the order of thing

These are the basic things you need to plan/ outline in order to have a clear idea of what your novel will become. Hope this is useful!

Point Of View

  • 1st Person {a literary style in which the narrative is told from the perspective of a narrator speaking directly about himself or herself}
  • 2nd Person {a pronoun or verb form in the second person, as the pronoun you in English, or a set of such forms}
  • 3rd Person {a pronoun or verb form in the third person, as she or goes in English, or a set of such forms}
  • Limited {In third person limited the narrator only knows the thoughts and feelings of one character}
  • Omniscient {the narrator knows the thoughts and feelings of all of the characters in the story, as opposed to third person limited, which adheres closely to one character’s perspective}


The classic major genres of literature:

For a more in depth and extensive list, visit this site.


  • Part of a series {1st book, 2nd book, 3rd book, etc.}
  • Stand Alone
  • Spin off


  • Protagonist, antagonist, or flat character
  • Name/Title
  • Description
  • Relationships

 Individual Plot Points

  • Purpose Serving The Plot
  • General Idea
  • Characters Involved
  • Point In The Story
  • Foreshadowing


  • City/State
  • Country
  • Planet
  • Period/Era/Year
  • Description


  • Cliffhanger vs Complete conclusion
  • {Optional} Opportunities To Continue 

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RFA + V + Saeran's first time seeing MC in shorts because she always wears long pants, and they see how pale her legs are?


  • “well i can see that”
  • upon noticing MC is wearing shorts
  • he probably advises they tan a bit
  • will take them to the beach
  • and take pictures of turtles


  • probably doesn’t even notice
  • if he does he doesn’t bother mentioning it
  • probably suggests they go out for ice cream later
  • is very casual and non pulsed by these things


  • immediately orders new shorts for MC in a variety of colors
  • will ask MC to wear shorts more
  • this results in a chaotic Battle of the Shorts 
  • which Jumin wins somehow 
  • he takes this matter very seriously 


  • instant worrying 
  • “MC do you get out much”
  • “Yoosung look me in the face and ask me that again”
  • “OH right”
  • after that they spend some time taking walks 


  • he cries because MC is wearing shorts 
  • MC will wake up to the joy that is 707 in their shorts 
  • making breakfast 
  • his legs are paler then their’s 
  • “Are those my shorts?”
  • “mmayyybe?”
  • they make the Pale Legs Club 


  • doesn’t even mention it at all 
  • she’s extremely polite 
  • probably tells MC they should wear shorts more 
  • “they’re rather charming on you MC”
  • “Jaehee pls.”


  • he  probably stares for a good 15 minutes 
  • then looks at the shorts 
  • MC’s legs 
  • then goes back to sipping his coffee 
  • but will tell MC to wear shorts more
There is so much more to that "I love you".

The first time I watched the episode, I really took for granted this scene. Like 100% I thought: Eurus manipulated Sherlock. Done. That was all there was. Which essentially is true. But then I watched the episode again and the realisation hit me like a plane. That was only the outer layer.

1. Sherlock meant it. Totally. Yes, Sherlock Holmes is a great actor. We’ve seen his acting skills in order to get things out off witnesses and is frankly jaw-dropping. But there was clear desperation from Sherlock’s part which means he really cares. And Molly, as we all know, is able to see through Sherlock’s façade. Which is why she said “I love you” back. DYING. 

2. It meant so much more for Sherlock. And that is what really hits me. It wasn’t about Molly solely. It was for him. What does Molly represent in his mind palace? Remember when he was shot? Who was there taking Sherlock through all his deductions at the beginning? Molly—> Facts. (I will not say logic because that’s for Mycroft). What does Sherlock prouds himself to be? A logical intellectual person. And then the fact that he was forced to say “I love you” to the individual that represents facts to him made him realise his feelings. Yeah, sure we know he has feelings. But Sherlock has always been in so much denial about his own feelings and voicing them made it him realised how REAL those FEELINGS were. There’s no denying from now on. What if John was at her place? Would have made that much of an impact? I say this from the bottom of my heart: no. Because we KNOW John is Sherlock’s heart, Sherlock doesn’t need to voice it, he’s proven it time and time again. (Although it would have been a huge step in their relationship and character development). I will argue this scene would have had a bigger impact had Mycroft been in Molly’s place. (And if I am being completely honest more sense and tension and SENSE. But it is what it is). Eurus wanted Sherlock to recognise his feelings and damn she did. And damn she took it to another level in number…

3. Eurus, Eurus, Eurus. Why did she do that? I believe there are two reasons. First one: To ensure the upper hand and for Sherlock to reach a new low. Remember how interested she was in seeing how Sherlock avoided emotions to work more efficiently? That was just the beginning. She needed Sherlock to RECOGNISE his feelings for him to lose his shit and for her to have the upper hand in order for sherlock to keep making mistakes. All those games were tricks. Eurus was tricking all of them, no matter the result, she was steps ahead of them. ALL of them. And making Sherlock have an emotional breakdown would guarantee to make him lose focus and not see through her tricks and that was step one because Mycroft vs John was much much much worse. This is clear because both Sherlock and Mycroft were in that room and BOTH of them were emotionally compromised they couldn’t see through her sister’s games. How many times was Sherlock tricked by others? Since episode one with the cabbie. And he still hasn’t learned his lesson? Now add some emotional context. BAM! Totally blind. Clearly, if none of them was blind, they would have played the same psychological game with Eurus. But they were. And all because of the emotional context. And that is how Sherlock reached his new low. The moment Eurus said he’d lost it wasn’t just because he was manipulated to admit it, it was because it went absolutely against everything he aspired to be. He was a plaything for Eurus. And the Molly game made him snapped. I do believe when Eurus said that it was what the snapped violin string promo pic referred to. Just like when Mary died, John had all these feelings, this was Sherlock’s moment. 

4. Now to the second reason: Molly was a mirror to Eurus. I posted this a while ago and after rerewatching the episode it becomes clearer. But the-sapphiresky on Tumblr explained it better than me so it basically goes like this: 

Because Euros empathized with Molly.

The people Molly loved were either gone or her affections were not returned. She was forgotten, taken for granted, and spends her days with the dead. John doesn’t even think of her as a possibility for the coffin until prompted greatly.

She is alone.

As a child, Sherlock would rather have played with Victor than Euros.

As an adult, Euros is locked away, her parents think she’s dead, Sherlock has literally forgotten she even existed, and Mycroft fears her.

She is alone.

Euros spared Molly because she knew what it was like to be alone.

I don’t know if to cry because this is sad and frustrating or hug someone because I am extremely happy with the character development I saw in Sherlock this episode (although waaaaaaaaaay over the top. Still mad at that Moftiss. That was soooooooooooooooooooooooo not on). 

If you guys have anything else to add please let me know because I am dying. 

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Can I request RFA + V and Saeran with MC who likes to keep things /meticulously/ clean and in order, please?


  • Yoosung is a college student
  • This boy doesn’t have time to keep his things clean and oraganized his life is hardly clean and organized and you expect him to have his house like that???
  • Well, quite frankly, yes you do expect that.
  • It’s not absolutely horrid but you hate it anyways
  • “It’s organized chaos”
  • organized chaos. more like bullcrap
  • He has his mom nagging him to clean it though, and he does get it clean sometimes in bursts of motivation, so you don’t clean his house for him…
  • He was honestly in disbelief when he saw your home. Cleaned, organized, nicely set. Everything in its place. It set your mind at ease like that
  • “How in the world do you keep it like this??”
  • “How do you not? It’s neat and organized. Everything belongs somewhere and looks nice.”
  • “It really is nice. I feel like I’m gonna mess up something by just looking at it! Haha”
  • “Just make sure anything you touch gets put back where you found it. It’s easy.”
  • it’s not that easy
  • You are constantly correcting Yoosung when he touches something or sets something back down. He just doesn’t get it
  • Poor baby
  • He’ll learn


  • Jaehee isn’t as meticulously clean as you
  • But she is quite clean and organized
  • She’s actually the cleanest in the RFA. She can’t stand a mess, and even though she’s not home much, she keeps it clean for when she does get home and she can just relax.
  • although Elizabeth ruins her efforts whenever she stays over
  • You are like partners in crime
  • She’s amazed by your cleanliness, and you can appreciate her organization and neatness
  • Whenever Elly stays over you team up to conquer every little hair
  • And whenever she’s too busy you help clean up in her home
  • She is so appreciative
  • She helps out with you likewise, whenever someone comes and messes up your organization she’s one call away
  • She will be there within minutes with all her cleaning supplies from a purse-size stain remover to carpet cleaner
  • She totally understands you
  • And it makes her so happy someone else understands how hard she works to keep clean and organized and nice looking 


  • Zen isn’t clean and organized so much as he is minimalistic
  • He doesn’t have a lot and he doesn’t keep a lot, so it’s easy to keep organized because there’s hardly enough to make a mess
  • He’s not crazy about cleaning though, he leaves out pizza boxes and the sink still has soapy water from a couple nights before, still soaking dishes
  • To say the least you have been helping clean up there
  • His empty pizza boxes and wrappers no longer decorate his table and countertops
  • Plastic cups are cleaned up
  • Dishes are done and the sink emptied and cleaned
  • His bathroom is even clean which is a miracle for anyone;;
  • He is amazed by your work
  • But he’s always protesting ‘cause you’re not a servant, you shouldn’t be doing this!!
  • You disagree
  • And keep cleaning


  • It’s not that his house isn’t clean
  • It’s that he isn’t the one cleaning it
  • His maids take care of all of his mess. He’s grown up with that
  • If they weren’t there, you would find out how much of a mess he truly is
  • Oh gosh this boy would be such a mess;;
  • maybe even worse than seven
  • You don’t witness it at his house so much as when you are out together. Eating out, him visiting you, anything
  • He leaves stuff out for others to clean up
  • It’s as if he expects his maids to clean up at your house.
  • Jumin. They don’t. Stop leaving everything everywhere that they don’t belong;;
  • You might actually blow up at this boy
  • But instead you take the opportunity to start showing him to clean up after himself
  • He doesn’t like it, he says that’s work for others
  • But you do it anyways
  • And you clean up for yourself whenever you’re out with him anyways
  • He starts picking up on your habits subconsciously
  • You feel so accomplished


  • Seven is a mess. He doesn’t take care of his trash and he leaves clothes around
  • He’s actually the worst.
  • It’s not that it’s a bad mess; It’s mostly just trash and clothes spewed everywhere.
  • And then a whole bunch of Dr. Pepper stains and chip crumbs everywhere
  • There’s just so much of it
  • You are determined to make sure his house is clean and he honestly doesn’t care
  • “Go for it”
  • “Be happy”
  • “You do you”
  • You’re always nagging at him to clean up after himself
  • (You don’t want to be the only one cleaning)
  • He acts like it’s such a hassle and makes a huge fuss about it
  • but he loves seeing you get flustered and argue with him about cleaning
  • He does get to it
  • Then gives you a kiss
  • Such a sweetie


  • Oh dear heavens
  • This boy is a mess like his brother
  • (Maybe worse than his brother?)
  • Except the problem is he doesn’t see the point of cleaning. Whenever you clean up he’s always questioning you
  • “Why are you doing that? It’s only gonna get dirty again”
  • “Because it looks horrid. It looks worse than you do in the morning.”
  • You are so salty about him not caring about cleaning
  • He doesn’t even try to clean up either, even when you ask him
  • Saeran is going to be the death of you with his messes
  • He leaves trash everywhere. Dirty clothes and clean clothes are mixed together. Stains are everywhere. There are stains on stains.
  • And that murky gray curtain was supposed to be a pale blue.
  • He just doesn’t get it


  • He isn’t messy
  • But he isn’t absolutely clean and spotless
  • He’s at a comfortable middle ground.
  • It surprises you that he’s pretty organized, considering he’s blind
  • He must’ve memorized where everything goes.
  • You let him keep his organized system because it does look pretty. Him and his plants and simple yet neat cozy home.
  • But you do keep everything cleaned
  • Sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, stain-removing
  • You do all of that for him without letting him know about all of it
  • He can’t really appreciate the cleanliness ‘cause he doesn’t see the nitpickety details like you do
  • But he does thank you often
  • And you can appreciate the cleanliness
  • It makes you happy that he lets you clean and doesn’t bug you about it
  • And thanks you for it
  • Precious bean

~Sunflower (:

anyway, depose white men from every position of power they done fucked up let’s give them five hundred years or so to get their shit in order and then maybe they can start being in charge of things like neighborhood co-ops and bake sales and things like that and work their way back up to running tv stations and countries and saying things that other people have to hear or doing things that other people have to look at.

I’ve seen some complaints about Mycroft freaking out with the governor, vs. waiting while Sherlock got beaten in TEH. One key difference. in TEH Mycroft was in control He knew what would happen. And while I don’t think he liked watching it, he knew that he’d get himself and Sherlock out of there.

In TFP he had no fucking idea what was going to happen next, what Euros was going to do to them. He was already terrified of Euros based on their childhood and what he’d seen her do since then. And watching someone blow their brains out in front of you is a different animal.

John’s a soldier. Sherlock had seen Jim blow his brains out on the rooftop. But Mycroft? Mycroft has almost certainly given orders that led to someone dying, but it’s not the same thing as seeing them die right in front of him.

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Concilliabule and prodigyshipping?

Serena’s never been a night owl, but for once in her life it was impossible getting to sleep.

She had gone ahead and changed into her pajamas and climbed into bed, but her heartbeat was so loud, she wondered if all of Academia could here it.  He had said he might not be able to come, so she probably shouldn’t get her hopes up too high.  Besides it was late and her eyelids were already starting to droop.  Even so, sleep evaded her at every corner.  All she could do was wait and wait and wait.

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seriously do you think sherlolly is canon now? I ship it too but I don't feel in that way, Molly was humiliated and forced to say those three words just to please a maniac sister in search of attention. She said it in order to save her life and keep Eurus' stupid "game" on. The thing is that "it's not a game anymore" and Molly' smile we see in the end makes me even more angry. I love Molly so much but I think this season was the worst for her (Louise played her wonderfully <3)

Hello, anon! Yes, I see why you feel that way, and to be honest when I first saw it, I wasn’t sure if it was canon or not. Then, after seeing the gifsets again (I haven’t yet had the chance to rewatch the episode) and seeing it pointed out that the second time he says “I love you” he realizes and means it (which I completely agree with) … I believed it was canon. I do believe it’s canon.
He goes on to destroy the coffin after looking at it for a moment, staring at the name plate that says nothing but “I love you.” I think this is because he had to be threatened with her death to be able to confront his feelings. Sure, the first time he says it he’s saying it just to get her to say it back- to save her life. But the second time Sherlock Holmes says “I love you,” it’s because it finally dawns on him that he does.

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I'm a transfem individual who's been out of the closet for three months. I've been wondering about the effects HRT has on ppls sex life. I don't want an op but I want to try HRT. It's very important to me that I'm still able to function for my wife.

First, HRT isn’t something you “try”, it’s something you commit to. Once you’ve been on estrogen for a year or so, your testicles essentially shut down, permanently as far as I know. That means only your adrenal glands will be producing testosterone at levels far below normal for a male, and that means that you need to continue to take estrogen or start taking testosterone in order to maintain bone health, to have a sex drive, and other things. Once you get far enough down the road, you can’t get back to where you started.

So if you’re going to commit to HRT, here’s what you can expect, sexually speaking. Your sex drive will likely drop, especially right at first, though the extent of that varies for everyone. Your testicles will eventually shrink to about half their size and will cease to produce sperm, rendering you sterile. This is almost always permanent. Your prostate will shrink dramatically, reducing the amount of your ejaculate to near zero. (Forget what you see in porn, people on regular HRT just don’t cum like that.) Your erections will likely not be as hard and will probably be more difficult to achieve, but people experience this to very different degrees, and cialis or other drugs can really help with that part. In short, yes, your sexual experience will change, but the exact impact varies considerably from person to person.

HRT isn’t something to be trifled with, it’s a life long commitment, but if it’s right for you, it’s an absolutely amazing, life changing option.

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Didnt they kinda just end it with her leaving though? Shouldnt we just asume everything takes place as it should in the movies ?

There are events that happen prior to rescue of the Chancellor. Which, naturally, would also include the kidnapping of said Chancellor.

That also includes Anakin and Ahsoka reuniting for the first time since she left the Jedi Order.

This also involves her going with Bo Katan and the 501st to Mandalore to end Darth Maul’s regime. 

Of course, we know how things end. We always did from the start. Order 66 and everything turning into chaos and death. 

But finishing The Clone Wars series isn’t about seeing how everything ends. It’s about being able to complete the journey. 

It’s about the people we met along the way, not where we ended up.

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Hi, I am considering getting a binder but I'm afraid that my mother will find out and I would not like to suffer the consequences of that. My friend who lives abroad said I should just get it because this is what I really want. Also, I'm a minor (13) and live in a very transphobic part of the world (Northern Africa). I don't have a problem with money, but I wonder if binder selling companies can send packages to anywhere apart from the US. Can you please help me? Sincerely, Ethan.

Would your mom even know what a binder is? I’ve had friend’s mothers just think it was a good sports bra. Also the packages comes very discreetly sealed, no gender symbols or anything, they will ship with your legal birth name and they do ship to other countries.

If your mom finds it, just tell her it’s a sports bra or you ordered the wrong thing.

You can order the binder from GC2B

Good luck!! Stay strong, you got this.


Something I’d like to see, that would probably be really hard to do.

A really long general slice of life story. You know, just day to day life, for example, Brian and Dan. (Or any other ship)

No trials, or conflicts and struggles. Just their everyday domestic life.

Getting up, going to work, hanging with friends, going out to eat, going on road trips, date nights, chill days at home watching Netflix, ordering things off Amazon, cooking meals together, working in the yard, preparing for holidays, just all around general fluffy stuff.

I’d love to see that.

anonymous asked:

i feel like dan is quite an insecure person still and it makes me :/

i agree with this, there are certainly some things that very obviously make him cringe and feel self-conscious (like re-watching hello internet or taking a spontaneous selfie w a viewer). but i also think he’s massively gained in confidence and that there’s a degree of baseline self-assurance that he needed in order to pursue this entertainment thing as a literal career. no one could really make that choice if they didn’t believe that deep down they have something meaningful to say. i feel like dan’s insecurities these days are a lot more intangible–less ‘is what i’m making funny or good?’ and more ‘is the level at which i am able to engage my audience substantive in the way that i want it to be? is my role as a youtuber and content creator impactful in a broader sense? why are people watching me, what keeps them returning?’ etc. and ofc some of his more superficial anxious tics remain (e.g. the peace signs, the half-answers and word flubs he sometimes gives).  

potato-eating-intensifies  asked:


Thanks for the ask! A sorry has to come first cuz I had to reverse the order to 7-16-19-20-14. Thing is No. 14 went outta control so plz forgive me;)

7: What’s the most hilarious moment to you?

Hanazawa. Teruki. Ochimusha. OMFG. Not only did I learn a new word but it’s Genius humour from ONE. Awesome Idea. Hands Down. The way I laughed that day like no other last year. Just Perfect. Manga and Anime likewise the scene will never be forgotten by me. NEVER.

16: What would be your first or basic psychic skill (telekinesis, pyrokinesis, hydrokinesis, ect)?


19: Would you hone your basic psychic skill or try to learn different ones?

Yes. Yes to both. I’d follow in my son’s footsteps: Teru. I’d just learn from everyone and everything. After Hydrokinesis I’d just learn the other three elements and basically become the avatar of this world. Someone has to do it.

20: Would you try to use your psychic powers for personal gain or only if you had to?

It’d be a shame not to use such power, right? Like personal gain to arrive early to places, or maybe flying instead of using transport to save money, or maybe invisibility…for the right purposes ofc. So, yes within reason that it doesn’t harm or kill anyone in any possible way. But I’d love to use my powers freak out my family and friends for fun though. I mean, wouldn’t you?

14: Are there any MP 100 fanfics you HAVE to rec?

Yup, here we go. Bear with me cuz it’s long but it’s not my fault the MP100 fandom has good fics. I kinda feel spoiled. I can’t rec ‘em all. So here’s a few among many.  

(Order is: General, Sakuyama, Ekurei, Serirei, Ritshou, and ofc TeruMob)


Temporary Accommodations by Originia is superb. Characters in character, dramatic moments, serious moments, intriguing moments. The body mind switch thing between Reigen and…? Yeah, it’s well written.

Three by Ravenesta is extremely excellent. Sensational to me. It has this as the summary on ao3: ‘ The staff of Salt Middle School consider Kageyama Shigeo’s third emergency contact.’ IF you’re not hooked like I was then I don’t know what to say.

Groceries by @crescentmoonrider is also superb. This writer’s background on Teru is extremely thought out well. The way it’s written grabs your attention.

9.8 meters per second by exogenesis is fantastic. The way Teru is explored in this fic is perfect, haunting, and real.

Silver and Gold by Sifl / @onepunchmusical is also fantastic. This writer gives me my quota of Reigen & Teru interaction. The Reigen & Teru with a touch of Mob is exactly what I’m after. I mean it.

ah, young love! by @dreamy–dark by is terrific. Thank goodness this writer brought more Reigen & Teru to mp100. This Reigen & Teru with a hint of Mob is wonderfully written. Love their nosy Reigen. I have no complaints.

This fic by @paperficwriter is splendid. I am a sucker for Reigen when he’s doing his father-role with Mob. The bond between them is so sweet in this.


Maybe by power (teii) is also terrific. It’s not shippy but it’s not not shippy. It’s awesome. It’s Sakurai and Koyama dealing with things life after Reigen’s badassery, and it touches my soul and makes me want to explore them more. This writer has hooked me on them dangerously well.


1 by slutreigen (pleasejustno) is extraordinary. Don’t let the author’s name fool you but they write these two well. The subtly in the relationship kills me every time. But the banter in this fic 2 …it’s gooood. One day soon I know I’ll end up shipping ekurei.


This Place is Big Enough for Two of Us by WritingIsMyCoffee is also extraordinary. The writer’s made it real and it’s gets real in this fic.

flower language by matsunoble is wonderful. Reigen is a freakin’ florist! It drives me crazy. This fic gives me life. Florist!Reigen is the best.


The Time of Change by SpringZephyr is also wonderful. It’s the sweet, real teen-like, funny fic on them I’ve ever read.

Aubade by Ravenesta is amazing. It’s Ritsu, Shou, College AU, Slow Burn and both of them decide to…well, I’m not telling you. Please read this yourself ;)

ANYTHING that is Ritshou by allthingsunrelated OR by krypkaktus (Regndoft) is also amazing.

Terumob [OTP]

Teen Spirit by @potato-eating-intensifies is impressive. The writer wrote one my fav AU’S in MP100. This delinquent!au gives me so much inspiration. Characterisation is handled really well, especially delinquent!Mob. The teen angst and frustration…loved every moment reading it. You should read it too. Like now.

asleep and constantly floating away by theholychesse is magnificent. It’s on-going, and I’m officially addicted, and it has PRE HUMILITY TERU AND MOB. It’s kinda my wormhole!terumob wish come to life. And Mob in this fic is, well…it’s a shock. Read this please. I CAN’T stress this enough.

And Under Your Breath (You Spoke of Innocence) by @terubi is also impressive. Nothing but excellence. So in character for my fav espers.

STANDING ON A BOX FULL OF STARS by @peanut-jars is brillant. Makes me say wow again and again and again. It’s short, sweet, and special. I can not not tell the world about this.

I Need Him by Kinyve is also brilliant. It’s Shou, Mob, and Ritsu crushing on my fav Teru. He’s the wanted protagonist weirdly enough. Growth by Kinyve is brilliant too plus college au, and on-going. One of my favs as you can see.

On The Other Side by tofuandnuts is remarkable. Seriously. It’s like the 1st age swap au on AO3 plus the first one I read, and still great as ever. Characterisation and relationships are handled well. Teen Reigen in this is a freakin’ joy!

Wake by @amaranthinecanicular is a must-read. This age swap AU has the word Hanazawa Shigeo in the summary. How can I resist? Relationships in this fic are gorgeously explored and Reigen is the MVP in this. He’s so precious. Teru’s job cracks me up but it’s becoming a real hc for me now. You can’t persuade me otherwise.

Turning Slowly by sorrow_key is also a must-read. This writer writes Mob like they have the blueprints to hi. The layers added to Mob were killing me. We are like literally inside his head! The addition of Teru and thoughtful use of other characters was beautifully done.

A Half A Spoonful of Sugar by bikeaesthetic aka @kageyamashigeo  is worthy of my heart, soul, and mind. One of the first terumob fics I ever ever read. Still fantastic to read again when I’m in need of cavities.

A Way With Words by entrenched is beautiful. I can’t take it. Plus the writer did a series. And the ending? My heart was failing and starting all at the same time.

Heat and Light by classicteacake is also beautiful. Gosh, the way they write just takes pieces of my soul I never knew I had.

Chick Flicks are Poor References for Romance by @fireflysummers is delightful. It seriously seriously is. Characterization for terumob is spot on.

If You Love Me, Won’t You Let Me Know by @one-trash-man is also delightful. Title itself speaks volumes. I was hopeless. I couldn’t resist and I don’t regret a thing. Pretty art goes with the fic too.

how the light gets in by iapetuses is also splendid. One of the tags the writer used was ‘oblivious teru’…That is the kind of swap realisation idea I adore in terumob fics. Let Teru be the clueless one. Btw the ending still kills me.

The end.

I just wanted to make a good things, Happy Post.
  • The books I ordered over Christmas finally got here;
  • The new semester has begun, and so far I’m on track with understanding;
  • I have been killin’ it on Skyrim;
  • And my book has a release date. It can never get more exciting than this.

Tell me your happy things, go! 

“Sometimes we need to do things we’d rather not do, in order to get the peace that we need; to look after our own well-being and to return to a healthy state. Decisions we may make may hurt others at times. Sometimes it hurts us too. I have found myself in situations like this recently. It’s a hard choice. But truly, there are times that we have to take care of ourselves. Sometimes there are no good choices, just painful ones… Sometimes that’s just how real life is.” — Jose Harris

To make things funnier to deduce, I think I might enable the “submit” option so you can send something you wrote or a picture of your table/room/kitchen, etc.
No pictures of people yet, just objects for now.
And not allowed to ask me to deduce someone other than you. I don’t want problems.

Certain things are pointless. I can’t find out someone’s identity with just a random thing with zero clues in it.
Deductions without evidences are speculations.

In order to have fun with deduction, we need to use every day things, natural things, where deduction is in fact useful.
And we need to accept that sometimes, it is impossible to deduce.

anonymous asked:

Hi! So, I was just curious if it's safe to order things from the Valve online store? I mainly ask cause I really want to get a Blu team scarf but I'm very iffy about buying things from new websites.

Personally, I’ve haven’t bought anything from them yet, but I’ve never heard about anyone having any issues.  Heard a lot of positives, actually.  Valve and We Love Fine are both big names, and it does go to a https(secure) page when checking out, so I say go for it and buy the scarf of your dreams.

But to be sure, I am gonna open the floor here and welcome any opinions people have to offer.  Got a Valve Store-y to share?  Go ahead.