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Meet Alfie, the 3-Year-Old Therapy Pug

Follow Alfie’s adventures — and learn more about what matters most to him — on @alfiethepug_beat.

Hello, world! Today’s #WeeklyFluff is Alfie (@alfiethepug_beat), a very dapper 3-year-old therapy pug from the UK. Alfie has a kitten named Cheese who he loves to cuddle up and goof off with, but he’s also a charitable fellow who supports causes like Beat, an organization dedicated to helping people overcome eating disorders.

yo i love those posts about how aliens view humans or the ones about how humans are scary space orcs so here’s one

imagine if we found aliens but they just? have absolutely no sense of collectivism nor groupthink/mob mentality. they are a race of total individuals, there isn’t anything like “collaboration,” warfare is guerrilla strikes of individuals or small bands, there’s no real government because acting as a unit just ISN’T A THING.

so when humans visit this planet they freak the hell out because how are they so organized? why do they stick together? how do they get so much DONE

and the absolute scariest, most incredible thing about human culture to them is not war or our inventions or culture nor our incredible physiology. no.

it’s fuckin marching bands.

a HUNDRED people all dressed in the SAME OUTFIT, marching in time to a single beat, organized in a grid, playing musical instruments in a certain time measure so that all the instruments work together to form a cohesive whole song, and sometimes they all YELL at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME…

this scares the absolute shit out of the whole race and NOBODY CAN HANDLE IT

BTS Reaction ; Their FWB Being Distant Cause They Caught Feelings

Requested by Anonymous, “Bts reaction to their fwb being distant because she’s gained feelings for them? Also your writing is really good sigh, it makes my pussy pop and my heart cry.”

Note; I still crack up at that endi n g this took so long im sorr y life slapped me in the face and i finally had to face it jglad

Jin ➳ “Why are you being so distant?”

It’s not because he only wanted to bang, because he didn’t, but moreso because he was worried he did something wrong. Over the phone, he could hear your rough intake of air as everything became quiet, and the more the time ticked and threatened to strangle him to sleep, the more his heart clenched. “Maybe,” you finally whispered, “it’s because I actually fell for you along the way.”

He was speechless to say the least, yet, the beating organ residing in his chest began to beat faster. What could he do? He didn’t know, but when he heard the receiver beep — indicating the call that had ended, he looks to his screen in regret.

“Damn it.”

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Suga ➳ “Please,” he begged, grabbing you by the hand as you intended on walking away and avoiding him, but you froze, feeling the warmth of his grip burn and sizzle on your skin. “I don’t care about the sex, or anything, just you — so please tell me what’s going on.”

“I love you, okay?” You whispered, but your heart sunk as his hand let go of yours and instantly slid down to his side. “So much,” you added, yet he could only laugh softly, looking away from your eyes.

“Really, is that it?” His voice became looser, laid back with a dash of disbelief that drowned you in guilt, “you had to cause such a scenario and make a big deal over that? You could have just told me and I would have avoided all this unnessecary pain.”

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J-Hope ➳ “So,” he asks, gripping your wrist as you were holding all your necessary books against your chest with your free hand amidst the empty library, “tell me why you keep ignoring me.”

And you did, looking him in the eyes as the words fell from your lips like rain, the images of your naked nights flashing before your eyes and the sun slipping through sheer curtains in the early mornings as he held you close to him in his sleep haunted you. You were tired of keeping him arms length away, so if confessing your feelings will have him walking away, be it.

But, a smile only grew wider and wider as your chatter prolonged, and once the books fell from your hands and slammed on the floor — he embraced you tightly, afraid of you disappearing. “I love you, too.”

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RapMonster ➳ Avoiding him like the plague, ignoring his texts and calls were probably not a good idea. He wad the type of man to not end things without notice, to just look away like a coward and act like it never happened. He loathed people like that, so when he looked everywhere for you until he saw you sitting alone at the park where midnight was closing in — he groaned. “Really? Why are you so distant?”

You couldn’t think, speechless at how the man didn’t get the point yet took the time to look for you, and when he plopped down beside you as your confession falls from your lips, he sighs.

“What if I told you,” he began, “that I love you too?”

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Jimin ➳ He didn’t know what was going on nor why you were ignoring him, but it hurt. He never took the time to confront you, respecting your decision in avoiding him so when you sit in the booth across from his in the nearly empty restaurant one day, he gulps. “What brings you here?” He questions, silver locks hugging his features delicately. “I’ve got to admit, not having you by my side for weeks made me realize–“

“Jimin,” you interrupted, and he blinked, eyes lowering from your sudden tone. His lips were parted, sighing softly as he quietly waited for you to end things, “I’m in love with you.”

“I..what?” He stuttered, finding your cheeks flushed in humiliation before he quickly reached for your hand and squeezed it in reassurance as a small smile grazed his lips.

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V ➳ Your progress was doing so well, but like always, your paths had somehow crossed once again and here you were, laying in bed with the man you dreaded to see as you both stared at the ceiling — erratic breaths slowly calming from both your highs. Eyes fluttering shut, you whispered, “this wasn’t supposed to happen.”

“What do you mean, babe?” He questioned, turning in his place to face you as his finger went to tuck a strand of hair behind your ear.

Sighing, you looked to him with regret in your eyes. “I love you Tae,” but he could only stare at you in something akin to shock, happiness and confusion, “I always will.”

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Jungkook ➳ It was at a party, after a whole month of disappearing from his life, when your eyes finally met his. Through booming music and drunken mesmerization, the both of you were sucked together like magnets, suddenly stumbling into a bedroom void of life as he kissed you with power. Pushing you into the mattress, his lips went in to attack your own before you pushed him away. “I can’t.”

“Is this why you keep acting like I don’t exist?” He spat angrily, already hurt enough at how you pushed him away like he never existed. “Just tell me what’s killing you inside, speak up and quit hiding–“

“I love you, okay?” And his eyes widened the slightest, nodding slowly as he wiped the sweat off his face.


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Leo - Demon Darling 

Leo is a fire sign, and the heart is an organ of fire. The beat of the heart energises Leo physically and spiritually, it symbolises a spiritual centre. The aura of Leo is a temple of worship, this is where the Goddesses gather to imbibe glory, courage, and honour. The emotional force of Leo represents the radiance of the sun, and it nourishes in a similar way. Leo intelligence is the heart of the mind, they dance as one, there is no separating love and Leo. This is why the Leo is capable of tremendous bliss and ascension, they can focus solely on the echo of a heartbeat, the music of their pulse, so everything disappears but the cosmic heart, and this is the ultimate rapture of Leo. The heart is not just a mechanical organ. We know this by the way it flutters when we are moved and aches when we are broken. Leos mobilise off pure instinct, the lion roaring in the ego’s cage. The Mother Goddess is facilitates the divine expression of Leo, it is She who holds the lion’s mouth in her hands, it is She who can tame its godly exuberance. In its highest form, the Leo’s pride, arrogance, and vanity is transmuted to the inner Mother and released to the demons in return for the heart’s wisdom, purification, and awakenings. Alice Bailey says that the first great battle is undertaken in Leo, the second being in Scorpio. The demons of the ego, the mind without the heart are slain here. Cats (Leo) are sacred to Kali, she domesticates it, she summons fury against those who harm female cats,  she rides a lion into battle, and slices its ego’s desires. The Divine Mother expresses through the heart of Leo, and its this inner goddess whom can guide them to dispel the pain and complexes generated by the demons of the mind. It is Leo’s tremendous cosmic contract to burn these demons in the fire of their heart.


(art: kurtis rykovich)

anonymous asked:

So Keith's dad is pretty tall, right? And he has galra blood (presumably from his mom). Galra are huge, did you see how tall allura got?! Which means Keith's genes are tallxgiant. So I hc that in the next few years he'll hit a growth spurt kinda thing and shoot up almost a head taller than shiro. Keith sometimes rests his head on Lance's (because he can) because they always stand so close together

I want to marry this headcanon as soon as possible


Peter Hale x Reader



Imagine: You have a major crush on Peter Hale, but, because of the Pack, you have to keep it a secret. One day, when he comes to your house injured, you are not able to hide it any more and comes clean to him.

Word Count: 1560

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I hate that empty is something I feel
Not a deep sadness or bubbling madness
It’s almost as if I am not real
So paper thin that you can see my organs beating from within
I’ve tried to feel something but nothing pleases me, what is my deal
Am I broken somehow? What do I do now?
I wish there were some grand emotion I could conceal
But nothing, just nothing, just empty I feel
—  toastedmushroom 
||❥ a moon without stars (m)

w o n w o o ! s c e n a r i o


word count: 18, 194 [ sorry not sorry]

genre: oh my god, it’s everything. angst + smut + fluff + romance + drama lord have mercy.

includes: the tale of Y/N’s first love, jeon wonwoo, and their relationship that builds up to an unplanned pregnancy. he helps his uncle out with mechanic stuff nd works part time as a body piercer. Y/N is a florist. mature themes nd shit, cried over this more than i needed to. enjoy!! :))

✎ don’t rlly have anything 2 say other than have fun reading, the soul has been sucked out of me!! jeon wonwoo destroyed my feelings!!

He is quiet, still like a marble statue that encases ivory bone and hot scarlet. He is impassive, a heavy brow left without a single crease nor a wrinkle, the ink that churns in indolent pupils murky, yet clear with your image that reflects in similarity to a mirror. His lips are beautiful, decorated in lovely shades of rose, yet they are not curled in a signature smile that flutters a heart or preludes a giggle. That is because, above all things, the boy is gobsmacked, perhaps even a little enraged.

Therefore, Jeon Wonwoo’s lips are plain straight. No, if they were to smile, you would burst like a water balloon, sprinkling the earth in droplets of solace. But it is not solace you feel when his face finally cracks, when his eyes flare in smoky streaks that practically engulf your lungs with desolation.

There is a click in your mind, an instinct to clasp your palms to your stomach as Jeon Wonwoo points his chin toward the floor and swears. Your words are still echoing around the room, burrowing within couch cushions and empty coffee mugs. They are permanent reminders that will forever linger, steeping around your limbs and tugging softly at your clothing. They remind you that your life will never return to normal, if normal even existed to begin with, and that sometimes, life can only prevail if a mistake is there to kindle it.

He will not hurt me, you acquaint in the sealed tomb of your skull. He will not lay a finger on me even though he is confused and angry. Every syllable that ricocheted behind thick bone only amplified how your chest ached, like someone’s fist had enclosed around your heart, squeezing it while the organ beat frantically. His fingers carded in exasperation through sable black hair, a groan so deep and desponding spilling in fashion to liquor from his lips. Still, you knew he would never bruise your flesh out of anger, out of spite perhaps starting to brew. You are beautiful, and Jeon Wonwoo does not bruise beauty.

Instead, he leaves it.

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5.8.17 (78/100 days of productivity)

For breakfast I’m having a bowl of oats with apples, blueberries, and strawberries. And I’m drinking a matcha latte made with coconut milk! I’m just spending this morning catching up on YouTube. Yesterday, in one of the videos on a channel I follow another channel was recommended, and now I’m obsessed! It’s Niomi Smart, and she’s adorable, fashionable, and it’s fun to watch her vlog about her day to day life (especially since it’s a lot more interesting than mine right now). 

Also featured in this post is the lovely view of my parents unkept garden patch in our back yard, lol

Rose (Prequel to “Breathless”)

OTP(s): Byun Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 2,266

Sypnosis: For once, Byun Baekhyun is the victim of endless charm.

A/N: Based off the song by Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko. I actually can’t believe I’m writing a fluff for Byun Baekhyun and not a smut, but okay, times are a’changin’, I guess. 

Baekhyun stooped over the polished mahogany table by the door, sweeping a water bottle from the surface. Popping free the top, he closed his lips over the opening, letting an icy tress of wate chill his trachea. A lick of sweat came to drip from his earlobe to the slope of his throat, kissing the bobbing region of skin. Releasing the cloth of his shirt from its sticky hold on his tomach, he eased the top back over the opening, sinking into the chair nearest to him with a rough plop, water bottle crunching against his fingers.

The door gently lulled open, emptying a wave of shrill gasps and screams from the fans, eager to meet their precious idols.

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i try to love in hushed tones

echoes of my adoration
manage to howl
out of all the vaults
i have built inside
these mechanisms
housed in ivory calcium

some lullabies are meant
to be sung like war cries
carbon, organic, aboriginal
tribal drum beats nudging
with a violence of softness

rain cloud confessions
out of the saline earth
of the folds of my eyelids;
on my tongue, the taste
of water from lonely lakes
lodged inside the inner
corners of the said windows
of the holy vessel that i am

―all of these clouded visions
reveal me (some process of
the unclear, clearing):
the unrequited
the unreturned
the unhealing;

i am just a tear away
from unravelling.

j. p. berame // no. 072416

Scandalous (M) | 02

Parts: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06

Summary:  When you meet Taehyung in a bar one night, you don’t expect to fall for him. He was different, tattoos inked along his arms and a bright smile on his face. He was the opposite of everything you were; he was free – or so you thought.

Genre/Warnings: Socialite!AU, Badboy!Taehyung. Angst + Smut; As always, it’s filth lol.

Word Count: 7.5k.

A/N: First of all, I am completely floored by the responses I got to the first part of this. I honestly never expected to get such positive feedback from this and it makes me so happy that so many of you enjoyed it! With that being said, I tried to work on this as fast as I could because I didn’t want you guys to be waiting and waiting for what seemed like ages. Hopefully you guys enjoy this chapter! xx.

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Painful Burden

 I’m useless.

 That thought had been haunting her since the first day she was acknowledged as their tactician. She was utterly, completely, undeniably useless. How could she not be? Most of the Heroes who fought in the battlefield either came back brutally battered or teetering at the brink of life and death. Some couldn’t even move or train for a few days. As thankful as she was that there were healers available to tend to the fallen Heroes, it still didn’t rid the fact that their downfall was all her fault.

 The guilt only worsened to know that they still trusted her judgment.

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Blood Test

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Yoongi is one of the few vampires that has decided to change his ways and live amongst humans. He’s managed to adapt and has created a simple and routinary life. His world starts to shift when he finds himself falling for the newest employee, a sweet innocent girl that happens to have a phobia for what he craves most: blood. 

Word count: 8620

A/N: Halloween is back! And so are my Halloween inspired oneshots. This year I decided to experiment a bit with more ‘magic’ or ‘supernatural’ concepts. I’ll be posting the stories in random order, here you have the sixth one!

If you’re interested in checking out the other stories I wrote this year you can find them here:

Jin - Yoongi - Hoseok - Namjoon - Jimin - Taehyung - Jungkook

Living among humans wasn’t always an easy task for vampires. There were many risks: the risk of not finding a sustainable source of feeding; the risk of ultimately letting oneself starve because of not wanting to feed on humans – this one is particularly common for vampires living in metropolitan areas where large animals are scarce. Or worse, the risk of letting oneself fall into temptation, being driven so strongly by those natural impulses and committing an unwanted crime – or at least traumatizing a poor unsuspecting human. Not to mention the implacable and unforgiving stigma that other vampires often had on those who decided to live peacefully amongst humans. Of course, none of that could ever compare to the most horrifying difficulty of them all: the possibility of being found out by a human.

Every time the vampire kind had been exposed to the human kind, things had never turned out positively for us. Humans might biologically be our prey, but they are far from weak and unable to protect themselves. They live in groups, societies, they’ve learned with the passing of time that working together can beat any enemy, even one that has been biologically designed to be their predator. Sure, we’re stronger, our senses are far more developed and we could empty their bodies of their blood in a matter of minutes – though it might even be far more painful for us, having to digest all of that later on… I’ve come to find that a more balanced diet is better for the body – but nothing can beat an organized group, working together for one same goal. It is a scary thing, especially now that they changed sticks and torches for more industrialized means of protection.

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