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Ok but can we talk about the poor person who took Jack’s Valentine’s order???

Like obviously this was done with a lot of notice. You don’t get a sea of roses a week before Valentine’s Day, you gotta plan this shit a month in advance at least.

So imagine it, the store opened like half an hour ago, Carl the new guy, is a little sleepy still getting used to having to show up at the crack of dawn to receive deliveries, and answers the phone.

He takes the order and the customer details, and aw that’s sweet, this guy is already thinking of Valentine’s Day. That’s commitment right there.

He doesn’t think too much about it, till Lisa is putting the order into their system and she tracks him down.

“Hey Carl, I know you had the early shift and it’s your first week, so I’m going to let this one pass, but you realise you put the order as 12 dozen roses right? That’s 144 roses my friend.”

“Oh shit, yeah that doesn’t sound right,” Carl laughs because it not only doesn’t sound right, it sounds ridiculous. “He probably said 2 dozen or something like that and I fucked up, thanks for catching that.”

Carl is very relieved because that kind of fuck up would probably have been his job.

“No worries, on my first day I almost mixed two big orders and sent a funeral arrangement to a wedding!”

She tells him a few more stories before they go back to work, and then calls the customer who put the order to get the correct number of roses.

“Hello Mr. Zimmermann? I’m calling in regard to the order you placed this morning with The Green Room, I just wanted to confirm some of the details of the order before putting it on the system?”

Lisa reads back the address, the time and date, name of the person who would receive the flowers and then hesitates for just a moment.

“The order says 12 dozen roses, which would make it 144 roses, but I’m sure that’s a mix up,” she says hoping the guy has a sense of humour and won’t make it into a thing.

“Yeah it must be, I didn’t order 144,” Mr. Zimmermann says with a steady voice, so he isn’t laughing but he prolly won’t be an asshole about it, “I ordered 150.”

“Pardon me?” Lisa asked wondering if this was the start of a bad joke or if indeed this was a prank order, she sceptically asks again, “so you want 150 roses to be delivered before 7am on Valentine’s Day?”

“Yes,” the guy replies still sounding serious.

“Right,” definitely a prank, “as it is a big order, we won’t be able to process it until we first take payment.”

“That’s fine, do you need my credit card details again?”

Lisa plays along, she confirms the credit card details and she hangs up wishing the ‘costumer’ a good day.

She then calls the manager and explains the situation, because she isn’t going to be the fool who puts that order in without clearing it with her boss.

“Oh,” her boss says when she looks at the name in the order, “go ahead and place it, but first call our distributor to make sure they can put the 150 roses on top of our Valentine’s order and then get a delivery slot booked now. If the costumer calls again or we need to talk to them let me know and I’ll deal with it.”

Lisa waits until she’s on her way home to google Jack Zimmermann which she feels shows a lot of restraint on her part.

“Damn,” she whispers when she gets a look at those gorgeous cheek bones. “What a lucky bitch,” she adds with respect.

She wonders if it would be creepy to try and google Larissa Duan, just out of curiosity but then decides that yeah it probably would be and let’s the matter drop.

(Later Jack will realise this is where the rumours about him dating Lardo start…)

Every time I re-read Order of the Phoenix, I forget that Kingsley does a memory charm on Marietta, and so when she lies to Umbridge about the frequency of the meetings, I think she’s had a change of heart. Then I’m always a bit disappointed to realize that Kingsley modified her memory. It was a clever move on his part, but I just think it would have been cool it if Marietta had chosen to defy Umbridge of her own free will.

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Archer (Moriarty)

Criminal mastermind who is said to be the greatest of all of Sherlock Holmes’s enemies and the ‘Napoleon of Crime’. He was just as intelligent and as cunning as the great detective, perhaps even more so. Moriarty was also known to be a brilliant mathematician.

Alongside his loyal assistant Sebastian Moran, he fought Sherlock Holmes at least twice, until his fatal plunge at the Reichenbach Falls, in the story ‘The Final Problem.’