arts skills. YOU. WOULD. DIE.


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  • Probably the exact opposite of Junhui; they have an Iroh-Zuko kind of foil going on
  • Special skill: Lightning redirection
  • Views fighting as unnecessary and evil, but he ultimately does it to protect his land, albeit reluctant. Knows when to draw the line
  • Really, really only wants to show off his cooking skills makes popcorn by clutching corn cobs in both hands lmao
  • Always found lying under a tree and/or persuading his fellow warriors to let loose and have fun for once
  • Combat style: Nonetheless an incredibly skilled fighter, he fights honourably in direct combat, making sure his opponents have an equal advantage. Fire fists and blade for offence, inferno for defence.


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  • totally not because he can spit fire in his raps imeanwhat
  • Special ability: firebreathing I mean… Blue fire!
  • Recruited into the army at too young an age, he’s seen things that a child should never have been exposed to
  • Master level bending was ultimately forced out of him through sheer brute force. The blue fire signifies his inner rage and hatred against the higher-ups that he has to keep suppressed
  • Still forces himself to please his superiors, and hates himself for it
  • Combat style: brash and outrageous. Uses concentrated barrages of fire to overwhelm opponents before striking a fatal blow. Blazing rings and arcs to trap the foe.

Katara: Firebenders are creeps.

Sokka: Yes, that’s why one fights them.

Katara: I mean, people are perfectly happy getting along, and then firebenders come, and they run around and they kill people, and they take over your whole house, they start making these stupid little mini-pizzas, and everyone’s like, “I like your mini pizzas”, but I’m telling you, I am—

Sokka: Uh, Katara! I believe the subtext here is rapidly becoming, uh… text.


Omashu and Zukaang parallels:

  • Their respective villages/nations were enemies with each other (well, in the Fire Nation’s case, they made the Air Nomads and the Avatar their enemy).
  • Oma and Shu learned earthbending from the badgermoles, Aang and Zuko learned the ancient origins of firebending and the pre-war form of firebending from the last dragons 
  • Omashu was built as a place where citizens from both villages could thrive in peace, after the war had ended. Republic City was build so that citizens from all over the world could live in peace, after the war had ended. 
Bryke's Subtextual Take On 'Girl Love' in "Long Live the Queen"

A Korrasami Meta Analysis (handled with the deft touch of an Equalist glove)

Before I go any further, I need to state that this is a wild, way-out-there meta analysis satire. I will defend Korrasami like no other ship in fictional existence BUT this post is not meant to be read as an argument for the ship. (That’s my “Word of God” part anyway. If you want to run with this post in a “Death of the Author” sort of way then all the power to you!)

Warning: Some content may be NSFW (depending on your workplace; YMMV and all that). Also, it will eat up your bandwidth with poorly-worked Photoshop. And it is very, very long.

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Okay everyone remember WAY back in the episode “The Firebending Masters” when Aang mentions that the original Airbenders were the Sky Bison?

Then he says this line:

So in all seriousness, the Sky Bison are the “Original Airbenders” and the lesson that can be learned from them is sustained flight. I can’t believe no one stopped to look at one of these magnificent creatures just hovering there in the air without requiring ANY MOVEMENT AT ALL and wonder,

“Could I do that too?”