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would you ever consider a certain age too young to discover your sexuality?


When we use the word ‘sexuality’ we immediately link it to, well, sex. And obviously you should never think about kids in a sexual content.

But ‘sexuality’ really encompasses things like romantic attraction, or also physical attraction/idk physical appreciation? Like when you look at someone and you’re like 'that’s a spicy meatball’ but it’s more appreciative than anything. Lmfao I’m ace man I don’t know how I fit with everyone else.

My point was… Little kids have crushes all the time. And these are fleeting things, mostly based on a shallow concept of emotion, but as a society we accept the idea of puppy love because it’s usually straight. I’d argue that if society wasn’t so heteronormative, little kids would in fact start expressing their orientation through the form of innocent crushes from a young age.

I think it’s really telling that we assume a kid is too young to know if they’re LGBT+ while we simultaneously accept and encourage straight puppy love in our kids. If something is heteronormative, we consider it fact. If someone tries to exist outside of that norm, we consider them uninformed and inexperienced. Essentially, we act like LGBT+ kids don’t know themselves or understand the world.

Like, what’s the worst case scenario? Your eight-year-old sister says she likes girls, but in ten years maybe she realizes she’s bi. That doesn’t make her any less valid. It’s better to accept someone and support their growth than to immediately shut them down and refuse to listen to them. If you discredit a kid, they’re not going to trust you with anymore personal things. They’ll internalize what you said. They’ll doubt their own judgement. I know I did.

So yeah. Support kids.

I read that Johnny Depp has been cast in the new production of “Murder on the Orient Express”. It’s my favorite Agatha Christie mystery and I love the 1974 film.

But… I can’t say I’m too excited about Depp in the movie. He’s prone to such over-the-top performances and gimmicks. And I can’t get the image of “Mortdecai” out of my head. And Michelle Pfeiffer is in the cast as well. They are old buddies from the “Dark Shadows” disaster.


In a recent podcast of ‘Happy Sad Confused’, MTV’s Josh Horowitz asked Star Wars: The Force Awakens actress Daisy Ridley about some really interesting things: The Eagle Huntress movie she’s executive producing, being involved in Murder on the Orient Express, the controversy around Rey being called a Mary Sue, why she left Instagram, working with Mark Hamill versus Harrison Ford, and other female characters besides Rey in the upcoming Star Wars sequels. On the topic of other female characters, Daisy did not hesitate to chime in her excitement about Kelly Marie Tran, who, according to John Boyega earlier this year, is the new lead and face of Star Wars.

Starting from 1:00:14 in the podcast, which you can listen to here:

Josh: One of the things I’ve heard through the great vine is that - I don’t think this reveals anything - is that, in addition to Rey, there are other significant female characters -

Daisy: Hell yeah! Kelly Marie Tran, you work!

J: That’s what I’m hearing! She’s got a very key role in this film -

D: Yeah! Yeah, she does. I mean, I think it would’ve been odd if they didn’t announce [the production announcement back in February] with her, Benicio [Del Toro], and Laura [Dern] for her to not be a big part. She’s a crucial role and it’s really exciting.

Did you hear that Star Wars fans? Kelly Marie Tran will be playing a crucial role in Star Wars: Episode VIII. We’ve been hearing a lot of hype about her from various people and press, but that might be only Star Wars’ attempt to fill a diversity quota due to all the latest whitewashing controversies relating to Asian Americans in cinema. However, combine this comment from Daisy Ridley with John Boyega’s interview with Vulture and Rian Johnson’s words at Star Wars Celebration, we can now for sure know that Kelly Marie Tran will indeed not only be the new lead and star of Star Wars, but play a role crucial to the story and universe that is the Star Wars saga. AHHHH.

(Don’t worry. That’s just me and every Asian American person SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS.)

I did it. I finally did it. and so let me introduce my favorite character on DW EVER, yes Clara, it’s you.
For the first time I saw her I thought she barely could replace Rose, or even Amy (although I don’t like her as much) or basically any other companion.I was obviously judging her just by her appearance and with some sort of personal prejudice BUT LISTEN I FELL IN LOVE IN 30 SECONDS. it was that episode with Daleks, where she was just walking around and it was just freaking 30 seconds and I knew she was gonna be amazing.

P.s. Wasn’t her dress made of stars? (no way it wasn’t)