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What is this sormik seduction thing is you talk about in your latest ask?? I.NEED.TO.KNOW 😍😍😍😍😍

What I was talking about is this pose that Mikleo pulls out three times in the space of less than 30 minutes of game time (assuming you know the puzzle to open the gate into the depths of Tintagel Ruins):

It’s kind of this super model-y pose that he does starting at that point in the game and then it pops up here and there later on (I distinctly remember seeing it a few times in either Lastonbell or Pendrago).  It’s not super obvious as anything overtly distracting or seductive, although he doesn’t use it much before this point in the game (if at all) … until you put him into an alternate costume, namely, his swimsuit (pretty sure the cat ears/collar/tail isn’t helping either lol):

(More screenshots plus some commentary behind the cut)

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“There are conversations with Benson and Barba that I’m actually really proud of, mostly because I remember the joy of filming them. My favorite thing in the world to do on that set is get to a scene late night when it’s Mariska and myself. She’s one of my favorite acting partners I’ve ever had, and she’s just someone who is so willing to go there.”  - Raúl Esparza (x)

In a world of magic and bloodlines, where the strongest families surpass ‘witch’ and call themselves ‘Artists’ instead, where marriage is considered paramount to the survival of the Arts, where a magical pilgrimage is about to begin and another civil war is brewing, sometimes a (found) family is

a southern girl with an Art of the Mind, raised by her mother’s non-magic best friend, stubborn and so not prepared to be the Mom Friend or all this bullshit about how romantic love is ‘the most powerful kind of magic’,

a happy-go-lucky Japanese boy who seems to be on this pilgrimage purely by accident, or maybe he was just in the right place at the right time (funny, that keeps happening),

a necromancer, heir to one of the most powerful families in the nation and very traditional except oops he might have accidentally just magic-married someone he really shouldn’t have,

another necromancer who would much rather just work with plants, thanks, and also seems to be on the run from either a cult or her mother, 

a blind black girl who can sing magic and is either the strongest witch anyone has ever seen or is growing her own Art, something that’s supposed to be impossible but she’s doing it anyways,

and a dancing witch who is just trying to keep up.